The Harvest and the Star Light Children

The Masters

Message #13

The Harvest and the Star Light Children

September 9th, 2013


Master Kato (transmitted to Celest) Welcome to Harvest Time Planetizens. Unfortunately this event will not be for everyone. However, it is with great joy in our hearts that we have watched, listened and aided so many of you since our last message and felt your joyous response as your own Greater Understanding of all taking place supplanted the void so many hearts held. That void was a complex mass filled with uncertainty and a lack of understanding and a lack of direction. The fact that it was filled with something does not detract from the fact that it was still a void. As more and more countries have been seething with unlimited and irrational hatred towards races in other countries, an anomaly has been occurring. We have been watching as the ordinary everyday people who are part of all races have begun somewhat reluctantly for many of them, to shun the very governments they have long supported. These people have been actively involved now in reaching out to other people and tiring of the social media foreplay. Even though in many cases it has been with great hesitancy. This has not been easy for them. And no, you do not really have the opportunity to find this out from your media. Those of the media that are not under a gag order initiated by the media’s true owners were and still are in fear of losing their incomes. However, all things NOT being equal, people have begun to take a very hard and very painful look at the shenanigans and duplicity of all stock markets, and Institutions of ALL kinds in fact.

To those of you who had already done all of this in the past years, this may seem to be a “it’s about time, what took them so long” situation. In all fairness though, coming to grips with lies compounded by the duplicity of the governments and world banks AND religions that hold tight reins on these markets, was one of the most difficult decisions they have ever made. So, as the saying goes here – “cut them some slack, ok?”  I, speaking on behalf of our collective, am delighted to say that so many of you really did FINALLY and for some PAINFULLY understand about the 2013 Summer Solstice and Super Moon. Since our last message more and more people of MOST races here have been reaching out to us without fear. YOU are the ones we have been counting on! You are the ones we have been waiting for.  Unbeknownst to you because you are not permitted to read your Soul Agreement, you do not remember that you had agreed to do what you could when we issued our “For Whom the Bells Toll” messages. We did so in writing thanks to Celestial and we did so Super Consciously thanks to your agreements. Many of you actually feel our presence in a defined way for some and in an undefined way for others.

Both the Walk-In groupings and the Star Seed groupings are rallying themselves now thanks to the Summer Solstice and their own now stated unwillingness to fail themselves. So many, many of you have received primetime directives and suggestions from your off-world mentors as you sleep and engage in night experiences. Oddly enough many people still have the gall to deny that we or others of our Star Keeper brethren exist. Those who engage in this type of mind-thought and verbal rhetoric can not, WILL NOT, be part of the people who are the harvesters. This is true of all races. You do not need any foolish “Disclosure Act” to confirm that any of us exist. That would be as silly as you requesting a disclosure act to prove that YOU exist! You either know that you are alive or you don’t. Part of the harvesting that is just beginning now, this summer in this year, is to bring you each into the “world of practical alchemy.” Telepathic minds are growing stronger thanks to Moon and Solstice; thousands upon thousands of people of all races are now beginning to SEE inter-dimensionally. In this manner people here are seeing many of us, the Star Keepers from other worlds and scores of Angelic Beings. Some people only seem to catch a quick glimpse of “something” then it disappears from their views. This Planetizens is but part of a magnetic current exchange. It is only the rare human beings on the Earth Star planet who have held onto the highest monads of Spiritual integrity, of grace under fire and have vanquished the dark here repeatedly. These are the ones who remained “intact” and became fearless.

So for these people, well they have been seeing us since the very beginning of their present incarnation here, whether they are born-ins or walk-ins. But the other people of all races who are now becoming more at ease with seeing our presence or FEELING our presence, you too should know that this is but part of your harvest. The magnetic current exchange I spoke of is a process of carefully and noninvasively having your individual electromagnetic fields touching the matrix of our own magnetic field. If we did not handle the situation in this manner, you would feel as though you just put your finger into a live current in an electric socket. That would not be good! So the process is an arrangement of the meeting of these energies. It is a rearrangement and new alignment of your cellular and mind/brain molecules. Some of you will immediately KNOW that who or what you are seeing is a true reality. It is taking place for you because the curtain has been lifted, thanks to your true hearts and minds.

