The Nature of Things amid the Clash of the Titans And They issued The Call – The Call has been Answered

Blue Star Transmissions

~ Blue Star the Pleiadian ~

The Nature of Things amid the Clash of the Titans


They issued The Call The Call has been Answered

7-15 to 9-25-2022

(Transmitted to Celestial Blue Star) Good Day; may God and all the other Luminescents be with all of you Advocates for Justice. Now, there is so much to discuss that Celestial actually began writing this transmission on the afternoon of Summer Solstice. As usual I will remind you ones yet again that I only provide you all with “unvarnished truth.” I have neither the inclination or the time to honey-coat my words. I am far too well aware that that particular method of speaking to or with peoples here by honey-coating what is said is nothing but an example of “disaster walking.” For as long as any of the human species has been, that was the old way of how people spoke with human Beings and what a mind-mess that has Created!

To err may be human but to TEACH people to err by feeding them nonsensical and dangerous untruths is simply unforgivable. Long, long before I began my off-world life here on Anastasis a part of my own Earth Walking training was to remember that while on this Earth Star planet expect humans not to change for the better UNLESS they were part of the ancient conclave of Ascended Souls whose gridline intersection had arrived when they could leave the queue and walk in mortality. Even though they were far from being “only mortal.” So you see, I and my brethren who are like me and are here to be all that WE can be, for the good of all untainted Souls truly have seen it all from the very beginnings of linear time to NOW when all exists in NOW spatial increments. And it does so even without the human species’ knowledge of non-linear life.

For the last 30+ years I have taught you all repeatedly that change is constant. Were that not so this wonderous Anastasis would be placed in stasis causing her not to be able to exist anymore and neither could any of you ones exist either. Can you not yet understand that all things must either evolve or devolve? What part of my wording do you not understand? The “nature of things” basically means the microcosmic and macroscopic internal structure of whatever you can think of is ALL changing. “Things” is simply a term which covers everything that exists regardless of whether it is animate or inanimate, living or dead. A waterfall which is in constant motion for instance is animate. As long as it is so it cannot be confused with anything in stasis because it is constantly moving. Therefore, it is alive in this sense.

When any object is in stasis mode it ceases to function; in a sense it is simply something that is taking up space. Eventually when certain gridline intersections connect that are the ones off-grid which are responsible for removing anything taking up space, they then connect with whatever is in stasis and that object or objects simply – poof – disappear as if it or they had never been. When stasis is existing, there is no equilibrium present anymore. There are no opposing forces or influences anymore which Create equilibrium, do you see?

Now, because humanity as a whole has pushed and pushed and pushed all situations, all environments, all of everything to the final point of destruction, the nature of ALL things must change. Whether you approve or not does not matter worth a damn. Now is the time for The Song of God to be heard and played over and over and over again. The human species as a whole have had countless opportunities to change ALL that needed to be changed. AND THEY FAILED TO DO SO! It requires great stupidity for such a race of primitive Beings to be so egotistical, so arrogant that they have not only challenged the Luminescent of this Universe, the One you call “God,” and in so doing it means they have also challenged the entire Collective of ALL Luminescents from all other Universes to a fight which humanity CANNOT win. Even though the greater part of humanity is being controlled by dark energies the people still can make choices between good and evil.

You ones are either with the Luminescents or against them. There is no third choice! It is how each person has lived their many lives here to date and how they comport themselves which is the determining factor of who will survive and who will not. To you ones who will survive I say to you, “Life is a “special occasion” treat it as such.” Yes, not only is the seemingly endless battle between the dark predatory energies and the Light not only continuing full force, it has now accelerated to unbelievable heights. I shall speak of that shortly. But for now, please concentrate on my warnings about The Nature of Things. If you could actually watch Anastasis in action you would see that she is moving at whirlwind speed even though to all of you ones – except for a minority of you – she seems to be moving normally albeit with some jerky movements which can cause you to feel off-balance.

Anastasis’s mission includes amongst many other things bringing the planet back to life and performing her own type of CPR on this world. It will become the world which Earth was always meant to be. Anastasis means “resurrection,” remember? Since the very beginning days of 2020 Anastasis has been “counting coup” and slowly at first, she began to implement her changes with the aid of The Ice-Mammoth. Anastasis is making topographical changes right under your nose. She does that, you know; because she can. Nary a single blade of grass will be untouched. By all the actions she is taking to save this wonderful planet which is her own Self, she is also helping all good Souls to save themselves. She knows who are her friends and who are her foes. She bears a heavy responsibility to aid in securing all goodhearted Souls here whether they are ready for the Advocacy Agreement or not and to utterly destroy all those who are the foes of the Divine Beings. No, of course she does not work alone. Neither does The Ice-Mammoth. We work with them just as we have always worked with The Creator, the entire Collective of Luminescents and all other Divine Beings. Except for those The Creator calls “special circumstances events and people” her word is final. As to what those special circumstances are, I shall not reveal that to you. It is none of your business.

