The Saga continues and other Feather-Ruffling information, and The Calm before the Shift-Storm

The Blue Star Transmissions

~ Blue Star the Pleiadian ~

“The Saga continues and other Feather-Ruffling information, and The Calm before the Shift-Storm.”

4- 19 to 6-25-2021

(Transmitted to Celestial Blue Star) I send my salutations to all True Advocates for Justice who are on-world and those off-world as well. It is good and very heartwarming to see the remarkable progress your minds and your Souls are making. Although it is most noticeable to us because MOST of you ones are still unable to look into your own minds and Souls to see this glorious layout that we see. Why is that do you think? Could it be simply because your preconditioning was so extreme that you ones tend to second-guess yourselves far more than you should?  Could it be because you ones still do not have enough faith in your own cognition and precognition to trust in yourself? Knowledge about yourself needs to be acquired; it is not merely handed out to you by us … at least not to most of you.

Now, this is indeed a particular case in point of how a human Being can be their own worst enemy. If you eventually arrive at the point where you can see yourself as a role model for others THEN begin to teach them by example, THEN you will finally realize that you are truly the best thing that could happen to YOU and to those whom you teach. Simple, is it not? Surely now, I assure you that I have not forgotten that all but almost 1% of all human races feel inferior about their own abilities and capabilities. Stop judging yourself from the other peoples’ views of you. In fact stop judging yourself at all! What I am telling you each is to simply be the best person you can be and continue to travel the road less traveled and you can do no wrong.

When you can stop seeing yourself as a person from a culture that is different from other cultures, a person of color who is different from other peoples, a person of Spirituality who is different from other peoples, THEN you can see yourself as you truly are. Stop trying to change yourselves into becoming spectacular people doing spectacular things even though you ARE among the most spectacular people. Then and only then can you honestly say “I am an ordinary human Being living an ordinary life.” However, I want you all to remember that there are no inferior races on this planet; only inferior people.

Inferior people are easy to spot when you listen and also see with your hearts and your Souls. Now, it is unfortunate that so many people among you ones are pretending that all is back to normal in their lives. That is as far from the truth of the matter as anything can be! Because their intent is to bring their previous ideas of normalcy back and hope it becomes a reality, they are continuing to fool themselves by hiding from the truth. The real sadness there is that they still do not understand those days are LONG gone. They can run but they can not hide. That fact brings to mind a discussion we had within the Crystal City with Tomás. He wisely stated “If you put wild animals into domesticated settings they die. If you put domesticated animals into wild settings they die. Throw human races into the stupidity arena and they thrive. In all 3 of these situations recovery is impossible and change is inevitable.” Well said Tomás! Now you may test your own abilities to see if you can understand that message.

I have brought that situation into this transmission because those very unfortunate peoples are really running amuck NOW because their most deep-seated fear is being realized. The VIRUS is expanding far beyond what your authorities are telling you. The economy will worsen beyond anything you can imagine and troublesome factions are being brought to their knees in heretofore unfamiliar fashions. Those who are the unfortunates who are running full scale now into mayhem do so because they realize that surprise, surprise it can actually happen to THEM too. And it is.

Now, think of all of my transmissions as late-breaking “Post non-Apocalyptic“ information. For indeed, it is. When humanity forced the Hand of God to begin to format certain up to then dormant energies it was then that God proceeded to give life to certain assessment measures as part of His evaluation process. He did so to ensure that “breaking points” would become a “new normal;” as a result humanity overall “lost” their slender ability to remain on the learning arc. God then began the enactment process and of course followed the Laws of Engagement which have been written in stone so to speak, many, many millenniums ago when all that had been foreseen and foretold has finally arrived at critical mass. Forcing changes on peoples always also forces the peoples to CHANGE. In one way or another. All that is good and pure is revealed and all that is evil and gruesome is also revealed. Now I shall take you on a brief trip to the American politics ARENA.

All the God changes taking place must affect all walks of life; not even small changes can be ignored. So it was that 27.3 years ago the plan that He initiated back then to take place in 2019, 2020, 2021 and BEYOND began to take form. All the fractures within EVERY political party in America, and BEYOND, had to be split wide open so that the fractures became irreparable gaping wounds that no one could repair. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall …

Even the splits of each political party were split even more. No “damage control” could happen. God had already called upon HIS peacemaker/warrior Souls well in advance so they knew when to jump in, make enormous waves and be as intrusively “different” as any politician could ever hope to be. These Souls relished the game, perhaps a bit too much, but they did indeed most definitely stir up everyday peoples and drove politicians a bit crazier than they already were.

