Battle on the Homefront

The Blue Star Transmissions

~ Blue Star the Pleiadian ~

Battle on the Homefront

11-17-2022 to 1-25-2023

(Transmitted to Celestial Blue Star) Greetings Advocates for Justice; It is indeed refreshing to see many peoples actually understanding with clarity what so many of us have been teaching you since “forever ago.” I for one never doubted that so many millions of you ones would overcome living a fear-filled life that had bewitched you for so long and you would then learn to walk proudly once again. What is disheartening though is the millions and millions of people who could not struggle their way to the top because so many of those others who were sent here to teach people truly lost their own way on these harrowing journeys to life here. So, it has been because so many who lost their way and could not teach “advanced” truths and realities have now found themselves reaching out for those teachers who did survive the journeys here. These ones have had to double up and thus work ever so much harder than had been anticipated.

Many of you around the world have long lived in a state of anticipation knowing that in the end it would be fine; but also knowing there was still a long INTERNAL journey on the road less traveled. As it always has been it is the road to perdition which provocatively beckons foolish peoples. Because of a project Celestial and our David have been working on it was essential that they take some time and re-view specific beliefs and actions not undertaken which should have been, for the last 800 years in particular. Of course, when this must be done it really leaves a bad taste in their mouths. “Linear” was never intended to be a permanent measurement of timing of reality or an accurate portrayal of any of you who are the ones evolving on Anastasis. Linear was NEVER intended to be a controlling factor in your lives at any time. Linear was never intended to be considered something impeccable OR necessary. Linear is actually incredibly limiting and constraining. Although all the human races were supposed to see linear as a temporary yardstick by which they could measure their own success or failure rates, instead it became a competitive tool which only succeeded in stroking their egos and devastating their sought-after realities. So it was that when a particular gridline intersection abruptly arrived here, we removed the linear and gave peoples true realities. So it was that when linear had been removed from your lives peoples everywhere began to flounder and most still are. Linear was your self-created guiding light. We extinguished that light. Fortunately for you we did not say, “you are on your own now, good luck.”

Now, you need to understand that linear does not coexist well with reality. Reality is taught by Soul but linear is taught by personality. It is only when personality and Soul work in tandem and flow as one unified magnetic field that linear is forced out of a person’s Power of Mind. We understood so much more here than have you. You see Advocates; we knew what only a bare handful of you knew and that was that you were each being prepped for the most serious battles of your lives. Nothing you had experienced in your various past reincarnations would be anything like this soon-to-break-loose hell on Earth. Those peoples who still insist in trying to follow the former linear have the most to lose. They will lose far more than their physical lives. Many, many magnetic forces are at play here; intersecting with other magnetic forces that are basically electrical charges in motion. Simply stated – a physical field that arises from an electric charge in a particular motion, produces a force on a moving electric charge. Humans possess extreme amounts of electrical charges in their bodies and in their minds. So it is that you are also “lightning rods.” Do you see yet?

Now, this could be considered to be productive or counterproductive. Again I must remind you that if you remember and better understand all the electricity your own physical vehicle possesses, you will be in a better position to understand how Power of Mind, which is its OWN magnetic field, can and does outrank ordinary magnetic fields. Cause and effect at play here – it can and does direct the right personalities to be in the right places at the right times. Of course if the personalities do not listen …

This is but another way that miracles are wrought. Do not do or say anything that can or will compromise your principles. The battle that was once on the horizon is NOW here. The implosive nature of the human ego gave birth to the new factions of the personality. Forget about genes, chromosomes etc., it is the personality/ego which can and does destroy people. Unfortunately, the powermongers wear their own badges of dishonor. You can tell what they are by the way they comport themselves. THE POWER OF CORRUPTION BEGINS When POWER CORRUPTS. Corruption moves as fast as quicksilver!  Watch the people and you will see who is WHAT! Consider that your “lifeline.” Before I continue on, I want to further explain some things to you.

For 30 some years I and others like me have been sent to aid and abet all of you even to those who have failed themselves. Those people we gave a LAST opportunity to succeed or to fail themselves yet again. It was deemed a necessity by The Creator that all Beings MUST HAVE advanced notices of what the future would hold for them; in order for them to prep themselves to better cope with challenges and their own greater expectations. That is why for all these years I have had to be repetitive in speaking with you ones when rendering information and continuously repeating much information about planetary changes for example. I have spoken of Anastasis dancing new Cyclical Changes into materialization and manifestation. I have spoken of our separating all good Souls from badly tainted Souls and of the necessary actions, and reactions for you to experience. And also to assist you in Creating new phases in your lives that I have sometimes gently other times quite roughly hurled you ones into. The greater your individual and Collective destinies are the harder Celest, David and I shoved you. Especially Celest!!  Boy, can she shove hard or what! They do not “suffer fools gladly.” None of us do! This is also why again of necessity we have had to explain as much as we are permitted to about what you can expect in your futures if we can get you to live in your present. Present and future walk hand-in hand.

