Welcome to the new Dimensional Shift as escapism and true realities collide and False Prophets reel the peoples in as lunacy tries to rule

The Blue Star Transmissions

~ Blue Star the Pleiadian ~

“Welcome to the new Dimensional Shift as escapism and true realities collide and False Prophets reel the peoples in as lunacy tries to rule.”

10-15 to 12-25-2020

“Caution: This Transmission may be hazardous to your illusions.”

(Transmitted to Celestial Blue Star) Greetings to all, especially to all those Advocates who feel they have been confronted by insurmountable blocks keeping them from helping other good Souls. Now, of course it is not an easy decade here for anyone. How could any of you ones truly expect it to be? Peoples who are not acting or living as “true human Beings” are contributing en masse to dividing and conquering the really goodhearted peoples here all over this world! Advocates who have not learned their lessons well are essentially dooming themselves to repeating old “errors of judgment.” These actions force the nonphysical Power of Mind acting on an individual basis, to close itself and refuse to allow anyone who is a repeat offender to simply use this ancient Sacred process. This process transmutes matter into pure energy and causes great changes to take place.

The core of this transmutative process is a constantly changing ecosystem. When ecosystems and true reality clash peoples’ minds become fractured and fragmented and true realities then may become a part of the ecosystems. In this manner yes, true realities then CAN become part of the ecosystem’s foundation OR it may flounder from lack of “mind maintenance” and simply exist as motes of energetic matter NOT binded together. Ecosystems are any type of a set of principles predicated on assemblage of any network of interaction or any interconnection with other parts which are influencing the flow of energies. Do you see? Unfortunately, deep within the ecosystems is where the false prophets live. They thrive BECAUSE there is where they are being FED! Congratulations to all those who have been FEEDING the false prophets; for now they are returning the favor and those false prophets are feeding on YOU!

Which brings me to a real pet peeve of my own. As I watch ADVOCATES who should know better if they really understand all the teachings as they should by now, who are FEEDING the false prophets I do become quite angry! This lack of focus and non-discernment on those Advocates’ parts is abhorrent to me and is an insult to The Creator and the Creation Processing entity. A new Dimensional Shift is occurring right under your nose yet but only a few of you ones see it, let alone honor it! Terra is reforming on a rapid scale rate of changes needed and altering changes that should not take place here on the Earth Star planet. Terra, after rendering due consideration for all the goodhearted peoples here is NOW reclaiming the planet. Terra has already deleted or completely blocked many nasty changes which the remnants of the old Illuminati were trying to implant here on the planet. It was necessary that her weather conditions changed too. Yet in many ways some of these conditions reverted to the conditions here 3 millenniums ago.

What was old is new again. The Illuminati remnants fighting to the bitter end for the survival of SOME of their minion were not prepared for Terra to fight back! Severe droughts, wildfires, flooding, huge gusts of wind and loss of vegetation are in great measure the necessary Dimensional Shift showing itself to people. But the peoples have no understanding of this. However, a brand NEW alliance has taken place and will gather great momentum each day their VOICES co-mingle through Power of Mind linking to Power of Mind.

And these VOICES are the Advocates who are picking up the Spiritual BALL that has been dropped as other Advocates fell through the Spiritual cracks and became enthused, many obsessed, with “Conspiracy Theories” and the false prophets who guide the theories. Some peoples, especially Advocates fall so deeply into conspiracy theories that they fall very quickly but forget how to STAND. Some Advocates look into conspiracy theories out of morbid curiosity; others because they are “sheep in Advocates’ clothing.” This is typical behavior of an affected psyche which has been acted upon or influenced by somebody or some THING. I am NOT a conspiracy theorist; I am an envoy, I am a Warrior of The Luminescents and The Creator. I am a Planetary and Interplanetary FACTIST and Spiritual Advisor. Are you? Even this world’s biggest curmudgeons grudgingly admit that I know more than they do. Imagine that!

