The Diamond that comes out of the top of a nut

The Blue Star Transmissions

~ Blue Star the Pleiadian ~

The Diamond that comes out of the top of a nut

11-10-2021 to 1-25-2022

(Transmitted to Celestial Blue Star) Good day to all of you. I am earnestly looking forward to spending some time with you ones this day. So many of you are feeling that you are being pulled hither and thither and that oftentimes breeds confusions or contempt. Rest assured Chelas; if you had been paying close attention to how many, MANY times I have cautioned all of you to be prepared for anything and everything at all times NOW, you would be less apt to feel discombobulated. Never once did I lie to you and tell you that your present life journey would be easy! I never said that, nor would I. I said, it would be worth it.

Now, if you ones were able to bear witness to all that WE see, all that WE hear, then and only then would you better understand how much we dislike and walk away from capricious people. It is difficult for you to clearly understand this but you must remember we see all things and hear all things simultaneously. Obviously as long as you are still Earthbound you are unable to do this. HOWEVER, thousands upon thousands of people like you all across this world are now suddenly finding themselves “jumping” into other locations; sometimes even into other countries in the blink of an eye and without any forethought of doing these things. You see, you are “dimension leaping.” Celestial will be speaking more about this in the upcoming November VOICES of Cyclical Changes conference call. Cool, is it not? Chelas, it means that you ones are not only experiencing BEING multidimensional you are beginning to BE multidimensional. Do you see? This can only occur when certain gridline intersections manifest and coalesce with the destinies of many people. Those people MUST be remaining within the matrix of their beliefs and MUST be following all Universal Laws. In answer to your thought-form question of, “how do I know if I am breaking Universal Laws if I can not remember what they are?” I say “if you are thinking of doing something but it does not feel right then don’t do it.”

Now, not only is this happening to the True Advocates for Justice here on Anastasis, in the present period of spatialness there are a large number of Luminescents in-training among you. Perhaps this gives you a whole new meaning to “you never walk alone.” Here is where “interesting” becomes simple-complexity. Yes, you were Created with the ability, with the gift, to live and love multidimensionally. Although all good Souls have these Creations only those who have opened themselves TO themselves may use them. For the others, well the best I can say is “try, try again to BE who and WHAT you are. You are fooling no one. Except perhaps yourself.”

Advocates, your mind is a true labyrinth; it is a place with a lot of crisscrossing or complicated passages, tunnels, or paths in which it would be easy to become lost. Your mind is something that is made up of many different parts that are complicated; it is a type of mental maze which does not always accept let alone understand Spiritual truths. Therefore, when living on Anastasis we see that for most of you ones it is a struggle to learn Spirituality. You are all living a strange sometimes macabre balancing act. Although it was never intended to be that way, it is necessary to live a practical life in an unpractical way. Many quixotic people realize that they walk a fine line when either relearning Spirituality or living as the best of Spirituality. This is because not all people here want to know yet alone believe that Spiritual people rank far above the chaotic peoples here who live and love disorganized chaos.

There are many games afoot here on the Earth Star planet. One that your Advocacy Agreement strenuously suggests you should never play UNLESS you are going to play it the right way to bring forth your true destiny is The Shell Game. I will define that to you shortly.

Now, far too many goodhearted peoples here are too empathic for their own good! They become emotionally and Spiritually stressed when they feel that being honest with people would cause those other people to be hurt or sad. Many rules’ Advocates need to live by were clearly established with you ones prior to your present incarnation here. Do not go along with other peoples’ beliefs in order to get along with them. That does indeed create wrongful life situations; because not only are you turning your back on real truth and starting to behave as a “mass-conscious” person, you are taking a giant step backwards! You cannot make good choices based on other peoples’ emotions. It then becomes far too easy for you to become what you detest. Try to remember please that the more your truths are considered preposterous by the religious and the politically indoctrinated peoples, the more truthful the truths are. Ok, now that you read that statement show me that you understand what you just read. Go ahead and THINK your answer and I will HEAR you. I may or may not respond to you telepathically. That is MY free expression.

