The Eclectic Nature of the merging of Higher Dimensions that are happening NOW as Anastasis welcomes them and their Cyclical Changes

Attention: As of July 9th. this year we have some updated “Transmission” news. Due to the revelationary nature of this entire current Transmission it has been decided that this particular Blue Star communication will be extended until September 25th., 2021.

When reading and re-reading this writing use due diligence in the understanding of the written word and do not be surprised if some of the words change themselves the more you reread this writing.

The Blue Star Transmissions

~ Blue Star the Pleiadian ~

“The Eclectic Nature of the merging of Higher Dimensions that are happening NOW as Anastasis welcomes them and their Cyclical Changes”

6-12 to 8-25-2021

Caution from Celestial: Reading this transmission may increase your innate understandings and wisdom exponentially … once you understand what you read.

(Transmitted to Celestial Blue Star) Greetings to one and all; the gridline intersection has finally arrived when I as well as my Celestial daughter can publicly speak more freely. Today is a “much ado about much” day. Now, as busy as each of you ones are every day surely many of you have noticed strange changes going on around you. Hmm, considering that “strange” has become the new normal perhaps I should say…unusual happenings which suddenly seem to feel at times as “something is changing, now what the heck is it.” That honest question has so many answers it would take me a week to explain it. However I shall proceed to begin the beginnings of what you all need to know even though it is not possible to put all the information into just one transmission. I will be speaking much about Higher Frequencies, Higher Vibrations and Higher Dimensions this day. I must say that at times I have heard some mutterings about some of you not being able to understand what I am saying. Those people think it is my inability to explain things in a way they understand. That is far from the truth! It is their inability to truly grasp the meaning; however they CAN understand – IF they are really listening. Perhaps they should clean their ears!

Now, so much has already happened or is beginning to take place in this beginning of the June, 2021 period which you ones know nothing about consciously. Although there are those among you who have much insider information. And others such as my Celestial daughter who Walked-In to this planet with this information already intact and placed carefully into the matrix of her Soul until such time that permission was granted by The Creator for her to reveal this long-held secret. All the Universes and I do mean ALL of them have begun their Sacred migration which has brought them to connect with Anastasis through the process of integrating their Universes with the Earth Star planet’s Universe. This merging of all Universes has never happened before because it was unnecessary. NOW HOWEVER IT IS NOT ONLY NECESSARY BUT OF CRITICAL IMPORTANCE. I do understand that ordinary people here would be at a total loss to have even the least comprehension of what I am attempting to explain to you ones.

However, as long as you Advocates for Justice can either begin to try to understand this situation, or if you are able to accept the fact that the Earth Star planet is now part of a larger whole which is joined by an even LARGER whole, one that has NO size it is limitless, then this transmission will make sense to you. For indeed this is what began to occur 2.1 years ago at a slow and subtle rate of speed. No doubt if you ones really remembered how many, MANY Universes there are you would better be able to handle the vastness of this co-merging. The true emergence of the Earth Star planet as the Resurrection Influencer of Cyclical Changes affecting all of humanity is truly the only viable planet and Universe where this could take place. In one manner or another all of humanity will be affected. Remember please; I did warn you ones that both the worst and the best of all energetic masses would reach a terrible key moment resulting in amoral combat as the worst of the darkest of the dark energies collide with righteous energies. The worst in people and the best in other people is already beginning to occur.  I warn you ALL … do not become a follower of the fickle finger of illusions.

There is no middle road here; that was taken away from the peoples here a long time ago. Too many people fell asleep in their comfort zones; so the choices were made by The Creator. Many people who live clueless lives are living in an elective state of being. It is important that you ones remember that! Please try to grasp the fact that all Universes are here with us now. This also means that the Semantics of all MULTI-UNIVERSAL symbols of unspoken languages is vastly important to you ones now. LEARN to KNOW the MULTI-Universal interrelationships between ALL symbols and what they truly are representative of. Being a Seer, a Clairvoyant, a Clairsentient, a Clairaudient, a Visionary surrounded by people who cannot see, cannot HEAR is most difficult for those gifted people indeed. Therefore all these gifted peoples and YOU yourselves MUST have the courage of your convictions. Or all is lost for you; never to be regained again. Yes chelas, you are all on “the hot-seat.”  We kept it warm for you.