Anastasis is well-aware of each of you and what you are doing or are failing to do. She encourages all of you to work together; to do the right thing for the right reason. You see, she knows that when people are walking together and functioning as one complete united entity while still maintaining their own unique separate identities, miracles are wrought. Do not be stupid and decry these necessary changes. She does not relish her missions here but she KNOWS there are no other choices to be made, humanity has made it necessary.

Now, weather conditions have not run amuck instead they are changing from their present temporary status to their new permanent weather status. All the multiUniverses that have since several years ago completely conjoined with this planet are assisting in altering weather currents and either magnetizing specific weather corridors or demagnetizing them, whichever best suits this Universe you live in. These are not nebulous maneuvers. Our collective of off-world scientists and those who are far beyond this world’s understanding of what you may refer to as quantum physics spent a great deal of spatial energies in Creating an outer environment that would be the herald of the new world Anastasis is busily Creating. Information is your greatest weapon.

The more you know about what is happening and WHY it is so, the more your remembrances of your roles here on Anastasis will return to you. Remember, you are not merely an observer, you are not only here to bear witness to all that is ongoing, you are each to participate and you can NOW start singing The Song of God. When singing The Song of God, the very WORDS you sing, your heartfelt emotions and your love without imposing conditions on your love is showing that dreadful evil you call the devil that you shall not capitulate, you shall not fail yourself. It is also your personal and Collective way of acknowledging that yes, evil does exist but it cannot have YOU. So, you sing the Song which is the antithesis of the Devil.

On ALL Super Conscious levels what you are doing is acknowledging the evil foe we are all fighting and the acknowledgment that evil lives, thus giving the devil his due, WITHOUT brazenly going into a mental or Spiritual battle that you are not yet prepared for. Do you see? You sing – that is your battle cry! We sing the battle cry too and we engage in the other battles BECAUSE it is what WE do.

Now, silly people here speak of “the new normal” when they talk of all which has actually changed economically thus far. Everyone is loath to discuss the “unusual” weather conditions. I am here to tell you all to get used to weather conditions you have never experienced before. They are not going to simply go away. Anastasis’s speed as she moves through so much outer space is becoming faster by the day. It is her movement as she darts through designated star fields and closes the gap which long existed between her and other Universes which indeed helps in producing barrages of ions of lightning of a different type.

The simple Ion basically consists of a single atom known as “monatomic.” Polyatomic ions however have 2 or more atoms. Sometimes the 2 types can be on a collision course; other times they work in a type of synchronistic fashion. They both possess high electrical charges. Cations and anions are their most commonly known names. For me to attempt to give you in-depth information about them would be a waste of time. You would not understand it. Therefore, all I will say about them is that they each play a very significant role regarding the NEW TO YOU types of lightning which is now prevalent here on Earth. There is a great deal of electrical friction which they each produce which results quite often in lightning becoming much closer to Anastasis than it ever has been before. It can and usually does also produce a type of fusion wherever it strikes, thus “electrifying” anything it touches. It matters not if it is human, animal, mineral or solid stone. Great bodies of water always attract this new lighting. The water does indeed act as a conduit for that electrifying energy mass.

Light travels in an arc not in a straight line. This is also true now about the new to you lightning which actually arrived here in its new altered composition about 1 year ago. It did so slowly at first but then it built up more of its own energy mass supply and let loose a barrage of different shapes of itself. It then began to gather speed as it let loose with this new lightning version all across this planet. Yes, we have seen how rapidly this lightning version moves. It is attracted to different forms of polarization and anything and everything that is computer generated for instance. Congratulations people; you all just had to have more and more and more computer gadgets which supposedly would make your lives easier, would make everything smart. Smart phones, smart cars and smart everything else that money-hungry people wanted you to buy. Were the people themselves smart? Not so much! And you thought this was progress. Wrong!  The Light vibrations have been changed; the radiation levels have altered. So much for progress! This is an unfortunate example of how the wrong kind of changes can and do impact on human and animal life which brings the wrong kind of electrifying matter into everyone’s lives. The main two ions no longer are in any kind of synchronization. Anything and everything that is computer generated or depends on microchips, computer chips etc. of any kind DRAWS this new lightning to itself. This is happening worldwide. Prepare yourselves now for continuous losses of communication by internet or telephone. Hmm, now if they only knew mental telepathy this could be avoided. Oh well!

