Blinded by the Dark


The Blue Star Transmissions

~ Blue Star the Pleiadian ~

Blinded by the Dark

8-21 to 10-25-2020


(Transmitted to Celestial Blue Star) Greetings to all true Advocates for Justice everywhere; on-world and off-world as well. It is delightful to meet with you ones yet again even or perhaps I should say “especially” under your current living conditions here on the Earth Star planet. Over the last 6 weeks in particular I have watched so many of you ones struggling to understand in a simplistic way how things came to be that has caused millions of goodhearted peoples here to experience unnecessary fear and unwanted illusions which I can easily trace right back to the beginning of your CURRENT panicdemic. Now, I KNOW that I, God, my Celestial daughter and our David to name but a few people, have all taught you better than this! Do not succumb to the darkness and its illusionary and delusionary nature. See now, this is a classic example of the emotional panicdemic in today’s world that has caused so many of you to just now respond to what I said by leaping to your own defense and loudly thinking, ”I am NOT giving in to the dark, I AM NOT!”

Your EYES saw specific words and your minds leaped in because your eyes misinterpreted the meaning of my words! Surely at least some of you ones with powerful insight remember that there are two types of “dark and darkness.” Ah, how soon they forget. Actually seeing things happen seems to bring events and other occurrences into reality. HOWEVER, what the eyes can not interpret correctly can not really be seen by you for what they really are, now can they? You would be wise to remember that what the eyes can not interpret correctly the MIND can not see! So tell me Planetizens how can you effectively use the Power of Mind then? The correct answer is, you can not.

Yes, of course there is “THE dark and THE darkness” which are the absolute depths of evil Soul sucking depravity culminating in the loss of a human Being’s immortality. The panicdemic is the representative of the Dark ones. Yes, it has caused and WILL CONTINUE to cause much physical death and emotional and Spiritual decimation. If you allow it to! All of us here at our vantage points truly do understand what you are going through AGAIN and why it is happening AGAIN. Far too many peoples around the world are grieving for loved ones lost to the physical panicdemic simply because they have all forgotten that all this has happened before. Again and again.

The majority of the populations of each country here have given into their worst nightmare; either the deaths of others they love or the possibility of the deaths of themselves. They fear they are facing their own mortality. They believe the virus is out of control and they can not understand why it can not be stopped. Listen up people: It isn’t the virus that is out of control here on this Earth Star planet it is the people who are out of control. It is not the dead or dying you should be concerned about, it is the living. I have warned all of you readers previously that as usual vaccines will come and go the virus will not. People here who remember the old ways, some of the ancient ways of how to protect themselves in a different way will fare much better than shall others. Many honest doctors, pharmacists and dental people are well aware that this will never be completely stopped; they are wise enough to only confide this truth to people they can trust. They have no desire to add to the current public panic. However, the virus may arrive at a certain plateau when it needs to rest before starting a newer mutation process. Look to the ancient ways from peoples who still have the knowledge of how they themselves fought through the bubonic plague for instance.  Although the Black Death still does exist in certain landmasses in THIS country and in a dozen other countries. The sizes of this infectious epidemic disease are small and people and MOST animals are safe from it UNLESS they literally walk into the areas where it still thrives.  

Now, speaking of knowledge … the previous statement I had made which started this brouhaha was when I had said; “do not succumb to the darkness and its illusionary and delusionary nature.” PEOPLE wake up already! “Dark” has two sides, two meanings. The other side of the dark is “the unknowing, the uninformed, without knowledge, lost in the reality of non-reality.” Start to learn to understand and better yet REMEMBER what you are told. So many peoples have always chosen the road they believe offers them the least amount of discomfort, the easiest way to get from here to there, wherever “there” may be. It really is the road of least resistance to them which is their own definition arrived at by their own estimation. So, it still is as it has always been; these are the peoples who cannot handle organized chaos.  