We have to always tread carefully with those subjects. We try not to talk over your heads. We try to never frighten you with what we know but must still remain faithful to speaking “unvarnished truths.” We do not like being repetitive but the human mind unless Power of Mind is in control becomes frightened too easily. So, when you read information that we have shared with you at previous times, understand that the information which is being repetitive is sometimes the only way we can get through to you. Example: For several years I warned all of you repeatedly about the loss of drinkable water as well as other water you would lose. It really frightened so many people that they refused to believe this truth! So, remember “it is better to know than not to know.”

Now, be aware that there are many signs for you to either interpret or use as a guideline to better understand what new information we are sending you personally. Whenever we see public opinion being whipped into a frenzied mode, we know that the dark riders have just prepared another “Soul trap.” Soul traps are insidious to say the least. The Soul trap’s first line of attack is to always zoom in and hit a person’s hidden fears and their own perspectives of their own strengths and weaknesses. The more gullible a person is the greater their risk of being “taken over.” This why I have repeatedly cautioned you to not accept at face value ordinary peoples’ perspectives.

So much misinformation is always being publicized by various media and of course by the false prophets. Of course you must enable yourself to use discernment at all times. We may when the occasion arrives whisper in your ears what the truth of the matter really is; or when a Luminescent instructs us to leap in TEMPORARILY and render a helping hand to you, but basically you have each matured now to the point that we expect more from you than we once did. Oh by the way … just in case some of you are misunderstanding the DNA dance; briefly stated DNA is referred to as the hereditary material in humans and other organisms. But STOP foolishly believing that DNA is really understood!

Part of that misconception is that DNA cannot be altered. Yes, DNA can be altered which can change a person’s DNA structure. That can continue through many generations. That has been happening to COVID patients in particular for a very long time. The acceleration of the alterations since the beginning of that panicdemic truly became a terrible force and has been sad to watch. But of course, COVID has been playing hell with DNA results! In order to force people to take the vaccinations you peoples must be given a semi-logical reason, something seemingly plausible and the reason must be loaded with fear!  That was one of the main reasons why that onslaught was levied against you! Someone REAL should have been paying close attention to WHAT the vaccines are. However, to date those voices have been yelling much too quietly to be heard by mainstream peoples. Within a few more gridline intersections about to arrive here soon, that information will be “leaked” to the gullible public. Oh, the conspiracy theorists will ignite over that! Advocates! COVID actually was the beginning, the initiation of The Battle on the Homefront.

Now, as each country succumbed to a great number of peoples being vaccinated while the antivaccination peoples stood their ground, an anomaly occurred. Suddenly the anti-vac peoples seemingly suddenly developed a seriously strong backbone and silently screamed, “enough! I have had enough and I am not taking it anymore! A lie is a lie is a lie. I may not be able to prove it but this whole COVID is part of lies unlimited.” From their lips to God’s ears! I find it reprehensible that it always seems that humanity overall must be viciously pushed into the most fear-filled mental and emotional vortexes in their lives in order to force them to accept major morality and reality changes. So here yet again all this that worked so damn well back in spreading the black plague is working repetitively again. No, there is nothing we can do to remove the DNA alterations from those who went ahead anyway and with fingers crossed accepted the medical “solutions” forced by governments and medical personnel upon innocent but naive peoples! The greater the naivety the more DNA has forever altered another bloodline.

All you can do now is just live with it to the best of your ability. I can tell you though that all of our medical teams are working on you while you sleep. They can help alleviate some of the worst pain and slow down the destruction to much of your immune systems. So it is that now ¾ of humanity is and has become more susceptible to all viruses and different forms of bacterial infections. You are still living in the “Autumn to be remembered” which is a battle cry for the end of this current year. Now you are all under duress because politics is attacking you as well. Also, just so you know IN ADVANCE: the mutating COVID will continue to mutate but at a faster speed and this will become worse in a few months. So please use your heads and start to be careful where you go and with whom you go to visit. It is disgusting how few of you have been doing this! If you want to die then please do not listen to me. I am after all the most conscientious purveyor of truth you have ever known!