If the hearts and minds are not clear conduits then the Soul can not participate in this “new life exchange.” To illustrate my point: a fine example of a true human being who has been studying the Spiritual path and living it to the best of his ability, recently moved to a Midwestern state in America. The first few months at his new home he suddenly began seeing beyond the dimensional realm and into the inter-dimensional realms. The first few months it did not last very long and what he was seeing was a bit blurry. However, on his latest trip back to his new home in June of this year, he began seeing clearly and for longer periods. His magnetic field, his own vibration and frequency had become stronger. You see this is part of the processing of the currents.

How much any of you true-hearted ones can or may carry the vibrational magnet depends on your own ability to assimilate these energetics and the condition of your physical vehicle. You will however each find that your physical vehicle will require a great deal of water to drink. I suggest you start drinking lemon water. It works with your physical self’s own electricity which is housed within the body. It also functions as a cleansing agent; this too will impact upon the bodies’ ability to remain healthy and be a vessel which the Spirit needs. There will be a massive insurgence of free radicals before the Autumn Equinox of this current year. Much care needs to be taken by each of you in further protecting your bodies. Also, as you progress with the wondrous interaction of being and seeing more clearly, you will find that your body and mind will require more rest, more sleep time as well. You are, well some of you are, currently discovering that you can manifest things more easily now and that more is happening in less time than it took before. Manifestation for you and those who will soon be starting to do this will be an easily accomplished reality. Granted what you manifest must take place on your OWN personal and Spiritual levels. If your destiny insists that you must relocate, then I assure you, you will. You can visualize what you want but be aware that the Universe always knows more than you do and will endeavor to give you what you NEED and what is RIGHT for you. I do hope you are reading between the lines here!  

A segment of humanity that will be of the greatest assistance to the New People and the New Earth are the Star Light Children. It is our great privilege to be asked to accompany them on their journey throughout this planet. They are not Walk-Ins, they are not your typical Starseed beings, they are continuing to be born into all races and they possess a powerful, dynamic, unified force field of cumulative mind-thought. The incredible power they exude can be felt by some people as a subtle magnetic attraction. Yet the more evolved Souls will feel a massive “charge” of energy, and experience a particular Lightness when they are around these Children. The Star Lights’ mission is in part to walk the harvester down the aisle and into the new and better reality of a new world. Although some of the Star Lights’ requested longevity, most have not. They will be here for a decreed span of spatialness then they shall return to their homelands in their own dimensions, their own worlds. They are incredibly gifted, very talented and thankfully they exhibit much patience when around human beings here. The older ones of the Star Lights are quietly assessing the situation all over the Earth Star planet. Some of them are assigned to specific groups of people; these groups are of all various chronological ages.

In particular though the Star Lights will be focusing on the young children here of all races who have not yet been contaminated by any abuse or peer pressure. These are the children who still retain their innocence. The children who will be active participants, along with their families or other caretakers are the other half of “the ones you have been waiting for.” Step by step for some of you, quantum leap by quantum leap for others, God’s work shall be done. You do not need to ask how you will know which group you are part of. Be content to simply KNOW that you are. I am not permitted to reveal at this time too much information about the Star Lights. Far too many BIG BROTHER groups are already aware of their existence and we will NOT jeopardize these LIGHTS!  

Part of any healthy harvesting time is of course the removal and transplanting of the healthy flourishing plants and the turning over of the soil. In this manner more healthy offshoots will seed the land, preparing for the next harvest. This is a “time honored” tradition and if it is done properly, there shall be no lack. All of you need to remember this please; so much which is occurring here now is part of the “tilling process.” People, plants and crops do have a great deal in common. When something must be pruned, then it is done. When something must be removed permanently because it carries a devastating disease, it is done. In the God Book Series, God who is the Luminescent of this Universe, gives EVERYONE unlimited information about life on and off the Earth Star planet. He has shown His incredible dedication in service to others by steadfastly repeating when He deems it necessary, the basic concept of what is acceptable and what is NOT. Not one time has God flinched or shied away from being very truthful with the readers about what will happen here if the necessary changes did not take place here. The Collective Consciousness is rapidly growing in sheer numbers now and evolving as well, yet it is still not enough.

