Your Life in retrospect – NOW play it Forward

Note: This ‘Transmission’ was finished being written on June 11th 2020. Blue Star asked that this Transmission be posted much sooner than the usual due date.

The Blue Star Transmissions

~ Blue Star the Pleiadian ~

Your Life in retrospect – NOW play it Forward

6-25 to 8-25-2020

(Transmitted to Celestial Blue Star) Hello there to all readers; I am arriving here in my usual time-less manner; I have just disembarked from my own ship and will be remaining here on the Earth Star planet with all of you ones for the next 2.5 Earth year periods before I must take my leave of you again. Now, it is due to the progress you Advocates for Justice have been painfully for the most part making and your successes both individually and collectively which has caused all the Luminescents to call in 90 percent of all of us who are huge masses of Star Keeper forces to once again enter this plane of diverse and divided realities and bring organized chaos into this disorganized chaotic mess. Well Chelas, now you are experiencing what it is like again to be caught in the middle of things you did not cause and can not control. However, that does NOT in any way imply that you can not control your own lives and especially your own Power of Mind.

I am asking each of you Advocates to Create the time-periods you need and calmly look back over the intervals of your lives that you feel have been the most beneficial periods of your lives to date. Watch especially for those occurrences when “east meets west” and how you reacted to them and what you had learned from them. Give credit to those you KNOW were of the greatest assistance to you and for you and how they did assist you in your endeavors. You have each NOW ENTERED into a realm of spatialness that until now has been “unchartered territory.” My metaphor of East meets West should academically be easy for you ones to understand. Of Greater importance however is that you understand this Spiritually. Now, if you are waiting for me to explain this to you, please do not hold your breath! I do expect better from you than that.

How many of you can see the direct correlation between how you acted, reacted or failed to act at those periods of your lives TO DATE when assistance was sent to you and for you whether you remember asking for it or not and how you have entered into realms of necessary change kicking and screaming if that is what we had to do. “Change” is the natural antithetic Master and enemy of mental masturbation. Have no concerns if at one time or another you yourself had been sitting on the wrong side of the road defying Change. Granted for some Advocates around the world it required due diligence on their parts to let go of the stranglehold they had on trying to defy change; and of course it required due diligence on our Collective parts to have change happen whether all goodhearted peoples felt they were ready for it or not. Our persistence is Eternal. Please take your time as you carefully summarize your life to date but you must not have any regrets.

Regrets are the foothold the dark riders seek in order to bring you down to their own levels. Once there they can and will devour you at their leisure “without regrets.” Looking at your life in retrospect is the contemplation of the past that NOW is the newest foundation of your current life which can easily define you better to yourself as you study the core values you once had compared to the ones you have gifted yourself with in the present. In the most literal sense the past which defined you AT THAT TIME assisted you with the challenges you had to “get from there to here.” But of course you will always find things you still want to change. That is but a natural sentient, which is the power of perception by the senses, of a Matriarchal impulse. The CoCrearchy energy however is the energy which unites the Matriarchal with Soul Matrix. When this occurs it then couples itself with the eternal life-stream force you know as “Destiny.”

The reasons for the necessity of looking at your life in retrospect should be quite obvious to you by now. You ones are each to maintain a forward movement in your lives REGARDLESS of what is occurring across this world now. Forward motion is vital to your sanity and physical life now more so than ever before. I am telling you ALL that in order for you to be able to play your life forward. This means you absolutely MUST respect the past and ALL that it taught you! Do you see? All that the past brought you whether you yourself Created those instances or you heeded bad advice in the past until you listened and turned your life around now should not bring you pain. If anything it should bring you relief and gratitude for a job well done. You see Advocates had the job NOT been well done, what would you have learned?

Now, we do indeed insist that you as true Advocates for Justice hold yourself to a Higher Standard; a Higher Purpose is what each and every Advocate is being told to do by the Collective of the Luminescents and The Creator. The higher the purpose and the standard the less the dark energies will want to bother you … unless you are stupid and deliberately flaunt yourself at them. So many goodhearted peoples around this world and yes many of them are Advocates, are being confronted by a “mental foe” they were not expecting though. You ALL must clearly understand even though you may “understand yet NOT understand”  that the more education a person has the less willing they are to accept new ideas, let alone new realities. Therein lies the problem. If you bear in mind that ineptitude is the name of the game when you encounter these people, you will not feel so disappointed AGAIN if you are trying to speak your truth. Remember please, truth will fall on inept ears.