This mergence of all Universes with Earth’s own spatial astronomical location now is difficult to describe to any initiates. It means that people who are just now being newly introduced to TRUTH and TRUE reality could not really handle the truth before. They never knew the reality of what life really is. Let alone what life’s “destination” is. So it is that many, many alternating changes have been occurring here on the Earth Star planet most especially since the beginning of the April-May periods of 2019. Many magnetic storms led by the Creator Processing and sanctioned BY The Creator, began their new transit. They began laying out a schematic type of Creating “corridors” whereas they could most easily but safely for Anastasis, begin traipsing throughout this world, this Universe. Their purpose was multifold.

The Creator had already decided which routes they should each take so they followed those routes while slowly but diligently seeding different refractions of light to aid in dispersing tiny finite masses of charged particles of the Sun’s magnetic fields. It does temporarily disturb the Earth’s magnetic field; however this step was but one of many required in order to begin a new alignment process for this entire planet. Yes, at times this created a shake, rattle and roll effect which materialized in awesome forms of electrical storms and fearsome winds. This is an ongoing process much needed for transmuting the deadly gaseous matter humankind was responsible for making. So now atmospheric and ionospheric matter is being Created in a Cyclical Change process and changing it all into new adaptable energies necessary for bringing new life to this planet. This is a stringent co-Creative alliance of the Mercury (mercurial) energy bombarding this planet with the “predictable unpredictable” energies of Eternal Life which are warning peoples to expect the unexpected at all times and BE Prepared for it!  This is a long-term “in your face” reality. This also is aiding in assisting SOME peoples who are here in their Advocacy roles who are working HARD to contribute to the eternally flowing Jesus THE Christ Consciousness and for all those new generations of ancient SOULS who will “garden” this new world.

You see Advocates; in order for this complex but wonderful merging to take place ALL Universes needed to contribute what each Luminescent of each Universe considered to be their individual Universe’s best of their best of new Cyclical Changes. Briefly stated it allowed ever so much quantum masses of each strain of pure energy sent by each Universe to arrive here in sequential stages so as not to disturb any more of the Earth than had already taken place by the hands of humankind. The Luminescents performed a delicate maneuver indeed. Even during these skillful but subtle maneuvers however people who were evolved and those who were slowly evolving became sensitized in different ways. You see, it was of spatial-sensitive importance that nary a single blade of grass or drop of the rapidly disappearing water here were overlooked.

With or without your conscious knowledge even the mountains have been shifting and of course the axis of the Earth is aturning in stages.  Multitudes of earthquakes far beyond the depth or measurement of quakes needed to simply release noxious gasses has increased tenfold. ALL must be in a symmetrical molecular and newly balanced alignment with all energies the Luminescents have brought with them here to Anastasis. Our David refers to all which the Luminescents have brought here to Anastasis as “Luminesentism.” You shall understand that better shortly. David, I give you an “attaboy!” We off-world Star Keepers are aiding the Changes with assisting in the raising of ancient landmasses from FAR beneath the waters and moving them to different locales so they can go ahead and be raised yet again and become new landmasses, new continents.

New Cratonic movements are causing much shifting beneath the ground. The Tectonic plates are being carefully moved. Ergo the necessity for much volcanic activity … with more to come. All MUST change; nothing can remain the same. Although The Luminescents along with Anastasis are working in tandem to prevent the least amount of damages and death as is possible to do; there are always those peoples who insist on tempting fate and going into places they have no right to be in. Even worse and most disparaging are the peoples who MINDS go into places they have no right to be in. Their minds are withering for they ALLOWED their free-expression to override their Soul Voice and their intuition.

Now, you ones must remember that in the world of illusions far too many men and even far more too many women have sexed their way to the top. Little do they realize that the “top” is really the bottom of the bottomless barrel. It was ridiculous of any people who believed erroneously that they could commit the same types of mistakes over and over and over again while expecting different results. They did so ad nauseam without expecting the day to arrive when The Creator said “Stop – enough is enough and I have had enough.” So Advocates; do you ones honestly believe that those types of peoples have even a smidgen of an idea that “something is changing here?” You ones absolutely must remember what I just told you; you ones MUST achieve an understanding that your free-expression CAN and DOES override your Soul Voice AND your intuition whenever you allow it to! I simply cannot express harshly enough the dangers a person places themselves in  and the other people they may influence because of the demise of their intuition and the utter silence experienced by Soul Voice each time a person does that! Do you see?

