The Hand of God has been set into activated motion as the hatred among humanity continues at a frenzied pace

The Blue Star Transmissions

~ Blue Star the Pleiadian ~

“The Hand of God has been set into activated motion as the hatred among humanity continues at a frenzied pace”

12-16-2020 to 2-25-2021

(Transmitted to Celestial Blue Star) Greetings again weary warriors and Advocates; I see you have all in one manner or another been being bombarded by those of lesser minds whose thought patterns are screaming loudly and either infecting the thoughts of others, or affecting the thoughts of others. In great measure one reason for this is a type of food they have been eating. For that matter so have many, MANY of you eaten something you should not have. One of my comrades-in arms while watching how many Advocates and Earth Seeds alike have been swallowing the “red herrings” which we have warned you about repeatedly, remarked, “watching all these foolish peoples eating the red herrings makes me wonder if they have any digestive systems left, they may never touch seafood again, although none of them should be eating seafood any longer now anyway!”

What he said is true; red herrings are the great illusionists – they are the dividers of truth and the promoters and supporters of deceit. The dark riders and their very well paid cohorts always utilize the red herrings by seeing what the most vulnerable parts of your minds are so that they know where to attack. The mind-vulnerabilities among peoples here are ridiculously and ominously easy to see. Ergo the dark ones use false information which is known to target the people by causing them to turn away from what they really need to know and LEARN about, but instead the peoples follow a trail of non-direction and misdirection. Those are red herrings and I must honestly tell you that you ones have made those dark jobs very easy for them to perform.

Now, there is not and are not ANY elections in ANY country that you should have given all your attention to. I did warn you recently that a Greater Hand than yours will take care of the lesser evil situations as well as all issues of the practical world overall and that you were to stay out of it. That went well! All those peoples who did and still are contributing to misinformation and terrible mayhem and murders that you do not even know about … YET … have pulled so many of you ones down, especially the downtrodden and those of unstable minds and led them onto a roadway that leads straight into hell. Unfortunately, this also applies to the Advocates who have foolishly and in a “followers of Pied Piper” manner also followed the road of perfidy. “Hell” is a state of MIND and a loss of Power of Mind! It is not far removed from losing the Soul Voice. As if the physical panicdemic and the emotional panicdemic is not enough pain and anguish, willing participants – and that refers to all peoples on this planet who fell into the abyss of lies and hatred – just had to BECOME what they detest! This could not be allowed to continue.

Well now chelas; although the Luminescent of this Universe, whom you call God, is always loath to step into the madness here in order to bring peoples into awareness that they are mortal only because God and THE CREATOR have made it so, there comes a time when hard lessons must be meted out. NOW is the TIME. The Hand of God has been set into activated motion. So for those of you who are not part of the groupings of peoples I mentioned, this would be a good time for you ones to “duck and cover.” Unfortunately, the minds of men and women here that hunger for revenge and truly hate other people they do not even know can not be fitted for a “mind chastity-belt.” Much has been said and still remains unsaid about “the road less traveled.” If you think about a figure of a person who is standing in the middle of the road but the road is deserted, yet this person is facing one direction with his hands and legs spread out so that they are literally forming a compass so that each hand and each leg shows another direction, what should that tell you?

What you are seeing is a person who is symbolizing God, but is also a powerful well-known leader on Earth, regardless of the person’s physical appearance. And God is clearly defining the road less traveled, which is the highway to heaven. The serious process of beckoning has begun. These summonses can not be ignored or they will be enforced. However, if you visualize a highway literally jam-packed with all types of vehicles, many, many loud horns blowing and raucous music playing with evidence of road-rage appearing, does this sound like a road to heaven to you? It is not! However, sad to say THIS IS the road MOST traveled. These peoples who follow this road are leading themselves to their own doom. They are following perdition “of the mind.” This is because the less Spiritual Truths they know the more they like not knowing. So do not count on expecting to meet those peoples in Nirvana or any of the planets you will eventually be sent to. NOW, and I do mean NOW – pay close attention!