They have a perverted need to have disorganized chaos as the primary facilitator of their lives in order to survive. So it is that people who can not handle organized chaos live in a RANDOM world; a reality which believes in coincidences and happenstance even though those “reality perceptions” are all illusions and illusions BREED delusions. Therein lies a major difference between being God and playing God. Those people are completely in the dark. They are creating more evil than they think.  More evil than they even want to know about.

Disorganized chaos follows the Law of nondisclosure. In order for the intellect to survive it will do all it can to give the individual whatever the mind believes it needs to have in order to live the person’s IDEA of a normal life. Yes indeed it is a life of constraint, among other things. Peoples who indulge themselves in this heresy of the mind simply dare not fathom the truth that is being so well-hidden from them. This is especially true when the person is a goodhearted person BUT one who chooses to live a fear-ridden life. They seldom want to have their boat rocked anyway. So when truth IS revealed they are not able to cope with it yet being in the dark violates all their personal preferences and is the antithesis of their beliefs. It is its own conundrum. Yet, truth be told it is the person who CREATES this mind-mess!

You see Chelas, what you really do need to understand in a better way is that hiding from fear only makes fear stronger and weakens the Spirit of the Soul. Soul did not pledge itself to you in order to have you destroy your Soul. That would be a violation by people of ALL Universal Laws! No, you can not live in fear but you can not live in stupidity either. Being blinded by the dark is certainly nothing to be proud of but if those people who continue to dance the dance of the macabre refuse to change then you ones who absolutely and positively reject that type of “life” MUST change how you are coping with these others BEFORE  that darkness touches you! It is what it is. In other words; those among you Advocates who keep trying to aid the others who are blinded by the dark are not the ones succumbing to the dark, rather they are being blindsided by the dark. So yes, it is incumbent upon you all to use your peripheral vision and keep it from being obstructed as well as using your sentience. This is part of the emotional and Spiritual panicdemic. YOU are your own antidote. Use it or lose it.

Take “A Course in Life;” – Conversely when thinking about those others who are blinded by the Dark you really need to understand that there are those many, many special Lights that glow in and through the darkness and they are becoming brighter by the minute as they project their Light into and THROUGH the Dark. These are very extraordinary Souls who are learning or HAVE learned their lessons well. Yet there are the most evolved Souls ever to grace the Earth Star planet in her great period of need who work alongside these younger Lights and eventually bring the younger Lights into the greater understanding that Soul has no circumference, only an ever-expanding ever-enhanced center. The most difficult realizations these younger Lights must contend with is KNOWING when and why to Let go and let God instead of attempting to SAVE lost Souls who can not be saved. And should not be saved. At times when they deem it necessary the most evolved Souls will simply let the younger brash Souls fall on their derriere …. Repeatedly. Whatever works. There are no problems in your life merely puzzles and mazes to work your way through. If this has no meaning for you then perhaps you should mull all this over until you can see in the Light.

Speaking of “puzzles and mazes;” before I finish this transmission this dayI shall “escort” you all back to my “Tree falls in the forest …”  Labyrinth which has ridiculously baffled all readers to the point that although there were many, many answers nary a one was correct.  I will give you ones a final hint before I move on with this transmission. A labyrinth and a forest in this sense have much in common. Each is something that is made up of many varied yet similar parts that superficially are complicated and hard to understand UNTIL you have the answer. However, having a good memory helps!

Now, I shall continue on and return to where I was. One of the planetary events taking place here right below your line of vision is an issue which has slowly at first been creeping up from south lands in the U.S. then moving to north lands and all other adjoining parts of this country. Again we revert to what the eyes can not see or interpret correctly … Although great change is supposed to be as painless and yet synchronistic as a giver of energies and NEW enhancements, sometimes those changes must be modified. Yes, in part this is about the new changes in life you must all accept. In another part it is about a different way of living here that has not been experienced for many millennia. We have repeatedly given you all a “heads-up” for the last few years about food supplies, sources of food, supply and demand and “living a more simple life.” Welcome to the early stages of a “simple way of life.” The spatial gridline intersection has now arrived and all you have to do is live with it. Remember what I am saying though, be grateful, be happy if you are one of those peoples’ who will be here to have it.

