People make strange Bedfellows which causes Fatal Attractions

The Blue Star Transmissions

~ Blue Star the Pleiadian ~

“People make strange Bedfellows which causes Fatal Attractions”

5-19 to 7-25-2022

(Transmitted to Celestial Blue Star) I send to all of you weary and worn-down fellow travelers on the Anastasis roadways my deepest desire that all things could and would be made as easy as possible for you Advocates for Justice. Please to bear in mind that we are doing all we are permitted to ease the way as much as possible. We are not responsible for the demeaning and despicable actions, words or deeds that the dark energies heap upon you ones. Beware and be aware that fatal attractions are a definite no-no.

However, I will not say there is Light at the end of the tunnel, for YOU are the Light within the tunnel. You see Chelas, had you not been able to shed the deleterious skin of the conditioning you have each spent the majority of your life living in, you would not now be perceived and understood to be the darks’ enemies. So many injurious energies have been launched against all of you Advocates for Justice that we here at our vantage points are still amazed that you each keep going and going and going. My Celestial daughter told me recently while she and our David are trying to have a bit of downtime, that she came to the conclusion many years ago that she must be related to the “energizer bunny.”

As for all the rest of you; it is NOT that we ever doubted you could keep going; the issues always have been IF YOU realized that you could! You see, far too many of you ones still play the child’s game of “would have, should have, could have” and do so to no avail. So, grow up already, ok?

Now, peoples get a grip here on reality; you are now living in a very tenuous year. Start to learn or re-remember that so many of you are performing not merely admirably, your abilities extend far beyond that for certain. Remember also that your ever-present LIGHT is aglow and singing The Song of God. Many incredible actions have been undertaken for so many millenniums for the sole purpose of bringing to each Advocate all the knowledge or wisdom that would benefit all other Advocates and Anastasis as well.

Of course those actions and deeds needed to give advantages to all peoples who are goodhearted. Yet they must still live through such mind-bending atrocious experiences, that they need all the help they can muster. So it came to pass that on January 31st, 1992 at 7pm. during one of Celestial and God’s private communiqués that God spelled out to her exactly what would be needed by peoples here when the critical peak of madness and fear arrived at zero-point tolerance. This would define precisely WHEN His Song needed to break the “barrier system” and be heard.

By Celestial’s ability to look into the future, she knew it was crucial that His Song NOW be released and MEMORIZED. That long-awaited intersection has arrived! God had declared that He wants you ALL to remember His words and for you each to strive to understand CLEARLY what He means. So, here is the message He gave her back then which is to be released to humanity NOW.

The Song

“There is a Song on the Wind,

Can you hear it?

The Song is My Tree,

The Song is My Son/Sun,

The Song is My Wind,

The Song is MY TRUTH,

What you hear is MY SONG,

My Song is the everlasting Love of God.”

Now, just in case some of you ones fail to understand what that Song is, He asked me to clarify it to you for there is NO TIME to waste on ignorance. The SONG of God is His everlasting LOVE for each of you. Do you get it yet?? You BETTER! Also, God just asked me to tell you all to print out several copies of His Song. ALWAYS carry some with you, also keep some at hand in your home. Remember to memorize your gift from HIM and immediately recite it verbally or nonverbally in times of stress of the feelings of incoming physical danger! Please send this out to your contacts, people you are good friends with, websites etc. and do so posthaste!

No, He did not point out to you at that time period how or why His Song should be memorized by you. He knew not to speak back then of the “coming times.” However, those coming times have NOW arrived. All the Voices of Cyclical Changes should not merely relish His words and CHERISH each innate meaning of them, but BECOME each word and live them to the fullest. You have each arrived at a special state in a special gridline intersection in your lives. But until today this fact was intentionally hidden from you. You see Planetizens, you are now each a living mirror of not only the God of this Universe, but you are a mirror of each of the Collective of Luminescents as well. On behalf of all of those Divine Beings I congratulate you and when your time/date/stamp for leaving mortality has arrived, I will be right there at the top of Nirvana to hold you, to gaze into your gorgeous eyes and carry you if need be, into the Collective embrace of ALL of the Luminescents. You can do no wrong.

It is not merely that you are living now in and ON a critical timeline which is where every good Soul is now stationed … in one manner or another … You are Super Consciously being bidden to face the enemy posthaste and for you to be sure you ones are not sleeping with the enemy! I require NOW that you pay very, VERY close attention to what I am telling you! Firstly, remember that truly listening is a heightened state of awareness. Many peoples listen but do not hear. Others hear but do not listen. Life is happening so choose NOT to miss it! There is no second chance anymore! THIS IS IT!

