Bitter Harvest

Blue Star Transmissions

~ Blue Star the Pleiadian ~

Bitter Harvest

9-20 to 11-25-2022

(Transmitted to Celestial Blue Star) Salutations to all of you true Advocates for Justice; you are each coping or about to cope with an Autumn unlike one you have truly experienced before. So much is changing in every nanosecond of your days and nights it would not be possible for me to give you any non-changing details about each of your present and upcoming days and nights. Although I have cautioned all of you to expect anything at any time and be prepared for such, it would be expecting far too much of any of you to be fully prepared for things you have yet to experience. With that having been said, I do however ask you to keep the windows of your minds open and receptive to change what you are able to and to accept all that you can not change.

Now, the depths of your tiredness that I feel within your bodies and minds concerns me a bit. Human anatomy struggles to withstand severe heat and the really severe cold which will yet again be starting VERY shortly. Many peoples FAR too many, have allowed their physical vehicles to only adapt to certain temperatures. Too much concern for “the body beautiful” instead of for the variable waves of all different temperatures has in great part caused the physical vehicle to rebel against heat and cold that it has not been allowed to learn to adapt to. Of course it means that the mind is thrown a nasty curve because peoples have failed to allow body and mind to work in tandem. None of what I have just said will make sense to all of you. No surprise there! Try to understand that in great part each person who has ever lived on Anastasis is in some fashion or another a product of their environment. The environment of which I speak is NOT the physical conditions which surround you. I speak of the natural circumstances and natural forces to which you may respond. If for instance a person responds to the color red by feeling deep unexplainable anger and even hatred, it is actually the psyche which is reacting NOT the personality itself. If the same person responds to the color blue by feeling peace and contentment, again it is the psyche responding. Humanity overall has failed itself miserably by falsely believing that the eyes are the windows of the Soul. They are not! The PSYCHES are the windows of the Soul. Understand that and you are about halfway there to perfecting knowledge.

Long ago during a seminar my Celestial daughter was giving to a large group of people in a western state, she needed an example to give them about knowledge. But it had to be one that was so simple they should not have been able to misunderstand it. Many of them misunderstood anyway but she did give it her best try. What she said about “knowledge” was that “knowledge is wisdom in a training bra.” Now as simple and yet as articulate as that TRUE reality, that TRUE statement of fact is, it always seems to go over the heads of even some of the finest minds of the Advocates’ Collective. Human eyes are fallible, you see. This is a FACT whether you like to hear this or not! No, this has nothing at all to do with whether a person is blind, has poor eyesight or is colorblind. It is not unusual for human eyes to misread or misinterpret what they THINK they see. This has been a major quandary, a true bane for law enforcement for as long as humanity has been. The eyes can easily fool the mind; when this happens then the hapless person wanders into a mind-field which he has self-created. Do you see? Of all the times of your life when it is so critically important that each of you ones truly understand the psyche Now is the time you MUST! I do not enjoy seemingly always telling you that you MUST do something or other, but your very lives and the conditions of your Soul may depend on you listening to this and then start taking proactive action. The entire business of that tiresome and invasive misinformation about the eyes and the windows is simply linear mistruth and dangerous rhetoric.

Now, remember though that even the psyches can be tainted by the loss of innocence a person experiences when they ignore true reality and choose illusions and desperately cling to humanmade ideas of normal and abnormal. Human beings are Creatures of habit. As such when their habit/routine is disrupted or interrupted they quickly fall into “the abyss of the lost minds.” So many people now are desperately trying to find solace and hope in their personal or professional quests for a bountiful harvest at some point this Autumn. I strongly advise you to Create a Plan B. While you still can! It still surprises even me when I see so much hope being placed on an experience that can not really take place. A person’s environment when it is healthy and strong CAN overcome what may be pending to be a final result of an expectation, by focusing their personal environment on what else they can do to somehow circumvent the worst of pending conditions. IF they only just focus on the “what else can I do if the worst takes place.”