Now that you should be prepared to continue with playing your life forward, pay attention! Much needs to be said AND understood by you all. Brace yourselves, there is a storm a-brewing prepare yourselves for it is a “people storm.” Since I have just made a statement which I will explain in a bit I am going to make yet another statement. However, all things NOT being equal I am testing your current understanding by seeing how many of you ones can correctly decipher what I am about to say. “When a tree falls in a forest …” of course it is inevitable that tree will be broken in more than one place and left to die. Now, what am I speaking of? What is my message here? Do not wait for me to give you my answer; my longevity is longer than yours! No doubt you can give Celestial your answers but that does not mean she will reply. I fully expect however that some of you Advocates will have no problem ascertaining the correct answer. There is only ONE correct answer. So, moving right along; magnetic interchanges and interfacings are even stronger now than ever before. In part this is due to the new normal NOW weather conditions; but more importantly it is the joining of forces of the awesome and awe inspiring energies of The Winter that Ever Was which has NOW united with The Winter People Who Ride the Wind as even more realignments are taking place as you shall see.

Also at the same spatial nanosecond that those forces combined they were spontaneously conjoined with the rapid energetic movements of The Valley of the Ancients. For it is on the move yet again; it is NOW reuniting with all other Valleys of herself. The Creator and ALL the Luminescents timed this all so beautifully that all of these things synchronize with this period that has arrived. So, once AGAIN “When Walk-Ins Time-Walk,” is in full swing and God BLESS them ALL! Time-Walkers need all the help they can muster! This is why you All HAD TO GO THROUGH BASIC TRAINING AGAIN AND AGAIN FOR THIS FINAL WALK. Do you see?

Now, the more you understand the fluid nature of the magnetics and the magnetic core the better prepared you will always be to deal with what to you ones is still “the unknown or the unknowable.” When The Masters had transmitted some information and allowed Celest to make it public, she set up their writings on the Blue Star website. Below is a link to the Masters’ magnetics writing.

If you need or want to read about magnetics to enhance your understanding or to perhaps confirm what you think you already know, then go and read it. It is pretty self-explanatory. “The People storm” initially began to slowly simmer 125 years ago when the age of intolerance really began in earnest. When technology of today was just a minor thought-form in many human minds, peoples in every country were badly beaten down and their Spirits were crushed. True rebellion always begins in the minds NOT the Souls of goodhearted people. So the minds began to churn with fantasies of what if. Yes, sometimes it is necessary for humans to play out that question in their minds in order to birth change within their hearts and Souls. As a result however personalities altered portraying what was once grumpiness and discontent and turning it into active hatred and serious hostility directed towards those in power in ALL professions, as the common everyday peoples experienced a nasty “lust for life.” When lust of any kind takes over and becomes one’s moral compass then the only result can be and will be the devolvement of the human mind for many generations.

Seeking to place blame on others has always been a bit of a quid pro quo the human races have fallen into. Violence does not bring peace. Peace brings peace. Religions can not promise “rewards” that they can not supply. Today just as back then religions were darn quick to make the most of peoples’ misfortunes. The races then gravitated to the religions that howled loudly of hell and damnation which further enraged the humans to seek retribution of the worst kind that they believed power mongers were responsible for. You see Advocates; the human races were not nearly as intelligent then as many peoples of today are. Hatred always engenders violence. So it was that the battle of the minds began in earnest. I said “the battle” I did not say “the Power of Mind” now did I? It was far too early back then for us to have the true teachings of mind power and how to correctly use it thus enabling peoples to fight the fight and win the war, to be re-taught to you. Humans here were not ready to learn AND they would have abused it badly!