THIS chelas is exactly what evil WANTS a person to do!! When that occurs and it does so a lot, it is then that evil holds you by “the short hairs.” Those peoples have been bought and sold and are not smart enough to even know it! Give thanks here to the largesse of The Hand of God which has been cutting a large swath between the clean peoples and the unclean peoples here. Souls take heed – the emancipation of all good Souls is NOW at hand. Take your STAND and hold on tight please! You are going to need all your wits around you; keep them in activated motion and STAY THE COURSE. In the recent past you felt that you were on a wild roller coaster ride; well chelas this time you will be flying through the air and at times feel as though you are free-falling WITHOUT the roller coaster to hold on to. Extreme highs, extreme lows and extreme extremes will challenge you and test your beliefs BIG TIME. So buckle up your Power of Mind Advocates, all Heaven is about to break loose in a manner you could not have even imagined!

Regardless of who you are or where you are from, all that initially began slowly back in April-May of 2019 has as of May 17-18 2021 begun to hit the proverbial fan with a huge boom, similar to the sonic type noises so many of you are hearing lately. A difficult birthing quagmire of bringing into life an event which was its own child full born and complete took place. This was the long awaited event of revelations producing MAJOR Cyclical Changes. This “birth” took place and erupted loudly in the evening of May 17th.., 2021. This was both a “cause and effect” situation. As a result of all that truly began occurring then, the effect that was the cause of this result was that mayhem had hurriedly risen its underbelly and has been plotting its attacks of the truly unclean to clash with good righteous peoples in a violent evil fashion unlike the previous attacks. And to continue to fool the people into believing in false prophets yet again was and IS their goal. May 18th.., 2021 began “The Countdown to Infinity.”

I would need to write this a million times, at which point my Celestial daughter would not be too happy with me, but LISTEN UP PLEASE! Many demanding situations will beset you over and over again until about August-September of 2026. You will be confronted repeatedly by every type of unusual actions that so many will take that will in one way or another affect you IF you allow it to. Much testing of your mettle will occur pretty much on a daily or nightly basis. The truest test of a person is how they handle power. Hold on tightly to yours … you are going to need it! You MUST have endurance and strength of character. You must have the abilities to STAND and to have an outgoing persona while staunchly maintaining your Spirituality in order to succeed in spite of all that is going on around you. Think of it this way—you are living in a huge house that is being nosily remodeled WHILE you are living in it … deal with it!

Now, I have given you ones as much background information as I believe MOST of you can handle. I said, “most.” When I have adjudged that you are capable of understanding more THEN and only THEN I will speak to you about it. So, if I now have your attention then I ask you to really focus on what all I must explain. It is commonplace to use the terms, “Higher Dimensions, Higher Frequencies and Higher Vibrations.” However, I must burst your bubble yet again. I tell you this in advance because the next time you hear someone remark, “there is nothing new under the Sun,” smile and walk away. FAR away. Higher Dimensions are not really a catchall wording. They really do exist but not perhaps the way many peoples think. The Higher Dimensions are really individual REALMS of the states of, levels of and stages of FORMS of HIGHER (Super) Consciousnesses. Example: this planet reveled in 1, 2, and 3 dimensions since “forever ago.” One’s consciousness can not readily evolve when surrounded with lower-based consciousnesses people, do you see?  Again and again I will use the terms “oil and water” as the easiest most common way to show you how certain things simply can not mix together. Yes, there are many, far too many peoples here of all races who are still allowing themselves to remain stuck in the 2nd. and first dimensions.

