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The Blue Star Transmissions began December 12th 1997.

NOTE: (These Transmissions on the website and in the books contain “Revelationary Information” about so very much that you do not know. Please read them carefully and share them.

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Salude, Celest and David


9-20-2023 to 12-25-2023 or when the next one is posted. – The current Blue Star Transmission is

Living life in your NEW normal while madness cavorts all around you – Part 2

“Truth” is a triple-edged-sword. It can cut through lies and deceit, it can disempower a person’s beliefs, or it can attempt to cut down We who are the “Truth Talkers.”

Please READ Part one and Part two and then share them with the world. Thank you, Celestial and David


3-25 to 5-25-2023 – The first Part of the Blue Star Transmission

“Living life in your NEW normal while madness cavorts all around you – Part 1”

There is too much to tell you ones about that does need to be explained. Too much you need to be aware of. So today we meet again to begin to discuss what you do not know as well as what you think you know. So very much has happened since my last message to all of you that it would be difficult to try to find a beginning for this transmission. In other words, it matters not where I begin this day; every day for the remainder of your lives . . .


When beautiful minds have beautiful thoughts

One of our brightest stars who is part of VOICES of Cyclical Changes is sharing some very pertinent thoughts every person on this planet could benefit from. This is a case of the more you know the better off you are. When magnificent and accurate information is given to you for you to benefit from you should say “Thank you God!” Read it, assimilate it and bring it to life in your life. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We suggest that after you read it print it out and carry it with you in your purse or wallet and have a few copies siting around in your home to inspire you. The information is priceless. This is knowledge that can not be bought or sold and the writer “Elisa” is sharing it with all of you. She is doing the right thing for the right reason. She IS taking a STAND!

Telepathy and Awareness

To expand awareness, I think that it’s important to train ourselves to notice what we tend to overlook in our surroundings, in our minds, and with our bodies. If we can become aware of the subtle and small sounds, thoughts, movements, feelings, and changes in energies, and then bring them to the forefront of awareness, we should be able to more easily sense telepathic messages or to better pick up on the nature of what is going on around us. Over time, we could achieve a constant state of being in awareness, one where we can instantly recognize particular sources of sensory information when it occurs.

In my personal experience, I think I have reached a high state of awareness of my surroundings, that is, in my home and neighborhood. I have worked on this mostly for my safety having lived alone for many years. I take notice of all the regular and occasional noises around my house, like vehicles coming and going, roof construction, people talking, duck hunting on the nearby lake, and so on. I’m also aware of the usual bird calls and animal noises on the property, and immediately investigate any new sounds no matter what I’m doing in the house.

Here are some exercises to start raising awareness:

Listening: Listen to what you hear when in a quiet place. Listen to the softest sound when in a noisy place. Listen to the farthest sound when outside. Listen for other small voices in your mind.  Learn to listen to the small, faint subtle sounds. Listen like you do when you hear a strange, unexpected noise in your home late at night. In that moment, you are completely present and all senses are heightened. Listen for sounds outside, like a certain birdcall, far-off car, sound of an insect, the postal delivery truck. Notice this specific sound every time you hear it, no matter what else you are doing. In a time of normal noise of life, listen and discern the smallest sound you can hear. Focus on the sound and identify it. This will bring it forward and the louder noises will fall back some. Then, always listen for this sound. Sit quietly and listen, within your mind, to a sound that arises, be it a buzz, ringing, pulsing, pinging, a voice of someone you knew (deceased or far away) or others. Identify what you hear, ask who may be speaking. Learn the sound. When you hear it again, stop and listen to it. Think of it as a call to pause and learn what it means to you or what message is being conveyed.

Seeing: Pay attention to small movements, quick peripheral movements and images. Focus on mental images and visions when eyes are closed. Watch the skies. Observe what may be between and beyond the clouds, the moon, birds and airplanes. Close your eyes. Look at the blank movie screen behind your eyelids. Focus on shapes that may begin to form images, words, videos. Take time to look closely at the small things in nature: small spiders amid the leaves of a shrub; find what makes a movement in your peripheral vision; look at a tree and notice the one leaf that moves with much more energy than all the others. Is there something that catches your eye in your periphery like a little spark of light, a quick movement of something wispy, an aura of some kind? Consider it a sign of something wanting to communicate with you. Pause and pay attention.