Electricity is a magnet which draws even more electricity to itself. So, anything dependent on computers of any type is fair game! Well, now you ones have to live with it. Wearing copper bracelets and having the copper Flagships hanging in your homes will help you a great deal. Use your heads though! Remember you yourself have huge amounts of electrical matter within your bodies! Try not to become a target. You have brains USE THEM! Also, as my final warning about electricity, only a fool would believe that lightning never strikes twice in the same spot. Also, it was never true that automobiles offered great protection from lightning! This new lightning leaves a mark on wherever it strikes and many peoples are finally noticing that this new lightning bears its own SOUND. This is good; any early warning is a Godsend!

Now, those of you who have not yet noticed I shall tell you that when the wind blows, she seldom blows from only one direction any more. She is blowing from all directions usually at the same time. Not only is she picking up dirt and dust along with many tiny shards of glass and carrying them all in various directions, the wind is carrying various amounts of different friction energies with her. Some people have been heard to say that they feel like the wind has stung them. Well, she has. Protect your skin as best you can and for goodness sake STAY OUT OF THE SUN!

The interior of the Earth is much hotter than it used to be. Heat rises so of course you can feel the effects above the ground which is but one reason why so many smaller earthquakes are taking place. Many more will as well but they will not all be small ones. Pressure must be released to avoid the planet from imploding. The nature of things is that as one thing changes something else of equal or greater value must change as well. Anastasis has been busy cutting huge swaths through ever so many landmasses as she redirects the structure and depth of rivers and many other waterways. She is following the schematic sent to her by The Great Architect who has redesigned so very much topography which needed to be changed in order for new countries and newer waterways to “surface.” Changing the courses of certain rivers is simple. Getting humans to change their minds is not! It also means that as landmasses continue to sink more each day new towns or cities will need to be built because the others will not be suitable for human habitation. This will be interesting to watch since the peoples have nowhere to go.

The people who are the more ingenious amongst you ones will figure out a way to be able to plant small gardens. Then of course they will have to guard whatever they can grow. Even now peoples are just starting to realize that when foodstuffs can not grow well or can not grow at all in many areas, it is just a matter of time before they will not be able to grow in almost ALL areas. Of course, by the very nature of their mindsets quixotic people here will not believe they will run out of foodstuffs until it is too late.

Now, for several years I have been telling you that very, very deep in the oceans and seas live ever so many types of fish etc. that have not been seen in hundreds of years. I also said that they would slowly be rising to less deep water and many would be able to be seen. They did begin this step of their evolution a few years ago. You see, as the underwater volcanoes and under water earthquakes began to double in their intensity and spread further into the deeper waters, it was inevitable that the sea life would also need to change their natures. Yes, we do indeed have many portals beneath the waters and beneath volcanoes; we have placed them there many millenniums ago. Considering the inconsistency of humanity’s thinking processes, we were not prepared to count on humans to do the right thing at the right time. Darn good thing we didn’t! The portals allow us the freedom to come and go as we need to and still monitor the damage that has been done to the planet overall. Also, we can broaden or shorten the portals and encourage the sea life to continue to slowly adapt to the new changed life they are now privy to. There really are good reasons for everything we do.

Now, as more and more transcendentalistic peoples enter Anastasis they will be able to Create greater and greater possibilities and probabilities for the human races who will be able to live here. They will be able to live life in a better way in a better time. Until then however ….. You better start paying close attention to the nature of things changing in animal life. I did warn everyone in my previous transmission that all forms of sonar, which is echolocation, which all types of animals depend on as their guiding light has altered. It could be no other way. Animals, even your own domestic pets are experiencing usually short bursts of loss of memory. Oftentimes they react to their caretakers in a highly volatile manner and attack them. Many forms of wildlife species however want to coexist with you. This is definitely NOT the right time for that to occur although it will at some point in the future. Do not worry, I do not foresee a bear posting a sign that reads, “do not feed the humans.”

The key here is “adaptability.” Those of any species that can not adapt can not survive. I will give you ones a brief example of how many animal species are changing but not for the better. Although we have known about this issue for a good while now, it only recently was discovered by some humans and it is pretty much a moot point now, the 2 most dangerous animals of the bear species are definitely confused. The polar bear and the grizzly bear are mating … with one another. This is NOT about their trying to survive or to adapt. They simply do not know any better. Keep a close eye on the insect world. They too are changing. Many species are becoming carnivorous while others are becoming cannibalistic. It is nothing to them now to wipe out entire colonies of their own lifeforms in their quest for survival.

Now, about you; the nature of things to each living person simply means that you each change WITH the changes or “beam up.” Many, MANY people here on the planet experience unnatural bouts of mental rage and care not whom they take it out on. Their minds struggle to logically find something or someone to blame in order to shift the “blame responsibility” from themselves. Others responding to the changes in atmospheric conditions and shortness of memory find their minds are confused about who they are and what they should be doing here. These people never look up and never look down. They stare straight ahead as if they can find all their answers there. Indeed, it is when they devolve to the point where only overusing alcohol or taking strong drugs feels to them that they are only trying to “feel normal” is when they are the most dangerous.