The Hand of God has been directing the traffic since March 11, 2020, on the highway to heaven. As for the road most traveled, well let me put it this way; even innocent peoples on that particular road are prey now to the evils that bind them to their dark beliefs. They who are the masters of anonymity, incomprehensibility and duplicity are controlling those who allowed themselves to be controlled. It can be no other way. The choices have been made by the peoples themselves so NOW it is God’s turn. People say “life is about the journey, not the destination.” May I point out that what these ones do not seem to clearly understand is that yes, the journey is of course of great importance; HOWEVER it is the journey that not only leads to the destination but DEFINES the destination!

There are millions of peoples who MAY start a particular journey but then change their routes. They choose a different road but it is not an alternate road. The road less traveled or road most traveled are their subconscious choices which also defines a major shift and change in their destination. Here is where destiny, fate and free expression part company. Now, millions of readers will have many “duh” moments when reading this transmission. Others will simply try to fathom that which they think is unfathomable. Nevertheless, it is time for peoples everywhere to grasp their destinies by the destinies’ auras and live up to their own predestined work. Everyone needs to live up to who they truly are and you all need to forsake those you know who do not. Destiny is in your hands; NOW guess who is holding your hands! Free expression is of course vitally important in each person’s life; however when free expression collides with fate all hell can break loose in the psychological makeup of the person who caused the collision. Even the physical vehicle can begin to cause a person problems because deep inside the mind a level of consciousness is shouting that the person or persons are making very bad decisions. So, the body rebels by causing many minor aches and pains, restlessness and plain old discomfort. In some instances an illness may develop. The body is fighting back!

We have watched millions and millions of times as those peoples who overburden their minds while fighting with themselves, cause a rippling effect to occur within the Spiritual Tapestry of another person’s mind AND Soul Voice. Doo-Doo is not the only thing that flows downhill! This type of mental and Spiritual onslaught of released havoc does indeed have serious consequences for those causing the havoc and those too foolish to get out of the way. It is in this ill-conceived manner that journeys and destinations may alter for any given lifetime. I warn you ALL, this is NOT a lifetime in which you want to be experiencing these alterations! This lifetime is no longer a “dress rehearsal;” you will either love it or LEAVE IT.

Of course God does not make this journey regarding YOUR destinations solely by HimSelf; we have Him heavily guarded. His journey and His destinations here are part of our own “damn the torpedoes full speed ahead …” well-honed experiences. The Masters of ALL cultures, ALL races are on this journey with God as well. To call ALL these Masters in should tell you ones, that many of you are in BIG trouble! For millions and millions of peoples here all over this world the Hand of God is hovering directly overhead, yet sometimes it can be seen in a cloud formation or AS a cloud formation. Understand though this resolution was made with deep regret by all those Divine Beings. This is NOT an intervention. This action was and is a part of promises made and promises kept per your Soul Agreements as well as for Terra herself. I will speak more of her shortly. The decisions of God and all the other Luminescents and sanctioned by The Creator is that the time is NOW for God to proceed with direct contact in separating what is left of the wheat from the chaff. One of the things God will be doing with the chaff is sending it to Terra. By the way, God and Terra have combined forces where YOU are concerned. I will speak more on this later. Good grief, I can already see a lot of stiff necks in your futures caused by so many of you ones looking up!

Now, understand please that what you erroneously refer to as “the third millennium” is merely a succession of thought-forms of Collective Destinies forged into giant patterns of various levels of Super Consciousnesses. This means that there really is nothing linear about it; it is about Collective Consciousnesses that have gathered together beneath a Cluster-Aura and have mind-linked and Soul-linked and formed The Greater Group. It is important that you know this because your alleged millenniums do not exist. They never did. It is irritating to me in particular because humanity simply cannot seem to break themselves free of non-existing “linear equations.” If it is linear then it is not of God or of any of the Luminescents.

How could it be? Humanity has been faced with back to back untruths since the initial period that human Beings were brought to this planet. The point here is that if you allow yourselves to understand that linear is strictly human-made hyperbole and it is manmade by those who have controlled you ones for so long, then and only then perhaps you can see clearly how deviously you have been led astray for as long as you have re-birthed to this planet. One line of defense you may use NOW in light of all that is currently happening and all that will definitely still happen, I suggest STRONGLY that NOW is the TIME for each Advocate and other goodhearted peoples who have not yet attained the Advocate status, to Armageddonize your Power of Mind and your Soul Voice. Better late than never! You are going to need it.

