It is a “Pot-ty world” and other 2014 topics

The Masters

Message #15

It is a “Pot-ty world” and other 2014 topics

January 31st, 2014

Master Kato (transmitted to Celest) Welcome to the year 2014 to all Planetizens and all our Earth cousins, asleep or awake. No one on the Earth Star planet can possibly sleep through the beginning of this volatile year; regardless of how hard they try. Even those foolish ones who try to “sheep” through it will find it impossible to do so. There is indeed much afoot behind the cleverly veiled economics of this world, as well as much else going on among alleged world leaders who are still working covertly in a power struggle unlike any which has ever been seen here before. We who are the collective of The Masters knew full well as we observed the incredible success of the PUSH events, that part of the overlay of PUSH would heighten the sensitivity of all good people here, while simultaneously FORCING the dark people to rise to the surface of their own scum. It was most provident of course that so many people of all races joined in as Soul Cluster merged with Soul Cluster to defeat the beast in its own lair. That lair has long been the Earth Star planet. Because of this fact we all needed people of each race to be the ones who would be instrumental in Creating the Greater changes for the Greater good.

So many of you have pondered, prayed, mediated and cried endless tears while trying to figure out, “why am I here, why am I in this awful place?” Well, we can tell you that PUSH was part of an addendum you signed as part of your Soul agreement; IF and WHEN the time arrived that you would be needed to join forces and augment even greater changes than you already were. For the record however – this PLACE was never awful – the people were! I, Kato, speaking for the collective as ONE VOICE, want you all to arrive at a much better understanding of all which is now occurring here, and all of what must yet take place. Those men and women who have so sneakily demonized truth and justice are themselves now being exposed to all which they have for so long heaped upon all civilizations here, on all races here. Because they too have their Achilles Heels, how they are each reaping the “bad seeds” they have for far too long sown here, is affecting them each in the fears which lie usually buried in the deepest recess of their individual minds.

The mistake too many of you Planetizens here make is assuming that these people have no fears. You tend to equate power with fearlessness; nothing could be farther from the truth. Their fears both individually and collectively are different than your own, however they are as real as the ones you yourselves have. So it is that so many of them are recoiling now as the reality of their being seen naked and vulnerable to everyday people has at last become an ongoing reality they never wanted to have take place. Planetizens, when you see someone as they really are rather than how they project thoughts and images of how they want you to see  them, the mask those dark people wear slips out of place and the real entity can be seen and thus dealt with. There never has been any honor among thieves; there is only paranoia, limitless jealousy and insatiable thirst to destroy the other thieves for fear that one or more of them will attempt to “dethrone” all other alleged rulers. These “leaders” are a monstrosity wearing the GUISE of being all powerful and fearless! Please, for the sake of your Soul and for the final freedom of this planet, start using some discernment and STOP accepting other people at face value! You see, even those people and unfortunately they are in all professions here, but particularly in politics, medicine, entertainment and religion, are not only quaking internally and arguing about how to hold on to what they still have, they have now learned to fear the amassing angers good people are directing towards them. Interesting though it is to bear witness to their deceits while they try so hard to believe no one will ever see through them, because no one really had until lately, the fact remains that they have either chosen or have “been placed” in the very professions which so many good people either gravitate to – religion and entertainment, or believe they simply can not live without – politics and medicine. Do not be naïve please; the corporate world is interwoven with ALL professions. And I do mean ALL. The greater the perceived need is for people of all races to follow to pursue these particular “avenues” which seem to call out to them, the greater the size of the net which is used to ensnare the good people. The collective weakness of Planetizens here has been self-gratification, just as it has always been for the Earth Seeds.

By the way, although we do not consider metaphysics to be a profession per se, although in the most practical sense it is, do not lose sight of the fact that many men and women who profess to be metaphysicians, Light Workers and so forth, have aligned with the dark humans for monetary reasons and for power. Again and again I caution all of you NOT to be foolish, use discernment when seeking Spiritual information from others!