Yes, it can happen to many people you truly love. BUT it means that for your own sake you must walk away from them and NEVER look back. YOU can not blame Anastasis or anyone else for those peoples’ devolvement. All people whose minds are mentally weak and have been becoming weaker and more unstable are ones who can not cope with the nature of things. However, it is all the other goodhearted people who are trying to cope with the nature of things who have ever so many trying moments. Most of you may find yourselves feeling that you are suddenly losing your balance for no known reason. Oftentimes you may be walking along and suddenly feeling you are mis-stepping even though you can not account for any reason you should be.

Some people are experiencing brief moments of double-vision, skin becoming much too dry and vast changes in their appetites as well as their choices of food. Maintaining stable relationships is not as easy as it once was. When in relationships if both partners do not cope with the new changing events, then those relationships may not survive. Sleepless nights or broken sleep states is also occurring. Silly aches and bodily stiffness seems to be one of the worst physical discomforts. Although it is indeed adding much money to the chiropractors’ coffers, going to them is not the answer. Paranoia seems to be surfacing from time to time with most normal people. That is simply the intellect trying to understand all that seems to be non-understandable.

Now, the physical vehicle is being completely exposed to the nature of things and is actually quite adept to working with the nature of things IF you allow it to. That is always a sticky point! On one hand the person knows in a non-rational knowing that the body knows better than the logical mind does. However, all the conditioning that the mind has been exposed to throughout a person’s life finds itself rebelling against the supposed desires of the body. One has to actually let go of the mind-chatter at this point and allow the body to find its own way. What is occurring here is quite normal under these circumstances. You see, the body has already been receiving information about how to flow along with what needs to be altered. The mind has not yet done so because of oversaturation of the thought processes. I always find it interesting when certain circumstances force the person to give over their mind-control and give control to the body instead. Be sure you are understanding this. It is as Anastasis is dealing with all the nature of things being born in a new but better way while she works her alchemy of bringing physical stability to this entire world, that human bodies immediately ALIGN with Anastasis in order for the physical vehicles to survive and thrive.

Anastasis is a physical entity laden with all Spiritual information that has ever been. So it is that with every twist and turn, rain or shine your BODIES reflect the outer form of Anastasis. I do not expect more than a small minority of you to truly understand what I just explained. Nevertheless, it is factual. It is sad though that peoples do not understand that the physical vehicle under the guidance and control of each of its massive Chakra Systems you each have, truly DOES know so much more about itself and its own capabilities than the mind does. In other words, in every nano-moment your individual bodies ARE adapting to this new life. If you do not struggle against this adaptation, you will feel much better. Different, changed, but better. Words of wisdom here: be careful walking, it does not matter where you are. Be sure there is something close by if you can so you can take hold of it as your body struggles to find the best stride you should have. Walk in SLOW steps. If you do not listen I assure you, you will trip sometimes over nothing at all and fall. Roll with the nature of things so that the nature of things does not roll OVER you. SLOW DOWN! Work or other responsibilities that need to be taken care of will still be taken care of but at a slower pace, ok?

Now, please try to understand that injuries may take longer to heal as the internal body adapts to different healing techniques. Sentience may become more acute for most people. Some people though will feel that their sentience has dulled. Acoustics are changing and will continue to do so. All voice decibels are already altering – some to a higher range, some to a lower range. Many people will see prisms dancing in front of their eyes. The sense of smell may become quite acute. The body does have its own recalibration device which is processing the truths of yourself. Many, MANY peoples here will develop a great deal of static electricity coursing through their bodies.

 Great rid of that as soon as you can. Go to a wooden door frame and simply state that you are releasing all the static electricity into the door frame. The wooden door will neutralize that type of electricity. All this healing and readjusting and “new to you” newly developed adaptations are merely manifestations and materializations of revelations of the truth of yourself as a truly Spiritual Being walking with one foot in each world! This is part of your bodies’ “process sensing.” Ok now; you ones may have to mull that over for a bit.

I want to be very clear about this; no none of this is the new normal. It is the “new life changes; it is you in Ascension.” You have achieved the distinction of being in a state of Ascension while still in mortality.

When you hear people wailing about how they want things to go back to normal just remember what I am about to say to you. What they are REALLY saying is they want to return to their former conditioning. They are too far gone to live happily in any other way!