Yes, but of course you can do this! Don’t go “wimpy” on me now! Everything you do from this moment on is vitally important to you and for you. Think of your physical vehicle if it will help. Visualize what you would need to do to protect your body. Then using that as an example, see what you can use to protect Power of Mind. Do not crawl into the “unknowingness box.” Use your minds to gather what you need to do and what you need to use Spiritually in order to protect your Power of Mind and then proceed to put protection around, above and below Soul Voice. You will not be doing this alone! We who watch over you will take great care to ensure that you do not “miss a spot.” Just remember, you are obligated to do your own share of the work. Those whom do not choose to listen to us are among the ones we must walk away from permanently, just as we have always done. It is what it is.

Now, here is where I can now finally reveal that which has been a secret from you for 9 months. Amongst the many changes that have been taking place here right under your nose is a biggie; one that will impact on all your lives. Well, granted some people do crave change while others detest change, but major changes are taking place whether you like what I share with you or not. Perhaps, just perhaps, my news will cause many peoples especially in America, to stop looking for a “specific needle in a needle stack.” People have been doing that, you know. In some cases it is a game to them, in other cases they think that by diverting their minds from serious mind-clutter it will ease the mental anguish they feel about their present life circumstances. None of them are correct.

So, hold on tight, fasten your seatbelt and get ready to rock the multiverses with your reaction to the news.

Now, this planet long known as “the schoolhouse planet” is gone! The new name for the recently risen, restructured, reorganized and Created anew Terra, or Gaia as many call her, is a name which knows no bounds. Her new name is “Terra – the Anastasis Planet.” She is a classic example of a Highly motivated Being living in organized chaos and dispensing organized chaos to all Beings on this Earth Star planet. In other words; most Advocates will be here on Anastasis “for the long haul home.” Be ready for the unexpected at all times, even more so than you have been. Here for a long period of spatialness is where bad will become terrible! Regardless of how diligently you have worked for so very long or how much hard work you have put into learning, studying and following suggestions which all of us and Celestial and our David have given to you while we each raised you onto a higher step on the spiral staircase, all that you have thus far achieved is nothing compared to what you will need to do now. In other words, now your hard work will begin in earnest.

On March 11, 2020 at 3pm (somewhere in the U.S.) Terra’s new total transformation, her “makeover” was completed. She successfully achieved the finalization of her project which was shown to be that she had odds of 1 in 25 million opportunities to beat the odds and continue on her self-chosen destined route of arriving as a major new Cyclical Changes Being. This change will effectively alter all other lesser dross effects caused by humanity and adversely affecting her. She Created a “Transitional Transformation” and is a shining example of VOICES of Cyclical Changes. A transitional transformation is a state of Being you should all ascribe to. It means that you are pursuing the desires of your hearts and Souls for your own betterment as well as for other Advocates wellbeing through Cyclical Changes. You see, you must understand that this is not about life-changing events; it is about changing life events. None of you ones should any longer be reacting to events caused by others; instead you should be CREATING new events to live by and with.

Now, my Celestial daughter and our David have been watching this part of the movie patiently and joyfully for 9 months. They did have to be careful not to share any of this news about Terra with anyone else. Far too many millions of peoples are and will continue to be in need of our extended protection now. Tsk, tsk, humans just do not like “whistle blowers,” now do they?  Terra now carries within the matrix of her Soul Self an assorted Creation of ideas. These “ideas” are actually activated particles of magnetic energies which formed a compilation of what The Creator had chosen this new world to be and the information from ALL Luminescents who had EACH added their own Multiversal incredibly innovative monads. This further addition of these monads caused a specific genesis to take place. It materialized as a spontaneous inseparable unbreakable unit. This unit is the basic element of reality which is essential in order for a microcosm of it to transform into a spectacular macrocosm of life eternal. So, in other words the Divine Beings formed the thoughts through sentience, imagery and amazing Creativity and voilà the immediate LIGHT CONCEPTION occurred birthing the New World and the newest array of constellations and stars. Then to add to the joy; all the Universes, Galaxies and all the citizens of each Universe had been encouraged to add their own contributions which they believed would serve Terra best.

