The Destabilization of Magnetics

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Message #5

The Destabilization of Magnetics

Master Kato (received by Celest) In great part what I wish to share with you this day revolves around all you should become better acquainted with if you are planning or desirous of remaining here in mortal form and contributing to the further expansion of the Golden NOW Child. This having been stated, I want to assure you one and all that the Golden NOW had been carefully designed, carefully tweaked and carefully nurtured to incorporate both the Spiritual nature of the new world here with the technological advancements necessary. These are of great importance in order to carefully remove the former badly depleted and ill-used elements that are no longer in any state of good health. When this further deteriorating situation became self-evident to the Universe as a whole, Terra specifically requested that the new forms of geometric symbols based on the more advanced systems of geomagnetism become the core of her new Earth self. Although this may not seem to be important to you now, I assure you that it is of primary importance due to the fact that the present electromagnetic system is in critical condition. Without the proper and careful implementation of the new system, life here would be impossible. In other words, there would be NO life. Nothing could continue to exist here.

Terrestrial magnetism is sadly misunderstood by people on this planet, but essentially without the new and more advanced elements being introduced here not only would this planet cease to be, but all others in this PRESENT solar system would be very adversely affected. There is nothing on this planet that is not affected by the shifting and the denuding of the elemental nature of magnetics. Even the human body, which is the physical vehicle, is governed to a great degree by these magnetics. The magnetic interfacing also impacts heavily on the mind and therefore the condition of the body. The new magnetic realms I speak of are now being carried within the winds of change and deposited in a slow but steady progressive movement on all parts of this world. You see, the NOW is not only the totality of the emergence of all wondrous spatial events and the total dissipation of linear time; it is an integrated part of the new world and the new people. You are all witnessing this occurrence yet you know it not. Millions of Beings are assisting in this monumental endeavor. Star Keeper forces from every Universe are here with us as well, assisting in the implementation of these new energies and the cautious removal of the old.

There is now a slow unification of quantum mechanics, electromagnetics, and gravitation which will account for a wide range and varied nature of spatial events. No, this is nothing like what you are used to. These are heavily charged particles of electromagnetic energies that are not compelled to rely on only the gravitational pull. These are new wave equations and frequencies set to dispel the older versions, while consequentially installing the infinite variety rather than the former finite. Yet while doing so, these new energies are working in tandem with both the positive and the negative energies of both the Earth and the Sun. This will effectively birth the TRUE emergence of free form energy here. This energy will not be compromised by stratum or by the constraints of static forms of energy. The poles themselves on this planet act and react to all forms or pulls of electromagnetic currents. So it is that as humankind has been experimenting more and more with absolutely outrageous methods of attempting to harvest energy molecules, that they have inadvertently…for the most part…caused massive disruptions within the magnetic core of the Earth. Consequently these disruptions then move outwardly far into the ionosphere and in many cases, far into the ethers as well. This is in great part why a new form of cosmic energy is currently underway here. Although every wave of this energy has its own force-field, it will always work as a type of medium between the Sun and the Earth. It has a natural frequency and an electric scalar potential that will continue to lead to massive alterations in particle, wavelength and frequency of matter waves. These waves are known here as “free particles.” Although the term “matter waves” is the most commonly used one here by people, by no means should this be interpreted as energy forms that travel in a strictly WAVE formation or design.

A “wave” in this sense means a vast sweeping conglomerate of encapsulated energy that can either act destructively or constructively. Yet, it is not the seemingly flat level of energy formations that many people think of them as. These waves CAN BE slender or large; they can be in formations of actual waves, spirals, curlicues or large coils. Their colorations vary and the stronger the magnetic force of each wave, the less distance there is between one segment of this formation to another segment of the same formation. Here is a brief example: a curlicue wave may have these types of distances equally spaced between each segment of itself ——–. This fairly denotes the strength and magnetic pull between each aspect. Meanwhile another nearly identical wave, say of the same degree of magnetic pull, clearly shows itself to either be less strong – – – – – or of the strongest caliber such as ______________________. All free particles have the capability to weave themselves in-between other free particles. This can make for a combustive force OR it can be a Creative force that assists in birthing new forms and levels of energy here. The new forms and levels of energy are also called new cosmic energy. These waves arc, spin, collide and of course are magnetized to all other CORES of like energies. They are enhancers-they are destroyers. It is all a matter of their actions and reactions to what is happening magnetically on the Earth Star planet.

Part of the reason for the arrival of the new cosmic energy is the fact that the electrical energy necessary between the Sun and Earth has been compromised by the machinations of humankind. This means that under cause and effect – cause=humankind; effect=destabilization of the present magnetic system of the Earth and her solar system, is now contributing mightily to the dissolution of stabilization of magnetic cores here.