So it was that a panicdemic was created which did not affect a person’s physical vehicle. Even worse it affected the mind and the power of thought. It has required generations of people to be born into this planet to try to undo the hatred and bigotry they were born into. Unfortunately, many of these new people learned to believe all that their elders did as the generational curse continued. It is however NOW that people are for the most part allowed to have small gatherings outside of their homes temporarily that 2 panicdemics are occurring. Yes, one is the coronavirus but the other is the panicdemic of the minds. AGAIN. This time however human beings who are normally good peoples feel they have no way to turn, no future to embrace. Although they are all very, very frightened many of them are learning to fear the people they once respected and loved the most. So, this is a lose, lose situation. As days and nights progress into other days and nights more violence will be unleashed as people lash out at innocent people “because they can.” No, this has nothing to do with wanton murders being committed by police or any other people! It is because humans feel like animals let of their cages.

Although it bothers all of us enormously and we wince as we hear people say, “I am STUCK in my home,” we have to wonder how stupid a person can be to put that horrendous kind of energy into their homes that comes out of their own mouths and minds. Home is not just a place to shelter in. Regardless of what trying circumstances are surrounding them, these people are devolving and do not even know it. Nor would they care if they were told. The terrible stench of fear is overriding common sense and making the peoples’ situations even worse. Fear has its own scent it is similar to bitter almonds. It is very easy to track, VERY easy to trace. What does that tell you? You see, people here are contributing to their own panicdemics yet causing other good people to pick up on those emotions and vibrations. Those who are falling are falling harder and harder.

Since the days of the earliest forms of humankind all people here have lived in fear. It is just too difficult for even the brightest of minds here to understand that FEAR is the core root of all that is bad and EVIL. Fear is so easy for the dark riders to implant within a person’s mind and once there it gestates and does so unknowingly by all the humans born into fear or who developed that emotion throughout their lives, fear is their unknown master of their destinies. Now that is a scary thought! WHY do you ones think we have hammered away at you for years warning you that you must become fearless? Condemnation of other peoples, of their skin colors, of their cultures, of their civilizations, of their beliefs is but FEAR in activated motion and I have not even mentioned paranoia. Yet. People ALWAYS fear what they do not understand. And that has always been “the way of this world.” Doubt, anger, hatred, envy, dislike, jealousy, the NEED to control other people, the NEED to subjugate people, not knowing how to react when others express love to another person. Even when it is nervousness that has no foundation, meaning that there is no reason to have it, is but FEAR. Do you understand this yet? Even the perceived need to flaunt themselves to other people is but fear.

Planetizens look around you and consider what has happened with the masses since orders have been lifted allowing people to move around more freely since the physical coronavirus panicdemic first entered into so many millions of lives all over this planet. There is NO human “blame game” here to hold responsible for this event. This is simply a re-creation of all previous deadly viruses! Only this time the chemistry-agents are ever so much stronger and more deadly. I have been extremely clear with you ones about this. There are also human agents at work and they receive their orders from their MINDS. But their minds are NOT HOW this began. It all began in 2 laboratories which had in the past been the locations for “testing” viruses and vaccines on human “volunteers.” You see the minds of many scientific experts are always in constant motion vying for power and recognition for what they may have achieved and using results for a possible nuclear-chemistry weapon of war IF that was ever needed by the leaders of their countries.

Now, it has brought us no peace to watch humanity overall act out in the most predictable stupid ways they have been doing since the last two weeks in particular. Human beings have been racing to beaches, camp sites, clubs and everywhere else they USED to go to and they have been flaunting their “freedom” in the faces of authorities. Most people simply can not handle freedom! As a direct result, evil is once again winning and the millions of peoples now who HAVE now been infected as a DIRECT RESULT of placing themselves too close to  virus carriers and some who think they had recovered from minor cases of the coronavirus are truly astronomical! This situation is already spiraling quickly and bringing in the second round of the virus far more quickly than it should have. The everyday people are the cause of this! Evil just gave them enough ROPE and then …

Advocates do you get it yet? You damn well should!!

Then there are is many cases of really goodhearted honest people diligently working behind the scenes to attempt to bring peace to the minds of other good peoples here and yet no matter how hard they try they feel as though they are going nowhere fast. When people feel their free expression entitles them to do whatever they choose they will ride roughshod right over those who are attempting to help them. It also causes peoples to act out more in anger towards those “givers.” This Advocates is when you MUST pull back and defend your truth by walking away. Yes, we have seen the hurt it causes you; we have seen it in your eyes and in your Souls. This is not right but dealing with the human factor has always been a thankless job. Good thing you are not doing this for achieving glory!