Clash of the Titans

Anastasis vs Stupidity

Now, Chelas it is time for you to get down and dirty as you relearn or re-remember the deadly Clash that is now ongoing. Yes, you did see this when you each watched “the movie.” The curtain of forgetfulness that cloaked your Power of Mind to prevent you from remembering this Clash too soon, was to protect you each from what is now the ongoing horrors of this Clash. The Titans appeared at the exact gridline intersection they were supposed to. The darkest of the dark energies upon seeing and actually understanding they were now in the greatest mortal danger they had ever experienced, wasted nary a second in immediately and I do mean immediately calling in all those humans who had aligned with them as well as all the biggest of the dark demon monsters who are their dark Masters. You see Advocates; ever since the beginning stages of this planet the dark ones were present, BUT so were ever so many of you ones who had prepared for many lifetimes of excruciating battles with them until the period arrived when you had ALL the help you could ever need! I will explain about this help in a while. For now, suffice it to say that even during those long-ago times and horrid battles you each had the QUALITY that was needed here BUT not the quantity. That has just recently changed.

Evil knew that because of the preponderance of unruly humans here on the planet evil could very quickly thrust those humans and the humans who had consciously aligned with evil and use them against Anastasis. That action would buy evil some time to gather more “ammunition.” Remember please, evil sees humans not so much as expendable but more as simply numbers of unnecessary peoples who take up space here. Therefore, they are to be used as fodder for the beast. Evil had no idea until it was too late to do anything about it that the tide had turned. It was not aware that Anastasis knows how to play the game BUT she knows how to play it better! So, the Clash took on a whole new meaning when silly human Beings challenged her in much the same manner as evil challenged Anastasis while evil has been wearing human guises. The irony here is that no one and no-thing inferior to Anastasis should ever attempt to move that which is immoveable. When that occurs all Anastasis has to do is to crunch and munch. This gives a different meaning to “bump and grind.”

Now, living here on Anastasis is the best place you could be when living as a truly Spiritual Being in Ascension while you are still mortal. It truly IS the best life you can have at any time in your mortality. You are wearing your new life changes very well indeed! I must congratulate each of you whether you are consciously aware of your new mantle or not. You see, unlike most of you Anastasis however is ALWAYS passionately detached. This is how she must be in order for her to complete her missions here. She absolutely MUST not engage as she would love to in hugging each of you whether you are one of the fallen or not. Yes, Anastasis loves all good Souls; she just loves some longer than others. That SHOULD be pretty explanatory to you. Stupidity has so long reigned supreme here that it was conceivable that millions and millions and more millions of peoples would slide down “the rabbit hole” and forget how to return home again.

So it is that since the initial beginnings of 2012 when the Clash was quietly simmering and Anastasis was very slowly preparing to don her new name and her new guise, that the sworn enemies of Anastasis slowly began to gather their seedlings for what would seriously take place in the years of 2019 and onward. Anastasis knows that stupidity can be contagious; it spreads from peoples’ fears. There is no known cure; even though the truth would set them free.

Human Beings really began to fall through the cracks at the very beginning of 2012. The people on this planet, even those who were non-believers were so desperate to believe that the Mayan Calendar predicted that all troubles, all “time” would disappear as the calendar signaled the emergence of Winter Solstice on December 21st. 2012. They believed that SUDDENLY this world would instantly change into Paradise. They did not realize that their fears, their almost suicidal stranglehold on that changeover could possibly be wrong. They steadfastly refused to believe that this would not occur and that overcame their logic and their Spiritual teachings.

As I said they were living in absolute terror that this would not happen; yet that terror was actually rooted in their deepest fears and they knew it naught. They did not dare to believe they were wrong. So, although the Mayan culture was far from perfect, it was the human Beings of 2012 who misinterpreted the calendar. Any interpreter is only as good as the interpretation he or she renders as truth.

Now, my poor Celestial daughter spent that year doing her best to convince peoples of the truth of that Mayan Calendar. People continually called her and asked her for the truth and she gave them the truth. But the truth was unacceptable to them because it was a truth they did not want to hear. What she told the people was that the interpreters did not understand that the limitations of the peoples’ minds would cause them to utterly misread WHAT that final prediction was actually saying. What it actually said was that the end of the 2012 timeline would usher in a new world here; a world where Spiritual would ultimately overcome the non-Spiritual one. One where linear time would eventually disappear. It was the beginning of a new way of LIFE. Life would never be the same again and THAT was a good thing.

Now, Celestial did receive many calls and many emails however from others such as herself and they too were struggling to get people to listen to the truth. By 11 pm on December 21st., 2012, Celestial finally gave up and took her telephone off the hook and closed her computer. She had held on for a year but in the end was too exhausted to do more than she had already done. Ok, she is a tad hardheaded at times! She must be hanging around humans too much.

Do you yet understand how desperation feeds fears and how and why fears can control people? You BETTER understand this! You will need all your understanding in order to survive all the madness and disorganized chaos ongoing here as disorganized chaos battles organized chaos. It will only get worse BEFORE it gets better.

