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The Blue Star Transmissions

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Blue Star the Pleiadian

2-25-14 to 4-25-2014

 (Transmitted to Celest) I send you greetings from my vantage point far beyond this world to your various vantage points wherever you are each located. Now, I feel it is imperative that you ones know that I and all my Star Keeper brethren are cognizant of your concerns and your fears. Especially during this time of the tempest and the teapot. All these ongoing event changes have been exaggerated in many minds, and are completely out of proportion to what you should be understanding. What I find so odd is that although I have been cautioning all of you ones for a long time about all that would transpire here on the Earth Star planet, it seems as though it is not until those experiences actually unfold that so many of you ones stop and remember of all that was foretold. No, I do not indulge in what you term “prophecies.” Although in truth many prophecies are simply truths waiting to manifest, even prophecies can be changed, they can be altered by either the whims or indiscretions of humankind, or by the sheer force of thought that all Planetizens can project towards wondrous changes rather than self-gratifying desires. What this essentially means then is that all information I send to you ones is predicated on all that is seen and foreseen as either possible, probable or written in stone sequences of events. When I use the term “seen” it denotes all that I am watching from the past several years up to the present moment, which then can be categorized as possible, or probable. To “foresee” is not to make a prediction; it is the cumulative pattern of experiences or events past and present which is the great indicator that will denote “written in stone.” You see? The sequences themselves can be altered by the force of thought however. “Thought” is “action” in its birthing state.

Now, when the quality of thoughts amassed are based on pure desires for the evolvement of all Beings here, as well as for the final completion stage of the Christ Consciousness and are heartfelt and led by Soul Voice by so many of you good Souls, then action is certain to follow. Indeed I do realize that so many of you ones equate the numbers you think are evolving as “few” and the numbers you think are running amuck as “many.” I suggest to you one and all, that you lose the equation! You see, this was never about how many would succeed versus how many would not. While you were busy with your equation, you did indeed overlook the fact that your strength does not lay in numbers, rather it does lay in the solidarity of your Souls’ intents. Also please to remember that you can actually accomplish more here in the new NOW with “thought” than you can by using brain and brawn. My fellow Planetizens; I ask that you pay closer attention to all which is unfolding across this world. “Thought” has been bringing massive civil unrest and chaotic disorder to every country on this world. “Thought” which rests in the minds of peoples here who wish to bring their country’s rulers to their knees, should be curtailed. Rather it would be far better if the thoughts were for exposing corrupt peoples and replacing those peoples with really good men and women. You may be only hearing about a few of these countries, but please accept my word that it is happening everywhere. Children of the stars, it is of pivotal importance that you have a clear understanding of why you should not be in fear of all that is happening here. I have been blessed with the advantage of being able to see into the minds, hearts and Souls of all peoples on this world, of being able to correctly assess the continued growth and continued expansion of your level of Soul maturity. This also allows me to garner the information necessary to transmit back to other Universes which effectively shows the indomitable force of your Souls to succeed at all costs. “At all costs” of course simply means that you will continue to hold on to the eye of the storm, while deeply connecting with  your Soul Self and obtaining all the strength of Spirit you require to get through these times. Planetizens, I can not properly explain to you ones how proud I am of each one of you – YOU who are the true heralds of the future of humanity. Now, I want each of you to remember my last sentence; this may not make sense to you now, BUT in a few weeks when my Celestial daughter and our David have completed the current God book, “Advocates for Justice,” my sentence will make sense to you ones in a jaw-dropping way!  

It is within the tonal quality of your thoughts and the precious imagings you send not only to myself but to others here off-world, which blesses each of us here by providing more strength and irrevocable determination to us to do all we can to enable you ones to do all you can. Now, in all my previous transmissions I have done all I could to attempt to prepare everyone for the gridline intersection you are each in. Master Kato and the rest of the collective of Masters and Shamaan Eagle’s Messengers have also tried to do their best. Try to see behind our thoughts and our actions, Planetizens. Can you see the dedicated focus we all must maintain here where we are, do you understand the need for us to remain as passionately detached as possible when viewing the terrible events occurring here? I do not believe any of you in this moment can understand that all you are experiencing projects to us and we too feel through pure sentience your emotional, Spiritual and practical world needs. Speaking for all our Star Keeper races I can tell you ones we will never leave you; we will not ever abandon you!