Of course we would all have helped Terra to achieve her “final destination” if she had needed our help. However, by sheer determination, courage without limitation and her Soul’s desire to see as many true Advocates for Justice and other goodhearted people survive and thrive here on the Anastasis Planet, Terra gave it “her all” and indeed she has succeeded! At this moment she is busy with firmly establishing Co-Crearchy in the core of herself. When you are each “home “again, you will have total recall of ALL that Terra has gone through since the beginning of linear time and linear thinking. It is then that you will be able to accurately gauge what it had cost her to survive in spite of humanity’s terrible actions!

Now, one of millions of things you ones do not remember about the movie is the worldwide catastrophic Spiritual carnage which absolutely would have occurred here had she NOT done what she did! It literally means that all good Souls would have perished here not so much in one manner or another, but through the insane madness and lunatic thinking that only NOW is just beginning to reveal itself in all its decadence in ALL countries.  The maniacal peoples would have gone to insane lengths to commit not only genocide, but the outright slaughter of the innocents for certain. You MUST take my words very, VERY seriously! Even the heavily controlled media will be unable to hide the truth of what is beginning, at least not for very long. Co-Crearchy will be arising once the Earth Star planet finally begins to calm Herself which she can not do until the human races calm themselves first. Still and all though, the overlapping of these Cyclic Changes is beginning.

Millions and millions of the descendants as well as their own descendants of Jesus and his wife Mary Magdalene are being slowly and calmly awakened in order for them to do their part during this transitional phase of Anastasis turning the world into a healthier and better place. Except for the human races; all that needs to die must die. Anyone who gardens realizes what happens when weeds completely overtake the lands thus killing all healthy offshoots of needed foodstuffs necessary to support all lifeforms here. All right then; using that as an analogy this should tell you what all needs to still be done here before the healthy plants, herbs, animals and future humans will be able to once again plant without concerns. That will not happen quickly. As soon as people in one area of a state or country relax and feel as though all will be well with their crops BANG, guess what? It isn’t. At times it may seem to be a hit or miss experience; at other times it will be progressive. Sooner or later humanity overall just MAY figure this out. I said, “may.”

The newer waterways are currently being laid out beneath the surface. Anastasis, with assistance from all the now opened Doorways, is changing so many, many weather conditions that there truly are no patterns to them at all. There will be many, MANY weather collisions as the density of the friction of water collides with the density of the friction of air. Great atmospheric turbulence causing massive winds many of them howling, and many brownouts and blackouts will occur. These will not be seasonal events. Many paradigm fluctuations will take place as a result of the weather conditions. Many concepts, thought patterns and hypothesis will be discussed among people as they try to rationalize that which has no rationality. The more the fluctuations persist AND alter the base conditions of something, the less the peoples will understand anyway.

Now, you and I must have a serious talk; an understanding about other weather issues that are facing you, with or without your knowledge of such. The winter that EVER was will always be the winter that is. Forget the foolishness of comparing one winter to another winter. The weather alterations are well in place; and this began before Anastasis entered here. These weather conditions were foretold millions of years ago including the WHY it would have to take place and WHERE and WHEN. The “where” is everywhere.  The “when” is NOW.  The “why” is because humanity has brought it on itself.  Terra can not change this NOR will she try to. The time for pleading with God is over; the time to face reality is NOW. Hot will become hotter and cold will become even more bitter cold than it already is. WATER may now be considered “the new gold.”

I am very pleased to acknowledge that so many, MANY of you Advocates for Justice as well as other goodhearted peoples, HAVE indeed taken heed of my previous AND present warnings and you have proceeded to follow my suggestions so that you may be able to survive and to eat as well. Whatever you decided to do to ensure that you are personally achieving success in this process, whatever you do, do NOT stop now! Your lives could depend on you listening to us. Is this understood?