Feelings: Observe physical sensations, environmental energies, and emotions. Notice what touches your skin: the chair you are sitting in; the breeze across your arm; the texture of your clothes; the pliability or stiffness of a piece of paper. Notice the type of energy present when you walk into a room, store, theater. Try to see if you can identify who or what is controlling or influencing the energy. Is there an argument going on? Is there calm music playing? Are there energizing colors in the décor? Is there dark energy present? Are there Light beings present? Notice internal sensations. Is your stomach calm? Can you feel or hear your heart beating? Focus on an area of pain to understand it. Consider the source of emotions experienced that are not aligned with what is going on in your life or how you normally feel. What might these emotions be connected to?

This is just a start.

Love, Elisa


1-21 to 3-25-2023 The “Blue Star Transmission”

“The Predators vs The Travelers”

Ok now chelas, we know a vast number of you have just been chomping at the bit, some of you even patiently, waiting for this current Transmission to be posted. So, here it is! Read it and then re-read it again slowly as you do with all of Blue Star’s messages to YOU!

And please, do not forget to share them. Salude, Celest and David

And please, almost all of you are going to have sleepless nights because of all the “crap” going on.

There is nothing wrong with you. We are all dealing with this. Do not let paranoia affect you.


11-17-2022 to 1-25-2023 – The “Blue Star Transmission”

“Battle on the Homefront”

It is indeed refreshing to see many peoples actually understanding with clarity what so many of us have been teaching you since “forever ago.” What is disheartening though is the millions and millions of people who could not struggle their way to the top because so many of those others who were sent here to teach people truly lost their own way on these harrowing journeys to life here. So, it has been because so many who lost their way and could not teach “advanced” truths and realities have now found themselves reaching out for those teachers who did survive the journeys here. These ones have had to double up and thus work ever so much harder than had been anticipated.

I also have more current and into the future news as well. – The very nano-moment… AND… It is also time for all of you to learn about the dark emergence of who we call The Sundowners.

9-20 to 11-25-2022 – The “Blue Star Transmission”

Bitter Harvest

2022 is actually a cosmic sized mirror. Sometimes it is of great necessity for Divinity to do this to you. You do not really understand how far you have fallen into the abyss of the lost Souls until you can see yourselves in this mirror.
2022 will always be the year of the “reminder” of what NOT to do and WHY not to do it.
Now, as you rapidly approach “an Autumn to remember” I can now tell you that millions of tests had been given to you ones this year. These were Universal tests; although…


7-15 to 9-25-2022 – The Blue Star Transmission

“The Nature of Things amid the Clash of the Titans


They issued The Call – The Call has been Answered”

“For the last 30+ years I have taught you all repeatedly that change is constant. Were that not so this wonderous Anastasis would be placed in stasis causing her not to be able to exist anymore and neither could any of you ones exist either.
Can you not yet understand that all things must either evolve or … “

Now, because humanity as a whole has pushed and pushed and pushed all situations, all environments, all of everything to the final point of destruction, the nature of ALL things must change. Whether you approve or not does not matter worth a damn.

It requires great stupidity for such a race of primitive Beings to be so egotistical, so arrogant that they have not only challenged … , the One you call … , and in so doing it means they have also challenged the entire Collective of …. , to a fight which humanity CANNOT win.

(NOTE: Included in the previous “Blue Star Transmission” IS the words to “The Song of God”)


5-19-2022 – The previous “Blue Star Transmission” was

People make strange Bedfellows which causes Fatal Attractions

“This calendar year of 2022 will not end with a bang. It will end with a whimper.”

and the words to

“The Song of God”


“The Blue Star Transmission” was

No Boundaries and Unchartered Waters

Now, I am going to take you into “unchartered waters” where you ones will either think or swim. Make the right choice please there will be NO second chances!
The nano-moment of a spatial gridline intersection has now arrived where I am permitted to share with you some VERY Sacred Secrets which have long been carefully kept within the Crystal City.