Although you should already be well aware of the people who inhabit the third-dimension and are complacent about being there. That of course is their own choice. The idea of trying to have those other peoples to evolve to Higher forms of themselves meant millions of them could save themselves from the infidels who feed upon them. Also, it would have allowed EVERY human Being from EVERY race to evolve and thus become a better person and in time a truer Soul-identity. This was one of the pivotal reasons why the former manner of reincarnation was founded. However, as you know that too had to change. Change is CONSTANT remember? When the vast numbers of Souls leaving the planet who absolutely were not going to change, and were not interested in evolving played out their hand, it was clearly seen and sadly understood that they enormously outnumbered the Souls who passed over who still WANTED to evolve through reincarnation. Then it was obvious that the Soul groupings needed to be culled.

It was then that by simply looking at their Soul history and seeing which Souls were good examples or even some that were great examples of their Soul Clusters, that the decisions were made on which ones Divinity would work with by assisting them to evolve and which ones HAD to be let go of. All Souls had to play the hand they were dealt. The Creator is the Dealer but each Soul had free-expression here to play the role they had been given OR once again … for the final time now … leave the planet for they had cast their own die. Thus the birthing of Anastasis came into reality; she is not a whim or a wish. She is reality.

So, understand please that each of the multi-Universes in existence and those yet to be, are all inhabited by Souls who live in Higher Dimensions. A Higher Dimension is a state and level of Super Consciousnesses. As of right now there are a total of between 22 and 26 Higher Dimensional realms which Souls LIVE IN because they are living in Higher States of Consciousnesses at all times! These Souls are Higher States of Consciousnesses. Each of these realms are incalculably large; seemingly endless. Of course a Soul who for example lives in the 12th. Dimensional realm may have that ability to sustain that grade in life, yet the 12th. Dimensional state of Super Consciousness could have a 10th. stage of Soul maturity, yet could have a 9th. level of personal Soul achievement. It means that over spatial periods that Soul will be able to raise its Soul maturity as well as its level of personal evolvement to COMPLETELY match, be the equal, of the 12th. Dimensional Realm. Do you see? The level of your consciousness here is defined by many things however. It is about how you ones live your lives here; can you teach by example, do you yourself live up to your own teachings, do you play the role you have been given, do you play the hand you have been dealt, do you accept constructive criticism from those who know more than you do?

Because each of those Multi-Universes ALL have their own measurements of levels of Higher (Super) Consciousnesses, each Multi-Universe can have billions of Souls as incoming Souls who want to raise their Super Consciousnesses to even Higher Dimensions, BUT on different scales than the Universe the Souls just departed. The scales of Justice are balanced; yet they are limitless. Higher Levels of Super Consciousnesses, of Higher Dimensions are your goal; they are what define you each as “SOUL Absolute full-born and complete.” At this present state and stages of your mortal lives extrapolation of the summation of your present life relies entirely on you. Each day of your lives now can be a new starting point; why not see for yourself how much you can bring into physical manifestation as Higher Dimension to live by and WITH. You can do this you know.

Now, Higher Vibrations and Higher Frequencies do accompany EACH Higher Dimensional Being. All these types of vibrations and frequencies are the EQUAL non-matter of the equation of EACH Higher Dimension.  All things absolutely MUST be the equal part of the corresponding Higher Dimensions. None can be out of sync with any of the other aspects of the Dimensions or of Higher Dimensional life.  So, basically all Higher Dimensions are Higher levels of Super Consciousnesses. This is one pivotal reason that those who walk among you whether they are Walk-Ins or Star Seeds who actually are VERY High Dimensional Beings, are sought out so much by not very intelligent evil beings and exposed to terrible psyche attacks and near-lethal physical attacks. So it is that these tend to result in many Near Death Encounters. Ergo these Souls must be on-guard at ALL times! They can not let their guard down for any reason. It is not an easy life for them BUT they live it well. WE were prepared for all those deleterious actions to take place and to WHOM and so are they. Now, each Higher Vibration, each Higher Frequency possesses its own tonal quality; its own tonal sound. The sounds are a compilation of melodic and harmonic sounds which exist between the tones of a type of a musical scale. They are also of a particular scale which corresponds to other scales that are similar in a key they are played in. They are also part of a system of other tones in other tonal keys which are familial in a sense to Souls who had been Created, had birthed all at the same nano-moment.

