Harlequin Masks


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~ Blue Star the Pleiadian ~

Harlequin Masks

2-25 to 4-25-2020

(Transmitted to Celestial Blue Star) Greetings to all true Advocates for Justice! It is indeed with great pleasure and with my deepest feelings of love unfettered that I speak with you ones this day. Also, I officially welcome everyone to “2020, the year of testing the POWER of MIND.”

Now, so many of you ones have tangled yourselves in the wilderness of yourselves that it has been decreed that I try again to walk you ones past the corridors of yourselves and bring you BACK to the matrix of yourselves which is the place where you belong. Stay out of your analytical minds, it is a bad neighborhood! Now, the wilderness of yourselves which I have just spoken of exists on an internal plane of the conscious self; the plane where the intellect hovers while it still tries to keep you ones not merely sane but functional as well. Sometimes it is a “crap shoot” for many people about whether they can or cannot free themselves from explicit residues of long ago preconditioning which linger on like a dreaded hangover. In other words, the final results of this separating the logical, analytical conscious thought-patterns from the real life you are here to live depends a great deal on the staunchness of your individual Soul Spirit and the inner determinations you have to succeed and NOT look back! Although this may be easier said than done for millions of you ones, it is the toughest of the tough, the bravest of the brave and the most courageous of the courageous who always do succeed with flying colors while hoisting their own personal banner.

While it is true that you each mature Spiritually at your own personal best speed, those who are the ones who succeed walking their Spiritual walk the fastest transform into becoming the greatest Way Showers this Universe has ever seen! Then dear Advocates, these ones resume their Sacred places in your life as teachers and Master Guru type thinkers and doers, for the duration of your lives. That duration is dependent on your agreements with one another that you each contracted to keep in order to be successful. This is no mean feat to accomplish. However, whether you are each consciously aware of this or not, with the willingness so many millions of you have to beat the beast at its own game, every tiny victory you make in defeating it by exploring your own reality and making CONSCIOUS choices in ALTERING whatever you know needs to be altered, you ARE de-rooting the gross lair where evil is trying to hide. Now, granted we do not expect all of you ones to keep on moving forward and fly into places you are not ready to enter and confront situations you are not prepared to deal with, we do expect each of you ones to simply TRY to do your best. That is all we expect of MANY of you.

Now, ease your minds and cease trying to understand why so many normally goodhearted peoples seem to only want the real truth about life for a short period then they walk away and simply resume what you may have thought was their former lifestyle. I will simply tell you why they do this apart from the fact that they are not ready to evolve any further with you. You will not like the truth but that is ok. I do not care if you like it or not. It is what it is. Besides, I am tired of hearing that repetitious question bouncing around in your heads so much! You ones have been doing this for centuries. Simply stated, those peoples who CHOOSE to devolve this way do so because they rather return to masturbating their thought-patterns and thus ensuring their continuation of living lives of all types of illusions and more false perceptions of their security. All right now, let us hear a great, “Oh, I get it, now I understand.” Even if, or perhaps I should say ESPECIALLY IF you are in a relationship with a person or persons who do indulge with the Harlequin disguised mental masturbation process, you still do not always want to know the truth about other people. No, you still do not REALLY understand why something you may consider to be so uncouth, so repellent, so disgusting and against all Universal Laws would be acceptable to so many peoples. But then, many of YOU may not have ALWAYS been so squeaky clean yourselves!

Harlequin Masks are worn not only by people in denial, the greatest preponderance of the Maskers are the ones leading the motley crews into physical destruction and Spiritual desecration. NO it is not your job to perform an “intervention” and save them from themselves. As true Advocates for Justice you are here to speak the truth of course, but only when it is safe to do so and spread your Light throughout this world just as you have been doing. Call upon help when you need it and stop trying to do everything on your own! It is not a sign of weakness to ask for help it is a sign of strength and wisdom. It is utter stupidity to not ask for help and I KNOW we raised you all better than that. Harlequin Maskers are so cocky that they think nothing of flaunting themselves in front of everyone. Yet you may be surprised to know that besides being all over the world of entertainment, which I refer to as “the world of “entertaintment,” they can be neighbors, friends, teachers, coaches etc. In other words, everyday peoples. There are always signs and signals that Soul sends you as well as day or night visions where you receive clear and sometimes loud warnings about specific people. The signals sometimes come in waves and you find yourselves having the heebie jeebies, the hair on your neck may stand up, you may feel squeamish, fearful or just plain very uneasy when around certain people or groups of people, especially if you do not know them well and they are VERY curious about you.