Climate Changes and the resulting effects on Humankind” – The Masters

The weather patterns you are experiencing are now the “new normal,” whether you want to hear that or not does not matter. What matters most now is how you are going to deal with it! The wisest Souls among you here realize that water is now …

You should understand that climate change has a direct magnetic effect on the psyche. Even the smallest thoughts that are of lust, lies, indolence and unhappiness, are MAGNIFIED by the climate changes. This is however also true of those whose thoughts, desires and “placement of the heart” are pure and dedicated to just cause. More so now than ever before.


“The Blue Star Transmission”

“The Ice Mammoth Cometh And The Neverenders”

Long ago in a heartbreak period not far from here, an important Luminescent prophecy was birthed. (The Luminescents are: The Gods and Goddesses of all the Universes and multiverses.)

What they had foretold ALL of you back then was: …


“The Christmas Soul Dance” A personal message

from “A Christmas Soul Dance” Event which occurred on December 3rd, 2021

On December 3rd, 2021 there was an unusual silence or more aptly put, an absence, a void if you will of discordant noise throughout most of that day. For on that day The Collective VOICES of All Good Souls both Earthbound and Off-World came together and rose above the silent desperation and the not so silent screams of the mass consciousness peoples and linked themselves together… Soul to Soul to Soul to Soul… infusing each other with unlimited amounts of unconditional Love and Light and peace and joy and serenity, compassion and strength. Well done everyone.

God, all the rest of The Luminescents and The Creator wanted you to hear from them Their message . . .To the collected VOICES who allowed your voices to be heard, you have each been the major catalysts We have been waiting for . . .


11-10-21 to 1-25-2022 – “The Blue Star Transmission”

“The Diamond that comes out of the top of a nut”

Human races for the most part have simply continued to rebirth here living the same kinds of lifetimes, doing the same kinds of things they always did and believing in the same things they believed in in the past. Yet their repetition is nauseating as we watch them further complicating their already convoluted lives. They just insist in repeating life-patterns and experiencing the same old things, the same old life experiences over and over and over again expecting different endings each time. They simply never have had the strength of SPIRIT, the staunchest of heart or the COMMON SENSE to live life as if life is the greatest gift they can ever have. This is why since time immemorial millions and millions of people have been called but few have been chosen.

Now, so it is that now that The Creator has handed down His decree regarding the only way left to ensure that really good people and especially Advocates for Justice who are living their roles here can and must survive until their true life-expiration date has arrived, is to . . .


From the “VOICES of Cyclical Changes” – “Unity of Purpose”

For millennia good people have wondered why they are here, what is their purpose in life and what should they be doing anyhow


9-20 to 11-25-2021 – The Blue Star Transmission was “Sacred Trust


*** Now, do you remember when Blue Star said – “This lifetime is no longer a “dress rehearsal;” you will either love it or LEAVE IT. Ok, let us deal with the drought that so many millions of people of all races are pretending does not exist…” (Click here to read on…)


Some “VOICES of Cyclical Changes” teaching moments


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6-12 to 9-25-2021 “The Blue Star Transmission”

The Eclectic Nature of the merging of Higher Dimensions that are happening NOW as Anastasis welcomes them and their Cyclical Changes


“The Musical Oracles” – A Universe-shaking Event – YES: This is still ongoing


“The Cosmos is Calling” Carol’s Astrological Perspectives


4-19 to 6-25-2021 ‘The Blue Star Transmission”

The Saga continues and other Feather-Ruffling information, and The Calm before the Shift-Storm.”


It has been deemed necessary to repost this information.