These true life examples are what happens when free expression and reality collide. No one can use their free expression to intentionally hurt another person or to destroy a person’s life work. They will all pay dearly for these actions in ways that would terrify them if they knew about them. It is what it is and will be what it should be. The jobless situations now confronting so many peoples is only made even worse when humans defy their own previous moral code; strangely enough, I notice that no one is finding or even looking for the PAID agitators who have been initiating so much violence. WHY? It is time for you ones to understand that so many, many peoples who are running amuck out of fear based issues and mortality concerns used to have established routines in their lives that they lived by. Although they unknowingly merely became functional people the way many people are nothing but functional alcoholics. Due to the enforced laws recently enacted of remaining more solitary and not having the routines to live by anymore, the routines then became “rutines.” The routines downgraded themselves even more than they had been; much like dropping a mirror onto a concrete slab and staring at all the shattered pieces with no idea of what to do next. Although they had been previously living in a rut and did not know it or chose to deny this fact NOW they are confronted with it and want to just ACT OUT. Stay out of their way please!

I ask you to remember that Power of Mind panicdemics respond to magnetized emotions and actions which people create and incur. Power of Mind has been completely corrupted by the people intentionally harming and terrorizing other people. This is a good thing though; they have lost the ability to use that important part of MIND. Yes, continue to avoid crowds as much as you can. Do not speak in public to a good friend or other loved one about ANYTHING that you do NOT want to be overheard. Worldwide cataclysms are NOW beginning; they will become much worse as the new NOW normal progresses nonstop. Yes, as I said they will continue. The economies in ALL countries are broken. No, you can not prevent this situation from worsening. But you CAN and should use POWER OF MIND to help disperse good energy worldwide. No, the business world will never be the same again. All economies will be trying to stay in business but most to no avail. You should not consider this to be a bad thing. Use other options from now on, work from home when you can. Use your MIND and think of new, better ways to earn monies. Learn to live a more simple life; THAT is what you should have been doing anyway!

Very shortly worldwide catastrophes will significantly worsen; this will be but part of the physical illness panicdemic as well as the personality alterations panicdemics. Remain calm and when Power of the Luminescents minds are needed by you simply think, “I am calm, serene and tranquil.” Think that phrase repeatedly so that it too enters into your Power of Mind and becomes your weapon of peace. Do not be daft! Of course you are supposed to use this gift! Never overlook a Luminescents’ gift. You do not have to believe in it in order for it to work. BUT, it would be nice if you do.

Decide what freedom means to you and then live it to the best of your ability please. Just remember as I have said to you before many people can not handle freedom. They lack the TRUE staunchness of heart and Soul which free expression gifts them with. You will know them by their deeds and verbiage. Now, one of the many things you do not understand about yourselves is that as Advocates for Justice in this world you are each the “profiles of change.” None of you can see the large signs on your backs that clearly define this. But all of us do!

Now, if you have been gifting yourselves with listening to the supreme Quietude which NOW surrounds this entire world, then it is also time for you to know that THIS has always been the periodic but now permanent setting here for When Walk-Ins Time-walk. They walk alongside the Jesus The Christ Consciousness here on this planet and do so for the Greater Group and all of humanity who are OF The Consciousness. If you do not remember or want to refresh your memory of this part about the Walk-Ins, I wrote about this and it can be found in a writing of the same name in my Book One of My Transmissions.

Play your life forward in all ways and al-ways please. Establish a deeper connection with yourself, with your Soul, allow your Power of Mind and Power of all the Super Consciousnesses levels to whisk you away far above this world where you can gaze down upon Earth and marvel at her beauty. Practice your telepathy with others as well as with all of us please. When finished with looking and understanding your life in retrospect, playing it forward is a gift you are giving yourself as part of your birthright and is sanctioned by the Creator and the Creator Processing entity. Millions of you ones have been doing this in your night visions and meditative states anyway; so there is really nothing new about this to so many of you.

Now, I ask you one and all to ALWAYS cherish the Dimensional and Inter-Dimensional Doorways; they are your lifeline to Eternity as well as your direction finders for your Destiny and your “compass.” Remember to give them maintenance and yes, you can add more Doorways when you want to. Craft them, color them, love them. Add magnetic energies to them; just remember what kind you are adding.  Your mission encapsulates remembering your moral code and your moral compass. Never leave home without them.

