As Heaven and Nature Sings and Worlds Collide

The Blue Star Transmissions

~ Blue Star the Pleiadian ~

 As Heaven and Nature Sings and Worlds Collide

12-22-2017 to 2-25-2018

(Transmitted to Celestial Blue Star) Greetings to all you ones; particularly to all Advocates for Justice! Now, this holiday season that heralds in the New Year of 2018, will be one that the world here shall never forget. While so many of you peoples around this world have been partying heartily while others suffer greatly, it is the goodhearted ones who are earning their accolades by simply doing what they can, when they can, to assist those whose need of Spiritual Counseling and Spiritual Teaching is reaching its zenith who are the ONES WE have been waiting for! We, and I do speak for all our Star Keeper Forces, have felt great delight in watching over all our descendents whose sojourn here on the Earth Star planet has centered around the counseling and teaching needed and requested per Soul Agreements. This has been accomplished and understood to be a definitive means of raising each Soul whose personality is untainted or in some cases less tainted than many others, and assisting them in achieving Their destinies.

Now, for these ones to do any less than their Spiritual best in assisting all others would be unheard of! These are the Spirits of the Advocates for Justice; these are the truest of all Jesus’ Disciples; these are the ones who are Spiritually, mentally and physically raising their own vibrations, And that dear Children is when EAST MEETS WEST.  Simply stated; this is when all those peoples who reside on ANY part of this world telepathically meld their own frequencies and vibrations with all other peoples everywhere on this Earth. Terra herself is a vast conductor of highly placed dimensional vibrations and Light – among other things. Because she is who and what she is, she naturally gravitates to the goodhearted peoples while she spins and twirls alongside organized chaos and causes disorganized chaos to twirl madly while disorganized chaos in this sense is “cutting off its own head.” All vipers can do that while the serpents of Light gladly scatter the remains of the vipers and crush them into finite ash. Non-metaphorically speaking, think of the vipers as badly tainted peoples and the serpents of Light as the Advocates for Justice.

You see Planetizens, each one of you has been waiting, at times with heavy hearts, for the ones to arrive here to the Earth Star planet and change things here for the better. In the humble and innocent Spirit which all Advocates have and the fact that for ever so long certain filters had to be placed on their memory banks and on their recognition factors, that all but a very few Advocates knew that THEY themselves were all the ones they had been waiting for. Now, I ask you each to remember please that this filtering action of the Creator and all the Luminescents’ was most necessary; not only to protect the Advocates themselves but to protect all other good peoples while each male and female relearned and slowly remembered that they had to await a spatial gridline intersection which would allow them each to remember, remember, remember. It has been in the Spirit of Greatness and in Honor of each of you Advocates that this had to be accomplished in this manner. NOW you have raised your moxy level while you have been uprooting your fears. NOW you ARE ready!

Heaven and Nature are most decidedly singing and are the bearers of the Winds of Change. There are far too many of you Advocates here now for the dark riders to simply congregate as a torrid mass and overtake you all, for the dark energies KNOW they are in big doo-doo. Now, I ask you ones to take that statement as a compliment please. For the dark knows that regardless of what your capabilities may be physically, Spiritually you can not be corrupted; you can not be compromised. Obviously it has been necessary to tell some Advocates to “return home.” This was indeed because they simply could not muster the true inner strength and 100% conviction they were required to have and to hold dear to, in order to be of assistance as Heaven and Nature sings. It would have been painfully difficult for them and they could not walk their talk. In time, when those Souls have matured more, they will be needed here.

The few Advocates amongst you all who did know well in advance of all that would occur here and how much and how many of humanity would fail themselves, had to be in total acceptance of KNOWING when to speak of such things and when not to. I assure you all that was not easy for them to bear. But it was not intended to be. In order for these few to be able to cope with these situations they first had to be fearless. Being fearless required that they would be placed in very physically dangerous places among very dangerous peoples. Although they were constantly monitored by us and by all of Divinity and protection was available at all times, they HAD of necessity as Co-Creators to be ready, willing and able to STAND and fight – but without fear. Yes indeed, in many ways this was a testing of their mettle; not for the purposes of living arrogantly, but it was because when the gridline intersection arrived THEY HAD TO BE READY! Tell me Advocates, what good would they have accomplished here teaching you and working with you while still protecting you ones, if they were any lesser persons?

This is why these ones have placed all Advocates on “the fast track” now. I will only name my Celestial daughter and our David as part of the few. It is part of their destinies to be named while the rest of the few MUST remain hidden in plain sight. Now, it is because you are rushing into 2018 and of course enjoying some holiday time, good friendships and many of you are participating in the Spirit of helping others that many peoples forget about a few fundamentals such as paying closer attention to Terra. How many peoples notice the great unusual quietness which seems to overtake the Earth?  How many peoples can listen and hear the singing that seems to be coming from Higher Dimensions? How many peoples look up and observe the Dimensional Doorways? The greater the periods of sudden quietness the louder the singing begins. Now, you see Advocates it is during these periods that the collisions of worlds slowly accelerates. The world of disorganized chaos and the world of organized chaos is battling either for the taking over of good Souls or for the protection of all good Souls. You should be able to tell which world is doing what! Now, another matter you are not aware of is that when these periods of quietness and singing occur, on Super Conscious levels all Advocates are receiving messages from Divinity through The Song of All Songs!

Always pay attention to the songs you HEAR, for they are words and messages for you to know about. When I tell you ones that “each person is a world and that if each person saved their own world there would have been no world that needed to be saved,” will you understand? Celestial and our David believe that you do. Remember please that you can do this consciously as well as Super Consciously: sing a song, hum a ditty, use your own words and melodies and CREATE a song. All those songs, hums and so forth will interconnect with all the good thoughts that goodhearted people have, and in that manner you too will be joining in as Heaven and Nature sings! Now also please to remember that as the Song is sung above you, you will be contributing to the effect organized chaos has as it fights for right and for your freedom.

Now, sadly most of humanity, even people who are by nature goodhearted are still unwilling to accept the fact that change is vital and that change is immanent. This is a bit of God Code for you ones; with God’s permission of course. So it is that many peoples will appear to be caught up in frays that they had no part in. Of course they will be unaware of their Soul Agreements but that is all right too. What is not all right is for any of you Advocates to feel fear! That is akin to hanging out a “vacancy here” sign. The dark riders although fighting for their lives, are adept at seeing any provocative signs that an Advocate is waning. When and IF you feel helpless or truly frustrated simply call upon any of us and we will respond immediately. Hmmm, I think I will give you an example of what I do not want you to do. Even though my Celestial daughter is squirming I will tell you ones anyway.

Briefly stated when she and our David began the first God Book and David was inside working on a writing, Celestial went outside and immediately saw that she was intended by the dark ones to be immediately and completely engulfed in flames. She was thrown roughly aside away from the flames she saw and although she suffered second degree burns completely covering her right hand down to her wrist, she was very angry. So angry that she screamed at the top of her voice, “You shall not stop me!” Now, the very vibration and frequency she chose to use would have effectively destroyed the dark rider had it not already been destroyed by us. The reason I ask you NOT to do that is because you are not ready to do so yet. Just rely on us, ok? Oh, by the way the next morning with her hand well bandaged by David she was back to work on the first God Book.

Now, the closer you come to 2018 the more havoc you will all need to cope with. I ask you Advocates to sing as you have never sung before and remain staunch in Spirit for you can do no wrong. I will take my leave now, just remember to issue the call and I and the others will respond!

Salude and my gratitude for all that you have chosen to be. Blue Star the Pleiadian

“There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there.” … Blue Star the Pleiadian

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