The foreseen “Dormancy Stages” have arrived with full force and it is not only the U.S. that is experiencing this natural overhaul. There is not a country here on the Earth Star planet where the peoples are not beginning to notice AND recognize the troubles afoot. For example; Celestial and our David live in the lush rolling hills on the Blue Star Ranch completely guarded by massive towering tree-sentinels and all their land which normally is filled with very healthy grass that needs to be cut every 2 weeks at the latest, has not been cut since June 23rd. of this year. This of course is unheard of where they live yet all the other states adjoining them as well of course as the rest of the U.S. is experiencing the same issues, “the great planetary earthbound changes.” This is the NOW spatial development of the Earth Star planet changing herself and transforming into an autonomous entity in her own right. Try to think of something, ANYTHING, ANY part of Terra that was once natural and healthy that has not been raped, razed, polluted and left to the not so gentle hands of your “technology” and the peoples here who do not give a damn! There are NONE to be found. So welcome to the state and stages of the new dormancy! Now it is humankinds’ time to pay the price for all that has been wrought here. All the gardens, large or small, whether in open air or in greenhouses are seriously affected now. Celestial and our David have been having private conversations with many of their Mennonite friends who are now panicking because they have been awaiting their big produce picking times which should have started in March and April. Not going to happen! Fruit trees and orchards and those that are more simply growing outside of orchards are lucky to have even one piece of fruit on them. Outside plants and flower bushes and the very grass itself are stunted and have succumbed to being VERY early dormant if they still are even alive at all that is.

Even crops and other foodstuffs that were planted in April and May and should be bringing in a few months worth of food bounty by now at the latest are barely flowering and yet even with the flowering are not bearing any foodstuffs. They have also ceased drinking the water that is needed to sustain their growth ability. Gee, what does that tell you? As I have said to you ones though; this is indeed affecting all parts of the world even though humans tend to attribute all this simply to weather conditions. When drought resistant foodstuffs and grass and plants still can not survive under this CURRENT shortage of plants and others not being able to breed with others of themselves, when the pollination of all living forms of foods, plants and other sentient forms of life REQUIRING pollination can not be achieved, what then peoples?

THIS is what is taking place here and YES this will also cause many different animal species to cease to be. Not enough grass, hay, straw, oats, water or anything else needed by the animals. Not even the lowly squirrels are being able to find enough nuts let alone berries, to survive. However, I did say this process has been slowly spreading in the initial stages and it is now increasing in speed. It will still be a while before it deeply affects all the countries. Even though peoples everywhere would be wise to watch for these overt signs and act quickly to do whatever they can to cope with this problem. For the future planting times however you can palliate the situation a bit by choosing only the hardiest, not cheaply bought seeds, but quality seeds for planting – BUT settle on only a few of the types of foodstuffs that are the hardiest ones to grow. Forget the “luxury crops,” you did not need them anyway. No, palliation will not cure the problem BUT it will buy you ones some time, to at least gather some of a small crop to help sustain you. Use canning methods when you are able to, and still stock up WHILE YOU ARE STILL ABLE TO on canned goods that are able to at least put food in your stomachs.

I do KNOW however that besides my own warnings to you ones especially over the last few years, there are peoples here on this world who have been recently receiving MANY warnings about this from their own Spirit Guides and from evolved peoples here pertaining to this dormancy issue. And these are the peoples who are now sad but feeling less stressed about this because they have already begun to do the things I am sharing with you. I can not simply stand back and watch you ones struggling against the inevitability of this situation without at least warning you and offering any aid that I can! Please remember: taking care of what you have is important. Taking care of WHO you have is more important. If you only have yourself to care for, take extra care of YOU!

Now, back to the disorganized chaos situation. Fear always seeks a person’s vulnerability and as soon as it SEES what it is it will attack you when you are not expecting it and not looking for it. Ironically we continue to see people on this planet actually having fear so activated in their lives that they desire to have organized chaos enter because they THINK they want to know about real life but they really do not. It is far easier for them to convince themselves that they do, yet they do not want to accept the fact that they are reacting to FEAR. This means that they are actually going against what they believe and fail to realize that when reacting this badly to fear it negates the possibility of them changing a darn thing. How sad.