Some Advocates have thought that they really do not want to have their feelings hurt if they speak to those they care about and those persons loudly and obdurately respond nastily. So what if your feelings get hurt! You are on Anastasis, you know. Rest assured you will be fine if you KNOW with whom you are speaking or sleeping with, because obdurate peoples are dangerous and can easily become your enemies. Confront those whom you must and walk far away from those you need not confront. Maintain the knowledge of who or what the other person is though. In this way you are defeating IT because essentially, they see that you are too powerful for them to trifle with. Use Power of Mind and discernment.

Proselytization is occurring here on Anastasis at an alarming but not unexpected rate. Evil is well-known to use that venue when it senses that it is being cornered. The Collective unconsciousnesses are making their presences known loudly. It is a part of an addendum they added to their Soul Agreements. It means these ones must do this in an unconscious manner in order to comply with their own life wishes. It further means that they are not possessing the awareness of conscious thought. Yes, it is a tad complicated. But they know what they are doing even though they may not “consciously” know. You see!

As a MASS result of a tangibly intangible mix of COVID of all present and new upcoming tentacles of such churning with mass confusion to people about their political and personal lives and the terrible fear they are creating for themselves, collective neurosis is overtaking the peoples here all over Anastasis. No country or culture is immune to this. No psychoneurosis can be cured by running to different doctors, therapists etc. Regardless of what those peoples tell you! Weak links can and do bring down normally hardy and mainly Spiritually-staunch minded peoples. Drug usage, overuse of alcohol and indiscriminate SEX are the main culprits. The fatality rate of people caught in the clutches of mentally unbalanced people FAR exceeds what you think it is.

Now, corrosion of the Spirit always begins as a subtle undermining of an event or a “happening.” The events and the “happenings” are HAPPENING Now. Understand please; Number 1-there are compliancy magnets and then there are Disorganized Chaos people. This number 2-is the second grouping of people who are also magnets of a different kind. The first grouping of people must first have an overdose of compliancy within them then they begin their decline. As the Disorganized Chaos peoples become more devolved, they become “trouble magnets.” People who are too complacent do seem to pass that not so virtuous quality to others far too readily. That initiates a happening that really should NOT happen. One domino falls the others fall that stand with the first domino. Each grouping lacks moral hygiene.

Do people who are extolling another’s virtue cause you to become more like that person? Yes and no. “Right-minded” people can and do attract really goodhearted people and CAN cause those types of people worldwide to usually Super Consciously begin to walk in the shoes of the ones they so rightfully admire. However, this ability to emulate those virtuous ones is not a placebo. You must live up to that image and thus become the image. No, the evildoers whether human or not are definitely repelled by the ones you so admire, even though many times these ones you admire and feel devoted to are placing their own lives in jeopardy. The ones you admire the most see themselves as ordinary people. Yet they far outclass the term “ordinary.” The Light of God shines through them! You really, really. better understand that without them and all they teach you, all they do to enable you to help yourself and how they teach you of your destinies here and how to achieve them, YOU would already be dead. If all good peoples are dead then this world would have to die too.

You see; bedfellows are not your Soul Mates per se. They may be good peoples but not Soul Mates. When this realization is made it is then that a special comradery will take place. If they are not who or what you think they are something will intervene and reveal their true natures. Obviously, that applies to YOU too. Remember that the joys of hindsight are wonderful; HOWEVER, they can not help you if you are dead.

Now, each of you is a constellation. From the very nano moment your Soul was Created the Soul itself filled with stars representing all multiverses, all Universes and all Luminescents. It was in this Divine manner that The Creator and the Creation Processing entity gave each of you a type of “God birthmark.” It now should be no wonder to you that millions and millions of Planetizens all over Anastasis are fascinated by the stars, those Celestial bodies which fill the skies and do so FAR more than you know. Deep within the matrix of your Souls lies the knowledge that you are a constellation that is simply reaching out to touch the other stars, so to speak. There is no place like home, there is no place like home, are the thoughts we hear from ever so many of you ones who watch the stars. Yes, you will get there from here, but not yet.

Keep on your toes Chelas; many people are imploding. This situation will only worsen especially BEFORE the end of this year 2022. Misfits are now aligning more than they used to with people seeking to control other peoples. So it is that each person on Anastasis has consciously chosen their sides. They are consciously aligned with one side or another.

Peoples around this world rely on receiving truth and nothing but the truth from myself and a handful of other Beings. We do what we can to regularly and Soul-heartily share the knowledge which can not only save your life but also enables you to KNOW what to expect and what NOT to accept as TRUTH UNVARNISHED. It never fails however that in times as tumultuous as these ones you are JUST BEGINNING to experience, the false prophets always show up wielding their word-swords of deceit in order to move peoples into a directional shift. The dark ones seek the energies of your thoughts, the energies of your words and the energies of your fears. This is how they capture peoples. Little do those naïve people know their minds are being led straight into a mental state of hell. Those who live by deceit die by deceit.

