Edition #1 – Spirituality 101- A Guide for Those who have Forgotten

“The Celestial Chronicles “
Edition #1

“Spirituality 101”
“A Guide for Those who have “Forgotten”

“Forgotten” defined as…misplaced, temporary amnesia, left-brain vulnerability, Spiritually deprived.

Throughout the Earth’s history, individuals have discovered that he or she knows very little about the true “Spiritual path.” It is a very human trait and happens quite often, that people confuse the Spirit with the religious dogmas, which are so prevalent on this planet. It is NOT that religion itself is “bad,” rather it is the method of indoctrination and in many cases, the manipulation of those who are Spiritually feeble, which is the causation of much pain and mis-information. For many people, it is necessary to have an icon, be it a statue or a stone, or bible, in order to feel the existence of The Godhead. This is also where they affix blame for their personal and professional failures. It is also these very same people who willingly believe that another mortal has the right to expunge other people’s perceived “sins.” How can this be possible? How can any one person possess the empathy necessary to eradicate matter from a Soul? NO MORTAL has this capability; only the individual Soul and The Creator may do this. Yet humans continue to flock to churches, temples, synagogues with the explicit intention of “finding God,” of finding Soul redemption. One cannot “find” that which is not lost; you may lose yourself, but God is always present. Each Soul possesses the ability to erase from their SOULSELF, any and all perceived transgressions and then to forgive themselves.

However, please bear in mind that it is a violation of God Law, of the Universal Laws, to presume to release another from their understanding of their own wrongdoing. Each person evolves or does not evolve, at any given time, at his or her own speed; at his or own intent to do so. DESIRE is the key. Even then, so many that have the desire do not perform the necessary work, so it is that they shall remain in that “condition” for many, many lifetimes. Does this behavior make that individual or individuals wrong? NO, it does not! Nor does it mean that the individual in question loves the Supreme Being less than do you. Each Soul is permitted and yes, encouraged to learn the path of Spirit, by first determining what true Spirit IS NOT. Once that particular Soul has arrived at a crossroads in their Spiritual life, one that causes the manmade ideas of God to longer ring true to that person, then and ONLY THEN, shall all truths be made manifest. This is when all that was formerly thought of as “impossible” is understood as “possible; “this is when the reality hits hard, that “impossible” was but a “crutch,” now the crutch is a non feasible idea,. The new thought forms send them messages of the innate and dormant understanding that God lives within each person, each life form. The “dormant” then becomes the kinetic energy needed to continuously move forward. They see that each leaf on a tree is an aspect of the totality of the tree, that each person is an aspect of the totality of the Creator and the Creation. This is how that person then gifts themself with the Greater Truths…They realize that God arrives wearing many races.

As a child you KNEW many things, as a child you SAW many things. As a child you HEARD many things; as a child your INNER KNOWING was faultless. You were sin-less, for indeed on a deep inner level of KNOWING, you KNEW that sin does not exist. This state of grace continues with all children until they reach the ages of 6 or 8. Then, well meaning adults radically alter the child’s perceptions of reality to such a high degree, that the once pure-visioned chela then becomes but a carbon copy of the jaded adult. So commences “the loss of innocence.”

All cultures have borne witness to their societies’ children “speaking” to unseen entities. Yet the children have been empathetically instructed to not indulge in speaking to “imaginary playmates.” They have been warned that it will make the children “crazy.” The truth is that these children have been seeing beyond the physical, they have been viewing life through the eyes of God. As a child, the Soul is aware that all that is natural and simple, all that is beheld as normal, is in fact the natural state of grace,-the living, not merely the existing, as a perfect being. A perfect being is a fine piece of life eternal within the greater universes, within the Soul’s Higher Consciousness, within All That Is.

The once simple truths that the child has known, now becomes a complex maze of small bits of truths, heavily coated with dangerous lies;. Also with limited straitlaced perceptions of God; with the wrath of God overshadowing human life; and the pitfalls of the “devil,” waiting on the left and the flaming sword of God on the right, prepared to smote the hapless child, who ventures either too close, or commits errors of judgement. The loss of innocence! In this still continuing scenario, if the one doesn’t get you the other one will. It is little wonder that this planet is so constrained, so un-God-like, for how can you emulate that which you no longer understand?

All those who are now “adult children,” had at one time or another, experienced this mishmash of non-reality; of “things that go bump in the night;” of the ever present, but sometimes silent, presence of your true guides and teachers. These wondrous entities who had patiently and lovingly, allowed you the gift of re-learning, of re-evaluating all which you have been told, then weighing it against what you “KNEW.” So it is that I who am living the experience of my Soul Cluster reunion, am writing this truth predicated not only upon my own experiences, but writing also of what I KNOW, of what I have SEEN, FELT, HEARD, with my non-third dimensional eyes. As for myself, life will never be the same again…nor would I want it to be. You see, my greatest challenges here on this planet have been to understand that unlike my home planet, I cannot simply trust all those I encounter. I have long ago forsaken my wish to wave my magic wand and “fix it” for everyone. I live “passionate detachment,” in all that I do here. I have come to terms with the anomaly existing here…that the cliques, which I do deplore, are the status symbols, the “yardstick,” by how my brethren and I are perceived. In other words, I accept most heartily, the fact that it is ok not to be human.”

Salude till we meet again….Celestial

“In the beginning of the beginning I watched as my earth star cousins raced madly in ever continuing larger circles of displaced realities. Each was consumed by the need for survival, but only of physical survival. I watched as the many cavorted while the few were shunned who knew of true life. I say to all of you now here in this “now” moment of true reality..live life with a passion, a zest for the KNOWN, creating perfection in all that you do and say. Realize that YOU are each a unique Being, that YOU are GOD in physical expression.”