“Checking Sources and Aligning Energies” and “Bridging the Gap”


2-20 to 4-25-2021 The “Blue Star Transmission”

“Innocence Lost as a new storm is abrewing amid id-Castration”


12-16-2020 to 2-25-2021 The “Blue Star Transmission”

“The Hand of God has been set into activated motion as the hatred among humanity continues at a frenzied pace”

“This lifetime is no longer a “dress rehearsal;” you will either love it or LEAVE IT. Ok, let us deal with the drought that so many millions of people of all races are pretending does not exist…”



10-15 to 12-25-2020 The “Blue Star Transmission” was

Welcome to the new Dimensional Shift as escapism and true realities collide and False Prophets reel the peoples in as lunacy tries to rule.”

2020 is “The year that will test you Power of Mind!”

“A new Dimensional Shift is occurring right under your nose yet but a few of you ones see it, let alone honor it! Terra is reforming on a raid scale rate of changes needed and altering changes that should not take place here on the Earth Star Planet. Terra, after rendering due consideration for all the goodhearted peoples here is NOW reclaiming the planet.


8-21 to 10-25-2020 The Current “Blue Star Transmission” is

“Blinded by the Dark”


6-15 to 8-25-2020 The “Blue Star Transmission” was

“Your Life in retrospect – NOW play it Forward”


4-19 to 6-25-2020 The “Blue Star Transmission”

“The Best in People… The Worst in People… In the NOW New Normal Life on the Earth Star Planet”


2-25 to 4-25-2020 The “Blue Star Transmission” was

“Harlequin Masks”


12-24 to 2-25-2020 The “Blue Star Transmission” was

“Freak Accidents, Fillers and Self-Reflection, Rules of Conduct and Life of Schedule”


FEAR is the absence of balance, FEAR is the matrix of ILLUSION!”

Excerpt from the earlier Transmission of Blue Stars titled

“The Time Long Awaited has Arrived “The Stand”

This transmission is in his 2nd Book



“Spirituality 101” A Guide for Those who have “Forgotten” 


How many peoples notice the great unusual quietness which seems to overtake the Earth? How many peoples can listen and hear the singing that seems to be coming from Higher Dimensions? How many peoples look up and observe the Dimensional Doorways? The greater the periods of sudden quietness the louder the singing begins.
Now, another matter you are not aware of is that when these periods of quietness and singing occur, on Super Conscious levels all Advocates are receiving messages from Divinity through The Song of All Songs! … Blue Star the Pleiadian
Excerpt from December 2017 Transmission….





  “Avatars in the Valley of the Ancients”

Book #8 of the Eight Volumes of “The God Book” series




Special NOTE: It has come to our attention that far to many people still do not understand what is happening with the magnetic changes affecting this world or even how magnetics play such a critical role in the well being of the human body, this world itself and how it affects the evolutionary process. So Master Kato of The Collective of The Masters has requested that we draw your attention to one of The Masters earlier messages.

The Masters – “The Destabilization of Magnetics




A “Letter from God” – I AM


Blue Star the Pleiadian – My Teachings Through Transmissions


Please Note:

The Blue Star Transmissions began December 12th 1997.

All Blue Star Transmissions written prior to the ones currently posted on this website are available in the Blue Star books.


Blue Star wishes us to remind each of you:

 “There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there…

Blue Star the Pleiadian”




One Wish to make2


Project PUSH has been an incredible success every time it has been performed. Each time individuals perform PUSH on their own for whatever reason, we have been told that their successes have been magnificent even if the PUSHers don’t know this.

God… there is a time to hold a person by the hand, to walk them through the gate and then the time to say… now go and do it on your own. Take what you have learned and continue keeping the momentum going. Over the next 6 to 12 months I will be calling upon the collective who will come to together to do a collective PUSH. I will have Celest and David post the information when and as the need arises. For now, do what you do, what you have learned to do and make a difference by being the difference during this crucial Autumn Equinox.”

All pushers, now is the time for each of you do it on your own. You can gather in groups, use social media contacts, connect with friends or simply do so by yourself. Nothing can stop you. Nothing will mitigate, nothing will lessen your success. We are going to spiritually continue to do our own PUSHes when we feel the need to do so. JOURNEY WELL!!!





The Blue Star Transmissions began December 12th1997.

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