Celestial Chronicles

Chronicles began January 4, 2005

 The Celestial Chronicles

Throughout my journeys across this great planet, since I walked in July 26, 1989, I have borne witness to some of the greatest, most heroic acts of courage and to some of the most devious, perverted acts of depraved indifference, committed by humankind. I have watched people who have been beaten down by their life circumstances, solely because they did not know they had the ability to change many of them. I have been a part of the natural elements and apart from the dastardly deeds perpetuated by my very old nemesis, the Illuminati. Throughout my sojourn of the last 15 years, the greatest pleasures I have derived was watching the peoples of this great and beauteous planet pick themselves up and start all over again. The human heart and the human Spirit have been undaunted by the disorganized chaos in which they have been embroiled. For 10 of those years, I also raised wolves. It was always so simple to watch the continuity of the wolf families and the wolf communities. Many times I have thought if people only could learn to live in that same sane state.

It was during those times that I was led to small groups of humans at first, then much larger groups and organizations who were dedicated to changing that which they could. I began teaching them what it was they needed to overcome the moral turpitude of the masses. This is the reason that I now offer teachings designated to assist others in this “now” moment, as it assisted so many people in these last 15 years. Those few people who truly know me well, and they are very few, are aware that I take my job very seriously. This does not mean that I do not know how to have fun. Fun is highly underrated on this earth star planet. These chronicles will offer insight and learning tools to assist others in helping themselves. It is not my job to do the work for you, nor will I! Sometimes the treatises will be quite serious, other times they will deal with ambiguous .issues: things I wonder about. Example, why do all hospital gowns REALLY open only in the back? Why is it mandatory for witnesses in court to be sworn in on bibles that are not permitted to be used to pray from in the schools? Why are judges not compelled to be sworr in? Why do judges always wear black anyway? These and other tantalizing topics will be the focus of future editions. The one today is on Spirituality. I am not setting any timeframe for edition updates. They will be changed when I change them. Readers may email me suggesting topics close to their hearts. I will consider all, which is not to say I shall write about them.

Now, let the games begin.

 Here is my dream of 7am Tuesday morning Oct. 25. 05….

The Creator called out to me, I was then instantly taken to stand alongside of Him. We stood side by side on air, levitating far, far above the earth star planet. He pointed to earth and said “Look My child; see what it is that I have had to do now.” I looked at the earth and suddenly I saw areas all over this world where certain people have been encapsulated within huge crystal domes. He then said “I have had to do this in order to protect those that have yet to come into their destiny and those that have now approached their destiny. I can keep them safe this way. They do not see the domes, they do sense and feel much light, protection and at times, a “floating” sense, much they way the do in their “true home.”

He then told me to look at all the other places he was pointing to. All over the universes that suddenly appeared in front of me, there were worlds totally encapsulated in the domes, one dome for each selected world, as far as I could see. Many worlds were not covered, just as millions of people here on this planet are not encapsulated. I understood.

The Creator was looking quite stern and sad, his wide brow was deeply furrowed yet appeared to furrow even more so right in front of my eyes, as He looked over all those people and worlds that have not ….yet….earned the beauty and safety of the globe. The domes looked just like the type that you see over holidays; when you shake them up the snowflakes slowly move up and down.