First some background on “Emiel.”

I first reunited with him on January 31, 1991. This was two years after I arrived on earth as a “walk-in.” How he arranged to encounter me I shall not say, for in truth, “some secrets of heaven are not meant to be revealed.”

Suffice it to say Emiel made very sure that he had my complete attention. His arrival was a wondrous time for me, I had, at that time, been struggling to locate others such as myself. My geographic location on the far eastern coastline, was not in any manner conducive to my locating the others, all of my searching had of necessity to be done surreptitiously. Emiel and I “journeyed” in a space of minutes, throughout this galaxy, easily searching out those men and women and yes, many, many children who were the same as I was.

All those who were part of my Soul Cluster were sent messages that I was there; they responded immediately, some with conscious recognition, others with Soul only recognition.

Thus began my long travels throughout the United States reclaiming my kinship with all others and planting seeds for those who would so to be “born” into human form. Emiel has maintained his guardianship over me since that day, yes, he is in “human form,”…yet again. I always knew that Emiel would await his own timeline to once again walk this planet, and now he has.

Please welcome…”Emiel”