Now, although it is very true that sometimes one needs to see in the dark before they can see in the Light, these other peoples we have just referred to are not doing that. Those are the ones who scuttle in fear and try to hide in the dark hoping foolishly that the physical panicdemic can not find them. All of the panicdemics here have put a halt on most peoples here who feel they have a calling but are unable to follow it. Yes, now more so than ever before, except when so many Advocates lived on the planet throughout the horrid “Black Death” event, it requires a tremendous amount of chutzpa to continue on with following the calling. Having the audacity to proceed at all personal costs should assure the people that they can not and will not fail themselves. Thousands and thousands of “bleedthroughs” have been visiting the Earth Star planet for about 120 years but now the numbers have increased exponentially. They are of course androgynous but choose to wear a gender form in order not to frighten anyone.

They simply appear and disappear pretty much right in front of your eyes in a matter of seconds. They do so all over the world. For some it is a very brief interlude they have chosen to have in order to revisit former homes of theirs, former landmasses and waterways and Souls they may not have been around for a while. They normally dress very casually but manage to startle people all the time anyway. You may see a stranger for a second or two than poof he or she suddenly is gone. At times you may see them out of the corner of your eye but usually they are right in front of you. They busily photograph whatever they feel they need to focus on or are told by The Masters to concentrate on and they take the pictures through a process of mental activation which lies within the matrix of their minds. They are visitors with a reason to be here. All Divinity wants to be immediately apprised of the slightest alteration of any and all possibility and probability factors based on the actions and reactions of each human Being, but especially of each Advocate. At times you may feel a teeny touching or tingling feeling on the sides of your heads. Some of you may hear the words, “atta boy” or “atta girl” in your minds. You are being checked and double-checked for body, mind and Spirit limitations and alterations. I Thought I would let you know so POSSIBLY you will not become paranoid when it occurs. They are here to help not here to harm.

Now, sometimes humans need to be divided Spiritually and intellectually in order to be brought together as a whole Spiritually healthy civilization. However this division is not one and will NEVER be one based on segregation. All lives matter! Segregation of ANY kind devours those who choose to participate in segregating. Those who truly understand this also know that if all those who want to SEGREGATE and/or choose to cling to ancient wrongs and biases will cause humanity to cease to be. The facts that all lives matter is sadly underappreciated here! Because of this I give you all a very grave and very, VERY somber warning! Beware of paid and unpaid agitators intentionally stirring the cauldron of hate and discontent. The closer you come to the end of 2020 the worse things will be. Everyone should be pulling together for just cause and defeating the worst of the emotional panicdemic for the sake of ALL PEOPLE! Instead, too many of you ones are acting daft and supremely hateful. This is the time of the greatest and worst crisis you may ever experience. NO ONE SHALL BE SPARED. You either pull together or you will be pulled apart!! One limb at a time!

Between August 26th, 2020 and January 13th, 2021 all hell will break loose. Do understand that what I am speaking of is truly too much for many human minds to comprehend, let alone assimilate. Therefore I MUST spare you the worst details. For me to do otherwise would be very cruel of me and I will NOT do that to any one of you here. Even the ones here on the Earth Star planet I may love but LIKE the least! STAY STRONG and STAND in truth. We all will help with the rest. Passionate detachment is a MUST! Too many lives depend on it.     Those who cannot come together and assist in Calling in all good Souls to UNITE NOW for the Greater Group and the Collective Consciousnesses shall be removed. There is no turning back now! A simple way of life is upon you; be happy that many of you ones will be here to have it! Too many others will not.