Now, Anastasis IS engaged in the battle to save as many goodhearted peoples here as is possible to save. There is just so much irony in this situation. If an entity is prepared to come up against “Resurrection,” if they are at all smart they would be wise to consider the implications of trying to best that which rises from the dead. Yes, you may want to mull that over for a bit. She has much additional help now thanks to actions of Celestial and our David. I will speak of that in a while. Because Anastasis’s respect must be earned it can not be given away, all those whose perfidy in thought and action is to battle on the side of Stupidity have placed themselves at great risk of never rising again. I do mean never!

Stupidity is a “trouble magnet.” Anastasis is a “Spiritual magnet.” Think of this situation as an oil and water event of unlimited quintessential proportions. The battle has since June 24th., 2022, become one of absolutely incredulous stimuli based inside the force of Light which is focusing on the force of the dark ones. One of ever so many things which causes this major battle to be different is because the darkest of the evil ones ARE AFRAID. Their fear borders on paranoia. What is happening here and NOW has never happened before and most certainly was never even thought of by the trouble magnets. Little did they know they would be the cause of this changeover and that it would be changed in endemic proportions. And so, it now is.

Now, it is of extreme importance that each of you ones understand WHY they are afraid. They fear you now in a manner they have never feared you before. You are no longer perceived to be some kind of “bad joke.” Trouble magnets have a type of hard, callous outer shell around their emotions UNLESS the emotions are hatred based. They do not know love, they know lust. They do not know respect they know indifference bordering on insatiable appetites targeting bringing down all goodhearted peoples. But now, as Anastasis has thrown down the gauntlet and dared them to deal with her as she defends YOU everything has changed for them. Word came down in a very harsh and deadly manner from their own leaders to prepare for the greatest battle they have ever been in. They are to battle for life for themselves and death for Anastasis! They are too stupid to realize that death for Anastasis would mean death for themselves as well.

Who said that God does not have a sense of humor! Leave it to the Collective of the Luminescents and The Creator to start this final part of the war for Eternal Life WHILE holding ALL the ACES! I will tell you a secret though … don’t tell anyone! Celest and our David are the Wild Cards. So, is the deck stacked? You bet it is! Whatever it takes. Stupidity knows no boundaries. Its overall perception is that nothing can change them, nothing can hurt them. Remember it can not “Create” anew it can only RECREATE. BUT stupidity does NOT know that. So, stupidity may know no boundaries but they themselves ARE the boundaries. Do you see? Anastasis has informed them they are now a “dying breed” and that she will not fail the good Souls who have given so much and asked her for so little. You see, the disorganized life chaos they live in gives them no room to move into a different direction even if they wanted to. Which they do not.

Now, all the essential New Life Changes that are ongoing here will continue because it must. When raising healthy plants one must always deweed all the areas around the plants first. Yes, it is true that many goodhearted peoples who are innocents may be caught in the middle of all this battling. But they were aware of this when they first agreed to be here now in this particular spatial period. You each bear many, many emotional and physical scars from all the previous battles you have been engaged in. The bottom line however is that each of those self-obsessed peoples must deal with Anastasis; for their comeuppance is here and now. Just pay attention to your body’s sentience. Remember, it is monitoring you. Is the hair on your neck standing up? Are you planning to go in one direction but for some reason you find yourself going in another direction? Is someone whom you are or have been interacting with starting to give you the heebie-jeebies? Many people say they receive goosebumps as confirmation of information sent by us or by their own bodies. Pay attention please! You have all the non-physical weaponry you need.  That is NOT to imply that you should not have some weapons handy at home. Defending yourselves against the human stupidity factor is cause for concern. Use your heads!

Pay close attention to your body and Power of Mind warnings! The awareness that the Masters of trouble magnets now have which is that they are now classified as a dying breed has caused them to hurl even more addictive drugs into their hordes. The excessive damage it is causing is making even those most addictive to drugs of all kinds even more careless yet even more cruel than they were before. It is also shortening their already shortened life spans. Essentially, the Masters are killing their own in order to try to set up a wall between themselves and Anastasis. I want to be extremely clear about Anastasis though: NO she shall not fail you nor shall she fail herself! Just be grateful she is not asking for “reparations” because of all she has suffered in the past at the hands of humanity. Now, before we move on to less troubled waters, God at the request of Anastasis who feels that if she can aid in inspiring you she shall do so now, is sending you each her request. She decided that there is a song she would like you to sing each time you also sing The Song of God. That Song of God is in the previous transmission from 5-19-2022 titled “People make strange Bedfellows which causes Fatal Attractions”  and judging by all the numbers of times we all here have been hearing it being sung by so many millions of you both verbally and nonverbally, we are SEEING what a difference it is making. You are becoming STRONG again. So, at Anastasis’s request; we ask you to please find the complete lyrics to the song Get on Your Feet. Below is just a few of the words. They do indeed send you a message!