Now, however, many VOICES are stepping forward thus strengthening the Christ Consciousness and aiding in the eternal evolution of the Dimensional and Inter-Dimensional Doorways. Advocates who are determined to succeed must ALWAYS remember that Knowledge can transform into wisdom; therefore your belief systems can stimulate and inspire your knowledge, thereby causing Creative activity to take place. DO you understand this simple statement? If you ones think “Blue Star is in a Pleiadian mood,” then let me assure you … I take NO prisoners!

Conspiracy Theories, views on SEGREGATION, politics, genderism, racism, religions and all other practical world issues are NOT what you all are here to FOCUS on! A far greater hand than YOURS will take care of all that. Nor are you here to try to save the world, silly people! From this day forward I will no longer speak with you ones about your needing to grow what food you can or to put ample supplies of foodstuffs away. Neither will my Celestial daughter or David. We have all warned you ones for years but NOW we have stopped. That in itself should tell you something important. When the warnings on anything are no longer given by us …

The time you are living in NOW is when people are destroying themselves while causing unmitigated physical harm to others. It is because of the peoples themselves that the physical and emotional panicdemics are transforming and becoming an apocalypse. The truest meaning of apocalypse is “a cleansing – to cope with a deadly ending before a Creative beginning CYCLE can take place.” Many peoples cannot exist outside their comfort zone. It is alien to them. If you can not live outside a must-have comfort zone then you can not live! “Till life do us part” – this is when the collisions take place. The minds and hearts of people are colliding because of their diverse beliefs and their FEARS. Although many divorce proceedings have already begun in the minds of married couples and couples in longtime relationships, those proceedings may not become legal but they already ARE divorced peoples now. I often wonder why so many millions and millions of peoples who end those types of relationships can not simply exchange a slip of paper where they have written, “marriage by misadventure,” it makes sense to me! Besides that, too many peoples are caught up in dreams and fantasies of getting what they think they really want. They should remember that, “You always get what you want … if not in life, then in death.”

Now, Terra has been moving many peoples away from coastlines all over this world. As well as out of heavily tree-laden landmasses. Some peoples have been moved by the force of the weather, other Souls are moving because Terra and many Luminescents have been sending messengers to peoples during gloaming periods, as well as sending peoples’ Spirit Guides and/or Avatars to the people and literally warning people to get out and get out now. Waterways MUST be replenished; all waterways need to be cleaned out and many must be moved to new locations. This new Dimensional Shift also means escapism can no longer be tolerated on this planet. Those who feel that physical death is their only escape from a life filled with fears, shall have their heart’s desire granted. That is all up to YOU, the people now.

The lunatic fringe affecting so many good peoples lives here is gathering strength in an ugly LOUD fashion. In just a very short period of spatial increments of Light patterns being triggered to aid the people; something nasty is also taking place. Devious and uncontrolled acts initiated and committed by the darkness of the lunatic fringes is NOW occurring and will continue to take place as some of the most horrendous acts of mayhem and murder will ensue SEEMINGLY without end. Wise people on this planet, whether they are Advocates for Justice or merely individuals playing out their roles of having a “normal” life should be aware and understand that MASSIVE “psyche attacks,” commonly known here as “psychic attacks” are happening to people all over this world at an exponential rate and are happening to ALL but a few people. These attacks have nothing to do with POLITICS, COLOR, religions or gender! These attacks are governed by the dark riders using a type of arc or curve as a directional beam rather than attacking as they once did which was a “straight line attack.” In this newer manner much of the attacks take place all at the same time. YET that timeline may be displaced allowing the dark to DIG more viciously and apply a viscous fear into the minds of their PREY.

Now, this was totally expected by us to take place; you were ALL warned 2020 is The year that will test your Power of Mind! No chronological ages of any person are exempt from these attacks. “The younger the better” as far as the dark riders are concerned. BUT if they can kill older people this way by having fear overcome the individuals’ own minds to the point that they truly can not take anymore, they WILL do so! All Advocates who have been taken to The Valley of the Ancients have had “how to, when to, why to fight back lessons” drilled into their hearts and minds and told what is at stake AND what is expected of them. YES, you ALL have been taken there so do not bother to preen yourself into believing that YOU never had to do that. You are HUMAN so you HAVE been there.