It came to pass so many, many centuries ago that when early people on all the landmasses that existed in those times fell under the besotted spell of believing they had to depend on tribal leaders who eventually evolved into politicians of a more primitive type than today … and that is saying something indeed … was when magically and without any valid explanation of how this information came to them, the leaders entered into collusion with the early day doctors and voilà … hallucinogenic drugs entered the scene, worldwide I might add, which was indeed the casting of the die that began obliterating Spirituality and begetting the slow demonizing of the human races and the loss of evolution! When the Creator and the God of this Universe Created all the medicinal herbs, plants and flowers here on this Earth Star planet, They did so for the purpose of all races here having a plethora of natural medicines, healing balms and poultices that are not only beautiful to behold, but possess the most incredible natural abilities to reverse OR eradicate medical conditions while enhancing the Spiritual Matrix of the Soul. It required only a certain group of extremely lower based irrational extremists to “discover” that all that had been Created here for the good of ALL humankind, could be used in abusive manners. They experimented with all of those elements and then sold them to those people who foolishly believed that paying much money for medicines containing these wondrous natural elements, was the right thing to do for their health and their recreation.   

The fall of the human races was inevitable at that point. The beat of the drug began an insidious, deadly addictive dance. One which is especially today effectively destrioying the young and the elderly alike. The more that people here have been warned about staying away from these drugs, the more they pander to it. This is highly irrational behavior from a civilization which so arrogantly considers itself to be “progressive.”  However, those who dance with the devil must pay the price. Humankind here has no idea that it is the biggest corporations backed by and with the alleged leaders of this world who are the ones who so heavily compromise a person’s integrity because that grouping of money backers comprise the largest and most dastardly cartel which has ever been! Oddly enough, although it has long been the norm here, “pot” is the first drug selected by the cartel to use worldwide against all of humanity. POT IS THE ORIGINAL TROJAN HORSE.  No one wants the truth to be known about this miscarriage of justice. To declare that pot is safe to use, that it does not cause addiction is not only the great lie; it is completely counterproductive to and for anyone who chooses to evolve!

I would like to tell you the proper way for pot to be used as a very mild medicinal aid; however, because the nature of humanity is to seize upon information and then use it for illicit means, I shall not do so. We have overheard people in different countries that do allow any drugs to be used and it is considered to be lawful, remark that drugs have never caused problems among their countrymen. This is a classic example of people who bury their heads in the sand because they do not want to KNOW the truth. Using pot is considered by the cartel to be the most instrumental means of finally obliterating whatever remnants of Spirituality a person may still retain. Planetizens, please pay close attention here: pot is considered to be the first step to leading people into total addiction. It really is a stepping stone which leads to another and another and another deadlier form of drug. The cartel quickly deduced that people of all races, of all ages would succumb to the seemingly winsome innocent effects of pot. Unfortunately for you all … they were correct. It usually seems to be those here who are among the most spineless, the mentally and emotionally weak people of any age groups who simply must have pot “in order to feel they are normal, in order to feel they have a life.”

Many metaphysicians have been depending on pot for many, many years as an aid to enhance their “special gifts.” They do NOT want to know that they actually begin to give false readings on everything. They swear they can not read or “see clearly” without the pot’s influence. These are cases of personal delusion and the ultimate lack of personal responsibility!

It is not really about peer pressure anymore; it is the nature of the beast to devour the Spirituality in a person. Many times this occurs even before that individual has a chance to begin to evolve. How sad, how tragic, how typically human. No one can point fingers at the Earth Seeds and say that they are the ones responsible for this dance of death. Everyone who uses pot “socially, out of boredom and the need to impress others,” is responsible. Medical pot dulls pain for some but dulling the pain causes the body to forget it exists. Unfortunately, very few of you of any race are aware of the intentional tampering which has gone on for years with pot. 10 years ago this tampering increased dramatically. Yes, this is especially true of what you term, “medical marijuana.” You believe smoking cigarettes is bad for you? Then you have NO IDEA what people are REALLY adding to pot prior to selling it! For a world leader to recently state, “Pot is no more dangerous than drinking alcohol” is a dangerous statement to make; especially from someone who should know better. However, money talks! Hmmm, I believe we just took a “pot shot.”

Please remember, if you do not feel the physical pain, how do you know where the problem lies? Yet moment to moment those who support pot use are gaining strength in numbers and those who truly understand that this is not a good thing have been losing the battle. Indeed this is a potty situation giving birth to leaving a potty legacy of how much most of humankind has lost its humanity.