Now, I am of course well aware that many peoples here have been referring to this winter as “the winter of discontent.” I must disagree with that. This present wintertime and many to follow is the byproduct of all the things that people here have done that should never have taken place. Over time all the unworthy dark thoughts and actions have swelled into the size of a massive storm. It has required centuries for this type of comeuppance to build. It was built by humankind initially. However, now that Terra is shifting more easily and more quickly than before, she too has played an innocent part in the new winters’ of comeuppance. And above all do not neglect to remember all the manmade storms that have been going on for a long time and are now truly out of control. So Planetizens, the oceans are churning, snow is seemingly unstoppable and the piercing cold is causing great suffering here. Remember though, the landmasses themselves are shifting; colder countries will in the future just as they are now, impacting on countries that were not usually so cold. This also affects landmasses in Europe, Asia, Central and South America etc., but in a different way … for now. In these cases, there is an unusual amount of warmth that I have seen building below the center of the countries. Even sand in the largest deserts on this world is changing its granular components. In time, that will be noticed by everyone. There is really nothing which is not changing. Those among you ones who have believed they know where “true north, true magnetic north, true south and true magnetic south” is by using a good compass, which as logic dictates shows where they all SHOULD BE, are in for a bit of a surprise!

Now, it is going to be understood in the very near future that free form energy will be the most eclectic energy to use here. Of course as always there will be some peoples who will attempt to stop that from happening. But it will happen anyway. Before Spring finally arrives here, many of you ones will be making very good decisions about relocating. I strongly advise you one and all however to always keep this particular winter in mind; use this winter as the “meter” that will teach you how to gather with other peoples and formulate plans for how to best cope with each upcoming winter. You ones really need to do that! Yes, many of you ones are undergoing terrible hardships; but there are still millions and millions of other peoples around this world who ALWAYS have done so! I ask you ones to give some thought when you can, to how you have been able to cope with all the weather assaults you or others you know or have heard about, have dealt with. Whether you are all aware of it or not, millions of you are being taught “survivor skills,” for a very good reason. This is especially true of the children who too must go through this difficult time. It is time now for all here to pay closer attention to the trees and the vegetation. Thousands upon thousands upon thousands of trees are severely damaged and dying now. These numbers will accelerate very soon! This will soon become apparent all over this world. The more the trees leave this planet, the less oxygen there will be and the more difficult the hardships will be for human and animals alike. Although it is generally unknown by peoples here, vegetation and trees speak with one another and each provides much of what the other needs. So, as the trees go, so will the vegetation. It is at the very least an eye-opening, thought provoking time of change for you all.

It is my own personal hope as I listen to the thoughts of the children, that they too will be able to understand that in order to protect their own families when they grow up and have their own children, they should learn survival techniques now so they do not suffer so much then. Now, have any of you given thought to all the times I have suggested that you learn to grow your own foods whenever you are able to? Obviously, this can not be accomplished by starting a garden in your apartment’s living room. If you have children in schools you could contact other parents and as a group see about planting community gardens. It is really time for you ones to exercise your Creativity in a practical and much needed way. Obviously there are dozens of other methods you can think of as well. Although I am NOT a social media advocate, you could IF YOU ARE CAREFUL about whom you contact in social media, trade ideas and inspire one another in this matter. It is timely to say the least for all peoples to SHARE! Share ideas, expand your thoughts on how you can help one another and stop thinking about, “the good old days,” they were highly overrated and were not really good at all. They were merely another illusion projected as the truth.

To all those people among you here who believe they are being punished somehow by the God of this Universe and those other peoples who believe in the end times, I must tell you that you are reacting out of fear to what is ongoing here. Religions are revving up their scriptures trying to be sure to find the right passages in their holy books that will fit in with all that is happening here. All that is doing however is causing peoples to feel that they must be the survivors; they must be the ones who survive the rapture. Although it is poppycock, it is still poppycock that is mesmerizing the peoples. It is true of course that everything in the skies, on the land and beneath the waterways is changing. However, in all fairness I must say that some of us see these weather changing conditions on Earth as a major wake-up call to all sleeping minds and uncaring hearts. I have observed since late September of 2013, that the more peoples here who really do understand all that is taking place on Earth attempted to awaken those Souls of Starseeds, Earth Seeds and Walk-Ins who have “forgotten” their missions here, the more the attempts to awaken them fell on deaf ears. In turn this had indeed caused great consternation to the goodhearted Souls who were trying their best to do what they could. It is much too easy for you ones who try so hard to help other good peoples to suddenly yourselves feel out of sync. Far too many of you ones feel that what you do is just not enough. I truly wish you would stop feeling this way! Do NOT become part of the problem!!