“Get on your feet

Get up and make it happen

Get on your feet

Stand up and take some action”


They issued The CallThe Call has been Answered

Well Advocates for Justice, under the auspices of Universal Laws which clearly state that “the more you know the better prepared you can be” you may now prepare yourselves for some wonderous news. A specific gridline intersection has now arrived. Therefore, I now tell you ones about a revelation which we have all been awaiting. In order for us to bear witness to this event we had to wait for it to reach its final destination. We and all of Divinity now take great pride and unrelenting joy in welcoming A child full-born and complete. You ones need to understand that precise spatial mastery for optimum effect is absolutely critically important when specific events must take place!

Now, quite literally, many, MANY millenniums ago when the present today year of 2022 was discussed in High Council meetings with Tomás who was the main Teacher of future events which needed to happen here on this planet, all pertinent information of this year had to be kept as quiet as possible. It was necessary to be this way because of all the secrecy which had to take place to prevent any news of this fortuitous calendar year from being discovered by the Masters of the dark. So it came to pass that each really Spiritually advanced Soul was restudied while High Council decided to invite only certain Souls who had been selected as the main ones who had the strength in Soul wisdom and the abilities to be movers and shakers. Yet they had to be amongst the ones most dedicated to preserving life eternal in spite of all the hardships they would have to endure in order to bring into activated manifestation and materialization the root meaning of the end of time, i.e. the sadly misunderstood end of the Mayan Calendar. You see, the Mayans had used ancient alchemical procedures whilst they were following a map they had devised which showed by using astronomy WHEN and WHY major Earth Star changes and shifts would take place. And they had a rough draft of “predictability” Calendar years based on their mathematical knowledge of the times they were living in. So, essentially as chance would have it they did indeed stumble across what ALL THE UNIVERSES would be engaged in as well as the tumultuous times all of humanity would endure.

However, that having been said, they were forbidden by the Collective of Luminescents to speak or write of any secret knowledge! So, they prefaced their predictions in various ways in order for humanity to be unable to interpret the true meaning of “the end of times.” No, they were not given any choice in this matter! Nostradamus was one who also used a variation of this type of theme in his predictions.

Ok now; Advocates for Justice, I ask you ones yet again to remember and clearly understand WHY certain principalities are set into place and can not be deviated from. These are Sacred places where the participants must be resilient in their determination to succeed but for all the right reasons. Their path of righteousness should never ever be changed by well-meaning people, nor should the set-in-stone schematics be in any manner altered. Not only are billions of human lives at risk; each of their Souls are dependent on all the actions we ourselves take as well as all that each of you do to aid and assist. So it was that all those many, many years ago as we set into place our own plans of actions with the aid of the Collective of Luminescents and we followed Tomás’s sage advice and guidance, that 14 Spiritually advanced and mature Souls were selected to be the ones who of necessity would have to spend much time on the front line.

There were also more of those Souls waiting in the queue in case they were needed to replace any of the original Souls. I am permitted to tell you ones that Celestial was one of the original Souls selected and David was selected much later after he had spent more time assisting other Walk-In Souls whose help we would all need in the future. No, I shall not reveal any of the identities of the others who stood with Celestial. For their own sakes they must remain hidden in plain sight. Celest and one other Soul were chosen to put together a game-plan. One that would incorporate all the abilities advanced Souls have with all destinies they would have in the future.  Especially those with exemplary Soul maturity who also were outstanding examples of courage. There had to be one perfect way of bringing all these Souls together AT a period when they all needed to bridge the gap which separated them from their “other themselves.” So it was that these chosen Souls worked together and then parlayed all their ingenious designs of how best to work with she who would become the future Anastasis and in a series of massive fell swoops BECOME the tide that was needed in order to maintain a certain grid which this planet would rely on.

Now, I am only going to reveal the information relative to what is going on right under your nose. That is usually the last place you look anyway. What is happening now are Multi-Universal shaking events. While Celestial let it be known very clearly what she was proposing to do and the Soul who had been with her joined a group that will be needed in about 20 years, she began to place specific Souls in 2 different groups yet each group would function as one mind, one Soul. By now you should all be well aware of how you assisted Celestial and our David years ago in constructing and maintaining the Dimensional and Inter-Dimensional Doorways. You should all also remember that now All The Soul Saints are marching in and will continue to do so to further aid the Greater Group. This Soul Saints Group is now also joining forces with the newly formed Groups who have been arriving here since May 18th. 2022. The matrix of Celestial’s plan was to unite or reunite all Souls who were discarnate and bring them under the protection of a specific Soul Cluster. And then cause these discarnate Souls to band together and weld all their Spiritual strengths into one dynamic force in order to save and preserve the best of humanity any way they could. One VOICE one unity! However, each of these Souls needed to preserve and exhibit their individual identities at the same time. She had also decided since this action and reaction process was intended to bring all Advocates for Justice forces together, why not bring in the other group as well. She was relying on having not only the Soul quality needed but this time around the Soul quantity as well.

