Sacred Trust

The Blue Star Transmissions began on December 12th, 1997

The Blue Star Transmissions

~ Blue Star the Pleiadian ~

Sacred Trust

9-20 to 11-25-2021

(Transmitted to Celestial Blue Star) Greetings weary journeyers; it is incredibly heartwarming for all of us to see you ones “holding on” to your sanity and your TRUTHS in spite of all the mayhem and madness taking place in EVERY country here on the Earth Star planet. Now, I do indeed realize that it will not make your journeys any easier to hear that you are just on the cusp of the beginning of the beginning. However, it is what it is. I will not tell you that you are ill-prepared for this; for indeed you are very well prepared. However as true as it is with every encounter you ones have had here, especially all that is just beginning to unravel here and NOW, you are far better ready to STAND than obviously any of you peoples can imagine!

Now, if you can just keep your intellect OUT of this massive “MIND-FIELD” you are all traveling in AND through, your journeys will indeed become much easier, less palpable and more tangible as your perceptible clairsentience continues to clear the way for you. Remember you MUST continuously assure the intellect that you are forming Creative choices. Many of you are also unconsciously forming new Cyclical Changes so all of you must assure the intellect that these are the actions YOU want to take. The intellect is very tricky you see; it KNOWS it will live for as long as YOU do. Therefore, it will do all in its power to continue to keep you alive so that IT can live.

It is most unfortunate of course that 99% of each generation that have been “born-ins” since forever ago, have been so conditioned by Earth families, peers, teachers, medical personnel etc. that it effectively crippled peoples’ abilities to THINK for themselves. And yet all goodhearted peoples must still allow Soul Voice to guide them all through the unrealities of other conditioned shoals of peoples who adhere to their peaks and valleys of illusions and malfunctioning realities. Those adherents of theirs which form the basis which are the very foundations of each of their individual AND collective lives are merely the opposites of truth.

Those who were not among the born-ins are the Walk-Ins who too had to deal with peoples who were sometimes rigid to the point of being almost inflexible personalities that would attempt to stand in their way. Sometimes, in fact many times it requires due diligence and the ability to “hold on to the EYE of the storm” in order to format new changes which need to be made forthwith. I am not asking any of you to “rock the boat.” Instead just build a bigger boat! It will soon become apparent to all of you of the vast importance of the synchronization of Soul with Soul and Soul TO Soul and the leverage each has. And why and HOW you each MUST do your part but do so in a better way on a Higher level of Super Consciousness than you ever thought possible. THIS is the reality you live in NOW and for the rest of your life. There is no going back to the former “Normal.” This is the NEW normal now. Love it or leave it!

The bigger boat you build is built through mind-thought. You should use Power of Mind to build a bigger boat; the boat is your foundation. Now use the MIND and Create what you want, what you may believe you need and fill your boat. Ask your Guides for suggestions, inspirations. Be realistic though; start with the most important parts of your lives – your Souls. Declutter your minds and focus on the real and newly improved YOU as you finally welcome in the NEW NORMAL. It is sad that it has taken another carefully plotted horrifyingly evil re-creation of what was once known as the plague or the Black Death to throw humanity in general into understanding that NO ONE is invincible to the evil machinations that dark energies will stoop to.

Although in truth 75% of humanity can not seem to trace that evil replay back to PURE EVIL BEINGS. Be proactive not reactive about this terrible situation. YOU did not cause it; BUT you all must learn to live with the fact that it will always be here … in one variation or another. Everyone’s true colors are showing now; so accept personal responsibility by “reading” each person’s colors! No, you do not need eyesight to achieve this. Use ALL your other senses and you can not fail to SEE. All peoples on this world now will and must cope with great depths of acrimonious skullduggery. Even peoples here of both genders who WERE once very good and “knowing” types of people have fallen for the lies and deceits being inflicted upon them. Those ones you can only teach by the example you set for them. They too must endure in order to survive. They either will or they will not. It is their free expression. I can tell you that many will not do that, they have already given up. You can only do what you can only do.

Now, my Celestial daughter did recently on a VOICES of Cyclical Changes Conference call speak briefly about some Near Death Encounters some people have experienced and how many people are confused about them. Yes, I too feel this is the proper gridline intersection to further explain this phenomenon, because millions of peoples around the world are dealing with these NDE’s and are confused. I can tell you all that those avenues of leaving the planet are quickly filling up! You see Chelas, what almost all of you ones have failed to remember is that you were each gifted with a part of “Sacred Trust” which was to remain within the matrix of your Souls until such time that you had “a need to know.”