Now, I can not count the number of times that God, Celestial, our David and I have forewarned everyone repeatedly, repeatedly. repeatedly, that HUGE masses of peoples on this planet would be leaving; many en masse, others individually as a result of DISEASE, illness, drugs, suicides and weird accidents. Although I did see millions of you around the world just recently who had been pondering the increasing death tolls and trying to remember why it all seemed so familiar suddenly “get it” and realize in astonishment that all of this was a major part of what we were preparing you for. The time for leaving the planet has arrived HERE AND NOW. Obviously I am not speaking of normal physical deaths. Where the virus is concerned vaccines will come and go for in truth no one has any idea of what they can do. This really is all new medical territory for them. At least it is in THIS century.

Yes, many, many really good people will be infected but at least to a lesser degree than many others will. We are very concerned about the emotional scars this will leave for people to cope with. People who have long been craving a more simple life will be able to bring that into their lives. However, there will be periods of adjustment for all Planetizens and Earth Seeds all over this world. People will struggle to adapt to change until eventually change adapts to them. Unfortunately the quiet fear so many people have about what will they do if there are not enough police will become a fact. Police officers and every various level of law enforcement whether FBI or other similar agents of police have already made their decisions to go take care of their own and leave people to sort out and deal with criminal elements themselves. Fortunately it will not all be at one time. This is but one reason why people worldwide are heavily arming themselves.

Tis a shame for more reasons than just the obvious ones. There really are wonderful men and women all over this world in those various types of positions and organizations who truly believe in “protect and serve.” Millions of people here NEED to understand that there has never been a culture, a human race or a civilization that has not suffered atrocities. They have each had their own holocausts to cope with. Morally corrupt people can be found in all professions, even and especially those people in the drug trade. But what about all those who are not corrupt?  Who speaks out for them? All lives matter. If they did not NONE of you would be here doing all you can and accepting what you can not change.

Each of you as a profile of change will find that you can teach others by example. So set your standards high let your Light shine bright and stay away from the maddening crowds. I would like to tell you that the worst is over. But I can not. That is not even close to the truth! Deal with it because you can. You’ve come a long way grasshopper and it’s too late to turn back now. Now, I ask you each to Epiphanize yourself for you ARE your own Epiphany. You are each a physical and Spiritual manifestation of God or one of the other Luminescents. You can Create a different Epiphany every day of your lives if you want to. Be Creative and do so without constricting limitations. In this manner yes, you are representing this and all other Multiverses and may select any of the Divine Ones to commemorate their immortality on any day at any time. It does not matter which One you choose. In this way not only are you honoring Them you are strengthening your personal AND Collective Greater Group bond with them and you WILL feel that bond lovingly embrace you.

Now I am going to take my leave FOR NOW, but before I do so I want to leave you with 2 gifts. #1- I ask you each to take 3 slow deep breaths through your nose and exhale them through your mouths. Now take your right hand or your left if it is your power hand and hold it out a few inches from your face, with the fingers splayed. Now, you each have your own idea or thought of what God’s face may look like. You are each right; there is no wrong answer here. Close your eyes and visualize what God’s face looks like to you. Do not be bashful or humble about this. No one is watching you except all those in all Universes and they won’t tell anyone. As soon as you see God’s face while keeping your eyes closed extend your hand and reach out and touch the face of God. Realize after you touch God that you are experiencing a sudden LEAP of understanding by having a quite ordinary but conspicuously stunning event. Feel the emotions and clearness you have; cry if you want to, dance and sing if you want to. This is your own personal event. Yes, you may return to that special place anytime you want to. It is YOUR event.

#2- Now before I take my leave I ask you ones       “When a tree falls in the forest” …..

Salude,,, Blue Star the Pleiadian … I am in the forest, are you?

“There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there.” … Blue Star the Pleiadian


In Book One of “The Blue Star Transmissions” is the earlier Transmission “When Walk-Ins Time Walk.”

The Masters message “The Destabilization of Magnetics

Winter People who Ride the Wind” is Book 7 of The God Books