The Ice Mammoth Cometh And The Neverenders

The Blue Star Transmissions

~ Blue Star the Pleiadian ~

The Ice Mammoth Cometh


The Neverenders

1-12 to 3-25-2022

(Transmitted to Celestial Blue Star) Well everyone, many of you Advocates for Justice have survived your entrée into the beginning of 2022. At least you have physically; … emotionally and mentally … not so much. Spiritually speaking – you have “come to terms” with meeting Anastasis face to face, so to speak. Yes, those millions of you ones who did listen to me as well as to Celestial and our David and made certain you were prepared for anything and everything were and still are all the ones who fared the best. 2022 is the Year of building a bigger and better boat and choosing WHO and WHAT will be the “helm master.” To simplify things, you may call this your BB year.

Believe me when I tell you ones that the bigger and better boat that you build will allow you to ride across the peaks of the heavy waves and soar as The Creator intended you should. Instead of you being among the millions and millions of people who are trapped in the waves while the waves are knocking them over and sending them into oblivion. Unfortunately millions of peoples here who have not even attempted to use Power of Mind and Create the proper boat have already fallen into an unwakened and unbudgeable stupor. There in that enormous labyrinth they shall remain; for they have already changed or are in the process of changing their “life expiration date.” Please remember that you are all Created equal. It is what you do with that equality which defines your destiny. There are no inferior races of people; there are only inferior people. Ingenuity is a major key for and to adapting to “life changes.”

Although it is while this part of the Sacred and much heralded dance of destinies unfolding takes place, it is simultaneously doing so while others’ dance the dance of the macabre. These are the peoples here who are mostly unknowingly destroying their own destinies. Especially when they are attempting to thwart the goodhearted peoples’ preordained Unity of Purpose. These Divine Decreed preplanned events and their results are obtained through predetermination factors and Souls’ elevated states of the highest levels of Super Consciousnesses. They contain inevitable sets of a lifelong series of events designed to not merely test your mettle but to pick you up and hurl you into the MIDDLE of the greatest show Anastasis has ever been part of. Not to worry; we have your back!

These are catalysts for all those Advocates who defy all odds on this planet and form a tangibly intangible Unity of Purpose.  Those others’ chosen antics however of those peoples who already have or are now in the process of withering and DYING is almost as old as the The Creator HimSelf. Lack of Unity of Purpose is what destroys evil because all forms of evil are parasites. Parasites must always have hosts to feed upon. Remove the hosts and voilà Unity of Purpose is Created. We always knew when the spatialness periods which were intended to awaken all peoples here with the unnoticeable exception of those who failed to dream themselves awake would occur. See Planetizens, you all have friends in high places. Now if you want to keep them …..

Now, so it is that when Soul is working in tandem with personality to discover and explore the inner realizable purpose of life, revelations occur quickly. For indeed it is this inner purpose of a life that will be discovered and thus immediately becomes activated. This process is known as self-actualization. Do you see? Pay close attention now please.

So,, I will NOW give you just a bit of a “heads up” about something that has started here and how it will affect those broken-Spirited people and what they too now have to contend with. Irreconcilable differences will really begin to rage in unrelenting intensity as unfortunately the angry most unhappy peoples here destroy themselves. Their rage can not be tolerated!

Long ago in a heartbreak period not far from here, an important Luminescent prophecy was birthed.

What they had foretold ALL of you back then was: …

“Beginning in the Autumn part of the chronological year 2021, The black beast shall raise its evil head. HE will be OF another country. HE will be testing the convictions people have and HE will do so around the world. By Mid-March of 2022 the well-stoked fires of brutal hatreds and duplicity run amuck will attack the mission Anastasis is on and attempt to further infiltrate ALL countries on this planet. HE is a “mind-bender” and HE will use all the evil powers HE has to further spread deadly viruses everywhere and to instill all goodhearted peoples’ minds and hearts with fear. ESPECIALLY all the Advocates. Those who can not survive will be those who regrettably discover at their own peril what happens when there is a lack of Unity of Purpose. We ask that each of you remember our words of warning and NOW your pre-warning … again. Hold on Advocates for NOW you MUST have faith in yourself. Each of you MUST! And you must hold on tightly to the faith you rightly so have in US. We will not forsake any of you. WE ARE your “battleground.” Here is where truth and all encompassing love MUST prevail. You will each succeed regardless of how many qualms you have, for WE will be with you AND because you can!” (Prophecy concluded)