So here we are in 2021 and peoples in politics who now are really, really afraid of the people they allegedly govern, are so busy looking over their shoulders and afraid to set one foot in front of the other, that they are missing what is going to happen and will happen right under their noses. Take heart Americans for the best is yet to come. You should know now that there is not a single government is this world that God has not thrown around! The people who were stupid enough to force the Hand of God to enter into the picture deserve what they get! All medias in all countries have done their darnedest to suppress the real news of what is going on politically.

Suffice it to say that many coups and political “unknowns” as well as semi-normal business men and women will suddenly rise to the surface and challenge the beast. God however will not permit anyone to bask in their perception of victory. Keep your seatbelts handy everyone! Justifiable politicide is starting to take place as the peoples’ voices demanding real change begins to become louder and louder. “Politicide” is the destruction of the former manner of governing by the wrong people. It means that major changes are afoot now as non-political people rise to center stage. Just stay out of the fray and pay attention to DETAIL. Someone has to break the old ambiguous cycles. Running around in circles and simply rehashing the same old information is non-productive and quite boring. Nothing is to be gained this way and all is lost that is not learned … BUT should be! Be aware now! The “leaders” who are temporarily governing you now are the WRONG PEOPLE who have secret insidious plans for America and other countries as well. You ones have no idea what they are really up to!

Now, I shall move on to one of my very least favorite subjects yet I do relish speaking of them this day … perhaps a bit too much! Far too many countries succumbed during the earliest times of the human races on the Earth Star planet and initiated the loathsome, disgusting, deadly practice of having Monarchies ruling the peoples’ minds and the totality of their lives! It is so sad to observe so many goodhearted Souls succumbing addictively to so-called “royalty.” The earliest of the bastardized Illuminati Masters set into place the earliest of all Monarchies knowing full well they themselves would continue to chortle all the way to the bank! The true “secret” to the all Royals’ insidious royalty successes has been incestuous mating and breeding in covert fashion and of course “pomp and circumstance.” Many rebels with a cause were planted within each royal family. It has been those men and women … who survived … who became much more outspoken about the insider meetings with leaders of other countries while the monarchies received vast fortunes for assisting world leaders in influencing voting results and with the illusionary stock market statistics. Peoples here just do not understand “a power game” on this planet. If they did they would not have fallen for all these atrocities. The longer any Monarch remains upon the thrones the tighter the grip becomes on ordinary peoples’ subconscious and their intellect. This is indeed among the absolute worst examples of brainwashing. Those peoples lack the backbone to STAND and to force all monarchies to come to an end. God does NOT have that problem!

What has been a quiet irregular state of silent muttering until very recently there in those countries, is now becoming a make or break situation for each of them. The slightly below the surface nature of violent thoughts and behaviors is quickly rising and YES all Royals are nervous and becoming fearful about this. For royalties’ spies are keeping the kings, queens etc. “in the loop” about this. Pomp and circumstance be dammed, now it is time for all “royals” to play “Truth or Consequences.” And the consequences are justified ones and very well deserved. Also, make no mistake about it please, all religions are sharing the same cauldron of simmering oil. None shall be spared.

The greatest and worst religious offender has been the Roman Catholic Church. The Roman Catholic Church IS a patriarchal monarchy which has ever so long kept murderers and thieves within its hierarchy. Although that is not unusual for any religion, the Vatican has made it easier and easier for their “employees” to remain hidden in plain sight. The Vatican men have whipped people into emotional and mental submission with their hell and damnation rhetoric, just as other religions do. But the Roman Catholic Church has been the power point of true evil, even though there are some good people who work in quiet places there concentrating more on their menial work than on the mental work. Also, Catholics are too afraid of religious condemnation to understand or disbelieve that Catholic confessions are a very bad joke. No human Being has the power to forgive a person of their sins! And I do mean no one. But the men inside the confessionals allegedly forgiving people and giving them penance certainly learns a person’s dirty little secrets!