Now, it is necessary for me to show you more of the practical world’s tie-in to the Battle on the Homefront. This tie-in actually began to speed up and spearhead the beginning of this onslaught of madness on November 1, 2022. As disgusting as I find politics and the political nature of ALL religions as well, I always give the devil its due. One essential knowledge I expect you all to have is that evil always attempts to perfect itself by always bringing forth certain actions designated to cause certain responses from hapless peoples. Every election year in all countries evil tends to parlay all that it has succeeded with in the year and create even worse situations for humanity. Although this year is no exception, it is because of the Battle on the Homefront that evil is attempting to destroy as much of humanity as it can by the stroke of midnight December 31, 2022.

Desperate peoples always indulge in desperate situations HOPING they are the right decisions to make. Decisions made under duress seldom are though. Pay attention to politics when you need to though! EVERY TIME politicians offer to give you “something for nothing” check your back for the knife they just stuck in it. They never ever offer something for nothing! Stimulus money, welfare, social security, government funded food banks, food stamps and so forth in every country all come with a heavy price for you to pay. They have made “quid pro quo” dirty words now. They have been buying YOU! Many countries have gone so far as to convince you ones that these are long overdue reparations you earned. In this manner they are appealing to your egos and of course you preen yourselves wanting to believe you have made a difference and you are appreciated. … NOT!

THEN at a future time they STRIKE reminding you what and how much YOU owe them. They care naught that you cannot repay them; they simply move in and take ALL you have. All religious orders do the same thing. That should not surprise you. After all, they are all related. Monarchies are among the most reprehensible. They blatantly control the peoples and the peoples KNOW this, yet the people are so memorized by silly pomp and circumstance they not only PERMIT it they idolize them. But now, in this ending of this current year, a SUDDEN realization has taken place! Peoples in all these countries who had become restless and quietly muttering about tyrannical leaders are breaking their chains of stupidity, and LOUDLY protesting that they want their freedom and to hell with the monarchies. The gridline intersection is fast approaching when all of you will see all monarchies unveiled. This is when you will see them as they truly are. Just ordinary people like you who had been bought and paid for too. They are NOT royalty at all. One of the greatest offenders of freedom to all good peoples is the monarchy known as The Catholic Church. I must tell you Chelas; so many millions of you have certainly followed the road to perdition for many a lifetime before you roused yourselves and leaped aboard the Truth Train. It will be a great private and personal joy to me as I watch you with your mouths agape discovering that all I am telling you is true. This is the practical world situation you will all need to cope with in the Battle on the Homefront.

Now, The Maji who have been answering and will continue to be “answering the CALL” have been and will continue to be older than humanity. Also, the incarnation process the Maji undergo is far different than any of you have used. They are wearing certain protection devices that assist in keeping them away from COVID. Without the entrances of the Maji the numbers of good people here who will survive these next few years would be very low indeed. The scales for waging freedom and besting the Beast in the Battle on the Homefront has shifted as more Advocates and other good peoples have firmly begun to STAND and are using their Power of Mind to Creatively visualize themselves standing arm to arm and back-to-back with The Maji, while nonverbally shouting at their unseen enemies, you shall not win! I am delighted to tell you ones these Souls are turning the battle tide in your favor!

I also have more current and into the future news as well. The very nano-moment The Maji joined by these great Souls wielding their Power of Mind initiated their personal battle cry thereby igniting the Spirit of the Collective of their Soul Clusters, the dark ones too rallied but for no reason that they understood. They decided not to believe anyone would stand in their way and telepathically sent out the word to all others like themselves to steal, maim, and destroy any and all peoples who would not give them what they wanted. They are eyeing all politicians especially! All these dark ones did not know it but what they have done is to begin the dark emergence of who we call The Sundowners.

To begin with I told you in the last transmission that Celest and David are the wild cards that are in the decks the Creator dealt all of you. The wise ones amongst all of you Advocates better remember this! Celest and David are not caught in the middle of this war. Instead, they stand at the pinnacle of success alongside The Maji and The Luminescents who have decided they want to STAND arm in arm with all of them. However, make no mistake about it; you are either on the side they are on or they will do absolutely nothing to help you. As Celestial and our David “go” so will “go” the war! Never doubt their profound abilities and capabilities to succeed. It is what they do and who they truly are. Expect the best from them, BUT you must do your own parts too. It is vitally important that I restated this information today. You Advocates need all the reminders available to you. It can help to change all your tomorrows.