It is those disingenuous politicians and quasi- religious leaders all over this world that are causing you such great harm; for they use nonexistent hell and damnation to break your Spirit. They are NOT who or what you think they are. Rise above the madness Planetizens, rise above it NOW. You rise above it by being true to yourself. True to your Earth Star mission and true to your Advocacy Agreement. People who are guilty of complicity are also guilty of the worst forms of collusion designed to keep all peoples under political and religious control. They SHALL NOT win! Now, I do indeed see that some of the minds of peoples on Anastasis especially in faraway countries worldwide ARE beginning to have vague recollections of that long ago discussion. Millions and millions of other peoples here are not surprised at the prophecy because they have the KNOWING that it was coming. And so it is that this information given to you ones in this transmission which you have been reading so far, leads to The Ice Mammoth Cometh.

Now, the Ice Mammoth of thousands of years ago never disappeared, it merely evolved BUT it did so on different levels and on different states of “knowing.” One aspect of the Ice Mammoth is the elephant of today. That event was for furthering the knowledge and aspirations of the Mammoth itself and to prepare it for its next “evolution of solution.” However, on a much larger scale of life-eternal it became a place, a sanctuary of sorts in an area which today you know as “The Valley of the Ancients.” It was there where hundreds of years ago the paladins, the troglodytes and the Lizzies lived in harmony. The Lizzies were picked up from the Earth Star planet and transported there when they became almost extinct because of the deadly attacks launched against them by their counterparts The Dark Reptilians.

Although the dark reptilians had become dark because they had been overtaken by evil, especially by the early Illuminati, the Lizzies kept on living their lives as extremely intelligent, loveable Beings. Love and hate – the same as oil and water. Although it required many years, centuries in fact of caring for the Lizzies, eventually they did revive and are still awaiting their turns again to re-inhabit Anastasis and to live, love and thrive among Planetizens here. That will still take a while. The Troglodytes from the earliest times did indeed live in types of cave dwellings but they preferred to just live outside. They eventually evolved into some of the finest thinkers and used Creative beauty to study humankind and all forms of other animal life.

This is why they knew what needed to change and why. Today they live among you ones and are still very quiet, reclusive and extremely intelligent and compose beautiful music and tend to avoid being around humanity any more than they need to. Although they are USUALLY gentle Beings, it was back when the Luminescents began to prepare humanity for the then upcoming disaster which was slowly brewing that necessary change took place. However, that being said, the Troglodytes began to volunteer to be part of the queue and about 625 years ago they began to slowly take their places here on Anastasis.

Some of them are your neighbors, although they avoid loud places and loud noises and no, they do not marry. They have all been honing their knowledge of ancient warrior skills. They received this knowledge and training from the Avatars and are prepared to battle alongside all goodhearted peoples here. No, no one can live isolated lives without learning or relearning self-defense techniques. Boy, have they ever relearned those things! Amazing how much a staunch-hearted person can learn or relearn when they KNOW how many lives are at stake. Troglodytes have been labeled here by their human counterparts as reclusives, hermits, loners, eccentrics and not of this world. In truth they are very self-effacing individuals. They are aware of what you do, what you say and what you think. They MUST be this way in order to not merely survive this madness here, but to thrive and remain in embodiment in order to aid humanity.

Then we have the Paladins. So, many thousands of years ago they were a male-oriented race of Beings. It was due to the times they were living in; it was not because they agreed with it. Although they had a tendency to travel in groups of other Paladins they were always the ones who fought deadly fights in order to champion a person’s rights and rights of freedom. Of course although their numbers were well into the thousands they were still badly outnumbered by the evildoers. As “time” evolved and they slowly but unwillingly left the planet, they evolved into what today is known as “The Black Hats.” If you have read “The God Book” Series then you should have thorough knowledge of WHO and WHAT the Black Hats are. If you do not know, then shame on you!