If you did not have a bountiful harvest last year then what did you do in lieu of it? Those of you ones whom we know had carefully canned or fast-froze fruits, vegetables, meat etc., are well ahead of those who chose not to. Now, all of you should be ingenious and quickly decide what else you can do. Many people are bartering with others. Use your heads please. YOU are your own first line of defense. So, plan ahead and choose simple, uncomplicated means of having enough to eat. Just be well aware that while so many millions of peoples on Anastasis now have crumbling psyches but you may not, they are the human factor peoples you must always be aware of. Planetizens, try if you can to possibly break free of following humanmade traditions and start one of your own. There are actually peoples now who have painfully realized there truly are no 4 seasons of the year. The seasons are nonlinear now. If you are among the millions of peoples here who still doggedly refuse to accept this fact, then you too are digging your own grave which is composed of psyche decay and determined belief in following illusions. How sad! Relearn the ancient art of growing some foodstuffs inside your home when you are able to. While you still can.

Your ancient ancestors did and they still thrived although they basically lived on scantier harvests than you ever had to. That is an example of alchemy in motion. Of course, evil peoples are being attentive and harkening to places and countries where they have been told to gather in order to take what is not theirs.  Remember though the psyche may not be able to save you from yourself. Therefore, clear your minds and for heaven’s sake defragment ALL your previously or presently held mindsets.

Now, bear in mind that evil does not travel in an arc it travels as a straight line because it is a line of demarcation. Evil still follows the aged theory that the shortest distance between 2 places can be found by traveling in this manner. It is not true but it does make evil easier to spot and thus avoid it as much as possible. Therefore, functioning under the Law of Attraction evil travels straight to a person who already is or who is about to become evil. This has always been this way. Evil seeks out all the weakest links; so it always scans one’s personality first. So it is that then when those links have been exposed to evil all evil parlays itself into various other forms of malevolency. It then falls upon the hapless Planetizens on this world to combat that which is its antithesis. Fortunately, millions and millions of peoples who are arriving here en masse are believers of transcendentalism. Although that is an ancient form of philosophical alchemy the spatial period had arrived which signaled the call to arms through peace and their assistance has been greatly needed. From the very beginning of this Autumn and throughout the rest of this lifetime of this planet, 2022 will always be known and remembered as the year that never was.

You see, since the beginning of the covertly planned release of what they call “covid,” peoples’ fears here were expected to further exacerbate this panicdemic. It was expected that the deadly illness would cause ordinary people to hold tightly to their governments and not rebel against all the disappearances of what they always had cherished, even though they cherished optical illusions. But it did not happen that way. One major part, one major flaw in the human factor was overlooked. So it was that evil which had worked so hard and so long to perfect the majority of humankind’s spoiledness did not realize that peoples’ spoiled natures had sadly defined the character of the majority of human Beings. People who were spoiled would rule the personality and defy any attempts to remove their almost spoiled rotten behavior and beliefs. It is funny when unexpected help intervenes to assist us in the work we are doing!

Really good peoples here looked forward to 2022 being their “turnaround year.” They believed that this year would bring back their NORMAL life. Well, it has … considering they never had a true normal life to begin with. Think of it this way: take the toys away from a spoiled child and that child can become completely unmanageable, angry, emotionally and mentally unstable and most of them become untrustworthy. Evil begets evil, which begets evil and so on and so forth. You see Advocates; 2022 is actually a cosmic sized mirror. Sometimes it is of great necessity for Divinity to do this to you. You do not really understand how far you have fallen into the abyss of the lost Souls until you can see yourselves in this mirror. The millions of humankind here who have not failed must bear this mirror image year as well, simply because they are here. 2022 will always be the year of the “reminder” of what NOT to do and WHY not to do it. The well-planned resurgence of many advanced forms of covid were indeed set up for mid to late Autumn here so that evil could continue with its genocide. No need to be concerned about your descendants’ DNA’s. Genocide will ensure that they are never correct again. Just wait and see!  

Now, as you rapidly approach “an Autumn to remember” I can now tell you that millions of tests had been given to you ones this year. These were Universal tests; although many of you ones were testing yourselves as well. Testing people while they are under duress is always better than giving them tests when they are in a happy, happy, joy, joy mode. The duress aids in totally revealing all that the psyche perceives and what the totally conscious parts of the MIND tries to deny. Yes, although it was knowledge that was unknown long ago among the most well-known philosophers, the knowledge was that there does indeed exist some monumental mind clashes between conscious knowledge and psyche knowledge. By the way, I have been hearing from many males who want to know how they are supposed to deal with the training bra information. Gentlemen: use your ingenuity … visualize! No one will know … except all of us.

