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I Walked-In on July 26th 1989. I am a warrior, a teacher and a Walk-In Emissary. Although I am here to teach the teachers, I am also here to teach Star Seeds and remind them of why they are here, and to encourage them to teach others as well. It was predestined that I would be here to assist in the ushering in of the Jesus THE Christ Consciousness during the changing of the Earth’s cyclic times. I have had 21 close encounters with physical death since I arrived here. Not unexpected but not pleasant either. Among other things I have a familial and symbiotic Soul relationship with my Star Keeper families from other worlds, with the Droga, the God of this Universe, all the other Luminescents of all other Universes and many others. I receive transmissions from my Father Blue Star the Pleiadian and from the Masters. I am also the scribe for God, as is David, as God writes the “God Book Series.” I am in-service to all of Divinity.


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Happy Birthday Celestial

 25 years of unwavering dedication to be of service to the Luminescent (God) of this Universe, to Terra (Earth) herself, and the assension of the human race.

July 26th 2014

Celestial Walk-In birthday


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