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The Best in People …

The Worst in People …

In the NOW NEW NORMAL Life on the Earth Star Planet

4-25 to 6-25-2020

(Transmitted to Celestial Blue Star) Good day Advocates and other Planetizens everywhere. I have taken time off from searching for intelligent life in order to write this transmission. Much needs to be discussed this day in this particular document for the time is NOW for you to know. Now, long ago when you were each but a twinkle in the eye of the Luminescents, The Divine Plan had already been set into activated motion for all Star Keeper Forces and 95% of ALL Avatars to begin their selection process of replacing all the worn-out exhausted forces of Light which had been battling the dark agenda makers and their dark riders. Because of these circumstances the selection process then began in earnest. Due to the fact that these time periods had been the earliest of times; communications between different human races was sparse at best and incomprehensible at worst.

Dealing with those situations had taken a toll on our Light Warriors who had to simultaneously battle the dark riders while trying to maintain the lives of humans here. You see Children; much of what you have forgotten in this present incarnation of yours is the gruesome black web of deceit and illusions which had been the beginning of diseases and illnesses. Although it had been quite predictable to us what the dark’s initial idea would be, their ideas materialized as a reign of terror which is still ongoing. Yes, of course we knew this would take place; it was NEVER an “if” it would happen it was always a “when” it would happen. They began by first playing with different bacteria etc. in order for them to find the best awful way of controlling human races while still committing genocide and causing humanity overall to allow themselves to be controlled by the dark. It was so easy for them to accomplish this and so difficult for us to counterattack and to be counter-offensive without worsening the situation.

So it was that we and all the Multiverses’ scientists began to Create things that were in direct opposition to what the dark ones were doing, thereby making their deadly plans much less effective than they had been intended to be. This was when the concept of The Creator writing a new Universal Law came into effect. So we began holding the dark ones at bay by refusing to allow them to Create anything NEW, rather they could only recreate or be completely destroyed even though it would have caused the deaths of many, MANY human Beings as well. This Law became written in blood, not in stone. The Illuminati knew perfectly well that we would have followed through and completely destroyed every one of them even though the death toll of humanity would have been massive.

Although it was necessary to completely destroy the dark planet they had been living on, the ones who survived that holocaust which caused them to scatter in all directions, began a settlement here on the Earth Star planet. Although they were few in number back then it was only a matter of a short span of time when they realized that so many Earthizens were easier for them to control than it was to try to confront our Star Keeper Forces. That was the time period when they were not only taking over the minds of the earlier human races; they bred with them as well.

They did not yet during those periods have the knowledge that the positioning in space continuums of the then future would mean that Earth was the only planet that would ever be the perfect one to interact and inter-position with ALL other Universes. The Earth Star Planet would evolve and become the planet that had to be destroyed in order for the Illuminati to seize ALL Universes and destroy ALL lifeforms except their own. The planet we were forced to destroy had the original laboratory of theirs where the various forms of interdependent organisms were developed. Just enough of their scientists left the dark planet and were able to bring their vial-type samples with them to Terra and this is how the decadent diseases were made and the horrors began. Here they remained in a well-hidden place in the landmass known today as Europe.

Now, here is where YET AGAIN I must remind you ones that no diseases, no illnesses were EVER NATURAL!!! They have ALWAYS been manufactured in laboratories. As many times as I have told you this, as Celestial and our David have told you, as the Luminescent of this Universe, the One you call GOD has told you ones this, how can it be possible for any of you ESPECIALLY Advocates for Justice, believe otherwise?? Has everyone who has been told this ad nauseam become suddenly daft? Or, even worse is FEAR again raising its illusionary head in your intellect? Get a grip NOW peoples; for the worst is yet to come. Before we move on and later on today continue with this part of my dissertation which will be “understanding is vital,” there are still other things to discuss with you. Let us see how attentive you will be.

One of the most heartwarming scenes taking place all over this world is the great numbers of goodhearted peoples setting aside their own fears and actually helping other people. These instances are not only when the best in people are clearly defined and delineated and show how life should be ON A DAILY BASIS, these are episodes that are not of the ordinary way life has been being lived here. These goodhearted people risking their own health, their own lives, are preserving the humanity IN humanity. Even though they may not be aware of this they are exhibiting the Jesus THE Christ Consciousness in His evolving state of Being. All those who are connecting to others for the good of ALL peoples are walking their talk and STANDING in TRUTH. So, where is everyone else?