The Frequencies and Vibrations rely on one another to perfectly play and SOUND the harmonic music of the Ageless which complement each of the Higher Dimensional Beings AND those Dimensions themselves. There are quite literally trillions and trillions of Higher Vibrations and Frequencies just as there are trillions and trillions of Higher Dimensional Beings – Souls. These Frequencies and Vibrations are as old as The Creator. They have NO end. They are Eternal. The full complement of Higher Vibrations and Higher Frequencies are indeed a part of all Higher Dimensions and Higher Dimensional Beings. Each tonal quality has its own pitch and high level of “cold” qualities. This simply means that these qualities are intense and strong but in a controlled way. Each Higher Vibration and Higher Frequency are the same; meaning their essence and their compilation are the same yet each is different as well.

None of you Advocates here can possibly equate those sounds to any Earth sounds. Your musical scales here are at best “quaint.” Each Higher Dimensional Being who is off-world carries of course all these qualities with them at all times. Advocates: all Higher Dimensional Beings are alive and actually ARE Higher levels of Consciousnesses. When you speak of Higher Dimensions how many of you ones even knew you were speaking of ACTUAL Living Beings composed of Pure Higher Consciousnesses? Hmm, that’s what I thought! Pure Higher Consciousnesses does not need a physical body to wear. Therefore all any of you ones would be able to see is incredibly BRIGHT PURE white Light where you might imagine a human would be.

Now, YOU are currently beginning the beginning of living in periods of “High Strangeness” while Anastasis is extending all parts of herself and formatting a combined energy-fold which reaches out to each of the Multiverses now here and she embraces them with great joy. She and they spend 24 hours a day connecting with all parts of the Earth Star planet and restudying each person of each race. They are also looking to see for the last time which parts of this world can be saved and which can not. All landmasses and waterways which humankind has caused the most damage to are now being rendered as totally unsafe and seriously dangerous for any lifeforms to migrate to. Those places must … “change.”  Now Moon is hurling her own magnetic currents into the charged atmosphere and even into the ionosphere. She and the orbs which revolve with her are “on a mission.” Moon and more magnetics of both the Sun and Moon are dancing into the wind.

Meanwhile, you REALLY better understand that Higher Dimensions are always Creating new Cyclical Changes as are the Higher Dimensional Souls. It is their Frequencies and Vibrations which form Changes and the Cyclical Changes then are polarized by all the VOICES of Cyclical Changes here and off-world as well. Each VOICE carries its own indelible signature; its own unique frequency and vibration which coalesce with all the Higher Vibrations and Frequencies. And that dear Chelas are miracles in action.

Now, millions and millions of peoples here of ALL races are beginning to be “Saturnized.” Saturn is “The Great Teacher” who sheds his skin WHEN NEEDED and then distributes MANY needed lessons and sometimes harsh lessons as well as “Justice Rewards.” This is part of what Saturn does, you know. Let me just say, “Saturn is SHEDDING A LOT!”  Meanwhile evil’s last bastion is as always those people here who are the weakest links of humanity. And there are millions of them. Yes, those darkest of the dark energies that are hiding in plain sight are gorging themselves now on even goodhearted peoples who have fallen by the wayside. These evil ones have only those fallen ones they can use against truly good peoples. But remember, when a dangerous animal is cornered they scream in fury like a banshee …. So watch your back and NEVER fall from grace. This time, if the cornered evil ones do not get you then the magnetics of the obstacles which are posed here will. Mass consciousness peoples can not be warned. They would not listen anyway.

5-7 years ago on a very slow usually subtle WAVE of speed, one of the most pivotal of the beginning Cyclical Changes began here. A particular new density which effectively blocks sound from rising to the ionosphere began its PERMANENT sojourn here on the Earth Star planet. That was when Celest and our David immediately noticed the major difference in sound and its effective manner of being a block but appearing to be just air but NOT air. This was the beginning of “The Great Quietude.” Flying creatures were affected by it as well as all other lifeforms and especially the landmasses themselves. Ordinary people … not so much. What happens is especially now that the Quietude is safely ensconced over this planet, it is outside no matter where a person lives, over and above the ordinary traffic noises, screeching sirens etc., is the SOUND of SILENCE. Nary a sound to be heard. We have heard many peoples equate this non-sound with the quietness which occurs in very large empty cathedrals. People have and still are finding themselves lowering their voices almost to whispers many times as if they actually were in a cathedral. No, this quietness will not go away. Even when thunder is rumbling, beyond the noise is the quietness. All you need do to hear this for yourselves is to LISTEN. Now however this quietness is always alive and well and living inside your homes. Retrain your thoughts and your EARS people! This was the very first step taken which led up to the beginning of some of the most important Cyclical Changes you have had up to this date. Either ignore outside disturbances until they pass or wait until they do and then LISTEN. For the last 2 years in particular a huge block of dark thoughts and darker agendas had taken form and reshaped into an enormous object; it is a swarm of darkness which was unable to cut through the Great Quietude and go out to other areas. The Great Quietude is exactly what exists OFF-WORLD!