Long ago the Luminescents managed to have two Popes set into place there with the aid of hundreds of Advocates for Justice. Although that was quite a coup for the Luminescents and the Advocates; both of those Popes were quietly and secretly poisoned by truly evil, self-serving Cardinals and the horde of their emissaries who were under Illuminati control. Both of those Popes were truly good people and knew full well their reigns would be short as would their lives. But they accepted their missions without any complaints. They were well-aware that although their lives would be shortened while they were functioning as Popes they would still be able to perform some good works while leaving their indelible fingerprints all over the Vatican. Under Canon Law, no autopsies on any Pope can ever be performed. My Celestial daughter continues to try to receive permission from God to get into the Vatican especially the Vatican basement, but thankfully God refuses her request! Although I am forced to admit that if she ever did so the Vatican would never be the same again!

Now, the current period of your present life has much to offer you ones; but please learn to understand life better than you do. “Life” is not a series of illusionary chronological ages; those ages were created by humankind. Although they really are illusions which deal with your practical world perspectives; it is your birthing/rearing processes that are the most focal of points as far as a series of learning at young ages what is true and what is not, is concerned. So, even though those chronological stages of ages are believed throughout your mortal life, it is the rapidity of your minds to embrace that reality that is upsetting. I am saying that these illusions still carry on and that is how successful mind-control has been! So, pay attention please – Life is really a continuous passage of “phases.” Life is a series of cyclical changes. Do you see? Each phase leads to the next phase unless the human arrives at a “standstill” point. Then all hell breaks loose as the phases enter into a “static” mode; thereby eliminating the possibility of continuing to move forward. The people who do not understand that “change” is CONSTANT need to begin to understand this now … while they still HAVE life. Without change evolution ceases. You need to remember that all things MUST evolve or they enter into a stasis mode. Stasis is a static state in which there is neither motion nor development, and people or events, anything with a life force will die. Oftentimes stasis is a result of opposing forces balancing each other. In other words it is a motionless state; a state where and when no progress, action or movement can occur. It is abnormal. You really better remember this!

In this sense of “stasis” I can tell you that it is something which evil perpetrators have always depended on. They knew and still KNOW that for mass-consciousness peoples it is in fact an elective ignorance of Higher Consciousnesses and true Realities that can and do assist evil to commit “murder by stasis.” Therefore those perpetrators continue to seek out the mass-consciousness people; for they are easy prey! You Advocates give the perpetrators a massive headache, Thank you for doing that! They have to really work hard to bring you DOWN. Essentially those Beings are very lazy. They really do prefer the easy prey – the mass-consciousness people. But yes, now because of the perilous times you are living in and the fact that Advocates STAND in evil’s way, evil is gearing up to attempt to attack Advocates’ weak points. So, watch your backs please! Call us if you need us though.

Now, in this current phase of your lives whether you are consciously aware of this or not, you are not only bearing witness to all that is occurring here on the Earth Star planet, you are bearing witness to yourselves as well. You may not like to hear this BUT this phase also clearly delineates which part of your phase you are in. Will you continue to be OR BEGIN to be a part of the “POP” people – which means “People of Principle” or must you play out a role of being caught in the middle of “no quarter shall be given no mercy shall be shown?” The “middle” is not the safe place to be. Again I say, “You can run but you cannot hide.” It is the POP people who are in God’s limelight. You see Planetizens; humanity’s roles have broader, more intense cyclical changes NOW. In fact from this nano-moment on, as those who personify “true human Beings” working with Divine Beings, show their continued Creativity as an access to evolvement, more and more Doorways and Inter-dimensional Doorways of knowledge and wisdom will be gifted to them. Sudden spates of understanding are constantly being transmitted to them now. For the better they understand the information sent to them and accept the fact that their Souls are now permitted to also render information to them, the better POP people they will become. For indeed they have passed through a vast part of the veil of “unknowing” and can now better see and understand WHY all these cyclical changes are taking place all over this planet and why they are doing so NOW at an incredibly fast pace, for truly it cannot be stopped.

Passing into deeper aspects of phases is when and where you can achieve the greatest good for yourself. Each phase is in a sense a “timed” allotment period so that you can remain in a phase in your lives UNTIL you have garnered all information and or memories which are in the phase which can assist you on your life’s journey. However, when your allotted period has arrived at its expiration point then you will move on whether you have accessed needed information or not. It is all up to you. Everything that happens not only now in your present life phase but also throughout the remainder of your life phases will change you in some way or another. For some people the changes will be subtle; for other people they may be harsh but not prolonged.