NOW, you “NEED TO KNOW!” There is only one person on this planet who knew all about Sacred Trust and its primary conditions. She has never spoken to anyone about it. From the nano-moment she set foot on this planet she had a NEED to KNOW and to set into place the appropriate actions which had to follow. Her conscious knowledge and her highest levels of activated Super Consciousnesses invoke her wisdom “of the ageless.” That agelessness is part of The Jesus THE Christ Consciousness and is a pinnacle of spatialness. A Sacred Trust is among the most invaluable, priceless gifts which could be bestowed upon you. It is tangibly intangible UNTIL you have great need to use it. YOU EACH entrusted all the Divine Beings to be with you throughout every moment of your mortality here. UNLESS of course you changed direction and went over to the dark side. In the event that you stayed the course instead, they would indeed carry through with their parts of your Soul Agreement. They would proceed with their responsibilities to you as long as you persevered with your responsibilities to THEM. This is a fine example of Sacred Trust’s Quid pro quo. It is the Spirit of mutual Spiritual cooperation. In so doing this on your part you asked them to ensure that you were presented with all your options for remaining here on the Earth Star planet UNTIL such time your true timeline arrives for you each to return HOME.

Although it is now evident that FAR more people are having NDE’s than previously occurred here on this planet, many of them now are occurring quite literally ON the point of death. So, the deadly viruses are impacting quite heavily on the mental, emotional and Spiritual levels which each human Being possesses. Sacred Trust stipulates that when these Near Death Encounters occur there MUST always be an aperture available for each Soul regardless of how many people feel they have arrived at the point of no return.

Each of these Sacred DOORWAYS are heavily guarded by some of the strongest and fearless Avatars and by Guardian Angels. Each of these Ports of Principle are AT ALL TIMES filled with The Light of God! These of course also includes the Light of ALL other Luminescents. All of these Ports of Principle are of the highest levels of supreme Super Consciousnesses standards of moral AND immortal levels of advanced development and complexity. Therefore, they are co-joined with well-placed ethical decision-making monads as Soul Creates in tandem with Cyclical Changes. Within each of your Soul Agreement contracts are named specific people YOU have each chosen to be your “anchors of Divinity and Life.” It simply means that when deemed necessary the family member or members, or close beloved friends, or allies from any of the other Universes are to assist The Creator and all the Luminescents by calling you to remain ON EARTH. All at the point of unnecessary or unplanned mortal departures enter into a type of “freeze” as the Soul wanting to depart PREDICATED on the personalities’ desires, suddenly enters into a STANDSTILL mode. Although in actuality that period only lasts for several nano seconds, it would seem to be a long time to the personality. At that pivot point of wanting physical death one of the Luminescents or the Creator HimSelf stands at the tip of these wondrous brilliant white Light filled Doorways. That Being firmly suggests to the personality THROUGH its Soul, that it is NOT that person’s “time” to die. As those events occur personality is able to see who is speaking to it through the Soul. Also  through telepathy that person hears what is being “said.” You see Planetizens; the avenue for departure is a many tiered internal structure with many levels of Sacred Trust plateaus a Soul must pass through.

Now, no threats are made if the person insists it is leaving and refuses to budge from that thought. However, whosoever the people are who were named through Soul Contract to be the ones to assist at that time do indeed appear. You could say they stand shoulder to shoulder with The Creator or whomever is there in this brilliant Light and each do their best to change the decision the personality has made. Very shortly I will attempt to explain this brilliant white Light but in truth there are no human words to accurately describe it.

Most of those peoples wanting to leave because they have pretty much given up are told by one of the Divine Beings, “it is NOT your time, you must not leave yet. Too many people are depending on you and need your presence on the Earth Star planet.” You see Advocates, what none of you ones consciously considers at that crucial apex between life and death is that when peoples here pass over AT THE WRONG TIME it can and DOES change the destinies of other people. Each person you were predestined to encounter, to meet with, or to associate with will never have that opportunity again in this lifetime. Therefore, all that you were intended to teach them, what you were supposed to do in helping them to heal from whatever type of duress they experience, the people whom you were encouraged to work with and to be their bastions of strength, all that passes to the wayside and not even Anastasis can bring it back! On the other side of that situation those others whose missions included assisting you …. that can not take place either. So, it is a lose-lose situation. Also though, peoples who have overstayed their allotted life span here but are reluctant to leave, have visits from their off-world families telling them to come home because they are causing family members and friends much emotional pain and grief. This too is part of Sacred Trust.