The Maskers’ first line of defense against Advocates is to befriend them in order to quickly ascertain their weaknesses. Their goal is to transform you into themselves. IF they can accomplish that then you will become everything you so detest! Do you see? You really do need to understand that the dark energies although not overly intelligent always follow their own pre-laid status quo. Please to remember as I have told you all so many times before, that the dark seeks the Light to overtake it and destroy it; BUT it cannot Create anything NEW; it must always only recreate. That is part of a Universal Law and cannot be broken. It is not possible to do so! Therefore, their status quo never changes including the fact that every one of you has had to avoid this dance of the macabre throughout each of your reincarnational lives! As a means of balancing the scales in your favor however you are each gifted with all the clairsentience and its counterparts that you so enjoy when you are in your NORMAL states of Being. All your sentiences produce the counter-effect required in order for you to continue to exist here and quells a huge percent of a mind’s curiosity about entering into a Harlequin Mask state of life.

Now, just as the Maskers have always done in the past they still do enter into a state of cockiness, sometimes arrogance, and they take your weaknesses as a sign that they will best you. By the way, they make this mistake in judgement every time. This actually works in your favor though. It does make them easier to spot, easier to recognize and easier to deal with. Most of them exhibit buffoon type antics as a means of hopefully getting you to lower your guard and not to see them as they truly are. At that point however the dark ones are quick to anger when they are recognized for what they are and they ALWAYS carry a grudge towards those Advocates who stand up against them and then walk away from the Maskers. Regardless of what exterior attitudes or appearances they wear, beneath the physical surface there lies a violent burning rage and hatred towards all good Souls, especially the more evolved Souls. The female Maskers are actually more dangerous than their male counterparts. All Maskers however relish the thought of destroying Advocates! Some of the Maskers adopt the “poor little me I just need and want a friend” stance. Too many of you Advocates empathically are drawn to that false posture. So Stop doing it! Posturing in this manner CAN give them an open doorway to your mind AND your Soul. If you do not know how to read peoples’ eyes then you better learn posthaste. Yes, Soul will protect you as long as YOU protect Soul! This is a quid pro quo rule of Conduct. You ARE Soul remember? Personality MUST leap in and do whatever it can to protect the real you. This is why you never let personality train you; YOU must train personality. This is part of the One for all and all for One of Promises made and Promises kept.

Harlequin Maskers become more comfortable around you when your Light is dimmer; of course their nature is parasitic so they will drain your Light when they are with you. Watch and monitor how you feel around them for you will start to feel drained. ‘They do not try to look into the eyes of the Spiritually strongest of the staunchest Advocates though. Those Advocates manage to turn the tables by steaming out more Light and unobtrusively directing it at the Maskers. It works every time! It has long been said that the Maskers always go after those Advocates of lesser Light. However, that has begun to shift over the last 16-18 months. Pay attention now! Peoples everywhere who have chosen the dark or who have been tainted by the dark are lashing out at all other people exponentially. This is a direct result of all that the Procession of Elders and the unceasing Procession Of Luminescents have been doing and are still doing in DESTROYING evil in their lairs. Now add to that Sacred Mission all that YOU have been doing whether in thought, word or deed and look at what you are all accomplishing. Stop thinking that you have not been accomplishing anything, or that you have not been doing enough! Have you forgotten that all thought and ALL thought patterns are in fact telepathic? Do you not realize what this means? If you do not, then stop now and think about it. Every negative thought that any Advocates have about their own ability or trying to compare those abilities to other Advocates’ abilities and innate gifts actually damages the good you do and sends out a telepathic beacon which shows clearly that you are diminishing your own good works on your own and thus lowers your own credibility factor! Pay attention to others’ facial expressions; it is ironic but true that peoples simply do not guard their emotions from appearing on their faces, in their eyes or in their strides. This is what Maskers watch for. They have always been able to read everyday people far too easily. Especially when you are out in public pretend you are on a stage and keep your faces as immobile as you can. Remember you are playing your role to “a packed house.”

Now, I did tell you that a new change began 16-18 months ago; although peoples of lesser evolved status but not bad people in any way are still being mowed down by the rampant insanity that is loose among even good people. Millions and millions of people are striking out at anyone who seems to get in their way, many more Walk-Ins have been called in and are replacing the people who simply cannot take anymore scary abuses. Also, those who have been for a long while now the front-runners in the Procession of Advocates living all over the Earth Star planet are NOW the biggest targets of all. The dark energies still left here have correctly deduced that the telepathic beacon each Advocate now shares not only with all other Advocates but with ALL the Luminescents and Elders as well, has brought the Jesus THE Christ Consciousnesses into this planet and these good Souls are not only ripping into the decadent fray and tearing asunder the horrid tentacles the dark uses to ensnare and destroy people, they are also providing unlimited protection to the world overall. So it is that as bad times here on the planet continue to escalate and they will and worldwide economic woes become screams of panic and they will, the burdens placed upon the resilient shoulders of the Advocates’ leaders will require even more determination to succeed at all costs. Even if it means it may cost some of them their lives.