 Now, many millenniums ago the dark intruders began to create again a certain type of individual which was part human and part complete darkness. They usually have very poor eyesight so must depend on their instincts and sense of smell when hunting. They all existed on the same dark planet and remained in a state of semi-hibernation until the dark masters awakened them completely and called them in to tackle the latest assault on good peoples on Anastasis. These reserve troops of the dark are never called in until the dark riders have arrived at a critical junction point in their devolving existence. At the very nano moment that the dark ones saw the Battle on the Homefront looming ahead was when they called in these reserves. We had kept the existence of The Maji from those reserve troops as long as we could.

Through telepathic communication those dark dangerous reserves were informed of the battle details that would take place and what to expect of these millions and millions of people who have been driven almost to the brink of utter hopelessness. In other words, these darkest of the dark think they know all of you well now. You see Chelas; long ago we had planned well in advance to bring our special forces to this pivotal battle and all we needed to do was to ready the peoples … especially all the Advocates … and know that we have taught them all they needed to re-remember and then guard them through the battle and beyond. Those dark reserves that evil has called in were given a name by us so very long ago, they are called, “The Sundowners.”

All right now, I did tell you long ago although I do not know how many of you will remember this, that each person is always given a type of alarm signal immediately upon their incarnating here. Furthermore, I told you ones that a type of trigger mechanism releases itself as a silent warning and is also a signal to immediately prepare for anything and everything but to stay OUT of fear! I am hearing from peoples all across this world about strange new feelings they are experiencing and sudden insights and inspirations they are feeling. BUT they are not afraid. They are feeling stronger and they do not understand why. Millions and millions of good people awaken each day not knowing if they will have food to eat, water to drink or any monies coming to them. Yet it is these very same types of peoples who feel they are on the brink of something gigantic, something beautiful and wonderful and they are ready to do whatever they have to, in order to bring it into manifestation. These peoples too are the ones you have been waiting for. In nearly all cases you have been waiting for your “other selves.”

Now, I am going to teach you a bit about how to prepare for this battle and obviously WHERE it is being fought You see, the battle HAS begun! At midnight on November 1st, 2022, the battle swords were sent into the air and became airborne as they began their travel all over Anastasis. First of all, remember that unless we have called upon you to prepare to fight physically, then you should not attempt to do that. Advocates – your mind and your knowledge ARE your weapons! Use Power of Mind and your innate desire to further Create Cyclical Changes in order for you ones to individually and collectively win this Battle. Of course, you can do it you have had kazillions of lifetimes to practice. In the greater sense of the word, you have already prepared yourselves. Those previous reincarnations were “dress rehearsals.” NOW the curtain is being raised and the Spiritual and morality play is brought to life, YOU are the play!

Do you remember that in an above part of my transmission I told you how Advocates and other good peoples are Creatively visualizing themselves standing arm to arm and back-to-back with The Maji, while nonverbally shouting at their unseen enemies, “you shall not win!“ THAT is what I and ALL of Divinity want you to do! Emulate those I have just spoken with you about and DO the same thing! It causes this to be a win, win situation. Also be sure to state that you are working with POWER of Mind and your own God Self. Yes everyone; it is this easy for you to do! BUT it requires courage on your parts, eradication of all of your fears, a deep desire and willingness to do the right thing and your love for all humanity. Ok, you have to love them but that does not mean you have to like all of them. Although it does not mean that you need to or will see faces flitting past you as you perform this Soul to Soul linking invocation. From what we are observing from our vantage points many faces are intentionally revealing themselves. Whether you see their actual faces or simply see/sense their Souls, be aware that you ARE linking together. As part of this linking process just state that you are calling in all good Souls to join you arm to arm and back-to-back here on the Homefront. Then state your intent.

Pay attention to how your bodies and minds feel, your emotions may cause you to feel as though you are running on high octane. Millions of peoples now are loath to try to explain their feelings, they just want to adapt to the new feeling of “all is well.” The more you send your Light through these words and intentions the more you are ascending the spiral staircase while still mortal. Yes, the Battle is being fought on the Homefront. You are in control of your home, regardless of what kind of home it is, the battle is being fought on your own turf. YOU have the advantage this way. Please do all this several times a day and especially before your night sleep. Remember your Christ Consciousness Mantra. It is part of who you are!

Now, the Sundowners are a terribly dangerous and sneaky grouping of slightly misshapen globs of invasive dark matter which seek to destroy the minds and Spirits of all goodhearted peoples here, but particularly all Advocates for Justice. The Sundowners do have very poor eyesight simply because they truly live in the darkest dark throughout their existence. This is one of the primary reasons they tend to gorge themselves on the personalities of evil humans here on Anastasis. They kill and maim in order to survive and survive to kill and takeover any and all peoples who succumb to the dark, simply because these peoples no longer have the strength or courage to defend themselves or those they love.