I want to include some information for you about some of the Gate Keepers. Although all Gate Keepers have a function and destiny to fulfill in defending certain portals geared for the arrivals of SPECIFIC Souls, all Gate Keepers must be warriors as well as teachers and protectors of their Guardian Children. When Souls attempt to enter into an area that is one that can only be entered by certain Souls, all other Souls who should NOT be there are physically repelled by the Gate Keepers. These Keepers have no time to waste on indolent peoples or tainted people. Each Gate Keeper is a true force to be reckoned with and when deemed necessary they will join forces to repel any and all those who can be dangerous to their Guardian Children by whatever means necessary. These Sacred portals are where Destiny and the Destined join together to assist in making the Divine Plan come together in an even larger manner and blast forth and become manifested and materialized.

It has long been understood that certain Gate Keepers will wait as long as necessary for their Guardian Child to MOVE and return to the place he or she once lived, loved and Created massive events to occur that would enable the NOW gigantic flow of the Jesus The Christ Consciousness to maintain HIS Sacred placement on this world, on this galaxy. Many events had to take place here before all of you Advocates came into reality here and assisted the initial flowing of the Consciousness. Each time one Guardian Child arrives at the designated location true miracles take place! In this current spatialness of NOW MANY Guardian Children are being called to return to their home of Destiny, their DESTINATION and meet with their personal Gate Keeper and enjoy the reunion. Because there are so many of you doing this now, I will not share more details publically. This is a highly Spiritual and Sacred gridline intersection which when once reactivated AGAIN becomes personal as well. I simply wanted you ones to better KNOW that there are many highly placed Souls awaiting the arrivals of oh so many of you Advocates around the world. Those who fulfill their destination agenda will have much more explained to them by their Gate Keepers and in many cases also by very evolved Souls here on the planet whose missions do also include assisting a Guardian Child in meeting and better understanding the Gate Keepers. 

Now, we shall deal with people vs. magnetics. I find it difficult to understand how even people who pride themselves on using their common sense can not understand or care about the severe damage the magnetics of the Sun are Creating. Hmm, perhaps the problem is PRIDE. I have told you Advocates repeatedly that Terra has moved into her own location, her new galaxy. Is it possible that no one expected that there would be distinctive alterations in location as the Sun, Moon and all Constellations also were “rerouted.” Is it possible that no one would foresee that of course all weather conditions would also alter? But of course if you ones stopped to realize that this would also result in the Sun’s magnetics causing massive electrical discharges of such magnitude that no one here has ever experienced before, then possibly someone would say, “does this mean hot will become hotter?” Or some kinds of questions to show that some people on this planet do actually notice things!

Yes, Moon emits much more in the waves of energy than she used to but it is not burning hot energy. Peoples here still do react emotionally to these energies but then they always have. Sun and Moon though do always impact quite heavily on the most evolved peoples on the Earth Star planet. Since I am dealing primarily with the Sun though this is the subject we will stay on. People reacting to the Sun’s magnetic energies: Lesser evolved peoples react to the Sun’s energies in mostly physical and sometimes emotional ways. Physically they continue attempting to have “play dates” on sunny days by swimming, rafting, hiking, laying in the Sun and incessantly trying to tan themselves. They like to boast or brag a lot about their misdeeds and seem to feel energized by the Sun’s rays.

They go about doing all types of “Sun Things” with no thought to the damage they are incurring to their outer skin as well as to the organs inside their bodies and BRAINS. It is really quite strange but not unexpected behavior. Most of them have much to prove to themselves about themselves and they tend to be quite talky especially when they are overdosing with the rays of the Sun. However, evolved peoples especially the most evolved peoples react quite differently to the magnetics of the Sun. Very evolved peoples react to many energies whether benevolent or dangerous. They know how to avoid or overcome dangerous energies quite easily; they have had a LOT of practice doing so!