Now, the Ice Mammoth’s return AGAIN has long been awaited by the most knowledgeable Advocates and the most experienced, best-informed and most capable of your Spiritual Teachers here.  These are not the Teachers who learn because they are erudite; rather they are the ones who bring their information from their home planets with them, just as they have in the past. Anastasis must always continue to evolve as must all sentient Beings. So the Ice Mammoth brings massive changeable weather conditions. It also gifts millions of you ones with the intangible ability to adapt to serious weather changes. This Mammoth has long ago been referred to by humankind here as an “Ice Age.” Anastasis in her glory as she swirls around here in her own new galaxy and Universe KNOWS that because she is in perfect conjunctional alignment with all the other Universes that have recently conjoined her, that all necessary changes must take place in order for humanity as a whole to recover… some day.

Conjunctions have their rewards and for example there are also squares to learn from etc. What is NOT learned MUST be relearned. Each astrological event is carefully followed and people are expected to honor all they receive. Whether they like it or not. There are always good reasons for this! When this “some day” takes place this Earth Star Planet will once again be a great planet full of healthy Planetizens and untarnished, unspoiled foodstuffs and clean waterways. Yes, one aspect that has changed just in case you missed the cosmic sized billboard we sent to you is that what you once viewed as “normal cold” and “normal hot” has ceased to be.

Now you are hearing about Atmospheric Rivers. Yes, they do exist BUT you should also be aware that Atmospheric Rivers CAN flow backwards, you know. Perhaps you did not know but in fact they do! Rivers on land generally flow downhill; Atmospheric Rivers flow in the direction of moving air which is created by weather systems. Now the moving air patterns and the magnetic currents on Anastasis are changing almost daily all over this planet., They do so because they must! No, this is not about that overused term “climate change,” Climate change you think it is, does not exist. The Mammoth is not referred to as “colossal sized” without good reason. Weather systems HAD to be changed! As did weather conditions. It was known that in order to preserve as much of the human races as possible, the Mammoth would cause great freezing temperatures during cold months and beyond and the summer/hot weather would be extremely hot in great part due to the lack of oxygen here.

In time you ones will be told of what all would have happened here IF the weather systems did not change. I will give you a hint: there would be no world to return to! The new phrase here seems to be “frigid arctic air.” No, again. The weather systems of what you ONCE thought of as ”frigid” and “arctic” actually originate far out in space. Space air is far beyond the frigid masses you were used to here. So it is that simply stated, the air you ones breathe here on Anastasis especially during winter months is VERY, VERY thin now. It will become even thinner. You could equate this with living at altitudes far above 10,000 feet. Those of you such as Celestial and our David who had lived at an altitude of just under 9,000 feet are well-familiarized with what living in very thin air is all about.

It did however after living there for 6 years prepare them for living in the NOW here. The fears and unruly emotions peoples here have do actually impact on weather systems which can and do alter weather conditions. I do not really expect you to understand this now, you have much too much to cope with as it is. But someday, most of you WILL understand. That “understanding” will Create change.

So it is that you yourself may be able to track the progress the Ice Mammoth makes by paying attention to the various directions the “arctic cold” takes. Lands that are seemingly surrounded by huge amounts of rain will not necessarily be able to keep or easily maintain the proper soil levels and depths of rich soil once winter leaves. This was one primary reason I warned you, as did Celestial and David for the last several years to plant foodstuffs when you could and to store enough food so you would not have to do without it. Although many of you listened; far too many people pooh poohed that concept. How sad! I will not even bring up the immense lack of drinkable water confronting all of you. You had your warnings!

As the Mammoth continues its trek across this planet it will give a “sign” to those awaiting its special signal. It is a warning for all those peoples to immediately strengthen their Unity of Purpose and telepathically send out the message with these words, “The Time is NOW.” It means that all those amongst you ones who have been sent here specifically to aid other goodhearted peoples here who deserve to be helped must move quietly and quickly. You will find that these words which have been in a dormant state within Power of Mind will immediately spring forth and send out the communication just as you all did on December 3rd. 2021, for The Christmas Soul Dance. You will either receive that sign through any of your sentiences, you will dream the words, you will hear them, you will see them written somewhere or your KNOWING will suddenly spring into action. Do not be surprised if some of your Spirit Guides whisper them in your ears. All aspects of your “knowing” have been covered. When this occurs be ingenious let yourself leap into action and just do what you can when you can.