The most challenging tests that most peoples here failed were mind-tests revolving around situations such as “what would you do if you suddenly lost everything you had? How would you sustain yourself if you had no one to love you? How do you know when you are happy?” The tests ranged from very simplistic to very complicated. To give all of you credit though, the majority of you immediately lept into action and came up with very good ideas. THAT means more than you realize. You see, we told none of you that what you would be doing was Creating your plan B’s and so on. This was so that in the event that you would find yourselves in those mentally defying and draining situations you could safely avoid them posthaste and live on to fight another day. Kudos Advocates; you scored very highly on those Universal tests. On the intimate personal level tests … not so much.

This year in particular we have been watching so many Advocates all across the world performing absolutely heroic mind-actions as a means of counteracting floodings, droughts and starvation as well as trying to figure out where they can move to. Buck up and pay close attention now please: IF you have the ability and the resources to move NOW do so forthwith. Do not delay! Just quickly relocate. If however you have some good reason to remain where you are currently living, do not delay in quickly weatherproofing your home. Be patient check your residence carefully; spend whatever you need to but be realistic. There is no room in your lives for fancy name brands. There never was. Your decision to remain where you are however may be overridden by the Luminescents. We do see this happening already. They know much more than you do and if they see you are placing yourselves in a precarious situation, they will ENSURE that you WILL move. It saddens me to have to say that the majority of peoples here spent really large sums of their monies on things they really did not need. There is nothing wrong with having your toys IF all important things are taken care of first. However, every time the human factor raises its ugly VIPEROUS head, people do indulge in stupidity then moan and groan when their foodstuffs can not be replaced and peoples go hungry. You are all living in that time NOW. As always, I am trying to prepare you for the worst that is yet to come! Long ago when I broached this subject with you and I was speaking of a future time period, I explained that it was in the future. However, BLINK and the future is here. Well guess what? God blinked.

Now, although what is called “Autumn Harvest” actually began a few months ago peoples all around Anastasis have been gathering as much harvest as they could. Their reactions wavered between shock and awe as they realistically took stock of what their hard work had produced. Millions of people have thrown up their hands and screamed, “what happened?” Still others have been marveling at the harvest they grew. I tried to be diligent when some time ago I explained that bountiful harvests are now becoming a memory. Not forever but for a very, very long time. A woman that Celestial and David know has been putting in her garden for 50 years. This time however the potatoes she planted had to be replanted 4 times. The 4th. time she only had one potato that grew. However, it was so puny and weak it was not edible. When Anastasis accompanied by Avatars and some of the Luminescents placed their landmass schematics in a specific order it was easily seen what landmasses would remain capable of new growth and which ones would not be. The alternative to doing it this way was to simply strip all new growth completely off Anastasis. That was not a viable alternative.

Now, I gave all of you fair warning about how lands would change and become infertile but that it would not all happen at one time. Those of you who still benefit from planting gardens take heed: that ability to grow has nothing to do with you personally! Anastasis arranged it for the benefit of Earth herself. Many millenniums ago, the farmers and ranchers learned when to keep certain landmasses barren while allowing other land plots to grow. Planetizens of today are not that smart anymore. Fallow lands are critical in order for foodstuffs to grow healthy. So it is that the blueprints carefully drawn up are being followed to the hilt. We have established specific run times which denotes what land, when and where is its turn to render SOME harvest. So, if you do not work together in a cooperative group in order to share the workload as well as whatever benefits you MAY be given, then there will be no food. Do you see?

Now, you ones also need to consider and reconsider how people overall will be able to survive. You may not like to listen to world news BUT you better start to so this NOW! People all over the world are already dying because of lack of food, in case you have not noticed. You too could become one of them. Those who live in rural areas still have the best chance of surviving and using coal cellars, potato cellars, fruit cellars, root cellars and ice cellars to name a few to carefully store and protect their foodstuffs. They too will have to be aware of marauders but at least they can watch each other’s backs. I do feel for those people who just have to have big city life! They are living in “snake pits” and do not even know it. These are the peoples who stand to lose more than their homes. Although homes by the thousands upon thousands will be lost. THAT movement has already begun and it is a nasty dangerous situation.