We can tell you ones that literally millions of humans are connecting to others they love and many even to perfect strangers via telephones, email and so forth. Now is the time for all races to exert their Power of Mind and send out all the right thoughts and mind-links all over this world. YES, you are not only permitted to do this we are all asking you to participate in the mind-linking phenomenon. Remember, you are ALL related! This is but another way of fighting on the front line. Surely you ones all realize this! This too is how the peoples show their TRUE colors. This is also how you can see the best in people. Because the battle we are ALL engaged in is so vitally important to and for ALL goodhearted peoples, many of you ones are being attacked in your dream states or during meditation periods. Especially children. So many good peoples’ minds are being violated. This should show you that whether you realize it or not YOU too are winning the war with us. The dark ones fear you now and this is a new thought-form for them. They fully expected everyone here to fall back into complacency AGAIN. You must remain very clear in your minds and staunch in your heartfelt emotions AND thoughts. You must consciously arrive at the understanding that there are many people you cannot save nor can we. We cannot save them from themselves. Nor would we ourselves try to.

By now you should all be aware of all the millions of people particularly young adults, who are openly defying the new health warnings and rules enacted as a measure of trying to curb the coronavirus. These are sad and pitiful instances of millions of people who care little for the welfare of others and consider this all to be a bad joke. These young adults lack respect for others especially those they consider “old.” Just consider the source and remember millions of these ones think anyone over 30 years old is OLD. Also as stupid as it may sound to you, those foolish peoples think they are invincible. In fact, NO ONE is. These foolish people have NO idea what is lurking and waiting for them right around the corner. Now do you yet better understand WHY we have been warning you for the last several years in particular, about why evolvement is so important and choosing the right path to take is vital to everyone? I would like to reassure all of you and say that all those silly, immature people will suddenly do an about-face and be able to be spared and yes, still help other people. However, I cannot say that. They will either die or live short lives as carriers of the virus. The lines of demarcation were drawn years ago and yet all of you had free expression to make your own choices. The identifiable separation of people has NOW taken place. So much could have been avoided here if all people ESPECIALLY those living mass-consciousness lifestyles, would have stopped with their “got to have, got to have” acquiring of possessions. And if they would have stopped rushing to all their “black Friday” sales which never seemed to have stopped any day of the week, and instead put away small amounts of non-perishable foodstuffs every month AND planted gardens. We simply could not get them to listen to us. Short of smacking them over the head to get their attention there was nothing more we could do. However that idea DID appeal to me … and still does!

Those who are being attacked in their night or day visions should know by now how to fight back and how to recite the Christ Consciousness Mantra. All people of ALL ages should be able to confide in other goodhearted people for advice. If that is truly impossible then simply call upon God, Jesus, Mary Magdalene or others you have faith in. There is nothing wrong with asking for help; it is stupidity NOT to. Remember, these are your lives you are fighting for, for your own life and other peoples’ as well. Yes, many of you are now permitted to see us, we who are Star Keeper Warrior Forces, and see that we are at your side and battling for you and for others as well. Those who can not yet see us, take heart. In time you shall. Do not react to others’ fears and illusions. This is NOT what life is about. Here is a reminder for you all of something that I originally stated on April 3, 2016, “It is not that life changes people it IS the people taking personal responsibility to change their lives that changes them. In this very real sense of my meaning; you then do not react to others’ changes, rather you Create your own changes and dance to the beat of a different drummer.”

Now, what you are not hearing about as the media struggles and scatters to present happy, happy, joy, joy news showing many of the wonderful acts that people of compassion and with NO ax to grind are indulging in, is the hate overwhelming many millions of good peoples. To date, the media have been forbidden to show you “the other side of the coin of life here.” However, you DO need to know about this; this is part of always knowing who or what the enemy is and how bad, bad can be for many innocents here. The worst in people is now at a fever pitch of utter violence towards those they claim to care the most about as well as to any strangers who get in the way. Behind the closed doors and shuttered windows of homes, condos, apartments and trailers, millions of good peoples are trapped and have nowhere to run. They are used to going out and working or shopping, going to bars, night clubs, visiting friends etc. Now they cannot. The worst in people is clearly seen because they are “pattern makers” NOT “pattern breakers.” As soon as their ROUTINES are shaken up, disorganized chaos ensues and all hell breaks loose. How many times have we warned all peoples to BREAK ROUTINES and NOT to be pattern makers? Do you see yet?