In all fairness to Celest I must tell you that she did not want me to mention her role in this. However, I explained that it would not be possible to give you the facts without giving you all the pertinent information as well.

So, she decided on the name The Ancient Souls’ Grouping. I must agree that because these 2 groups of discarnate Beings are composed of literally all the Souls who formerly were the earliest pioneers here on the planet up to those who left here over 49 years ago, this title suits them admirably. Obviously, no Souls in this co-joined Grouping was tainted, or vile in any way. So, it came to be that Celestial finally received the word that YES, now it was time to ISSUE THE CALL. On May 17th, Celest explained to David what she was about to activate and send into action and David immediately jumped on board and began to form an unlimited parade of all Walk-In forces who have ever been! Celest chose the date of May 18th, 2022 to Issue The Call. They spent the rest of May 17th. preparing the entrance ways for these unstoppable forces to enter this plane. Celest Created a gorgeous brilliant shining silver spiral staircase for The Ancient Souls.

While David Created Golden hued star-clustered steps and pathways for each of the Walk-Ins to walk or glide or to even slide their way effortlessly back into this realm. David has been urging so many Walk-Ins to return here since the earliest inception of the Dimensional and Interdimensional Doorways he helped Create. He along with those he fondly calls “Family,” and with the assistance of The Avatar “Gwendonela” who long ago was pivotal in the Creation of this great project had worked together. They continued to infuse not only all the individual Doorways, they increased their infusions of pure white Light along with multitudes of lively multicolored stars and other “sprinkles” of delight to welcome All the “Light Travelers” here to Anastasis. He wished them to know in no uncertain terms that the Lights would always be on for them whether they were coming or going and that Anastasis was not only “OPEN for business,” nothing and no thing would hinder her progress. Her etheric energy was glowing and Dancing in deLight.

Celestial arranged for beauteous music of the Harmonics to continually play softly over, above and around the staircases. So it was that before noon on May18th., 2022 when they issued the call, they gave great thanks to all the responders. And those Ancient Souls and the Walk-Ins listened intently as Celest gave them their instructions. Although it only required a minute for her to do so she made it perfectly clear that All The Ancient Souls had been asking for new opportunities for them to come to Anastasis and help all those who deserved to be helped and NOW that time had come.

No, I will not reveal exactly what her instructions were; suffice it to say they each had to stand shoulder to shoulder and back-to-back with everyone in their group as well as with the Walk-In group and battle as if there was no tomorrow. This opportunity they were each given would have the results good Souls most needed here. None of them would fail. YES, all Advocates already here regardless of what level of Super Consciousnesses they were on, would use their Power of Mind and battle alongside these amazing dedicated groups. So, within 2 nano minutes The Call was answered! Do you see? I shall assure you one and all that each Soul of these massive UNLIMITED groups were guarded by very fast-moving Avatars who had dedicated the rest of their life experiences to assuring that No Soul would be left behind or unguarded. It was with great joy and unrestrained laughter that each of us joined in with Celest and David as they shared reunions with so many, MANY Souls who had passed over YET had returned again to share themselves and participate in this event.

Celest in particular was thrilled to once again walk-arm in-arm so to speak with so many of her former allies and comrades-in-arms. They had many stories to share with one another again. Throughout their many life experiences they had loved together, made time to play together and gather incalculable amounts of strength from one another. The main difference between the Soul Saints Marching In and the Ancient Souls Groups is that many of the Soul Saints are much older than some of the Ancient Souls and have spent more lifetimes in some of the outermost Universes located so very far away from Anastasis. So, those reasons provided each group with newer memories to share with one another. It is in this manner that Soul strength gains great momentum as their individual and Collective Soul maturity is shared and enhanced. The Walk-In group also do what they always do: they walk-in complete their missions and then walk-out. This time however they can now make the time-shifts and encourage one another to never give up! Just do what you can WHEN you can. As for my Celestial daughter, even I must admit she simply does not know how to curb her happiness! If she glitters, sparkles and shines any brighter we may have to change her name to Christmas. She has more than earned her joy! Our David laughs and jokes with all the Groupings and loves to tease Celest.

Now Advocates I want you all to know that you will from time to time become very aware of the new presences around you. Whether you are asleep or awake will not matter. Chatter away with them and love them please. It is the least you can do. All these wonderous Beings who have entered here are the “game changers” you were in need of. Before I leave you, I ask you one and all to continually Sing the Song of God!  Sing as you have never sung before! You can do no wrong. Continue to prepare for all the battles ahead by acknowledging that YOU are worth the fight, you are worth fighting for and watch your back!

Salude … Blue Star the Pleiadian… I am off to sing as I have never sung before.

“There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there.” … Blue Star the Pleiadian

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