However it is still the masses of unawakened people and those who refuse to hear the truth that is bringing down the human races as a whole. If any of you believe for one nanosecond that we enjoy telling you of what is truly happening here and the present and future consequences which many millions of people must face, then I assure you that if you DO believe so when the final changeover takes place you will not be invited to the party! Humans always only want good news; yet they fail to see that news that may not be good news is highly educational. That in itself is good. I see that Shamaan Eagle’s group “The Messengers” will shortly be posting more news as well. I can tell you all already however that the countries are being blasted with even more revolts than you have any idea about. This was truly unexpected but FEARED by the leaders of the countries, with more severe instances of bloodshed and hatred building constantly. No, the only times you will hear about this is when the media has no choice but to be public with the information. In truth there is nary a day or night that violence is not reigning supreme and people of all ages are dying. As always the women and children are first. You just do not read about it.

I suggest that you all start paying closer attention to the insect world. Many of them are mutating and migrating to areas where they should not be. This is causing even more of a massive disruption to the environment. More and more people will find that they need to check their bodies for lice and other parasitic insects. Do what you can to keep flies out of your homes; they are carrying more disease now because more animals are dying. People too. So many rolling blackouts … this will also take place in the months you would least expect them to. If you have a root cellar NOW is the TIME to put it to good use. Learn to grow herbs inside and outside your home. You will find if you take the time to learn, that eating many herbs will help to protect your body. If you do not like to eat vegetables … learn to eat them anyway.

Grow them if you are able to and if you can not, then see who you can trust and barter with them. You each may have what the other needs. Stay away from insipid people. You can learn nothing from them but you may catch their insipidness. Millions of you have throughout this summer been experiencing illogical malfunctioning of computer systems. This is happening on a huge scale still. Power plants should be kept under watchful eyes now; they too are rumbling. Many people who are drug addicts have no idea that they very drugs they take to get high, have been intentionally tampered with. The true targets now are the younger generations. Children are becoming addicted at younger and younger ages now. In part it is because of the movies and TV shows they watch, and it is the need they think they have to fit in. As the economics across the world tumble incredibly fast only the sane and mind-healthy people will be able to survive that blow and pick up the pieces and move forward.

Many of you are going to feel that you were pulled out of a hornet’s nest just in the nick of time. So again I implore you to pay attention to your dream journeys. Please remember that you can always ask specific question of any of us right before you enter sleep. Then just be patient and wait for the answers or the solutions to reveal themselves. Gasoline prices will continue with major upward swings as more and more “accidents” occur to gas lines around the world. Yet at some point this year, many of you WILL understand that it is all ok. You will see that all is happening in the only way that can free this world and the best of humanity. We have warned you before, too many times in fact, that eating fish is a very toxic idea. So, we will never mention it again. You either will understand or you may die trying.

Those of you who eat meat I would suggest that you try to buy the leaner cuts if possible. The proteins you need from the meat will better serve you if the meat is less fatty. If you have access to purchasing chicory, then we strongly urge you to do so. Drink chicory in your coffee or tea at least once a day. Your body will thank you for it. Now, please plan what you want to bring to the harvest. Simply write it down or visualize it, and then be prepared for all that is continuing to be ongoing lunacy among the races. Being aware is important. Do not be foolish and try NOT to know! On this note I shall leave you with much to ponder about. By the way, be prepared for the entrance of “The Winter People.”  They too have answered God’s CALL. You are on the precipice of the Autumn Equinox now; I leave you with a STRONG suggestion: be part of Project PUSH and with every fiber of your being, with pure intent, have your mind, body and SOUL conjoined and PUSH hard!  

We speak as ONE…. Salude…. The Masters

The Masters /