The magnetics from the Sun are totally different however. The most important information about the Sun’s magnetics is understanding the barrage of ions which can lie at the core of a magnetic field or sometimes be in the forefront of that type of field. The magnetic fields are caused by the movement of electrical charges. Therefore, the Sun’s magnetics are always in motion. Do you see? Really now, I am struggling here to keep this as simple to understand as I possibly can. The two most important magnetic factors you should be concerned about are the cation ions and the anion ions.  Magnetics from the Sun which are the cation ions are known as “positive ions” here. These ions are the dangerous ones. Remember however the term “positive” is a misnomer. These positive ions are being triply magnified and are blocking the beneficial anion ions. These anion ions are known as “negative” ions here. These are the ions you REALLY need on this planet. The negative ions can not come to the forefront until the Sun begins to set. Meanwhile these peoples I am speaking of do have difficult times evading the cation ions. Bright light especially any florescent light is almost painful to their eyes. Being outside for any length of time can at times be almost intolerable. Many develop rashes and feel itchy for no reason. Resting is something that is very important for them. Sun magnetics are everywhere all the time even when the Sun is clouded over; in fact especially then.  That is when they are the most dangerous. So it is that as people merge with the Sun’s magnetics they then need to reset themselves. The positive ions induce tiredness, physical unrest, spacey feelings, weird quirky aches and pains, headaches and these people have the need for quietude. Lesser evolved people may simply feel uneasy, quick to anger or unhappy. Those who are mentally or Spiritually unstable react the same way they do under a full moon. That is not a pretty sight. So, now that you know what the enemy is do something to lessen the effects of positive ions! Simple rule to live by: positive ions injure, negative ions heal and energize. Do all that you can to bring in the negative ones thus deflecting to the best of your ability the positive ones.

Now, many millennia ago before “civilizations” succumbed to types of technology they really had no need for, it was the negative ions that held sway and affected human and animal, plant and all vegetation in a wondrous thriving healthy manner. All large bodies of water ESPECIALLY waterfalls, were absolutely filled with negative ions. Life may have been harsh in other ways but at least it was so much healthier. Then as usual humankind’s penchant for “being in control” swept in like a tornado out of control. Thus technology especially the types that are so detrimental to ALL life, were magnetized even more by the magnetic fields surrounding all the cation ions and nearly completely devastated the anion ions. All the so-called intelligent peoples in political and scientific ORGANIZATIONS did not have the brains to know when to say, “Enough is enough, we have had enough.” So the positive ions were energized by all the extreme technology almost at the same timing period when countries vied for chokeholds on humanity. So it was that the cations speedily emerged as “the most virulent mind-body affecting devastation” the human races here had ever been subjected to! So yes, this is of course still affecting all of you ones today too. What can you do about it? Well, you can not turn back the clock, although God knows enough humans have tried, so take some alternate steps instead.

Now, in the summer heat keep curtains and shades closed in the day. It will alleviate much but not all of the cations entering your home. Place copper all through your home, real copper not the ersatz commonly purchased.  After Sun has set the anions will take over. The Flag Ships and other copper items will continually deflect and seriously repel the cations that may still be present in your home. This is what copper CAN and WILL do! Copper has always been used as a protector of humans and an alleviator of both dark forces and malignant ions for as long as copper has been on the planet. Ancient races including the Mayans and Atlanteans also used it for these purposes. Celestial and our David have also been telling people to start wearing copper bracelets. These can assist in the healing process needed and when peoples are out shopping, gardening or doing anything else the bracelets can continue to do their work. They wear them inside the house and outside as well. They need to be functional NOT luxurious! Larger bracelets are better than smaller ones. Just because you ones are in the throes now of The Great Planetary Earthbound Changes does not mean you can not do things to enhance yourself now does it?  These Changes were prognosticated ever so long ago.  Let us now move on to When a Tree Falls in the Forest ….

Now, if you read the last TWO transmissions you will remember that I presented you ones with a puzzle; a type of labyrinth which I fully expected you to weave in and out of until you FINALLY figured out the answer. However all things NOT being equal no one actually did solve the TRUE LIFE ISSUE. What I intentionally did not tell you was this is time-sensitive material. The reason for you ones to be given this sensitive event to solve is CRITICALLY IMPORTANT. Knowing from me what the answer to this 10 word puzzle is, can save your life AND your sanity.

