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  • Sacred Trust

    The Blue Star Transmissions began on December 12th, 1997 The Blue Star Transmissions ~ Blue Star the Pleiadian ~ Sacred Trust 9-20 to 11-25-2021 (Transmitted to Celestial Blue Star) Greetings weary journeyers; it is incredibly heartwarming for all of us to see you ones “holding on” to your sanity and your TRUTHS in spite of […]

  • The Eclectic Nature of the merging of Higher Dimensions that are happening NOW as Anastasis welcomes them and their Cyclical Changes

    Attention: As of July 9th. this year we have some updated “Transmission” news. Due to the revelationary nature of this entire current Transmission it has been decided that this particular Blue Star communication will be extended until September 25th., 2021. When reading and re-reading this writing use due diligence in the understanding of the written […]