You see Chelas, although as I said the dark energies still here are not overly intelligent at all, they are cunning. It has taken them a long time but they finally figured out that they must bring down the most evolved of the Advocates in order to attempt to break the cordon which bonds all Advocates together and Super Consciously on all Super Consciousness levels causes them to think as One perfected entity while still retaining their own personal identities. And yes, the dark ones are correct in their dark summation of what must take place here on Earth in order to cause many Advocates to simply quit because of stress, some fears returning and feelings of alienation from others they love. We know how difficult all your tasks are; think of all the difficulties and intense fighting in almost unbelievable battles that is ongoing that the Elders, the Luminescents and Avatars have engaged in, in order to free this world and thus free YOU. Yes, we do know that none of you who have NOT been included in these ferocious “altercations” really have any idea what all is required in these fights to the death which are occurring in constant wars. It is better that you do not. Although not many have been asked to join this Procession there are some Advocates who spend their “free time” especially overnight engaged in these battles. They are already well-honed in battling with the Power of their Minds against evil forces so that is not something they need to re-remember how to do. Of course, this makes their 24 hour days seems longer to them, but none of them have said they will not help. They do what they must do for the Greater Group and the survival of all good Souls.

 Now, during these tumultuous periods of life on the Earth Star planet all the sequential plans and decrees which had been set into place and carefully released and beamed down to the planet then carefully set into place, were actually Created many millennium ago. As you may already know The Creator and the Creation Processing unit made haste to take care of these events which needed to happen in these past, present and future times here because of the carefully unveiled strategies which we all knew about that were set into disorganized chaos then put into activated motion by the dark energies, courtesy of the Illuminati. So humanity overall went through many “ages” of growth mentally, then mentally stunted then growth and stuntedness again and again BECAUSE it was all being con-trolled. In order not to interfere with humanities’ free expression Divinity had to tread lightly then bring forth the sequential steps, but do so carefully by aligning the preplanned schematics with whatever the current events of the time were that was taking place and do the opposite of what was happening. Its complicated! Although I can give you thousands of examples of what The Creator and His counterparts set into motion and then activated, I shall only give you one.

Remember this please: one of the cardinal rules WE live by is never to act too rashly or too hastily whenever setting our plans into action. You all should remember to do all this too when implementing your own plans. Always check to ensure that the circumstances are in correct order, your timing is perfect then proceed hand-in-hand with Destiny. Now, part of the Creation’s design was to send serious shock waves into and throughout politics across the world. The Divine Ones’ plan succeeded far beyond Their expectations. They had a Soul you would consider to be somewhat of an antiquity waiting in the wings so to speak; one who has never been surpassed in the rite of passage as a Black Hat. He was sent here to do what he does best. Shake, rattle and roll over this world and stir the cauldron with all his might. The political system had to have many hard hits and severances of many dark alliances and break the bondage, break the back of a wholly unbroken line of successive political figures who corruptly BOUGHT their seat of power. There had to be a BIG break in always having another politician assume the seat of the Presidency of America. It HAD to begin when it did. All political parties are now is a state of disorganized chaos just as they were intended to be! The first breaking of a backbone is always the most important one! That is but part of how a system can severely have its neck cut off. Breaking that bond was a HUGE event yet only a few of you ones are aware of this history making procedure! Political holds MUST BE BROKEN. And you know next to nothing about WHY this was so necessary. Perhaps if you give this some thought THEN maybe you will understand. MAYBE. Yes, the Soul who was sent here to do the opposite of what the Illuminati’s planned continuance of power and control was intended to do to all of humanity through domination of all peoples in all countries was indeed circumvented by bringing in Donald Trump. We all knew and counted on his ability to bring out the best in some people and the worst in other people. He has a knack for throwing people into intellectual disarray and forcing peoples to see and hear about issues they have been avoiding all their lives. He has forced peoples to be uncomfortable and peoples here do not like that.

He has already compelled so many peoples of both genders to reveal what they really are and how they only react to their populaces when the peoples well-known complacency has FINALLY hit the fan and peoples are truly acting out as overcharged mental and emotional issues are shaking them around. This is because NOW they can no longer be so darn comfortable with illusions. Complacency is a double-edged sword; one side of this sword hones a person’s mind and can coerce it to become malleable while the other side causes people to become indolent and almost in a sociopathic manner contributes to the destruction of humanity overall. You see, the more comfortable and complacent people are the more that “needed” comfort zone plays in to things that are destroying the world and greatly hindering any Spiritual growth. Being complacent is bringing a version of hell to this planet! Interesting to note the myriad thoughts all readers have about this. I can tell you however that some of you ones had already tumbled on to the truth of why Trump is here. Kudos to you ones; you remembered to look behind the scenes and discern the truth! And THAT is an outstanding example of evolvement in progress.