Single people feel very lonely, isolated and ignored and manage to align with the illusions cast towards them which cause them to believe they are being targeted by other people. This should show you how dependent one can become when they do not know how to be their own best friend. They cannot exist happily without that need to be with others. This is one reason why so many of them experience psyche attacks. Then there are the sad but true horrors ongoing when people who are in a relationship or a marriage situation have to be around each other all the time. It has become its own nightmare very quickly. When the relationships had already become very strained prior to the virus alerts the stay at home orders created emotional AND PHYSICAL pandemonium. These people have been engaged in acts of utter violence towards one another and rampant hatred levied against each other. Yes, of course all police of every type of peacekeeping forces there are, are more than “well-aware” of what else they have to deal with now. And the dark energies are chortling with delight for these are the peoples worldwide who make themselves easy marks for the dark takeover and its bloodlust.

So many, many goodhearted children find themselves trapped in these situations if they are living with their caretakers. Inevitably the violence either trickles down to infect the children or the children turn on their siblings, especially if they do not like them anyway. It does not help these horrid situations as the religious fanatics and those others who swear that these are “judgment days” are broadcasting their sick beliefs in any way they can. Far too many of these mentally and emotionally ill peoples truly believe in “the rapture.” How sad! Do not be misled, these people ARE very dangerous. Those among you ones who have been paying attention have noticed how many animal species seem to have disappeared.

I can tell you that their own great migration was forced to accelerate for their own good and hundreds of species of ALL their lifeforms have been picked up and taken off-world to a better place. Nearly all species of animal life whether those that fly, walk on the land, crawl on the land or live beneath the waterways are already being reeducated and will emerge at a better time without having any more viciousness or attacking others. Those were ingrained behavior patterns. Animals have always been easier to reeducate and retrain than human beings. Perhaps because they lack the “got to have” thoughts. People too however are being forced to accelerate their own migration and for the most part they are choosing rural areas. They still do not understand that they can run but they can not hide from the current virus. Those are the ones who are moving for the wrong reasons.

All of us who are Star Keeper Forces do understand the reasoning behind the MASSIVE amount of gun sales and other weaponry that is ongoing here. However, although we KNOW that you must protect yourselves and those you love for the police forces can not do that the way they want to, but use your head! Home invasions are on the rise but stop and think carefully BEFORE you shoot. Do not do anything rash simply because you are having a panic attack please.

Understanding is vital!

All right now, I shall return to where I left off earlier in this transmission. Now, throughout the history of this planet we have always had to carefully install many of our doctors’ and scientists and have them placed within the medical and scientific communities. In this manner they have always been able to surreptitiously work to destroy certain organisms that the dark ones were waiting to further develop. We had to protect their true identities and keep the people involved in these experiments safe in order for them to remain undetected and able to freely move inside the communities and change all that they could. This time is no exception.

Although you do not remember this in this current lifetime of yours, this sick behavior pattern the dark riders have of ALWAYS choosing a period here on the planet when they feel their time to strike humanity has once again arrived, they tend to repeat certain medical anomalies but do so in an upgraded way. Once they made the initial foray in perfecting life-threatening illnesses and diseases, MOST of all the other illnesses were much easier for them to make. The disease known as “the black death or the black plague” actually was released and became airborne almost immediately in the year 1215, NOT in the mid 1300’s as is popularly believed. Yes, times were different back then; less people and much more distance between countries etc. But that horrendous disease was but a testing ground and a training ground for the coronavirus of TODAY. BUT, the coronavirus has always been!

Long before the Black Death was released all the previous illnesses and diseases had been given to human beings by injection, food, drinking water and the abilities of the microorganisms to be airborne. The virus of today became airborne the very moment it was made. How did you think diabetes, cancer, tumors, and every other disease and illness you can think of began here anyway? The dark ones knew that once the initial infections took hold they would be passed on to hundreds and hundreds of future generations all over this world. It was back then that the unholy alignment between the disease makers and pharmaceuticals first began; even though during those times medicines were NOT made the way they are today and the peoples really did not know WHAT they were taking! YOU don’t know either!

So it was and still is that people around the world kept propagating and having children and those babes that carried the most dominant of genes and chromosomes kept passing on the diseases and illnesses to their descendents. Oftentimes however they also passed them on to whomever they were having sex with. DNA’s and RNA’s were forever changed because body organs challenged them. The babies born with more recessive genes were usually only the carriers of the illnesses and may not have passed them on AT THAT TIME, but eventually they did. Many statistics have been given since the Black Death on how many peoples had died; none of the ones you may have read about or heard about are true. Millions more died than you think!