Celestial and our David have trained so many people all over this world for so many years on how to protect themselves. It included how to take a STAND and how to FIGHT BACK even using anger in a good way as a “war tool” to protect and defend themselves from psyche attacks and how important it is to teach others the right ways to do so. They did so while they themselves had to fend off psyche attack geared at stopping them from teaching others. Fortunately for you Celest and David could not be stopped.

So it is that on their behalf I am warning all of you ones THEY will not teach anyone about this anymore. Enough is enough and they have had enough! Sound familiar? Also, they received a type of addendum in the form of a Decree issued by The Creator and the totality of the Luminescents ordering them to stop. They will argue with God or other Luminescents, well, mostly my daughter will, but no, in regards to this Decree they simply gave an exhausted “thank you” for the Decree. So, Advocates what does this tell you?  This is indeed yet another warning you are all receiving of how and why so many of Divinity are pulling back and letting you STAND or fall on your own. The greatest teachers are the ones who do not know that they are. However they or I should say, “especially they” must know when to quit and let the chelas put the lessons that should have been well-learned to work!

Now, if anyone outside of the farmers and ranchers have been paying close attention not only to the atmospheres but also to the NEW locations of the primary Sun and the ever-changing locations of primary Moon and all her NEW constellations, then you should have had a hint that gee, something has changed. Also, oxygen levels all over the planet have been altered. Yes, your bodies need a certain amount of oxygen in order to survive, BUT if you just happen to have been paying attention “new to you” adaptability is taking place on an individual basis. Terra’s New Dimensional Shift is VERY SLOWLY reducing the amount of oxygen in the air you breathe.

About 90% of people on this planet either never knew or have truly forgotten about the physical vehicles’ natural ability to ADAPT to Earth changes. You have been spoiled! Taking the bodies’ abilities for granted is as stupid as taking your LIVES for granted! I am pleased to say however that some of the most evolved people here HAVE been noticing for a while now that they are breathing more slowly than they ever had before. Their hearts feel as though they are beating at a slower and more consistent rate and that is because THEY ARE. Never underestimate the power of your physical vehicles or the Power of Mind. In a healthy mind and a healthy body they always work in tandem to Create or add an expansion to what the bodies and minds need and what they can do without. In a perfect world this NEW Dimensional Shift would have happened many millenniums ago. However, this world has always been perfect, the people … not so much..

The former amounts of oxygen are not being burned up in space. Terra has redirected them to many new to-be continents that are very soon going to emerge from the deepest waterways. The waters are where the oxygen is needed. Basically, peoples here were not properly using oxygen as they should have for all these years. Celestial and David have many times directed Advocates to where to purchase bottles of Oxygen for their own use. Hopefully you all have that information. Hopefully. Many peoples who have been on many kinds of prescription drugs for serious physical illnesses should of course remain on them.

Only in the wildest fantasy would unlimited amounts of oxygen heal the very ill people. NO amount of oxygen will do that. You have not lost anything though; you are simply living and breathing in a different way. Do you see? No, of course the physical panicdemics are not good, but Terra did not Create them; she must work in other areas of life in order to aid all of us and all of the Luminescents in our work of sustaining life. However, as Co-Creators each of you MUST accept personal responsibility and take charge of how you live and what you do. Nothing less will any longer be accepted. Period. Humans here who simply “must have” great amounts of exercise in order for them to keep their bodies “toned,” may find of course that they feel they need more oxygen for their own personal use. Although they may purchase it and drink it; in only a short period of doing so they will discover that it just does not work as well any more. It would be far better if they kept their minds toned instead. What a concept!

All animals either already are or soon will adapt to the new breathing techniques as well. In spatial increments plants and vegetation will learn to thrive BUT that will be a slow process. Too much is contingent upon how human beings comport themselves. If you are wondering when Terra’s New Dimensional Shift will end then I can tell it is never-ending. Nor should it be. Welcome to the new world. Now, on another brief note: as part of Terra’s new Dimensional Shift many of the portals and other apertures that our air ships use when entering or leaving this planet have been altered by necessity. We do require a small amount of Light within the apertures as we travel to and fro but by the simple methods of reduction and enlargement we simply send our ships through because IF YOU REMEMBER all matter and non-matter is energy. Therefore it is malleable.