Many, many Advocates will feel as though they are “expecting something,” something they can not understand or explain. Some people will find their perspectives have altered for the better. Other Advocates will feel a quick but sudden wooziness momentarily sweep over them usually of short duration. On rare occasions the Luminescent of this Universe, God, will suddenly telepath to you and tell you that you have just entered into the next phase of your life. There is a special velocity of life-force which is monitoring the rate of your phase size and position of necessary CHANGES as the Phase moves into a new position, a new setting of itself, which pushes the next phase into manifestation.  Remember however that evil cannot take over a person’s free expression. However, it can alter the perception of a free expression; thereby causing the free expression to leap to the wrong conclusions for the wrong reasons. You may want to mull that over.

It is YOU true Advocates for Justice who are admirably Creating this “happening experience.” All true VOICES are the ones who are breaking outdated and dangerous cycles and replacing the former cycle makers. These VOICES now supersede the former cycle makers and are giving birth to more and more VOICES even as we speak. It is with great pleasure and joy that I tell you ones that all VOICES of Cyclical Changes are consciously for some and Super Consciously for others, connecting with other goodhearted peoples and other Advocates for Justice in so many parts of this world! To those who are shaking their heads while thinking that they have no memory of connecting with others this way, then all I can say to you is, “see what you do when you don’t know what you are doing.” Thank you VOICES; as you all know MY VOICE is right there with you! You see, these people understand that Power of Mind is the antithesis of mind-control and they are using Power of mind judiciously. One domino begets another domino begets another domino and then game on!

“The Calm before the Shift-Storm.”

Now, when teaching others of what you know “intuitively” and what you are still learning, it is of paramount importance that your chelas arrive at a very clear understanding about the alterations in reincarnation. For that is a process that will never cease to be. But it is different now; in part because Anastasis is evolving at a faster pace as all other multiverses are beginning their merging process with the Earth Star planet and her entire Universe. The only reincarnational sequels which will be permitted per se are the ones where the Advocates who have proven themselves to be worthy of representing ALL multiverses and ALL of Divinity will be the ones who will be invited to live here on Earth. And they must continue to be the sterling examples of “a life well-lived.”  This too is part of the reincarnational theme. No, that does not mean that All Advocates of that caliber will return here. Many, MANY of you ones around the world already have your next placements ready for you and set into place by the Luminescents and The Creator. Thanks to their largesse those already selected will be in a better place, in a better time. No, none of you will be able to talk the Divine Ones out of the placements in order for you to return to Earth. Just think of it this way, “been there, done that.”

Now, so that you understand clearly that there will be no more “reruns.” Only the stimulating electric and eclectic nature of the Soul and its evolving hardiness will be affected. This is taking place as reincarnation alters its cycles. It now changes to a newly developed realm of all evolved Souls being reborn into higher non-societal, more finely developed versions of themselves. They have earned this special new Rite of Passage. The lesser evolved Souls who have time and time again proven that they are just not evolving enough will find themselves under new guardianship with Tomás at the helm. Tomás is a harsh taskmaster who does not have a sense of humor! The results of all the work he has already accomplished with Souls throughout the millenniums are phenomenal. Reincarnation will never be the same again.

Take heed all the incoming and those soon-to-be eclecticists, this Earth Star planet is in great need of their services, of their abilities and of their willingness to share with others. We ourselves are playing the hand we have been dealt. Now, understand that ALL of you must as well! No more foolish questions from you ones asking me “how do we know what hand we have been dealt?” Take a look at your life; look at your priorities in life, look at your beliefs. NOW look and see what you have learned from some of the greatest Spiritual teachers who have ever been sent here. Do you put into action what you have learned? Do you practice what you teach? Do you understand that you TOO are on the front line? Use Power of Mind if necessary and see what you feel may be lacking in your life and what you can do to live in a better way. I stopped walking peoples by the hand a long time ago. STAND and learn … or not! Now before I take my leave I will tell you the title of the next transmission. It is “The Eclectic nature of the merging of Higher Dimensions happening NOW as Anastasis welcomes them and their Cyclical Changes.” Surprise! I did tell you ones that change is constant. I am signing off for now.

Salude … Blue Star the Pleiadian …. I am off to stir up the game players!

“There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there.” … Blue Star the Pleiadian

Blue Star Transmission /


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