So between the evening hours back then of 8pm until around 10pm, in all time zones, were the periods when these energies were the densest. This massive “silent scream” would pass through the air in a prolonged sweeping fashion causing millions of people here to become edgy, angry, irritable, feel tiny aches and pains and be downright miserable. Sometimes people become violent or exhibit violent behavior. They were no fun to be around either! The worst of the worst of the evilest energies which voraciously fed on humankind and the utter pain and defeat experienced by those peoples is also contained within this scream. Now as of 2 weeks ago that time period has altered. It is right now from 5pm to 10-11pm when that swarm tries to settle in. Celestial and our David have been warning people to always immediately recite for themselves The Jesus THE Christ Consciousness Mantra and poof the swarm leaves for the night. Otherwise …..  This is a purely mental, emotional, physical and Spiritual response you feel when being confronted by those dark energies. The intensity of those energies will increase so please do what you need to, to keep it away from you. Do not be surprised if you notice your animals acting strangely. They too can be affected but YOU can stop it. One day the silent scream will be no more. For the screamers will be … gone. But not forgotten.

NOW, of prime importance – you are each expected to call in All Good Souls to unite with us NOW. In a while Celestial will explain all of the details to you. She has been champing at the bit for many, many years waiting to tell you that she can now reveal the secret to you. The periods so many good Souls have awaited for millenniums are finally at hand. To believe that the Luminescents would leave their chosen emissaries to dangle in the wind goes against all natural justice and THAT is not permitted!  “Calling all good Souls to unite with you now” is NOT a suggestion, it is an absolute! This “absolute;” which in particular is this call for Unity, literally far exceeds any limitations. This call possesses unlimited power. Use it, it may save your life! My Celestial daughter has much to say about this present-future gridline intersection which you have all entered into. Her information which was kept secret for many, MANY millenniums comes from the inner sanctums of All That Is.

Oh, by the way The Luminescents just asked me to tell you that for a long time now Celest and David have been singing a few lyrics of a song to them; “I’m having the time of my life and I owe it all to you.”  The Luminescents reply to Celest and David by singing it back to them and end with “So say We all.” See Advocates; it is all a matter of perspective.


Greetings everyone; especially to all of our beloved Advocates for Justice. I am Celestial now writing my part in this transmission. There are times or long periods in each lifetime that I have ever had when certain extraordinary circumstances are Created in order to preserve yet honor all those good Souls who have worked so hard and given up so much to be the difference. Yet walking among mortals here on Anastasis  I see so many who have given nothing but taken everything, it is just so disheartening to me. It seems like “forever ago” when I had to simply accept the FACT that I would always be plagued with becoming disappointed in people. It just never becomes any easier when that occurs; but David and I recently were speaking with a beloved friend of ours about “disappointments with people.” Several weeks before this conversation another person David and I knew very well had fallen off the path and did not even realize it. We were loath to explain that to this particular former friend. She was either going to “get it” or not. As we explained that situation to the beloved friend of ours, I told her that major disappointments in others are something that she too would need to accept and then let go of the person who was disappointing her. Some disappointments are so extreme that they are far beyond the term “disappointment.” The disappointments are beyond redemption. After searching diligently a long time ago I resolved that matter of dealing with those disappointments by locating a special “reserve; a massive void” which exists in a different realm. This void has no bottom and seems to have neither an end to it nor a beginning. That is the special place where I send all those disappointment energetic masses and I have no need to cope with them again. Poof, they disappear.