Now, as part of the delusional mayhem that so many Walk-Ins, Starseeds and Earth Seeds succumbed to, YOU need to understand, THAT was their choice! It is only when the foundation they attached themselves to of ill-begotten lies crumbles, that SOME of these peoples will actually attempt a bit of a fainthearted rally and CONSIDER leaving that former way of life. YOU are not responsible for other peoples’ lack of personal responsibility.

I am very delighted however to tell you ones that there are indeed new developments taking place among peoples of different cultures now. And it is indeed a wondrous ongoing event. It was towards the last months of 2012 that we noticed a slight surge in the Spiritual nature of peoples of different cultures. After the time period while I was still on my Earth Star Walking Tour, I did indeed encounter in some different countries peoples who were quietly Spiritual, but maintaining a low profile. We observed this, made note of it and left them each a small gift while being undetected by them. Well, actually some peoples here in different parts of the world did feel our presences. This was not to be discussed until now. It was not until mid to late 2013 however, that the small sparks we, my Star Keeper brethren, and some Masters and Angels who accompanied me planted began to attempt to bear fruit. These sparks of minute fragments of the Light which each Soul bears were placed by us in close physical proximity to these peoples. My list is not as big as I would like it to be, however, it IS what I wanted to see, it is what I have waited to have happen!    

Now, in the countries where we located these peoples, these men and women and a small number of what you term, “young adults,” were of a singular nature. That is to say that they had been quietly exchanging information about themselves, their beliefs, what they were expecting to happen on this world and eagerly trying to learn much more than they already knew. It was personally gratifying for me to see how their Light beams were shining. Many of these peoples in these countries were middle-aged to elderly. Yet all were feeling great expectations centering on “The Second Coming.” The clusters of Japanese people we watched ranked very high on our list of cultures/races that were reaching out and trying to bring Spiritual teachers into their fold. Because of their cultural background it is not as simple to do that as it should be. There are small clusters of people, mainly females in Thailand, who like the Japanese are trying to evolve in spite of feeling a bit claustrophobic with the close proximity of non-believers. England is a bit of a conundrum; there are groups of men and women there who have been becoming more adept at searching and finding then walking away from those others who prefer to equivocate about their beliefs rather than stand in truth. Some scatterings of people in India, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Denmark and those surrounding countries too have these clusters. Some countries such as Poland have very few clusters started yet. The deeper the religious core is in a culture’s history, the more difficult it is for the peoples there to sever that connection.

The greatest threat still remaining here are the countries that totally deny the truth. Muslims, Arabs, Pakistanis and those others close by there that share the same radical centuries old beliefs are not open to believing anything that is not part of their cultural belief or racial memory. But now, many men and women in America and Canada, regardless of where their original Earthbound races settled on this planet, are searching, searching, searching for the answers to life that has eluded them for so long. As a result they are studying metaphysics and astrology and struggling to understand Sacred Geometry, more than they have before. Ironically, many of these ones are afraid NOT to believe what they are learning, while others are too afraid to learn what is true. Humans can be very strange! Now, South America and Central America for example, are still far too caught up in the high societies that so many of them believe they have been born to be part of. While others in those countries are so poor all they can focus on is their hunger. Superstition still holds sway in those countries, so there again is another culprit which must be exposed. But it is all ok! Every country, each race of peoples that have good Souls living among their collectives are the ones who are struggling against all odds to survive, yet they still hold on to the eye of the storm. Everything that is happening here and all that will still take place are centered on your individual and collective Souls’ efforts to make things right. This my Planetizens, is what true people do while adapting to the current changes. There really is nothing amiss here that you ones can not cope with. Just remember please, its all ok! I am signing off for now.

Salude … Blue Star the Pleiadian

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