Let us now deal with the draught that so many millions of peoples of all races are pretending does not exist: In this matter Terra is following her own immaculate intuition and leaving alone all that these EARLY beginnings of the upcoming worldwide draught are presently forcing peoples to acknowledge. She thoroughly understands that all this must take place because the people here have caused this to be. I have already explained to you HER role in this present “lifemap” of horrific happenings here and how she must care for those who earned her care while allowing the others to pass over. Bringing many peoples and other lifeforms back from the brink of death she WILL do. But with DISCRETION.  Now, years ago when God specifically warned all of you ones as He spoke in His God Code He said, “as “time” as you know it seems to be moving faster and faster and as you see the people here running around to drink the last sip of water, know that I will be on your shoulder very much.” I myself repeated His warning to all readers several times. Let us see now how many of you even remember those words!

Stop and think about this matter Planetizens; what possible good would be accomplished if all foodstuffs and all livestock could be salvaged in order to feed the masses here? We would be feeding the very bad peoples as well as the good peoples. That simply will not do. That is NOT an example of “Cyclical Changes,” now is it? All lifeforms must change for the better; it is hard to imagine them changing and becoming even worse than they already are. Like Anastasis herself however, all lifeforms must have a “makeover, a transitional transformation,” that is. Especially HUMANS, which means if the good ones want to live! Had it not been for the actions taken long, long ago by Jesus and Mary Magdalene many of you ones would NOT be here now. It was due to extreme diligence on the parts of The Creator, Jesus and Mary, several hundred years ago when they enacted a Divine Plan to ensure that the direct descendants of Jesus and Mary would be here on the planet AT THIS TIME. This was to occur when those Children were around the ages of 37 to 50. In some cases there have been a bit younger ages and in other cases older ages. In other words they are here and have been here, but not told of their true secret identity until the exact gridline intersection arrived when they HAD to be told! As you may imagine we all had to be sure of whom we entrusted this knowledge with; for THEY would be the ones to speak with these men and women and slowly but calmly bring them into the “secrets revealed arena.” And step by step the ones we entrusted with this secrecy had to ensure that those people who were the Direct Descendants received more than adequate information which would confirm to them who they really are.

Now, of course Soul memory did its part quite beautifully and we chuckled as we watched these men and women slowly and sometimes shockingly respond to what they were told. Soul memory would send them tidbits of information of why they felt so close to those Spiritual Beings; to places where Jesus and Mary were known to frequent and why they felt so loved by them yet the people could not really understand the “why” part. Indeed as we knew it would it has taken time for these people to adapt and adjust to this “situation,” yet all but a few of them can handle just about anything now! And now YOU have the right to know too. We will not reveal what those descendants’ plans are or what exactly they will do or when …. or “where.” I will tell you again though it is time for you ones to learn to mind-link and Soul-link if you choose to survive! No, our own medical teams and scientists took “certain steps” to ensure that no one here would ever be able to trace the linage or bloodline of ANY of the descendants! Otherwise, those good Souls would have suffered unimaginable torture and then immediate death.

Much has been said about the phoenix rising from its own ashes. Terra however has not risen from her ashes; she has risen from your ashes! She followed the magnetic shadows of your fingerprints and footprints. Your magnetic fingerprints and footprints leave memory trails of mind residue of thoughts, actions, destinies and decisions you make or fail to make. Everything that is energy IS magnetized! Think of this constantly ongoing process as a “magnetic equalizer.” Nothing is impervious to the effects of a magnetic field. It means that every lifetime you have had here on the Earth Star planet contained not only all your indelible fingerprints and footprints, they all had been kept in “cold storage.”

They had been awaiting this particular spatial period when Anastasis would come into BEING and resurrect them. As she did so it immediately caused these LIGHT FILLED prints to be visible to her and she could easily TRACK your locations NOW. The light amassed in the prints by EACH individual clearly showed how much light each of you emitted “for as long as you have been” … throughout each reincarnation. You are all truly amazing, unique, immaculate Beings!! Who cares what errors of judgment in life or what personal mistakes you made in any of your lives here? What was important is that billions and billions of you ones did not repeat those mistakes or carry them over into each succeeding lifetime here. Obviously the billions who did … well, we can not do what we can not do. We can not change what we are forbidden to change! You are either with us … or you are not. Remain aware please that magnetic fields are not to be trifled with! You ones have each come too far to be turned away by us now. Do you see? DO YOU understand?