Now, oftentimes a person will awaken in the morning and remember a “dream” they had where some usually shrouded figure approached them and said, “No it is not your time to go, stay here until it IS your time to leave.” That usually is all that is needed for the dreamer to decide to remain here. You must attempt to remember that all of us and I do mean ALL of us are far more aware of the persistent, nauseating pull which evil exerts as it tries to rein in its unsuspecting prey. The truest most deadly evil has been unleashed here in all of its myriad fashions. True to its well-deserved horrible reputation; evil is engrossed yet again in fooling innocent people, especially those who are the most naive.  And those who are the most desperate to believe lies and who are too afraid to believe truth.

The worst of humankind who are perpetuating evil’s Machiavellian endeavors are beyond help and are consorting with consensual evil-they find each other in the darkness of the mind and Soul ….. then the “takeover” begins. Evil people and their controllers are massive and deadly examples of people not living but only existing as Beings of functional insanity. They merely exist in much the same way as do functional alcoholics, their “goals” are different but they are all cut from the same deadly cloth!  Now, before I move on to Light discussion of the NDE’s I must give you ones a stern but love-filled warning. This is not easy to say to you, but I must do what I must do. I have been warning all peoples, regardless of who they are, to “watch your back” for some time now. However, a specific gridline intersection has arrived and it is no longer plausible to only do that. Other precautions are now being set into play and many, MANY more will need to follow NOW!

Happy, happy, joy, joy news is always a welcome change for you ones. However, you may think of this work I do that I share with you as “staying in the flow of information needed.” So here on this day … I must tell you that protecting yourselves from others is NOW a main priority of yours. EACH of you! I assure you one and all, that the amassing of extremely hostile and dangerous minds is NOW a reality more so than ever before. Far too many individuals and likeminded clusters of peoples are beginning to lash out in purely dangerous and murderous fashions at other people for every reason you can think of and for dozens of other reasons that would make no sense to good people at all. The amassing of their singular and combined hatreds is a powerful provocative weapon which they are starting to use. They have no understanding that anything and everything they are now plotting is the antithesis of peace or justice! Nor do they care.

The media everywhere are well aware that these things are happening at breakneck speed but are still trying to conceal these truths. Your Light within your Souls and the Light you emit not only scares those peoples it infuriates them. Remember please; oil and water! Do whatever you need to, to not only protect your OWN lives but the very lives of your family.  Stay out of crowded stores, malls, also petrol stations that do not have a customer and do not co-mingle with groups of people. This has nothing to do with the deadly viruses you know about, nor with any of the OTHER deadly viruses you will soon enough be hearing about. This is about warding off physical attacks, home invasions, car theft and bank theft to name but a few things. No one wants to live as though they are in a state of siege; however whether you realize this or not you ARE in a state of siege! I want you to remember your Divine Beings, both off-world and on-world as well, will send immediate warnings to you if it is possible to get through any mind-clutter.

When deemed necessary this may come through during dream or meditative states, or sudden inspirations you may have about staying home and always keeping your doors and windows locked. These dark, furious, confused peoples are also turning on one another now as they secretly congregate and format plans quickly and usually quietly about who should be the next victims of crime sprees. Take nothing for granted Chelas; we will do our best to aid you BUT remember to ask us for help too. Do not live in fear but for God’s sake do not be an imbecile either! The time for protecting yourselves has arrived. Now we will see how many of you ones truly are paying attention and listening! It is already obvious to all of us that so many will simply “forget” and have to pay the price for doing so. Those who do not learn NOW all that I am telling you, all I can say is  …. Mea culpa, mea culpa.

Now, I am going to explain the Light I spoke of earlier that millions of peoples encounter when they try to return home before their physical expiration date has arrived. Remember what you learned in the previous transmission regarding Higher Dimensions and Higher Dimensional Realms where ALL of the most Spiritually elevated Levels and layers of the greatest forms of Super Consciousnesses live and thrive. Because the Light ALL Divine Beings possess expands itself and permeates all space and realms anywhere around it, this far beyond brilliant white Light encapsulates the Soul of EVERY Higher Dimensional Being that is part of the realms. There is no beginning there and there is no end. Tis hard to explain the unexplainable!

