The Predators vs The Travelers

The Blue Star Transmissions

~Blue Star the Pleiadian~

The Predators vs The Travelers

1-21 to 3-25-2023

(Transmitted to Celestial Blue Star) Greetings everyone; I am hopeful that considering all the warnings I had been giving you ones about the “unexpected happening at any given moment” you had remembered my warnings and were able to STAND your ground whilst so many millions of people were unable to do so. It is with unlimited understanding that I hovered over you ones and around you attempting to connect with your Power of Mind and your Souls to reassure all peoples that they have not been forgotten. I also reminded each of you that some events simply MUST play out! There was no point in reminding you that humanity itself has brought on this anticlimax and all Souls must contend with it as best they can.

Now, all that you had to experience SO FAR did indeed manage to strengthen your Spirits even though most of you are still shaky while looking for the “other shoe to drop.” Well, the news there is that it will indeed drop… for as long as necessary. “Necessary” in this sense simply means until the end of this event finally arrives; and that will be a long time in the future. Please, all of you who have been gnashing your teeth and berating yourselves about how perhaps YOU could have done something to alleviate much of what has been and will continue to happen, understand this please: NO, you could not have changed a thing! Each person either followed through and lived on the right side of Justice or threw caution aside and did whatever they wanted to do regardless of how many people they had hurt.

The obscenities you did not have to bear witness to were the truly evil people and things that intentionally continued to attack innocent people while feeding off the peoples’ energies, which is what all parasites do. Those ones who were the evil ones we did not assist at all! But I guess you could say that we “opened the door to hell for them … with no regrets.”

Now, I remind you ones yet again everyone had the same opportunities to change or BE changed, to help or not help goodhearted people and in doing so assist Anastasis in Creating a better world for a better class of people. However, there is not one single person here whose life has not been touched in one manner or another. The most important touchings have been the unlimited raising of peoples’ Spirituality. Although only a few hundred or so of you actually have conscious recollections albeit sometimes vague ones of All That Is, you are all living a tangible intangible life NOW as life and Anastasis is just beginning to spin faster and faster. This is happening as new lands are being Created while others are beginning to die off. Your inner knowing “that in the end it will be fine” keeps you going. We have done everything to warn so many of you peoples to MOVE to safer locations, many of you are still reluctant to give up what you have. Tell me Chelas, what good is what you have if it costs you your life?

Remember about the ongoing battle on the “home fronts.” They are physical battles BUT they always live in your hearts too. For evil peoples who actually DO crossover and join the Forces of Justice, this will be a long nights’ journey into the Light. Advocates for Justice – you are performing admirably using your Power of Mind in conjunction with your abilities to use ALL your Clairs to refine yourselves and live as a higher form of yourselves and walk with the GODS on a journey well-taken. Now, dig in your heels and KNOW we shall not let you down!

Now, over 3000 Earth years ago, when it became self-evident that predators were spawning exponentially at such an accelerated pace that none of the human races here at that time would be ready or able to confront the evildoers and still be able to survive here themselves. All the forces of Justice convened in the Crystal City as each of the humongous numbers of Multiverses that were already Created back then with Tomás sending so many of each Universe’s ancient warriors and eclectic teachers out on a predestined mission. They realigned with their Guardian Avatars so that geometrically speaking, an Avatar was assigned to each predatory group they, the ancient warriors and teachers, encountered which was becoming too prominent on the Earth Star planet. The weakest peoples here at that time unlike today were following the path of least resistance. Today those same types of weakest peoples here are following the path of NO resistance. These types today who have succumbed completely to the dark ones can not be permitted to stay on Anastasis any longer. It is what it is.