Remember as “front-liners” not only will your Souls link together even more firmly than they had, your unbreakable connection of Soul to Soul, heart to heart and mind to mind will be unstoppable. Use caution about over exuberance; realize when this is happening and then slow down a bit and EXHALE. The Mammoth will remain here covering all parts of this world for a long period. It will not leave until its appointed period to leave has arrived. Dress for ALL seasons all year long. IT will not totally cover Anastasis the way it did THE LAST 3 ICE AGES, but it will completely alter many landmasses and waterways. No, this will not occur all at once. So please, EXHALE again. There are still far too many of you who need to learn or relearn ever so much in order to help other good Souls here. Here then too is where your other allies now publically enter your lives

Be ever so grateful to the Neverenders

Now, the Neverenders are the Soul Saints marching in. They have earned their title through all the years and centuries AND Millenniums when they have reincarnated here.  Millions upon millions upon millions of them have selflessly given their very lives to aid and protect all goodhearted peoples here, especially all true Advocates for Justice. Can any of you ones be so foolish or bluntly stated … so downright stupid … as to belive you could have returned here again and again and again WITHOUT their most able assistance? They surround each newborn babe from the moment an infant draws its first breath of life and accompany each Soul who leaves the planet and travels with them to Nirvana. Throughout the entirety of the much needed R and R periods you each require in Nirvana the Neverenders are with you and assist you in every step of your Souls’ recovery.

They have always been the quiet ones; never reaching for recognition from you, never asking you for anything. They consider themselves to be themselves and yet be you as well. So many of you ones will never remember while you are mortal how much your very mortal lives depended on the actions and the reactions of the Neverenders who have given their all in order that YOU could do so yourself! They may shake their heads at so many of the harmful antics Planetizens indulge in, but they have never judged you. Celestial and our David had so many, many of you Advocates busy Creating beauteous Dimensional and Inter-dimensional Doorways for years now and very wisely did not tell any of you about the necessity of bringing all the Soul Saints marching in without any harm coming to them. See, the less you knew back then the better you worked on your Creating Doorways mission.

Of course the downside was that Celestial and David had to fend off attack after attack by the worst perpetrators of evil, especially Celestial for ever so many years.  She began using Power of Mind and building Doorways for the Soul Saints and verbally and telepathically calling them in DAILY when she arrived here in 1989. David, once he began working with her also transformed himself and has become of the great Spiritual Teachers who will once again return to Anastasis in the future. Of course the black beast was well aware of what massive venture Celestial had started. It never misses a beat when it realizes its very existence is “on the line.” Remember… untainted Souls are immortal, BUT they can become tainted if captured by the beast. The beast and its legions have been attempting to attack the Neverenders all the time now. This year of 2022 is the year when the attacks have been happening almost continuously now. All good Souls however are fighting back and WE are at their side! Therefore, it was and still is most imperative that all the Soul Saints marching in must continue their pace and their pace is rapid and “neverending.”

Now, it gives me the greatest of pleasure to reveal to you ones that the Neverenders have been joined by the eccentrics AND all the Black Hats. The battles we are all engaged in are worth whatever it costs us. WE battle for the eternal evolution of the Jesus THE Christ Consciousness and for the sanctity and safety of ALL the Doorways as well. We are all also battling for the safety of your Souls and most of your mortal lives as well. We do NOT battle to save any people who are evil. They get what they deserve.

The black beast is also being heavily attacked; the time has arrived for ALL good Souls to be put on notice: The massive undertaking Celestial and our David led you each on to be the best you could be and be the best you were and your willingness to participate in the amazing success story that The Christmas Soul Dance had and still has, is truly a major highlight of your lives! I am so proud of each of you and so are Celestial and our David! As for the black beast… we KNOW where it lives. We know where all of its lairs are. YOU just concentrate on what you need to do and we will take care of the rest. You keep working with the Soul Saints marching in and the rest of the Neverenders and speak with them whether you know them by their name signature or not. Remember YOU are them and THEY are you. You are ALL related!

I am signing off for now

Salude …Blue Star the Pleiadian …I am off to “walk” in the Doorways, join me, will you not?

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