Understand the Light and the Soul please; for Soul itself IS a brilliant white Light which absorbs more and more of this supernal Light which is the eternal makeup of the Highest Dimensional Realms. So, in the truest sense of the meaning “Light begets Light which begets Light.” These Celestial events are continuously ongoing; they live in a state of constant motion. However, when a human Being is being presented to a Divine Being there in the Realm of the Super Consciousnesses truest state of Being, it is necessary for those Divine Souls to tamp down their brilliance just a bit. Here is what happens to a person who is trying to return before their due date. Every one of them is granted an audience with whosoever has been selected to best represent All Universes. Although quite often when the personality of a certain Soul is a very, VERY special Soul, The Creator steps in and takes over. The goal is always to convince that personality NOT to commit a form of “personality suicide.” When the person’s eyes FIRST encounter this Light, sometimes seemingly within a tunnel or a tunnel filled with Light, sometimes standing on the top of a spiral staircase and yet other times standing directly in front of them, the human eyes encounter a problem. The eyes are unknowingly responding in a purely involuntarily manner to indirect stimulus which is functioning as an electrical impulse. For instance; the pupil of one of the eyes constricts when exposed to sudden Light, especially if that Light is intense. This happens “in the dark” as well. So indeed there is more meaning to “blinded by the Light” than you ones realize.

Many Souls at that time are told “Your life is your just reward,” do not screw it up now! They are also shown that WHEN it is truly their “time” they will look back down through the spatialness and see that new beginnings and long-awaited Cyclical Changes are with the help of Anastasis taking place. And this Earth Star planet can be seen as the NEW form of herself, where day and light are in perfect harmony as are night and dark in perfect harmony. Granted this may be hard for many of you ones to understand, but actually seeing that reality in progress is just what most of them needed to know. It gives them the gumption to return to physical body and to keep on going and going and going. This is all part of the Sacred Trust which is always in activated motion.

Now, I am going to reveal even more information to all of you ones since none of you ever knew about any of this either. Part of the Sacred Trust works in tandem with “special circumstances Souls” who are the Ones who empower all other good Souls here. Those special circumstances Souls first Create many Cyclical Changes then RIDE a star to the Change which is where the tides of Destiny lay in wait. For in truth, the tides of destiny are written in the stars. The tides of which I speak are massive fonts of energy massed together awaiting the signal to prepare to leave with the incoming Souls who will carry them to the incarnate Souls ready to evolve to a Higher Form of themselves while they are still in mortal form. These energy tides can rise and fall much like the tides of the oceans do. Planetary alignments do indeed impact on these energy movements; which essentially means many obstacles, challenges and rewards are sent to the Souls who are evolving. This part of Sacred Trust treats each of these Souls with the utmost respect and reverence. For these Souls have given their all and are still asked to give more IF and WHEN they are able to.

These Souls experience many massive bursts of energy and yet much fatigue as a result of the planetary influences but ALSO as a result of the Cyclical Changes they are part of. Riding a star is no different than riding in a vehicle … except it is much faster and soundless. Each star looks for the Soul ID which each Soul carries within their matrix. Each ID is different BUT it is a monitoring device which causes a certain star to be able to quickly ascertain which Soul has now become the star’s prevailing charge. Occasionally, a star may be chosen to have more than one Soul to watch over and to observe continuously, but that is very rare. It is quite common here on this planet for the Souls who now have a star riding the tides of destiny with them do from time to time feel a usually quiet yearning to reach for the stars for strength, endurance and to feel that that Soul and personality are not “alone.” Other peoples here experience deep levels of Quietude when they look up at the stars and “wish” upon a star.

Now there really is no point in telling you ones that nighttime is the only time to feel your alignment with stars. Actually they are present all the time but the daylight prevents you from seeing them. It is delightful for me to see how many of you Advocates are quickly and excitedly understanding now WHY you have spent so much time gazing at stars and telepathically communicating with them. Many of you ones are now also realizing that you have been correct when you have thought that a star or stars have been “winking and blinking” at you. Many star formations are now taking place as the stars are banding together in many places and are quite literally forming their own squadrons. That means they are detecting trouble not far away and will attempt to send you suggestions that you should return home posthaste. Remember, stars like to send their charges certain flash points to let you know they are there AND aware. So Advocates, take heart please Sacred Trust will never let you down and will always be there for you. Sometimes before you fall asleep you may call upon Sacred Trust and ask them for guidance and some comforting. Do not be surprised when they respond. Life on this Earth is not for the fainthearted THAT is why YOU are here and others are not. Now that I have given you more than enough to learn and UNDERSTAND I am ending this transmission.

Salude … Blue Star the Pleiadian … When you wish upon a star, it makes no difference who you are …

“There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there.” … Blue Star the Pleiadian

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