THIS Advocates is a primary reason WHY I and others like me had of necessity to be repetitive in information we sent you over the years leading up to this Battle. If we had not hammered away at sharing the information with you and doing our best to ensure that you were relearning and actually sometimes vaguely recalling those long-ago times when we all gathered together in massive numbers restating WHY this Battle had to take place, then we would have failed you and failed ourselves as well. We simply could not permit that to happen. Now remember I warned all of you that the Sundowners have great difficulty with their vision. Therefore, I am giving you information on a very vulnerable point of life that you can focus on which aids in destroying Sundowners. Your Homefront is where you dwell. It is also where you each conceived your personal and Spiritual Unity of Purpose. Unity of Purpose strengthens your Soul Self and aids you in using it to Create more and more Cyclical Changes. Do you see? Furthermore, you can NOW use your Unity of Purpose to call in never-ending numbers of Maji to assist you in and throughout this Battle. Remember to call in all VOICES of CYCLICAL CHANGES throughout Anastasis! Surely you all know to simply send your thought patterns and thought forms out to all sections of this planet through the simple act of stating,” I am now connected heart to heart, mind to mind and Soul to Soul with all other good Souls. We are working together clairsentiently, clairvoyantly, and clairaudiently to destroy the Sundowners and free all good Souls here on Anastasis. I have taken my STAND.” Keep the wording simple but STRONG.

Now, Battles fought on a person’s own “turf” always give the home dweller the advantage. The Homefront is where the dweller’s essence lives. So, do not expect Sundowners to knock on your front door. That rarely happens. BUT they thrive on lurking at your back door. So, use the brightest light you can envision and bathe all the doors inside your home that lead to the outside with this light. Yes, you can do the same with the windows too but do all that from the inside of your homes. Many Sundowners use scary voices to frighten you. They cannot takeover a person’s personality unless that personality fails to help the person. They are loathsome looking Beings who learned long ago that the more fear they can cause a person the easier the person will be to conquer.

Their understanding of anything other than their own perverted desires is very limited. Now comes your threat to THEM. Remember though this is a threat that you must keep enforced, This is where you draw your parameter where you live. Think carefully how you want your boundary to be “set in stone.” You can only do this one time unless you move elsewhere then you will of course change your boundary. Over many millenniums the words we found that gave the Sundowners the most menacing feelings rising against them and do literally cause them fear are these words:” Sundowners you better beware if I see you lurking at my back door …” In an anomalous way that simple but heartfelt veiled threat really scares them. Please though be sure you say the words correctly. Do not be surprised if at times you may be out somewhere and feel that something evil is close to you. Many peoples have reported they somehow HEAR some strange nasty semi-familiar voice in their heads. That is Sundowner recognition coursing through your minds and your clairaudience. Also, other good people report seeing someone for a brief minute or two who seems to be a faint memory of nasty encounters with them in the past. The same thing happens when some event or deed takes placed that seems to cause surges of barely remembered but scary encounters.

It is not unusual for Sundowners to attempt to disrupt your STAND. So, remember to repeat your threat BUT put a great deal of your convictions in the feelings and VOICE of your threat. You see you are enacting a Cyclical Change for ALL good Souls! Now, although all that I have just explained to you ones about Sundowners is easy for you to learn; do not become complacent. That could kill you! The hard part for each of you now is to go ahead follow my instructions and be repetitive of what to say and what to do. Do what you have just relearned and except for needing to reinforce your VOICES you will win. This Battle is ugly and can be pretty gruesome but you must not fail. Remember the Battle began on November 1, 2022. This Battle decides all of your futures here as this world will seem to be spinning out of control. ALL countries are under attack now.

Not even the wealthiest peoples will be unscathed for indeed physical death is also knocking on the door. Be careful WHO or WHAT you open your doors to. Bipolar peoples and people on all different levels of insanity are out of control. Protect yourselves for here is where on the Homefront this long-drawn-out Battle will either consume people all over Anastasis or “winner takes all.” The “ALL” is the future of all Advocates and other goodhearted peoples. Yes, many will pass over from mortality while others will not. No, I am not trying to scare you but this is an unenviable situation where I must be brutally honest with all of you in order to prepare you. Expect anything, anytime, anywhere. Remember, not a single one of you STANDS alone.

I am ending this transmission now … Salude Blue Star the Pleiadian  I am with you and I will never let go

 “There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there.” … Blue Star the Pleiadian

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