The purpose of this new formation of coronavirus tentacle-STRAINS was to break the back of the worldwide economy while still committing the genocide they wanted to have. Also removing ALL Advocates for Justice AND stopping the spreading flow of The Jesus THE Christ Consciousness. This time around the dark riders underestimated all of you immensely. This WAS intended to be the end of ALL HUMAN RACES HERE! The time is rapidly arriving when each of you will further understand the extreme importance your Creations and maintenances of all the Dimensional and Inter-dimensional Doorways are being. Thousands upon thousands of Jesus and Mary Magdalene’s descendents have been sliding, gliding, walking and levitating here through the Doorways. They began doing so as soon as the Doorways were Created. Kudos Advocates; you have each outshone yourselves. I want to tell all of you here who are those DIRECT descendents that have already been here for about 64 years that you awakened slowly and rather humbly and have been reminded of WHO you are and WHAT your missions here are. YOU ones, get to it now and remember now; your missions are to do God’s work.

OK NOW; if you are ready, let us get to it. Yes, Celest and David knew of this virus and the reasons for it continuing to spread. NO, they were not permitted to tell you ahead of time, nor was I. BUT we certainly gave you ones PLENTY of hints that something terrible was coming your way. “Expect the unexpected all the time,” “Be prepared all the time.” Does all of that sound familiar to you? As you know I always send a message within a message to all readers every year when I give you the name for the year that recently had begun. In the previous transmission of course I gave you the name for the year 2020. See if you remember what it is! That name should have told you MUCH! On the last days of March 2020, Celest and David participated on one of the Gatherers’ conference calls. During the call many important questions were asked. During one part of it while speaking of the current virus, Celest was busy looking into just one pod containing the virus of the then current virus situation and told them that this particular strain was actually made and became airborne in early September, 2019. At that point God stepped in for a few seconds and said, “It’s a Hydra.”

As Celest watched the virus she saw a dominant STRONG aggressive strain, a second strain that was less aggressive and watched a third one starting to mutate; one that had more mobility, more flexibility. By Easter Sunday, 2020, there were a total of 1200 new strains from the mutating matrix of the pod that she had seen. You see children; these strains of coronavirus have been around for as long as this planet has been. The term God used “hydra” was not just a metaphor. It described rather well how a hydra must be destroyed BUT the difficulty of doing so is because it constantly rebirths itself. This is why our own civilizations working within the medical and scientific communities must exercise great caution to ensure that they are not discovered in order for them to continue their missions of destroying each scientifically grown strain and its pod. It would be very simple for us to simply destroy ALL the coronavirus with one cosmic and deadly drop of a massive type of warhead. However, since ALL of humanity is infected in one manner or another, ALL humanity would perish. If you think I am being too brutal with you in what I am trying to teach you … wait a while. The situation with the coronavirus is JUST BEGINNING. No, I am not known to mollycoddle anyone; nor does my Celestial daughter. Our David does not enjoy seeing anyone suffer however he too must deal with telling peoples what they need to know. Whether they like it or not.

No, I do not consider myself being too brutal with any of you ones; although I have my own way of practicing “tough love.” If I cannot tell you the hard truths then you Advocates have obviously learned nothing from me all  these years. So do I continue to help you or not? I have that decision to make but not today. Too many people here on Terra simply do not WANT to learn; they do not WANT to KNOW. They do not want to understand that they are in for the fight of their lives NOW! Now, the coronavirus infects people so easily and then continues to return again and again and again.

Everyone is infected either through birth when they are carrying one or both parents hereditary illnesses/diseases inside their bodies and many times even from other family members who have the genetic codings dating back to hundreds of years ago. Each tentacle-strain spawns different illnesses, different more difficult diseases to cure. Many times it is spread through sexual intercourse. Every inoculation, every vaccination of any kind, FLU SHOTS, serums, antidotes etc. are all contaminated with coronavirus.

The virus is also a definite and definitive link and producer of SARS and is the main reason for the common cold and flu for example. Antibodies which were intended to align and fight alongside your immune systems have been badly compromised and in many people cannot do so, so the immune systems become weaker. Even though the coronavirus will return almost every season, some seasons will be more difficult to deal with than others. Not everyone who has the virus will become as ill as they may have been when they previously had it, much will depend on if they have been able to strengthen their immune systems enough.

Now, many human beings do not show any symptoms of the virus so the people in those cases become too relieved, too relaxed about it and are unknowing that they are “carriers.” They unwittingly pass the diseases on to other peoples. Yet the majority of them sometime later in their lives DO suddenly develop the activated coronavirus and pass over because of it. I am trying not to be too technical here so briefly stated; coronavirus is an exogenous type of occurrence which is the result of the deeply rooted actions and redirections which are the cause and effect of this alignment including the external scents.