Seriously now, surely you do not think that only The Christ Consciousness is necessary here to bring peoples’ moral compasses to the focus of their lives, those peoples who still have them that is, and for all peoples to simply jump, aboard the Christ Consciousness train did you? Someone has to do the dirty work regardless of what anyone thinks of them. Severances must be cleaned up and disposed of. We can honestly tell you ones that the Soul Trump never did “play by the rules” whenever he was called upon to jump in and “do what does.” He is not a rebel without a cause; he is wearing a human guise and has of course human frailties yet he has always had the abilities to move mountains of thoughts and change even more mountains of emotions in all that he does. Had the majority of humanity not ever allowed their minds and Spirits to give up and give in to the dark and yes this is still happening today of course, then the Christ Consciousness would have been here long, long ago and Soul Trump would be off on yet another mission.

Now, there have been many important “Ages of humankind;” far beyond Paleolithic Man, there have been “the ugly human, artful dodger and the artificial world human” to name but a few. The ugly human was the earlier human Age of long ago years when women were beasts of burden and men were built more grotesquely and grunted their needs and behaved very brutally. Humanity overall was of fierce, menacing ugliness and as a result lived very short lifespans. Intimidation and fear ruled the people. It took many years for humanity to reseed itself but with the help of our Star Keeper Forces from all multiverses the birthing process changed into having more humanoid and comelier looking progeny and simple intelligence was learned. And when well-learned it then proceeded to become the minds of more highly intelligent Earth Seeds. This was indeed a step-by-step process.

The “Artful Dodger” was an Age when humankind engaged in a battle of wills with one another as the children of that Age were the early ones born of liaisons with tainted humans or they were born of pairings with Star Keepers from ALL multiverses. Those who were too tainted to ever be redeemable in that life experience engaged in physical and mental battles with those Star Born Children. The tainted ones learned quickly to duck and cover and try to hide themselves from the Star Borns. Yes, indeed much of those battles were fought mind-to-mind just as today. What makes you think that AGE is completely over yet?

The “Artificial World Human” Age began when peoples all over this world became so darn enamored with themselves! Makeup, societal concerns, being only half-dressed, political and religious postulating of any and all illusions intended to further bind humans to deceit and depravity and also aligned with drug usage became mainstream ways of life. That Age is still here … for a while and will end with utter destruction.

Now, do you better understand how the past can still influence the present and tries to influence the future in order to continue this rampage of the Soul? You should. Had it not been for Terra’s heartfelt desire to continue on and evolve with or without the human races, YOU would have no futures. Her wish was granted and The Divine Plan was set into motion so long ago in order for The Christ Consciousness to not only permeate this Universe, but to continue to evolve as well. Surely you ones did not think that this Consciousness was at His maximum state of evolvement did you? That would be ridiculous. Evolvement must NEVER cease; it must always be in forward motion and escalating at all times. Jesus and Mary Magdalene had called-in many of their descendants long, long ago and prepared them for this year of years and the years yet to come. So it is Children, that especially over the last 4 years, more and more of their Soul-Born children’s descendants walk among you and you know it NOT! Special care has been taken with one of their newest Child Creations who entered into form only 4.2 years ago. THIS Child has been sent to Earth heavily guarded of course, and sent to a couple who are assisting in teaching this Child of Earth Life, the pros, cons, and how to walk like a human but LIVE as true SOUL.

Granted this is a huge responsibility especially when combined with all the other works they do for us and all Advocates; however, as I said “evolvement is a CONSTANT eternal process and MUST never cease! To devolve is to die in more ways than one.” May your free expression choose the right path ALLWAYS and in ALL-WAYS. Now, I am going to sign off for today; for you ALL obviously have many things to discuss. However, as I take my leave I want to remind you ones that earlier in this transmission I spoke to you Advocates about being careful and be aware of the Harlequin Maskers and their disguised mental masturbation process. In other words Chelas, Power of Mind will see you through when you discover some Maskers. As for the rest of you who are not sure of what to do, just remember when people want to shake your hands unless you are sure of them and who they are then do not do that. After all you may not know where their hands have been!

I am off to shake some trees and watch the DEAD leaves fall

Salude … Blue Star the Pleiadian

 “There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there.” … Blue Star the Pleiadian

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