Remember what I said though: there will be no “1 fell swoop” as a means of decluttering and defragging this planet. That would not be beneficial and nothing at all could survive that! Consider the next 25 to 30 years the rearranging of Anastasis. That period of time has already started. Obviously not all of you ones will be alive by the end of that period but you are alive and living IN that gridline intersection NOW. You are each being judged now by how you comport yourselves ~ that will indeed be the defining factor of how you personally fare from now to the end of your present lives. Let it be known all over this world that how your children and theirs will be able to live and find a modicum of peace in their lives very much depends ON YOU.

Do not feel happy because of the figure I gave you; stop to consider how fast just 1 day goes by! Major revamps have begun and will not only continue but will enlarge as well; as drought alternates with terrible floods, damaging winds and peoples’ rising tempers. Fires were caused by an act of nature, human stupidity and the land herself following specific magnetic overlays. Tornados and earthquakes will also follow those overlays. City dwellers although I feel for you because so many millions of you feel trapped in those cities, please get out of them when you can! Crime waves are accelerating at an amazing pace. For your sakes move away from ALL coastlines! The rite of suppression is being felt by many Advocates who have learned to guard what they say to others who are demanding their return to their former “normal.” This much hoped for turnaround year is NOT ever going to happen! However, all the “new” help and massive amounts of quantum frequencies which beautifully correspond with Anastasis’s own new frequencies are aiding you far more than you realize. It is sad and yet disgusting to see and hear how so many millions of people who are extremely wealthy, especially those who are in the entertainment field, have convinced themselves that their wealth will prevent them from having to share the same fates as the rest of humanity. They actually joke about the Lord giveth but they ignore and the Lord taketh away part. No Advocates, they can run but they can not hide from justifiable retribution. All of them who have mishandled power are already facing the consequences of their own actions. They just do not all know this yet. The Collective of the Luminescents has deemed it to be necessary for so many really loud braggarts who are extremely wealthy and controlling men and women who are also among the most devious, most perverted people, to be revealed to the court of public opinion. I myself agree with this maneuver most heartily.

No, these ones will no longer be able to hide behind their monies while financially raping you by skillfully buying up all you THINK you may own.  Especially over the last few months they have been covertly buying huge tracts of land which good people owned at dirt cheap prices and selling them to investors at unbelievably enormous prices, which strips less financially secure peoples of the little they had. For many years now these same predatory people have been secretly buying and installing underground bunkers and some underground self-sustaining cities as well as quietly buying private islands. They do this just in case. Even these predators are becoming afraid of everyday peoples. A huge and ugly battle which has fairly quietly been brewing is just about to come to a head! Try to stay out of the fray as much as you can. Peace keepers are already overwhelmed. Fight the good fight with your mind. You do know how to do this!

 Now, as part of your own rewards as well as part of the just rewards for all those groupings who have come together to render the assistance you need in this the most tumultuous of times which are the best of times, certain actions have been taken by Celest and our David to better assist all of you.  During a long session Celestial had with the groupings recently it was decided that to make your paved road easier to travel and to better telepath to the groups we should give you a choice. So many of your mind-thoughts have been around how to communicate with the groupings in order for you to be heard by them and for you ones to be able to hear from the groups as well.  So, here are your choices now Advocates. For example you have the Walk-In Forces group, the Ancient Souls Forces group and the Soul Saints marching in Forces. We do as do they, understand why you may gravitate to one grouping more than another.

That requires no explanation from you. BUT Celestial and David felt that there is a better way to enhance the groups’ works as well as what you want to do with communication. So the decision was reached. From this moment on yes, of course you can and may call upon just one group if you want to; but we encourage you to call upon THE ENTIRE GROUP instead. The Collective name for these groupings is, The Maji. this is not symbolism; it is actualism. Celestial said and they all agreed with her, “it is foolish for the Maji and the Advocates to only work at half speed when they can all work at full speed and accomplish all they need to and want to.”  Ok Advocates and all other good Souls; I have brought you up to date … so far … now do what you need to do, watch your backs and ride into your FUTURE NOW on and with the wings of the Maji! You can do no wrong. When in doubt about anything ask your questions please!

This is Blue Star signing off … I am off to check the conditions of your psyches!

There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there.” … Blue Star the Pleiadian

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