This is how we managed to keep so many predatory groups of human and nonhuman predators away for so many billions of you for so long; while allowing reincarnation to weave its alchemy and assist all peoples on Anastasis in forging a better life for themselves yet still being contributors to the eternal evolution of Anastasis. Now however, instead of peoples here relishing their opportunities to be better and to live better, I am saddened to say humanity overall has jumped aboard the downhill slide which only has a one-way ticket. Although it had taken the dark scientists several years to perfect COVID; the very nano moment of its newest form of genesis took place was the signal all of us had been awaiting. This was the predetermined signal which meant off to war we go.Although we all knew that we had to be sure that we had all our peoples on Anastasis in the most secure physical locations for them to live in at that time we still had to send millions of our own brethren here to Anastasis posthaste in order to do what we could to prevent as much of the vaccinations from taking place as we could. This would allow goodhearted peoples to find alternative methods of healing themselves before each country made vaccinations mandatory. Do NOT forget the primary importance of allowing free expression to be used by people here. To those of you who have made the wrong choice there is nothing we can do to change the outcome of your decision. Although we did whisper in the ears of millions of people around the world NOT to make the wrong choice!

Humans may perpetuate evil things happening but when true evil locates a person’s Achilles Heel the innocent but gullible human is easy for evil to conquer. True Advocates for Justice: we want you all to know how truly proud of each of you we are! You have tested yourselves innumerable times until you were fairly satisfied you have been evolving. WE have tested you ones “for as long as you have been.” Evil continually tests you until a human Advocate either bends or STANDS.

Now, because of the current present and soon to be future days and nights ahead of you ones, the more you understand predatory beings the better it will be for you and for those you love. Predators are not smart, yet they have the cunning of an animal. They always have their “antennas” up as they search for certain scents. The scent they search for is fear. Another scent is drugs and alcohol. They search for the scent of lust as well. Do you see how many peoples betray their “hidden” traits? Those traits tell predators a story about each person they encounter. Strength too has a particular strong scent as does determination AND white Light. So many of you have wondered for so long how predators find you, especially those men and women who do not socialize much and prefer their home life. This is how and you know WHY.  Predators, even those of today also have a particular scent and because they are composed of so much darkness their nearby presences tend to cause non-predatory people to feel jittery, your nerves may feel jangly as your Clairs react  to that which is not of God! So, Chelas go over in your minds what actions you should take when this occurs and what actions you should not take. You do have the answers you know.

Now, the predators are becoming very wary of late about trying to bring down evolved Advocates. Predators prefer to overtake easier prey than evolved or rapidly evolving Advocates. Although the more evolved Advocates have so much more that these parasitic life forms like to eat so even though they have no problem engaging in physical or mental battle with you, the mental battles are more difficult for them to maneuver around because that is not their primary method of locating and then attacking their chosen prey. Ergo, Power of Mind is too much for them to attempt to deal with. Many have tried; many have fallen. Oftentimes lately we have observed them trying to act like a helpless child. Anything that will get your attention. For about 140 years Earth time they have united with the Sundowners in attempts to catch good people off-guard.

This is why you must have faith in yourselves. The slightly more intelligent predators try to choose their prey more carefully, now that they realize humans CAN destroy them… as long as those humans stay out of fear that is. Many of those ancient predators were at one time simple human people who basically faltered too many times on the learning arc. As a direct result of that they lost more and more of their inner Light until they had none left.  You see though if you can get past the fear factor you CAN and WILL beat them at their own game!  Predators do KNOW however that most humans learn fear very easily, so of course THAT still remains the main course of action they use against you. Once a predator is destroyed it remains destroyed. They have no quality of life BUT they still do have quantity of life. Do you see?