Now, so there is no misunderstanding here – I will never lie to you; I abhor lies and all they stand for. We who live and honor all Universal Laws respect each Advocate for we truly KNOW how much you have given in order to answer the call. Now, we shall move on.

So, for the last several years in particular, I, Celestial and our David have been admonishing people to ALWAYS be prepared for anything and everything at all times. It is with my heartfelt gratitude that I can honesty say you ones are doing so to the best of your ability. Do not stop now! But always “watch your back.”

If you have been paying attention to the environment you should be aware of the major changes happening on Anastasis. Those who do not pay close attention will find themselves in deep doo-doo. The directional wind currents which at first had been shifting slightly are now at an all-time permanent high shifting level. Obviously, this is impacting on all lifeforms as well as on all levels of Anastasis’s environment. Directional wind currents have been altered. Do what you must and what you need to do in order to be able to learn to cope with this new life formation.

These new formations will of course require you to alter some of your living conditions and those of your animals. Be careful and ever so watchful about animals though. The medias and politicians are trying desperately to keep the real news about animals attacking and sometimes killing people that it is no wonder that ordinary people are confused. Yes, this is even happening to so many peoples’ beloved pets who are viciously attacking their caretakers. The animals’ sonar is a tangled energetic mess in most cases. Never say it can not happen to you! NEVER say that! Because it CAN and it is a nasty situation which does impact on everyone. Do not become paranoid either. All magnetic energies are also impacting on the animals and this is something they can not control.

All magnetic energies are shifting. Magnetic overlays are shooting across Anastasis in all directions then suddenly reversing their directional patterns. What you must understand is that as this occurs whatever directional “codes” these magnetics fields are Creating is indeed reformatting every single thing it comes into contact with. So that even when they reverse their position the polarization is altered. So it is that all electrical matter becomes too weak or too strong. Thus, electrical fields are affected to one degree or another. When electrical fields are affected by magnetic overlays it is very easy for you to be physically shocked. Take care of your electrical issues you may find in your home, garage AND automobiles. Do not be self-delusional and think that nothing untoward can happen to you! Because …..

Several years ago I told you all that many, many underwater Beings that have not been seen for centuries would slowly rise up from the depths and many will be seen. Well the rate of their being seen has now increased to about 70% of the time, even though most peoples here do not bother to look. In part the grievous lack of oxygen prompts them to rise closer to the planet’s surface. Also, you ones are primarily unaware of all the earthquakes and volcanic activity occurring much of the time beneath the deep oceans, seas and other waterways. The rapid decomposing of the tectonic plates are also continuing to break off or badly splinter the cratons which are part of the Earth’s crust that form the nucleus of every continent. The cratons were normally very thick and strong but not any longer. They can no longer offer the massive support they once did to the Earth’s lithosphere. Human stupidity with insisting on using fracking has been the primary cause for this serious devastation!

Now, just in case I have not been clear enough with you about the definite electrical problems confronting you, I will add a bit more information about this situation. Massive fluctuations in all electrical matter affecting just about everything depending on electricity and computer-generated matter will affect you. Be wise and do not overuse electricity; for humans are prone to do that, you know. So, it is how each person handles power which defines them, remember? See, there is more than one type of power. Every little bit of help that each person could give could have altered all that is occurring now. Now, it is too little, too late.

You can get ready right now and be prepared for black outs, brown outs, water outs, bridge outs, construction outs, food outs and so forth. Hmmm I just heard a man thinking that he feels like he is just sitting around waiting to die! I say to him, “shame on you! Get off your butt and start living instead.” Nothing irks me more than to watch and listen to people who are not taking care of what they have. In the beginning of this month of May the largest state in the U.S. abruptly turned off the electricity to over 3000 residents who live close to their capital. It was over 100 degrees that period and they had a massive lunge of electricity being overused. The power was kept off for about 6 or so hours. Be prepared people; this was just the beginning. Now before I sign off I need to tell you that I have been asked by God to give you some of the lyrics to a song which He feels the most evolved peoples among you will not only understand, but will realize this was actually written by God long ago through a human Being. Now, I am printing the most important parts for you so yes, print it and carry it with you please. More and more of you will understand why VERY SOON. Sooner than you think. The Song was sung by “Crowded House.”

“Don’t Dream It’s Over”

“There is freedom within

There is freedom without

Try to catch the deluge in a paper cup

There’s a battle ahead

Many battles are lost

But you’ll never see the end of the road

While you’re traveling with me.”

All right now, I am taking my leave for now but I leave you with a final brief message. This calendar year of 2022 will not end with a bang. It will end with a whimper.

Salude … Blue Star the Pleiadian  … I am joining the “God Trip touring specific countries.”

“There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there.” … Blue Star the Pleiadian

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