Speaking of fractures but now not in the psyche – I feel it is timely to let you know that there are now many, many underwater fractures occurring beneath all oceans, the seas and many very large lakes. Rivers in almost every country are beginning to experience these as well. Far too few of you are aware of the many underwater mining operations which have been going on for a long time now. The senseless and endless drilling above the waterways in also contributing to these dangerous splits in the water system. What began as repairable disruptions now far exceeds anyone’s ability to repair them. The underground tremors are setting off more earthquakes beneath the waterways and forcing new channels of water to open, thus further disrupting the natural ebb and flow of the waters. This is in fact also contributing to land sinking. As the new channels are created they literally force land beneath the major landmass or even small islands to sink even more than they already were.

The impact on marine life including such necessary elements as algae is irreparable. This is also causing a faster movement of the continents. None of the continents of today are really where you think they are. The shifting has begun. Lands are rising from the water while other lands once considered to be “stable” are lowering. Then too very few of you Planetizens here understand that there is nary a country on the Earth Star planet that does not have vast, sometimes convoluted, tunnels running beneath them. Anything that is done below the waters’ surfaces, is either an asset or a detriment to this planet. Yet again, the cartel is responsible for this, however if you are not aware of these things then how can you effect good change? I truly do understand the necessities you each focus on as part of your priority lists.

So much is happening so fast NOW, more so than it was even before in the history of this world. But in the smarmy world of politics the fact remains that if you keep the wrong people in governmental places of power and those of religion, then your voices will become as lost as the sands of time. The sands of time is not truly a metaphor; sand blows over, around and above water and land, and travels beneath water as well, does it not? In it own inimitable fashion each grain of sand may seem to look like each other grain, however they are different internally. Their properties do vary, depending on the geographic location of the sand. Think of each grain of sand as a moment in what you thought of as “time.” NOW that the NOW is firmly establishing herself here, one grain of sand can travel much faster than it ever has before because there are no constraints to hold it back. Farmers and ranchers are quickly discovering “the sand affect” on their lands. With serious droughts present and the most serious ones yet to be, it will become more difficult to see sand because of the compactness of the dirt. As you watch areas in your country where small cracks on the land are appearing with great rapidity, you would be wise to remember that it is the cracks which are enabling the inner Earth steam to vent itself. Otherwise … KABOOM! Without this venting process there would be many eruptions of the land; the heat below surface MUST escape. Remember that in the summertimes, well, the countries that will still have some summers anyway. Be grateful for those small fissures; yes by all means store what water you can from rainfall when it does rain. The volatile weather patterns will not cease! The most precious resource you will have will be water.

Do what you are able to do to remove persons of power from power. Exercise your voting voice and do not fall prey to the lies politicians tell. Deal with drilling companies through all legal means available to you and remember, they can not be there without the consent of your governments. Actually NOW is a good time to amass your signatures in protest – you put the politicians in office now its time to take them out of office. We have been watching edginess among all races here now bursting into forms of outrage. It is most unfortunate that this seems to be what is required in order to move people into taking action. However, be of good heart Planetizens; you who have taken a stand and are part of the Greatest Change this planet has ever had, can continue to affect change through your thoughts; through your voices, through your better understanding of why so much is ongoing here and NOW. To STAND is not always easy when you are jobless or hungry or depressed. However even if it may not make sense to you now, in but a short spatial nano-minute, you WILL understand.

By the way, politicians just as actors are superstitious people. They have been in awe of the weather which has been so powerful and so destructive in some ways. However even those men and women are learning that the people of all races here are being shell-shocked by the weather and these Earthizens are actually beginning to say, “We don’t believe this is all about global warming. The Earth is angry; many of us see this now and must change what we can.”  Politicians do not like to hear that type of talk; it makes them more nervous than they already are. This is because they are learning that contrary to what they thought would happen the weather is waking up the asleep and they are awakening with anger. When channeled correctly and used in just cause, anger can be a tool of change. Even a large number of Earth Seeds are saying this, so the voices are becoming louder.

On a final note: all people who follow the trail of religious doctrine are NOW equating these things happening on Earth to different phrases in their bibles. Well, to get to the road less traveled you must first get off the jam-packed highway of religion. Yet, these are for the most part good people, but still sleeping in some senses. Before very long they too will discover that religion is merely superstition which has been upgraded. Be well, Planetizens and our slowly awakening Earth Seeds; the best of “times” is not far away. Stay STRONG please.

Salude…. Master Kato and the collective of Masters. We speak as ONE voice

The Masters /