Now, make no mistake about it, they do feel fear. Not in the same manner you do. Their internal makeup causes their globular forms and shapes to vibrate which in turn causes them physical discomfort. It even interrupts their constant need to feed which in turn weakens their “drive to thrive.” They are self-propagating beings. Therefore, they have no familial beings to call upon for help. You however do! An old trick of theirs which they still try to use against you is to send an imaging of a horde of them attacking one person, when in truth there is no horde. It is simple imaging, that is all. Should that happen to you, simply STAND your ground and see only ONE entity. Then bombard it with white Light, ok? Many peoples are wondering what tomorrow will bring. Why are you not wondering what YOU can bring to tomorrow? You are all capable to one degree or another of Creating Cyclical Changes. Can you not understand that you yourselves ARE being Cyclically Changed? Other peoples notice some subtle differences, some notice more blatant changes with you although they are at a loss to explain what they see and feel. “Change” is constant. Without change you will die. So, this is one of the primary reasons why it is the peoples here who listen to what we say who are many more leagues ahead in wisdom than ordinary people who hear but do not listen. I have been stressing the fear factor strenuously this day because of all situations you peoples have yet to contend with. No, this part of your upcoming journey will be a rough ride for all of you. SO, learn now rather than you not learning at all and passing over instead. Now, a little wisdom for you to put in your Soul Matrix. When feeling or suspecting that either attack is imminent or predators are nearby, simply think these words to yourselves: “I surround myself IN the Love of God.” Planetizens, you truly need all the help you can get. I feel for each of you BUT you MUST, MUST come to terms with the fear factor.

All right now, I have been granted permission to speak to you about some things that will begin to play out that must be dealt with. I will not go into too many details though. Just enough to get your attention so that many of you will remember this is NOT a joyride any of you are on. Nor are any of you ones exempt from violent attack or murderous attempts on your life. In spite of the fact that I have given you tremendous warnings about stocking up on foodstuffs time is literally running out on your abilities to have enough put away AND KEPT OUT OF SIGHT! It is very discouraging to all of us watching so many peoples indulge in buying so many needless trinkets and spoiling their children that it causes us to remember that yes, good people are worth our time and effort; if only they did not act so stupid. Now, many electrical type accidents will begin to sweep around Anastasis causing loss of life as jobs begin repeatedly to disappear. Politics, people are just beginning to realize this is no safe time to be a politician. All hell is about to break loose as peoples with badly damaged psyches go out and murder innocent people just because they can. Predators are well-aware now that their own existence relies on which side wins the great Battle on the Homefront. This is all new news to them but they are intelligent enough to understand that “something” wants them dead.

Police officers in all forms of law enforcement regardless of what branches of the service, are completely overwhelmed and undermanned. They can not hold on much longer. Everyone needs to know how to protect themselves. This is also true for firefighters and paramedics. The peoples here who do not want to know about these things will be among the first victims. If people can not deal with what is going on under their very nose, then obviously they do not want to know the end results of this war. Such foolish, foolish people! They are deftly changing their own mortal time/date/stamp of their own personal mortality as well as the mortality of many of the peoples they love. I have warned you all for so many years it is always better to know than not to know. So many gangs are loose and you know it not. They are killing ever so many people. They are completely out of control and care nothing about harming anyone. Death, death, death everywhere you turn. Still, so many young adults as well as mature adults who should know better, just have to “go party.” So, as I said to Tomás,“ tell me again WHY we are doing this.”

Death and abrasive behavior on the parts of people you thought you knew; looting, bellicose home invasions and so forth have been escalating and are making every situation even worse than it was. It will be quite a long time before this madness ends. There are none of you who will not be changed in one way or another! You see, it is never enough for you to simply know what you know; you must teach what you know and when necessary experience what you KNOW. Many of you Advocates are now really trying to understand WHY you should have to experience any of these horrors. Tell me Advocates —- do you not understand that unfortunately unless you EXPERIENCE these terrible things yourself, are you really going to understand a particular instance of personally encountering or undergoing something that was a really frightening event? You have had many an event or events which forced you to find the underlying cause in order for it NOT to be repeated. No, these will not be exuberating occasions; but by the same token they can keep you alive. Many of these experiences may cause peoples to fear for their very lives.

I can assure all of you that this WILL shake up both aware people as well as complacent people into taking affirmative actions. In an ironic twist of fate; fear that you are or have been removing from yourselves twists and turns into the most important microcosmic moments that can and will impose an indelible fingerprint on your Power of Mind, so that those near-death experiences are at least and at last understood and acknowledged for what they are. In other words, you can learn the easy way or the hard way. Your choice.