When a tree falls in the Forest … Now, if you had reread the very beginning of the first God Book in the Series or read the long Masters’ writing on my website with the article being titled “Denial and the Trees” you would have been able to have at least 8 or 9 of the words of the puzzle figured out. What is happening in the forest is happening to 99% of you in the present NOW and if it continues to do so well, lets just say you will not want to be here to experience this type of event again! Please to remember however that groups of any kind, whether it is professional, personal, political, medical, marriage matters or religious are each an event categorized as an “organization.” Now, that having been stated as simply as I possibly can here is the answer:

“ANY organization is only as strong as its weakest limb.” Are any of you ones making the connection yet? Each person is a TREE; The forest is all the trees GATHERED in a place and depending on one another to remain strong and STAND in unity and shared beliefs, feeling confident that all in the forest can do this. BUT suddenly in some cases, not so suddenly in others one person at first then another and another and another, change something significant about themselves and no longer are what he or she had been, whether mentally, or emotionally or SPIRITUALLY, at times it may be a composite of all this and that person or people falls in the forest. That person or persons has inevitably become damaged goods. In less than a blink of an eye discord, disorganized chaos, discontent and even jealousy and pettiness sets into the organization. There is no real organization at that point, only a lot of fallen trees, many badly damaged, and others killed from the fall. THIS is where peoples are now Chelas! Until someone takes action and shines a huge Light into the darkness there can be NO Dawn of tomorrow for many of the world’s populations. So, if it means you have to take a STAND that is unpopular to others, so what! It is a forest job but someone has to do it! Ah, it is always nice to see light bulbs suddenly start shining, today however they are popping after they shine. Now that I have given you all a very large mirror to look into, I shall take my leave. Celestial and our David however are going to be posting a message here. I have given all Advocates a great deal of information to study and rethink. My mission for today is now complete.

Salude … Blue Star The Pleiadian … I am going to tour the forest … yet again.


From Celest and David

Voices of Cyclical Changes

Every cycle in life is in search of completion and must be a reflection of and in the timelessness of the continuum. Then the next cycle can begin. In other words, all occurs within spatialness for linear time does not exist. This new project we are beginning is a collaboration of the changing voices on topics that need to be heard, discussed and ultimately understood in order for people to live their lives in the new NOW. But to do so in a better way in order for people to begin using the Power of Mind exponentially. We feel that by people working together to not only Create a better world but a better way to live life we can all do something wonderful for ourselves and for others. Many people will begin using ancient as well as new knowledge to enhance their understanding of how to continue to evolve and they will go on to teach others how to live a better life in a better way.

We will be having occasional conference calls throughout each year which would allow people to call in, speak with others on the calls, ask questions they may have relating to various topics and offering their own perspectives on different issues that may help them as well as others.

Some of the topics we will be discussing may be:

Living in multiple dimensions, gloaming, speaking with your Spirit Guides, protecting your psyche, telepathy, checking your sources, walking with one foot in each world, dimensional doorways, Soul matrix, speaking to Gatekeepers, Avatars, Master Teachers, how cycles of life are influenced by human beings behavior, the cause and effect of free expression, understanding bodily changes relative to new environments, forming Soul unions consciously, Soul Clusters, missions, understanding symbolism and recognizing signs. Soul voice keeping you on your path, Migrating to other locations. And many other topics which people on the conference calls can introduce to the group.

We can only offer this “Voices of the Cyclical Changes” program to people living in the United States. In order to be considered for possible inclusion in this new program please email

and in subject be sure to write the word “VOICES.”  People who will be part of the group will be given a call-in conference call number and password. It will be set up on the “no cost conference call” system. When we schedule a call we will give much advance notice and we will be asking people to let us know if they will be on that call.

It is going to take us a couple of months to set everything up because we too must prepare for the soon arriving winter. But please feel free to send your email and we will respond as soon as we can. We will remain in touch with those accepted into the program and can answer any question you may have about the program.

Salude … Celest and David


“There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there.” … Blue Star the Pleiadian

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