The Faces of the DECISION

The Blue Star Transmissions

~ Blue Star the Pleiadian ~

The Faces of the DECISION

2-25 to 4-25-2018

(Transmitted to Celestial Blue Star) I send you ones greetings from myself, Hatonn, and all the rest of our Star Keeper Forces!  Now, so many of you who are the truest of the Advocates for Justice are finally beginning to rest more comfortably with the knowledge and the wisdom you have at times painfully acquired through the processing of all relevant information shared with each of you by Celestial and our beloved David, as well as by ALL the other Luminescents. That is not to say that you know it all … because you do not! “Destiny” herself has been leading you each by the hand; although in truth I must say she has been known to twist your arms a bit when you need it the most. Destiny is a provocateur and a purveyor of truth, even when the truth may seem to be painful to you ones.

Now, I must ask you if it is better for you to know or not to know? I should also tell you that wrong answers to this quiz are tallied.

So it is that you ones who have chosen to STAND have opened many doorways and windows of opportunities. These opened portals are the ones that require that you ones have specific experiences which in future periods of your mortal lives you can fall back on in remembrance of all that you went through and overcame. And yet they function as pivotal catalysts not only for yourselves, but for all those who love you best. Now, these are but simple examples of why it is indeed forbidden for you to read another’s Soul Contract. Far too many Advocates out of the goodness of their hearts … for the most part … would be tempted to tweak those Sacred Agreements in order to assist another Soul as well as themselves. This can be considered by all of you as “naughty but not nice!” There are many anomalies that take place here as we watch EACH of you meandering your way through the shoals of life and the “hidden in plain sight currents.” You see Advocates; the dark ones count on your naiveté as a viable means of attacking your psyche and thus paralyzing your mind-processing. They do this when they can divert you from REMEMBERING those important details you are being re-taught regarding HOW to do what you need to do, WHAT to remember about immediately protecting yourselves, WHEN to instantly enter into battle with the children of the lesser gods, and WHERE your battles MUST commence.

So it is yet again for you each; you are continually being reminded, assisted and fully loved as you trod this Earth Star planet AGAIN and you are reinstating your SELVES as the true daughters and sons of the Christ Consciousness that you truly are. It has been this way with each of you ones throughout your entire reincarnational life themes. Each time because of all that you have endured, you have needed to be reminded that we would never allow you to walk alone. Even though you have ALL felt isolated and alone so many, many times, you need to hear from me that it is only because immortal life at “home” is far removed from the mortal life here on this planet. Here you must each flounder around a bit … sometimes more than a bit … and knowingly await those who have been sent here to teach, teach, teach while guarding and protecting you in body, mind and Spirit alike.

Do you ones truly believe that so many of my Star Keeper brethren who have willingly given their lives in defense of all of you AND Terra, would have done so if they did not love you so much! We ALL have our battles to fight; we ALL must defend ourselves AND one another and we ALL must STAND in order that others who are less able to defend themselves do not fall! Do you understand this? YES, at times we too experience bouts of futility as we observe goodhearted peoples falling and succumbing to the dark agendas. BUT what about those who do not? Our selection choices have been made and you ones may consider them to be “written in stone.” The Avatars battle alongside of us and YES because we are who we are we can see the future of each of you ones without ever needing to read another’s Soul Agreement. Each of you Advocates wearing mortal form however MUST behave as the Co-Creators you truly are and battle for your mortal lives when necessary and arrive at the understanding that when in battle, you ARE having positive thoughts and taking positive actions. Even those who are the most gentle of Souls here on the Earth Star planet MUST comply and protect their psyches in order to protect their own Sacred personal world while still assisting in protecting others. Positive thoughts and positive actions render the dark useless IF and only IF you know when to “thrust and parry.” Stop thinking about the terms “positive thoughts and positive actions” as though you ones are Mary Poppins and Peter Pan! Remember, they never existed! But YOU do!

Now, ever so long ago when the most ancient of the Elders and All of the Luminescents convened in the Crystal City discussing this current life period you are all engaged in NOW, there was nary a one of you who was not also present in the chambers listening intently while planning your future lives to be; NOW you are living those future lives. Each of you ones listened intently to the telepathic messages and the imagings you were shown as you ones bore witness to yourselves in this current life engagement. No, not all of you liked what you saw would be surmountable obstacles that would be intentionally thrust in your way, but within the matrix of your Souls you knew that in the end it would be fine. The Luminescent of this Universe, (God), also shared His wisdom and limitless encouragement with each of you and carefully explained in great detail who the teachers, warriors, healers and warrior-teachers would be who would cleave unto you while sharing your Earth Star walk and how you would gain great strength and glorious momentum when you required it the most.

The realization that the lifetime achievement you would each celebrate was not lost on any of you Advocates. You too joined all of us in heartfelt communication as you were tactfully brought to the understandings that not only were you to be the faces of change but also you are the Faces of the DECISION. You all confronted what at that time period was the upcoming, but which is now the present, life situations with great determination and limitless vigor without casting judgment upon any person here. Essentially, the Luminescents fast-forwarded the movie to you in order for you to see and understand the quintessential roles you each had to play out. I can also tell you ones that you literally danced with delight when you saw all the Luminescents entering Earth and the procession of the most ancient Elders taking place here. It was indeed incumbent upon all of us to present as much truth and affirmative actions as possible to each Advocate; for you all needed to KNOW what to expect and yet we warned you all to also ALWAYS in this present lifetime be prepared to expect the unexpected.

Yes indeed, it was with great pride and respect that we all welcomed all of you in uniting with all of us and you too being the Faces of the DECISION. You see, decisions of this magnitude are not hastily entered into. Many of you ones have placed your lives on the line throughout each lifetime. However the sequential steps which were so necessary and the most highly regarded that you each had to take in each previous life have successfully led you to here. You see, you CAN get from there to HERE! Having some qualms is quite normal here; however that having been said you MUST remember what you are being taught about yourselves and all that you must do in order to protect yourselves as well as others. Due to the great numbers of invasive incursions that so many of you have undergone all over this world, I can not stress this enough! There are so many among us who are constantly and consistently by your side yet most of you can see us naught. Perhaps it is better that way for some of you; none of us have any reason to want to startle you. Although we will not name others we can tell you effortlessly that Celestial and David see us all the time. It is a tad difficult for them when their Mennonite friends come over to visit though, for we are all over the place and Celest and David can not mention us. But they see us! Nor have they yet come up with a rational explanation to their friends about why Celest and David’s home feels so “different” to these friends. Oh well!

I can tell you using David as an example though, that although he has grown exponentially mentally, philosophically and Spiritually he is still learning about many new topics he needs to learn about. All I can tell you at this time about Celestial is, when the Queen goes undercover she REALLY goes undercover!

In other words they do keep us jumping! Remember and hold dear, really cherish your memories of who you are, why you are here and what a merry life you will lead. Be as proud of yourselves as we are of you. Also, in the “future” as well as NOW, remember when and if you are asked who made the momentous DECISION say, “I did!”

I am signing off for now and remember have an epiphany every day. You owe it to yourselves.

Salude … Blue Star the Pleiadian

“There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there.” … Blue Star the Pleiadian

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