Cosmic energy is part of the building blocks of each Universe. Without the proper striations of this energy, a Universe will cease to be. Yes, I did mean “striations.” Pure energy is the true lifeblood of any planet; yet when there have been distortions in the atomical and sub-atomical levels which will adversely affect the structuring of these electromagnetic discharges, it is only a matter of time before a total breakdown of the planet’s “central nervous system” develops. This is what has been occurring here. Almost everything you see in the physical world is made up of molecules of energy. Yet some are positive and some are negative. Think of these as the yin and yang of the Universe. However, people here of all races tend to believe that only the “seen” is real. They do not understand that the “unseen” is not only every bit as real, at times it can have a much greater impact on all life. All life is birthed from pure energy yes, yet the energy may dissipate to a great degree when the planetary conditions alter to such extent that the conditions impose a life-threatening pulse on people, places and things. All of everything first begins as pure energy.

It is because the core of this planet has been steadily undergoing a wobbling effect which is much more pronounced than is considered to be normal, that it was inevitable that the core “malfunction” would both lessen and strengthen the magnetics on the planet. The lessening effect on magnetic currents means that those particle waves that were originally much stronger, more virile, more conductor friendly to other particle waves, are no longer that way. This causes a massive weakening of the electromagnetic system the planet needs. The strengthening of other magnetic currents can be equated with an overload of electrical energies. All energy requires energy conductors; they require balance. One can not exist as a stable environment for energy without the other. Air is a conductor, oxygen content in the air is one as well. Although there are numerous others, I believe by remaining with two “elements” that you are familiar with would be better for your understanding. As humankind here continued with their unhealthy experiments geared to the continued raping of the Earth by removing all the necessary components that had been originally Created here for Terra, more and more deadly gaseous vapors were released into the air.

Although magnetics are extremely powerful they too are sensitive to invasive interactions with heavy-duty matter. Just because you can not always see the vapors or the chemical compounds being released does not in any way detract from the fact of their existence! So it has been that the continued mining on this planet now accompanied by the gross interference known as “fracking,” has been hastening the already unstable quality of all magnetic exchanges here. Magnetic points have changed, “true north” no longer is, nor is “magnetic north” accurate. The very fault lines that had been established here by God as access points to discharge small amounts of gas and other contents, is now out of control. The fault lines on this planet have deepened and traveled far and wide, more so than you can possibly imagine. Even though in many instances it is humankind who has intentionally hastened these occurrences. Yes, under optimum conditions magnetics naturally interface and meld their more prominent properties together, provided they are of the same frequency, the same vibration. Air, which was initially a wondrous conductor, began to truly discharge the noxious quality it was hampered with particularly about 72.6 years ago. Although it had been building up slowly to a critical mass of toxicity, it was during those chronological years I mentioned that air became humankind’s nemesis. Just as humankind had become airs. The oxygen levels so critical to all life here, and I do mean all life, began to lose its own properties and instead became infused with the toxicity being experienced by air.

The saddest irony here is that there have always been infinite amounts of free form energy available to all. However, that would have put the Illuminati and those on their payroll out of business! So Planetizens, if you are following this writing closely you should be able to better understand what is happening here that no one wants to talk about. You see, as the instability of the magnetics here continued to gain even more momentum than it had previously, everything and yes, I do mean EVERYTHING, began to pay an even greater price than before because of the great loss of the stabilization factor. Destabilization of the magnetics can and does also cause mutated forms of life to be born. There is no positive and negative simply working in harmony; instead there is an out of balance polarity of tainted energy waves. Planetizens, in the beginning of the beginning times of this Earth, there was a steady pulsating stream of waves of negative ions which continually descended to the Earth while simultaneously also incorporating themselves within the Earth. Little do any of you seem to realize the tremendous importance of these ions! Today the sheer numbers of them have been severely compromised and therefore life here and yes, I speak of ALL forms of life, are struggling just to survive. If this were simply a matter of microphysics then there would be a duality. Also there is an incredible depletion of oxygen in the air now, more so than ever before. All life needs oxygen, yet it is becoming more and more of an issue – more and more forms of life, from blades of grass to the mammoth Beings who live beneath the waterways on the planet, are now dying from oxygen depletion. And they shall continue to do so.

The physical vehicle is an exquisite display of the most intricately designed and infinite varieties of electrical magnetic energies. The God of this Universe along with His fellow Co-Creators made sure that the physical body would be this way. The water within the body is a natural conductor for the body’s electromagnetic current. This is but ONE reason why the human body requires water to drink. Water stimulates the coursing of the electromagnetic energies and aids the cells in the body in amassing more Light cells. The brain is a supercomputer housing many forms of electricity, yet without the magnetic stabilization here, the mind can run amuck. Oxygen depletion affects the brain not only on a physical level, but on an emotional and mental level as well. The magnetic currents now also being brought here in the winds of change are seeking to re-stabilize the human body as well as the life forces of other life forms. However, this is a massive undertaking and not one that can be too successful as long as the leaders of the countries here insist on further contaminating the magnetism that responds to applied magnetic fields. All life is influenced to varying degrees by the presence of all magnetic fields. Although magnetism is heavily influenced by, and responds to, the quantification of the different levels of “magnetic eruption,” these vital currents can not sustain themselves without receiving the proper feedback from the designated fields.