So much depends on your abilities to not merely learn but to take right action for your own sakes and the sakes of others. So, do so NOW. It is far more than your mortal lives that are at stake now! You will all find that out very shortly, in fact any day now!  Several new wars are afoot on the planet now. Eruptions below the ground are formulating into becoming formidable earthquakes in many places at any time. Permanent loss of domestic livestock and crops are well under way.All Anastasis’s weather conditions have been altered and will continue to do so.You simply have to retrain your minds and learn to live with all that happens BUT be prepared for the worst that is yet to happen. I know you can do it, now YOU need to learn that you can do it too! When the “partying stops” the grim but necessary work begins.  Millions of peoples around the world have been asking if all this can be delayed. The Creator just now asked me to tell you “NO, it cannot be delayed. This has been ongoing here since forever ago. I have had enough of it. Such needless deaths and much dishonor.” In laymen’s terms, “if not now, then when.”

Now, although I have told all of you that you are never alone, there are still too many goodhearted peoples here who are completely unaware of so many other absolutely brilliant citizens from ALL Universes, ALL Galaxies, who are here on Anastasis and yet you know them naught. In the distant past when this planet was still in its true infancy period, The Creator convened a special Multiversal Soul to Soul and Mind to Mind meeting in The Great Hall. Each Universe regardless of its size or age at that time was honor-bound to send a specified number of its citizens to be in attendance at the meeting. No decree from the Creator is ever ignored. So it was that the citizen residents entered the Great Hall prepared to stay as long as deemed necessary or feasible.

This then is when and where The Creator and all the Luminescents aligned themselves with the prospect of bringing infinite numbers of discarnate Beings here to this planet to become a permanent GUARD as well as being transmission receivers all around this world. The underlying cause of issuing THE CALL was for all of us at our vantage points to be able to save and comfort the parts of humanity that deserved our help. Your present life experiences and how you have acted because of them defined your place in the “save these in the queue.” Then at that time we just hurl these peoples into the mess humanity has Created, give them their instructions and when necessary, protect them from themselves. This then is the gridline intersection when your “inner Child” awakens as a “Child Full-born and Complete” and raises its luminous head and begins to monitor your every thought, word, action and deed. “Awakens” in this sense means a specific device inside the Child which has been preset to ring loudly to the Child has rung its initial bell and proceeds to remain in ring position for the duration of a person’s life span. Please do not ask me HOW the Child knows it really is the time to become dominant in a virile manner and form the unity of ONE total Being. I have told you all a hundred times by now, all the Inner Children have seen the movie!

Now, you must understand that your inner Child is unique. The Child is Created at the nano-moment of your own conception. The Child remains dormant and slumbers deep within the matrix of your Soul while simultaneously transferring important data from a certain repository which actually holds all information of great importance relative to each of the humongous numbers of Multiverses in existence. Including information from those MVerses which burned out many millenniums ago. I have stated to you ones so many, many times that you each KNOW more than you think you do. I was speaking of all this “unknown, unremembered data” you have. Your Child slumbers but at the same time is completely cognizant of all that is going on in your life. It is this Child that sends you the HARD shove or PUSH to immediately hurry up and do something it is warning you about. Of course, except for the minority of Advocates who already have the conscious memory of their inner Child, everyone else is bamboozled when the suddenly usually somewhat urgent inspirations enter into their minds. Now, as soon as the Child has your conscious attention which at times can take some time, Child will not only watch over you, it will feed you the information you need. The Voices of Cyclical Changes Group has been finding this out for quite a while now. Even though most of them are loath to really understand even now that the information has CHOSEN any or all of them to yet realign with again. The Inner Children place all goodhearted people within a Sacred Orifice. It can be visible to some people but not to all. It can be felt and sensed by most people. So here now is where this Sacred Union cojoins with another group of extraordinary Souls.

