The Masters

~The Masters~

The Return of the Masters

The Masters have Arrived

Throughout the history of this planet and all other planets in other Universes, there have always been specific gridline intersections when the most evolved of the true Masters of the Universe have been called upon for unlimited assistance. This has happened again and again, for as many times as necessary because of a world in turmoil, because of a world gone mad. The Masters do not slumber in their off duty times, for they HAVE no off duty times. These wondrous multidimensional beings answer the call from all Luminescents in all Universes and immediately deploy their phenomenal selves in as many directions as they need to. While David and I were working with God and writing the latest book of the God book series, “And then God said…then I said…then He said” volume 2, one of the Masters, Master Kato, approached me and said that he would be the “spokesmaster” for the entire contingent of the newly arrived Masters that are here on this planet. Many more Masters are arriving daily.

I was delighted but not really surprised. In the book in the chapter titled, “The Arrival of the Masters,” Master Kato and God explain in what I considered to be great detail why they are here. However, Master Kato and the other Masters have made it very clear to me that they would prefer to speak more on this matter in conjunction with all of their upcoming messages for the masses. Master Kato and the other Masters waited until the very moment David and I sent the last book to the printer – then they told me they wanted me to be their scribe. Although this was completely unexpected by me, I readily agreed. I was asked to Create a webpage for them on the Blue Star Speaks website. Their section was to be titled, “The Masters have Returned.” I know they have much to say and I understand why. Whenever they send their information to me David and I will post it on the website. There are no time limits imposed here, for which I am very grateful. As Master Kato said, “They will be written when they are written.”