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  • The Faces of the DECISION

    The Blue Star Transmissions ~ Blue Star the Pleiadian ~ The Faces of the DECISION 2-25 to 4-25-2018 (Transmitted to Celestial Blue Star) I send you ones greetings from myself, Hatonn, and all the rest of our Star Keeper Forces!  Now, so many of you who are the truest of the Advocates for Justice are […]

  • Its all ok

    The Blue Star Transmissions Its all ok Blue Star the Pleiadian 2-25-14 to 4-25-2014  (Transmitted to Celest) I send you greetings from my vantage point far beyond this world to your various vantage points wherever you are each located. Now, I feel it is imperative that you ones know that I and all my Star […]

  • The Harvest and the Star Light Children

    The Masters Message #13 The Harvest and the Star Light Children September 9th, 2013   Master Kato (transmitted to Celest) Welcome to Harvest Time Planetizens. Unfortunately this event will not be for everyone. However, it is with great joy in our hearts that we have watched, listened and aided so many of you since our […]

  • The Destabilization of Magnetics

    The Masters Message #5 The Destabilization of Magnetics Master Kato (received by Celest) In great part what I wish to share with you this day revolves around all you should become better acquainted with if you are planning or desirous of remaining here in mortal form and contributing to the further expansion of the Golden […]