But today and NOW I am here to explain briefly what you need to do and WHY. The when is “NOW” and every day. Do not FAIL yourself this is far too important for other good Souls to become disappointed in you! So very, very long ago The Creator aided by all the Luminescents and the Avatars began selecting SPECIFIC Souls to form a massive grouping of Souls who would immediately begin the journey to Anastasis when a certain APPOINTED gridline intersection appeared. And so it has been per the instructions of The Creator that every generation that has ever been on Earth has been culled and the Souls who would be needed here added themselves to the grouping of selected Souls. Well everyone, welcome to the Infinite Party! It will soon become apparent to all of you of the vast importance of Soul with Soul and Soul to Soul contact and HOW this relates to you.

Due to the wondrous diligence and maintenance of the goodhearted peoples here who aided in Creating new Dimensional and Inter-Dimensional Doorways much had been set into activated motion.  They enabled ALL Divine Beings to travel through the Doorways which connect to Anastasis from EACH of all the Universes. Also, the good Souls began traveling HERE to commence their good works; although at first they only arrived a few at a time, ALL that has changed now. For years I have mentioned several dozen tines in public that I wanted people to Call in all good Souls to unite now. I did not alert people to WHY they should do this. I expect people to understand that when I ask them to do something, it IS important – I do not dally with impotent information or Spiritually impotent people!

Now however, I am so thrilled to be permitted to tell you that a virtual flood of good Souls from ALL Dimensions, from ALL Super consciousnesses especially the HIGHER Dimensions are arriving here in every nano-moment. It is simply impossible to give you any numbers; they far exceed any numerical values you have. I have been calling them in since 1990. They did respond even though the Doorways of today were not available to them, so they took the long way around. For many reasons of safety they were only permitted to enter here a few at a time. You simply cannot imagine the glee and pure joy I experience watching them now. I Created a title a few months ago of a Mantra for calling them in. It is simply called The Mantra for all Good Souls.

Their goals are massive and YES, in the name of all good Souls, I, we, ask for your help! I ask you all to learn, memorize if necessary, “I am calling in all Good Souls to unite with us NOW. I ask them to align with each of us heart to heart, mind to mind and Soul to Soul. This Sacred alliance brings its own wondrous Higher Dimensional Frequencies and Vibrations to assist us all in the greatest fight for life eternal by our using Power of SOUL and PURE LOVE as we willingly combat the greatest challenge we have ever encountered, for the benefit of ALL good Souls everywhere.” Then after I gave the Mantra a simple title suddenly new music began to play. Now, David and I hear it all the time and laugh as we watch the Souls coming down the Doorways. On April 20th. 2021, the incoming Souls joined us in laughter and play as they gave us a new song for US to sing along with them. What they did was so charming and yet so understandable. They took a few lyrics from an old song, changed the words but kept the musical beat and we watched them entering everywhere. The old song with changes is “When the Saints come marching in … oh when the saints come marching in …you want to be in that number when the Saints come marching in.”

The new lyrics are “Now as the Saints are marching in, now as the Saints are marching in … you are in their number as the Saints are now marching in.” The music is upbeat and lighthearted considering the awesome missions they are on. They will protect all other good Souls and stave off invasive attacks while alerting other Soul Voices of information they many need. They bring with them Higher forms of Cyclical Changes knowledge and they are meeting with so many, many of us and hugging us. For this endless influx to have arrived any sooner would have been a huge mistake! Their power must not be violated. They have asked me to tell all of you that when you hear their song in your head KNOW that they are speaking with YOU. All these Souls are heavily guarded by amazing warrior Avatars. Advocates you ALL have been asking for unlimited help. Well NOW it is here. Cherish them; love them and CALL THEM IN EVERY DAY.

I feel very honored to have been the one to work with them all these years and to love them each. One and all. You too should begin to feel honored. I expect you ALL to do your part now. Now please, damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead … nothing and no-thing can stop us now.

In peace and in gratitude …. Celestial Blue Star

Well chelas, I think we have said enough for this day. Now DO YOUR HOMEWORK. I am signing off for now ///

Salude … Blue Star the Pleiadian … I am meeting Celestial and our David and we are going up the down staircase.

“There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there.” … Blue Star the Pleiadian

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