It is at this critical point; the period when the Children are amassing their long stored up information with their Power of Mind “capsule,” that each of these Souls seem to blossom and become whom they truly are. Regardless of from whence they came; each Emissary from each Universe sets a fast pace for themselves and all those others who had already worked with different schematics while they each shrewdly designed necessary plans of how to “best the beast.” They did so as they readied themselves to engage in immortal combat. You see Advocates, it is never enough to simply forestall certain deleterious events from happening. Some roles MUST be played out. It is downright necessary to prepare ALL Multiverses and their citizens to learn and then teach all manner of protection and defense techniques to ALL citizens everywhere. We all used a great parlay of combining Sacred Geometry with all the Clairs and added our imagings of all mind-protection devices. We all had to be sure that each Soul hosting a physical vehicle would have their Power of Mind healthy and available at all times. Humanity overall has such limited experience in properly protecting others or even protecting themselves, that citizens from all other Multiverses had to pick up the ball and quickly learn all that humanity either could not or would not learn. I can not say how long all these wonderful Beings worked at their never-ending tables and pictorials, for remember time does not really exist!  So, I can not give credence to something that does not exist.

I can tell you all though that none of these exalted Beings finished their mission up here until each of them was completely positive that they had Created everything needed for their entrances into the third-dimension as we had to do as well of course. Remember the first and second dimensions were present here as well. And what a mess they were. So it was and is that mind-links and Soul-links formed their predestined conjoining and effectively and immediately became one glorious intangible macrocosm filled with a veritable prismatic display of Light as you have never consciously seen it before. Each Advocate can however FEEL the overall presence of this glorious non-human made Luminescent Creation. By the way before I bring in the other wonderful group, I want you to know that thanks to the largess of the Creator and the Creation Processing Unit, many periods of darkness during the nighttime hours a person can look up to the sky and suddenly see just briefly spectacular Light shows shooting across the skies. It usually causes a person’s hair to react to the Light and occasionally a tickling or prickly feeling on the skin.

During the Creation of each Universe certain birthing processes which were responsible for bringing into life special life units which were intended to be a very distinct but unique form of life took place. Through the natural but simple manner of looking further into the NOW that is not confined by humankind’s manner of looking into things confined by their perceptions of time, distance and illogical “logical” conclusions, you can always see the possible, probable and definitive events that shall take place. In so doing this, the Divine Beings always have the upper hand. They see and know what you do not. They have known since forever ago that when the period would arrive for the longest most gruesome upheavals to take place here, special forces of superior Souls would be needed to protect the soon-to-be Anastasis and all those Advocates who would be defending all good Souls as well as themselves. Thus, these new Souls came into being and immediately were sent into special chambers designated only for them. For all of them from the moment of their birthing.

Here The Creator HimSelf and His Creation Processing Unit taught each of these Souls exactly what they needed to do, why they needed to do it and equally important HOW they needed to achieve all this. I Do understand it is still difficult for so many of you to try to picture how all these enormous numbers of Souls with the numbers of incoming Souls never ceasing, could all be taught so easily and swiftly. In YOUR future NOW future, you will understand all this much better! It was there in those Sacred Chambers that The Creator designated a specific title for all of those Souls. They could choose any personal name identity they wanted however; their Universal title was The Travelers. So Advocates; thus it was that the Inner Child of each hosting entity, in these cases human Beings, formed the most heartwarming union with an undeniable strength of purpose and a dedication to be all they each needed to be that was never seen before.

Now, remember your Inner Child is a morality compass as well. So when you are addressing your Child you are addressing our Travelers as well. You are One, yet you are many. I did tell you ones that all those important bits of data that you need access to are stored within your Inner Child remember? Once that Child is awakened it will send you all the data you need for the rest of your mortality. It is simple enough for even the most sluggish amongst you to call out “My Child help me with this, what is the best choice with that.” Use your own words and then just ask and then LISTEN! Child will give you clearcut answers and warn you if you are making a mistake in judgement about a particular person, thing or place. You will either take heed or you will not.

