Blue Star the Pleiadian – Book Two

Blue Star the Pleiadian – Book Two

Blue Star the Pleiadian

My Teachings through Transmissions – Volume Two

~ Book Chapter Excerpts ~

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In this volume Blue Star intentionally raises the bar of the learning arc for the purpose of providing more advanced information for the readers. Blue Star is the leading protagonist for introducing new realities, new thoughts to process and re-educating people with the best, least radical steps to take for personal and planetary evolvement. Although the realities and truths are ancient they are “new to people of today.” He has gone to great lengths since the initial writings in the early years to introduce his knowledge and then observe those people who were willing to understand; those who truly wanted to “get it.”

The Degrees of Evolution and Civilizations – Greetings chelas, please be sure to buckle up your seat belt and wear a hard hat for this narrative. I shall not begin with “Twas the night before Christmas.” Now, the term “evolution” is sadly misinterpreted to a great degree by most Earthizens….

Scanners Among You – We watched from our vantage points far away, some in substations, others in ships, still others observed all of this while based on different planets. We held our collective breaths as the small points of Light became aware of their Godliness; it was in that nanosecond of recognition that…

Welcome to the New Dimension – Well, I see many of you ones have been awaiting this Godumentary with bated breath! I am not sure if I can consider this a “good thing” or not. It is not exactly a secret that millions of peoples who are dis-contented with their lives relish the mere thought of a “new to-you change.” Our concerns are of a grave nature with this issue, for it is well known that so many among you ones failed to have lived in your past present life experience dimensionally, and are looking for a quick fix. This Earth Star planet suffered most grievously as the very beings she had pledged to protect and assist rendered the most inhumane assaults upon her and each other. Now, “dimensions” themselves are poorly understood by most people. A dimension is…..

The Missing Link, War and Eroticism – Good day to all my Earth cousins, to all the Earthizens of the Earth star planet. As is my custom I have arrived in due time to share with you ones topics I feel to be important to your Spirit, health and general well being. Now, it is indeed a generally accepted fact that wars are….

The Time Long Awaited has Arrived “The Stand” – Now, The Creator, the God of this Universe and the Divine Ascended Masters, along with all other of The God Children who were discarnate, were in agreement that as “evolution” would progress here on Earth, that each Soul having the desire, the perceived need and the moxy to do so, would be offered their choices of roles when THE GREAT WAR took place. Our “motivated discussion” for this transmission will detail the “what,” and “why,” of “The Stand,” as well as the chosen roles which all the participants are now engaged in. Now, back in the early times of the Earth Star Planet when the unthinkable had occurred, when the once pristine Atlantis, Lemurian and other CONTINENTS had ceased to be, those who…..

Why this Lifetime, Why this Experience, Why Me? – Now, part of my intent here is to explain certain aspects of the Greater Understanding of all life and life-related issues that you Earthizens are in “un-awareness” of in the CONSCIOUS sense. I wish to better clarify certain terms that hopefully will assist you while reading this transmission. Even more hopefully it will assist you ones throughout your mortality. What is vitally important to you is that you understand better what “consciousness” is and how it can….

The Expendability Factor – Now, explain to me please Earthizens, how can any person, any being of any race on this planet think of themselves as “a believer of God, or “God” by any other name,” and yet harbor hateful, wanton thoughts about another person? Can you ones not respect another’s individuality, whether you agree with it or not, but respect another person for being just who they are? Do you ones not YET realize that throughout the diverse stages of evolution each of you have walked in the sandals of the other? The elite, wealthy peoples here…of ALL races, look down upon the middle-class societies, YET they quietly acknowledge that those middle-class peoples are responsible in great part for what the elite families have amassed.

You have questions, I have answers – Many questions have filtered through the minds of people regarding issues they consider to be important in order for them to better understand certain situations in their lives. Blue Star has selected only a few of them rather than the “many” as he would have done had we not been limited at this time to writing shorter transmissions. Below are the ones he felt he would answer for now….Celestial – Death bed confessions, prophesies, faith, telepathy, 2012

Universal Conceptualizations of “Mind and Matter” – Now, the Great Universe in her understanding of the pitfalls and contagion that saturates certain planets from time to time, has with the assistance of the God of this Universe and with the aid of Universal Laws, utilized the conceptualization processing to better understand what is in harmony on certain planets and what yet needs to be addressed. It is in this manner that the Great Understanding which is needed by the Universe and God can become a morphosis agent altering certain conditions, none of which were imposed by God or the Creator, which would allow beneficial gifts to be bestowed upon each Earth Star being.

Reincarnational Themes and the Gatekeepers – Greetings Earthizens, I have chosen this day to speak on a topic that is not only close to my heart, but I also consider it to be of paramount importance in myth-busting ancient religious concepts which were original created by the unilluminated forces, those legions of bastardizations. Now, I shall seek this day to explain in some detail the reincarnational themes you ones may not be aware of. To you ones I say as I have many times over these past years:” it does not matter if you believe in reincarnation or not, it is going to happen anyway!”

Consciousness – Greetings Earthizens, I am hopeful that you have each and all been becoming more relaxed with yourselves, more comfortable with the Earth Star’s planetary Ascension process and her intense desire to rid herself of all malignant energies. I bring this to your attention now because this planet has been busily acquiring new energies and absorbing massive amounts of highly charged ionic streams while welcoming the arrivals en masse of new old Souls, both of the human species and the various Star Keeper races. This is not an easy time for her in one sense yet it is indeed the best of times. Isn’t evolution wonderful!!

Private Wars, Public Wars – As you ones all should know by now I am a staunch supporter of the “need to know” teaching technique. I have determined through my own observations of the OC (organized chaos) which is taking place in nearly ¾ ths. of this world’s countries, as well as the DOC (disorganized chaos) which is engulfing the rest of the world, that now is the time to bring into the Light of your individual consciousness the serious matters which have gone on for centuries but are now confronting each Earthizen for the first time in worldwide fashion. None of you shall be spared by ignorance of the reality of the situation.

Contactees, Soul Contracts of Soul Clusters – This time the transmission will essentially cover 2 topics and the relationship of each to the other clearly delineated for your better understanding. Because I never say anything without just-cause, you can rightly surmise that indeed I KNOW what I am about to speak of is vitally important to all. Now, I shall proceed. It is important that each of you ones understand not only the necessity for certain ones among you…and there are many…who have been asked to fulfill the vitally important role of “Earthbound Communicators” but also the relativity to their own personal evolvement as well as for planetary evolvement.

Happy Birthday – Greetings Earthizens! I shall preface this transmission by telling you ones: “Caution, this transmission may be hazardous to your reality.” I am truly vexed, so do not expect me to be “my normal loveable self” today either. It is indeed with mixed feelings that I address this current topic with you ones. I use the term “mixed” simply because I realize that as part of the conditioning you have received here throughout ALL of your lifetimes, you have forgotten some of the most important aspects of yourself. Now, as my Celestial daughter knows full well, none of the peoples here, not even other off-world Beings, are speaking of the matter which I will be speaking about this day. This is an issue that is vitally important to you as part of your resurrection process.

The August 15th through January 1st Yearly Portal Opening – To each of you one who have so earnestly sought the inner perfection of Self with self, this shall pose no threat. To those among you who are the teachers and the healers: you shall encounter myriad energies present within many, many of your pupils. Under the auspices of Universal Law, the portal ushers in the time of the separation of the clean from the unclean. It is written that ALL energies of ALL frequencies must be granted entrance to the Earth Star in order for those of strong Spirit and great heart to “do” what they “do” best, and that is to BE.