Now, many truths are self-evident while others may seem oblique or at times you may try to apply logic to them. “Greater Truths” require NO logic; for truth must always stand on its own. For Anastasis who of course does NOT deal in any form of logic, truth and she herself are both “open books.” Anastasis is without secrecy or any concealment; she and truth can be easily known or interpreted. Her very presence as the “new herself” is vital for the advancement of all good peoples of all human races whose Soul Contracts are to be honored and set into activated motion as the New Peoples of this Earth Star planet.  Anastasis will be who and what she NOW is as of March 11, 2020 throughout the duration of this planet’s life and she was granted great longevity. Anastasis is the planet which will exemplify herself as the greatest mover and shaker of ALL planets regardless of where they are located. She and God have already begun their massive undertaking of clearing out the dross left of lesser peoples here and reconfiguring the landmasses worldwide while deciding which states, villages, countries, hamlets, provinces etc., CAN be saved and which must “cease to be.” They must both move swiftly but carefully; for while they are pursuing this right course of action, the darkest of the dark riders are being called forth by those who have truly been the real powers behind the powers here on Earth. Their agendas are to destroy all the Advocates and all other goodhearted peoples here on this planet, with NO remorse at all.

Now, Anastasis has many, many responsibilities and obligations. Some to humans, others are to Divine Beings. She is a fantastic multitasker who can easily resurrect everything from ancient long forgotten Sacred knowledge which must NOW be rediscovered and this time used correctly, to bringing back into existence the appearances and teachings of many Sacred Beings such as Tomáš whose name and teachings are legendary in the Crystal City. Moving along here, Terra can easily see why God used certain aspects of HimSelf to check the neural pathways you each have. It is important that a synapse too is in a healthy state. He needed to see to see how much had been damaged and where a person’s “wiring” harmed or injured the psyches of so many normally good peoples here. He has been transmitting all that He is finding to the Great Hall of Records. This is to ensure that the state of the psyches which can become healthier in MANY of you ones is part of a person’s life record. He does so while acknowledging that those whose psyches are so badly damaged that they pose a real threat to others’ who are innocent peoples and that this can not continue. The Masters and we ourselves are removing those who are DANGEROUS peoples.

There will never be another planet known as the schoolhouse planet. There no longer is a need. Many new Universes and galaxies are fully prepared to usher in the Souls who need reparation-memory retraining. The new Terra has a massive mission which she agreed to undertake in order for the evolution of this Earth Star planet to continue on with all the New Peoples at the helm. These peoples are nothing like their predecessors even though many of the new peoples will be Souls of others who have been here before BUT have matured in their Soul status. They will be among some of the greatest teachers on this planet. That is all fine and dandy HOWEVER you all are the ones who must live through this awful current and near future mess! Each of you ones NOW MUST be willing and able to embrace the new world. You must inspire and encourage others to also do so in order for everyone to learn how TO BE the difference! Many, MANY near death experiences are going to occur but those who Terra aids will have the experiences transmuted into near life experiences. It will be then that they will know if they are ready to live life here or … leave.

You ones need to stop trying to act like “think tanks,” you are no good at it anyway. “Life” here is but an expression of your individual Divine Selves. Yes, although there are exceptions it really does not matter what you look like to yourselves; what matters is what is inside you. The exceptions are those men and women currently here who are gloriously gorgeous in appearance, thought, word and deed. They SHINE brightly enough to be competition for the greatest of the great star fields. And they love themselves and LIKE themselves as well.

So now before I take my leave for this day; I feel if I gave you any more information about all other things that you will need to cope with, I would be giving you more information than you can reasonably handle. I want you all to understand that because the Hand of God never stops His work, He will be busy placing peoples here more in touch with OTHER THEMSELVES. You have asked for this and you shall receive it. Remember however, the ones who are sent to you and the ones you seemingly just find, may seem at first to be a bit different from what you are used to. However, in many ways you may be different BUT on other levels you are the same. Sort of. So I leave you with something else to mull over: ….  So, a Pleiadian, an Arcturian, a Rabbi, the Pope and Opus Dei walk into a bar ….

 Salude … Blue Star the Pleiadian … I am off to find a bar!

The Blue Star Transmissions /