People here in all countries are starting to notice times when if only for a moment, they seem to lose their equilibrium. Others are noticing that their electrical gadgets seem to run erratically. The more common issue however, at least at this point, is when people of all races are not only noticing the linear time acceleration and at the same time its dissipation; they are reacting to it in strange fashion. Also the intellect is aware that less oxygen is being received by the body and the mind. This lack of oxygen and the subsequent slowing of the mental faculties cause the person or persons to at times exhibit strange behaviors that can lead to prolonged periods of erratic actions and thoughts by those people. Magnetic fields here on the planet can be found within some vortexes. Volcanoes and tornadoes can whip massive amounts of various electrons into the air. The velocity of the storms can either be intensified by various electrical fields, or the fields if they are becoming barren, can cause drought which can cause famine. I am hopeful that many of you are better understanding what a mess humankind has created here! You have all been in a lose, lose situation because of this.

All right: there has been a great change taking place here geared to enacting an evolutionary procedure and to erect specific barriers around this planet in order to offset any more reactionary movements caused by destabilization. This is a massive initiative seen as the only way this Universe can protect Terra from “overbalancing.” It means that many, many more magnetic waves must enter into this dimension to counteract the ones that are hurtling damaging degrees of magnetics here causing even more displacement of stability. There is a collision of sorts ongoing here now as one magnetic stream overrides another. Then too there are the problematic situations that will continue to occur here, especially this year, because of certain planetary alignments which also send their own magnetic currents to this planet. No one here seems to be concerned about the rents that have been torn into the fabric of the Earth Star’s continuum. Then again, how many of you have even given that a thought? The terrible chemtrail spraying has also contributed to the noxious environment of the planet overall and YES, the spraying does indeed impact on the magnetic stability factor.

As far as the Planetizens of all races achieving their own much needed magnetic stability however, all this depends on how you each comport yourselves through your mind-thoughts. Thoughts attract the equal level and degree of the magnetics that the thoughts themselves have. Also how you feed your physical vehicles, how much the body emits in the forms of therapeutic magnetic and Spiritual stabilization is a key factor as well. There really is no such thing as a “fleeting thought.” Even the fleetest of your mind-thoughts and mind-links can set into action an immediate response to what you have magnetized. Your body, mind and Spirit respond to all that is around them, over them and under them. Yet the body truly is the physical vehicle that can surround itself with proportions of magnetics that arrive in “cluster wave streamers.” These can enhance all your own magnetic proprieties or conversely, negate them. So you see, because of humankind’s actions it is now necessary for this Universe to endorse certain measures against the abusers of the magnetic stabilization. For such a long time now, the eroding of the necessary components of the stabilization of the mechanics of the magnetic system has been steadily accelerating. You have all been told repeatedly by the God of this Universe and His other Emissaries that those on this planet who will survive here are those who are equal to the challenge imposed on them. This challenge in great part is the raising of their vibrations and levels of their frequencies to correlate with the new vibrations and frequencies entering this planet. Furthermore, you have also been told that those of all races here who CAN NOT do so can NOT survive here. Are you yet understanding why? Each magnetic overlay is considered to be “a system.” So it is that as one system is currently overriding another system the impact will be felt magnetically here, but on all levels. Some of you may experience sudden twinges in your bodies, while others may feel from time to time as though they just put their finger into an electric socket for a moment. Memory lapses will increase globally.

Expect many electronic problems to suddenly arise for no apparent reason. Many here will feel spacey or out-of-body for either brief or extended periods. Touching different objects and feeling small shocks, even if the object is wood, will not be uncommon. Static electricity is building up rapidly in many global areas. All animal life forms are becoming more sensitized to the magnetic changes and the instability of key functions they need to survive and to maintain a steady disposition. In other words it will not take much for an unbalanced animal or human to suddenly become rather nasty. The good news is that with the new correlation of the new systems aligning themselves and working harmoniously, this too shall assist Terra in continually raising herself to her next level of evolution. Obviously this is true of all of you who have aligned with Terra and Stand in the Light of all Lights. Frequency, vibrations and all the magnetics involved in each is what makes life go round and ON for you. The lack of these key figures in the lives of those who can not and will not alter their own levels in an effort to keep pace with Terra, simply means they must be left behind. In the most literal sense possible, “they are leaving themselves behind, all by themselves.”

As for all of you of all races who are able to rise to the occasion and keep on going, just remember as magnetic times seem to become more difficult while you are doing your own part to live as a responsible human being, that you are gaining the new world and participating as part of the new people. Just keep saying to yourselves, “isn’t evolution wonderful, isn’t evolution wonderful.” And in NO TIME, you will understand that it is.

We speak as ONE … Master Kato and the Collective of Masters

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