The Travelers of course can remain visible to you if they want to. Several of them are assigned to each person although in the heat of battle MANY of them will surround their charges. Speak to and with them as if you were just speaking to or with yourself. I have never seen or met a small or short Traveler. They have very, very large feet. They are about 25-30 ft. tall, lean and they all have bushy eyebrows. The name befits them to a “T,” they are extremely adept at moving at tremendous speeds and I have noticed of late that as they pass close to their guardian charge a wind or fast breeze accompanies them. Travelers, when they choose to wear clothing, wear dark clothes and usually a large hat. They always search for all waterways because not only Sundowners but really evil humankind males and females seem to be drawn to the waterways and there they plot their latest plans for overthrowing countries and feeding even more violent civil unrest.

Now, Travelers share a unique ubiquitous method of communication with one another and with all others who are here to help. Each Traveler wears a type of implant which perfectly matches and is aligned with the implants all other Travelers wear. From the very moment they enter their Sacred Chambers they are assigned this device which provides them with all directional data, incoming weather conditions and a complete array of all possible avenues to consider taking when any life threatening circumstances confront them so they can attack and survive any attacks on themselves. It means that what happens to one of them is data about whatever that occurrence was and is immediately stored within their device and ALL other Travelers are then privy to that EXPERIENCE and are expected to react accordingly. In this manner communication is exchanged day and night and yet readily understood immediately. This is NOT hive mentality.

The Travelers are here, there and everywhere. Travelers are on a fixed course. They do not need to be handheld in order to do all they need to do. Travelers will be invaluable in these wars. Even the Sundowners can not match the speed of The Travelers. I have never seen an obese Traveler. Nor have I ever met one who does not know how to don a very scary outer persona. Sundowners and other purely evil predators both human and non-human exist purely on “hive mentality.” What one of them does ALL of them do. Yes, whoever is the supreme being for a specified period gives a signal which shows them what to do, where and to whom or what and they do it. There is no forethought there, they are being controlled. Little do they know they appear almost robotic.

Remember, you will be battling alongside Travelers and the others AGAINST the worst evil you have ever had to deal with. Travelers will cloak you when they can so that you will appear to be in one direction but are actually in another. Child will of course always give you only the data you need at any time. HOWEVER, here is a tip for you ones: Child also has a way of showing you things that you need to know before you do something really stupid and deleterious. You KNOW that you do do those things! Advocates who undergo or will undergo great good changes within themselves may be prone to try to resurrect some great feelings about specific people or places where they once felt comfortable and alive.

It never fails that they will attempt to return to those places or look up those people. It never fails to shock sometimes scare these good peoples when suddenly these peoples, places and things give off a discordant, jarring, jittery feeling. Even music or foodstuffs they used to like sickens them. All they want to do at this point is get far away and return to where they really belong.  Be grateful Advocates, VERY grateful! This shows you how much you have changed and have been becoming CLEAN as you should be. Those you have outgrown belong in the past, NOT in the present or in your future. Avatars of course work right along with those who are “of God.” Newly formulated plans have been laid by the insurrectionists to further use genocide against any one they can. Before mid-February of this year the public will get a bitter taste of what is going to worsen on Anastasis especially this year. Entitled peoples are in even worse trouble than you are, especially world leaders AND their wives. Many of their wives are even worse types of people than are their spouses.

All right now; I have brought you up to date … for the present. Keep an eye to the sky, many more battles beyond your limited imagination are taking place there. Try to travel ONLY when and IF you must! Expect this world to continue to evolve with or without you. It is your choice. Help those you can and share your love for one another. You will all encounter many terrible things in one manner or another. Just do your best, remember all that you have learned and KNOW we are with you Now and forever. I am signing off now,

Salude … Blue Star the Pleiadian … CALL US WHEN YOU NEED TO!

“There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there.” … Blue Star the Pleiadian

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