All energy is also mutable; this simply means that we can roll it, flatten it, diminish its sizes on a temporary basis or enlarge it as needed. So we send in our unmanned ships through these portals so that they fit the area and emerge and return to full size. We ourselves can travel straight through the Dimensional and Inter-Dimensional Doorways and beam ourselves aboard ships. Of course in battle we have other portals to use. Yes, we are all adapted to doing that and have prepared for this WELL in advance.

A Few Principles of the Conglomerate of the Multi-Universes.

Now, All the Multi-Universes have gathered together and strengthened their citizens’ alliances with one another by using the Earth Star planet as a teaching tool. Do not take this as a compliment ok?  For the last 5 millenniums this planet has been a basic learning arc of helping to guide other Universes’ citizens to strive and achieve almost unbelievable successes in an evolvement of majestic proportions as they progress up the spiral staircase. They have become the most sterling examples of purity and new forms of Divinity. They have had to endure “watching the movie” of everyone’s previous reincarnations on this planet and the raping of the Earth Star planet, to name just a few things. It has always been the goodhearted peoples here on this planet that have heartened and strengthened those citizens’ resolve to do their best KNOWING that “in time” it will be those goodhearted people and all the Advocates for Justice who succeed in fulfilling their Destinies that will become their “eye in the sky” heroes and heroines. Having to participate in these endeavors in order to better learn what not to do has been one of the main principles for those citizens to follow. It has not always been easy for them to observe and bear witness.

Also, they needed to learn that physical malfunctions of humans’ weaknesses MAY affect your minds but how much it does is in many cases here a matter of remembrance. Because the veil of forgetfulness had to be in place here for a long time you FORGOT that you are bearing witness to events that have already happened here on the Earth Star planet! Most of you are still reeling from the fact that you are revisiting the event while your minds for the most part are still bathed in forgetfulness. The more things change the more they remain the same Advocates!

The citizens understand they must love everyone but that does not mean they have to like everyone. They admire the peoples here the most that not only show determination to be the best they can, they LIVE it.

Based in great measure on the actions and reactions, especially the repetitive ones, of peoples here they understand that many peoples demand respect – these people are losers. The people who command respect are the only true winners. My question to you is “do you understand?”

Now, moving along here …  So many of you ones will SOON have to make decisions that will affect you for the rest of your life. Only a few of those decisions will be easy to make. Some will affect your personal life; others will affect other peoples’ lives. The closer you move to December of this year the more rapidly those decisions will appear. You ALL need to remember something I had said to you: I spoke of contributing to the delinquency of a damaged limb. If you had not read my previous transmission you will not know what I am referring to. I am not here to shadowbox with Destiny or with those who are the Masters of Destiny. REMEMBER, no one can serve TWO Masters. Reread that transmission just in case it may help you! Just REMEMBER WHO you are in service to!  Now, because of a telephone call I listened to that Celest and David recently had with a beloved friend and fellow Advocate and the intense seriousness of the call, I decided to ask David to post a link here to a writing he did several years ago. It is not only most timely to do so on this transmission, it may help some peoples to save their own SELVES. Below is the link.


Now, before I take my leave and move on this day I have one last revelation to share with you. Advocates there are certain hints I am giving you ones NOW on how and when to KNOW you are not only evolving at a faster pace but simultaneously entering into a brand new plateau of evolution sans restraint. You will experience through all your sentient conditions, your sense perceptions or vibrations an unexplainable natural high and an intense yet LIGHT feeling of “being totally free to be.” Free to BE who and what you truly are, free to be an astonishing figure of purity and greatness defying description. Free to walk among the maddening crowds as a total figure of indefinable beauty and Divinity. THAT is when you will know I am FINALLY free to be! Godspeed Children, Godspeed!

I am ending this transmission …

Salude …Blue Star the Pleiadian … I am Godspeeding myself too

“There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there.” … Blue Star the Pleiadian

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