In other words it is not the cause resulting from conditions within the organism (the coronavirus) itself though, so therein lies the difference. It is the result of an outside organism force. The coronavirus forms itself into cyclical ripples. It then becomes a surging progressive movement governed by the magnetic and super-magnetic courses of a main body (its matrix) manipulating the movement while producing an undulating type of continuous heaving form or forms. This is essentially how it lives and rebreeds itself. Bearing in mind what I have just told you, you should “get my message here” that it returns in cycles; sometimes several times a year and repeats its return violently and with deadly force so the deaths of the masses around the world build up. It can and does fool many peoples who think they have the flu. And they do … sort of.

Now, the coronavirus follows the scents of the people it has infected. If it makes it easier for you to understand, the virus functions just like an animal; it senses its prey THROUGH its own sense of smell. It can scent its “other selves” and easily tracks down the people who already HAVE the viruses’ different scents within their physical bodies. Although the coronavirus is overall composed of thousands upon thousands of tentacle-strands each strand bears its own mark, you may think of it as its own tattoo, its own different scent. Do you see? Human beings sweat, cry, sneeze, cough and so forth. They accidently cut themselves or BLEED. In every instance all these things and more cause the SCENTS of the dormant virus to be SCENTED and located by the newest of the virus pods.

So you understand more clearly; yes there are many doctors and other medical personnel as well as those in the scientific fields who do KNOW about much of what I have been telling you this day. It terrifies them but quite a number of them are now working with OUR experts quietly destroying pods and future viruses before they have a chance to begin life. One of the things you can do to help yourselves is to stop overanalyzing things, use your POWER of MIND NOW more than ever before! If you do not remember how to do that then that is your problem, not mine. Remember it is too easy when you overanalyze anything to become trapped in the mind-fields; at that point of realization that you have done so you only have 2 choices. Think or swim.

The former normal lives you had here are gone. You are in the NEW normal whether you like it or not. Understand the new normal though; the virus will be around for a very long time. What we have been doing for the last 15 years was working with many of you as we began in earnest to help you Create your new Light bodies here. I speak of those peoples who have earned the right to have them that is. We have also been overseeing the major infusions of Light into the cells and organs of your bodies. All the hard work you Advocates have been accomplishing for so long is paying off handsomely for you. You must however be diligent about taking quality liquid stabilized oxygen, electrolytes and QUALITY colloidal silver. Your body temperatures ranging from warm to cold to REALLY cold is quite normal for your Light bodies now, but perhaps not to your minds. You will tire easily quite often and need to rest when this happens. Your energy levels may come in short bursts as body accepts a new way of life here. Try not to trip over your own feet or walk into walls. Now we are currently sending you ones massive infusions of Light to assist body, mind and SOUL. We are also amassing a different form of Light Conception containing unlimited amounts of evolved electrical energies and the Elders, Luminescents and Avatars are quietly infusing the tentacle-pods found all over this world and slowly destroying them. We ourselves must carefully protect these Divine Beings while still protecting you. You see Chelas the dark is being attacked by the one thing it can not tolerate … LIGHT!

Now, the answer is “no,” life will never be the same here but then we knew it would not be. It could not; otherwise all of humanity would have died. BE PREPARED for a more simple way to live, to grow foodstuffs, and be PREPARED to bear witness to a lot of ugly things that people will do and say. KEEP YOUR DISTANCE from bad people, whether they are relatives OR friends. All those who survive the aftereffects of the coronavirus’s INITIAL attacks will not necessarily all survive their “new” mental states.

You need to understand many peoples will be paranoid and scared of their own shadows now. Be careful in ALL that you do. Those of you who have been or are being guided to move please do so but be careful of where you want to live. Thousands upon thousands of businesses around the world will not survive. Foodstuffs – BE CAREFUL where you buy, what you buy and grow all that you can. Be sure to perform PUSH and project Golden Force each day and MEAN it while you are doing those things. POWER of MIND is not only your ally it is both a weapon to be reckoned with as well as an instrument of Creation and Creativity. Use it well. Stay out of fear! But watch your back! Remember, evil never sleeps. Nor do we. I shall take my leave now; remember to hold your head high, allow your Soul to soar like an eagle and TRUST in yourself.

Salude … Blue Star the Pleiadian … I am going out to continue to search for intelligent life

“There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there.” … Blue Star the Pleiadian

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