Now, on Celestial and our David’s October conference call with the other VOICES of Cyclical Changes people, David spoke briefly about the fact that the Luminescent of this Universe, the Being you call “God,” and all the other Luminescents of all other Universes look through your eyes as a means of having a learning experience predicated on human life experience. David was going to add to his statement in the November conference call because they were already almost at the 2½ hour mark, but I told Celestial that I would like to complete that part of what he was saying. Strange as it may seem peoples here are more apt to remember what they READ and not remember enough about what was said.

So it is that yes, all Divine Beings choose to have those experiences with peoples here regardless of who the Planetizens are, even though many of you VIEW more interesting experiences than do others. Now here is where you should be able to SEE through the eyes of the Luminescents. It is imperative that those Divine Beings look through your eyes, even if some of the peoples’ eyes see nasty, terrible things because this is how all Luminescents learn all of humanity’s most ever-changing vulnerable points as well as their strengths and any other weaknesses they have which can be passed on to many generations to come. Do you SEE?

You are never left alone here to indulge in your own devices which may either cause you inner turmoil or cause you to leap before you look or even worse forget to REMEMBER what you should be doing and why. This is all an aspect of the Grand Plan which includes monitoring your successes or your failure to succeed and see if you are remembering to tie your shoelaces BEFORE you try to take off running! So many Planetizens try to hurry the process of growth by neglecting to do or learn all that they should beforehand. Little do they understand that in order for the Luminescents and your other mentors to see that you are “worth it and worthy of being an Advocate you MUST be monitored at all times. Thus it is that we must all revert back to the many are called principle.

An important part of every person’s grading system is indeed based on what can be learned, what can be experienced for example by God. This is easily accomplished simply by looking through a person’s eyes. For the eyes do EXPOSE the personality. Of course you are each graded! What did you expect? The manner in which each individual is graded and the incredible speed at which this information is transmitted to the main data base located in the Crystal City would not be understood by you ones. We all here who are “off-worlders” for the most part … have the highest forms of advanced technology which no Earthling will EVER be privy to.

When you want to look through the eyes of a Luminescent FIRST ask permission: if it is granted then you must look through their eyes BUT remain passionately detached at all that you may see. The genesis of this action is that you will see what a Luminescent sees when viewing someone’s mind or Soul but you may not LIKE what you see. You do not HAVE to like it! But you need to understand what makes that individual TICK. So, do you yet better understand WHY the Luminescents use your eyes for the purpose of studying all of humanity?

Human races for the most part have simply continued to rebirth here living the same kinds of lifetimes, doing the same kinds of things they always did and believing in the same things they believed in in the past. Yet their repetition is nauseating as we watch them further complicating their already convoluted lives. They just insist in repeating life-patterns and experiencing the same old things, the same old life experiences over and over and over again expecting different endings each time. They simply never have had the strength of SPIRIT, the staunchest of heart or the COMMON SENSE to live life as if life is the greatest gift they can ever have. This is why since time immemorial millions and millions of people have been called but few have been chosen.

Now, so it is that now that The Creator has handed down His decree regarding the only way left to ensure that really good people and especially Advocates for Justice who are living their roles here can and must survive until their true life-expiration date has arrived, is to finally leave those who despise change, those who would continue to maim and murder good people, they must NOW pay for their horrible misdeeds. They can not remain on Anastasis. And she is being of great assistance in this matter.

For now I will discuss another subject with you before I continue. I spoke earlier of The Shell Game. Although it is true that this Shell Game has been around for millennia, peoples who indulged in the game were the ones who had too much prosperity and not enough brains. It was a very popular game of gambling peoples; although less fortunate people would place a bet of a small piece of fruit for instance. The idea was for the shell dealer to lay down 3 empty nut shells upside down. He would then tell the person betting to guess which shell the dealer had placed a small nut under. Then by using a sleight of hand technique moving his hand so quickly that the person placing the bet could not really see which shell held the coveted nut, the dealer would switch the shell husks all over the small table. The husks all looked alike so no one could see where the right one was.

When the dealer called “time” which was only a few minutes of switching, it was then up to the betting person to guess where it was. Very few people ever guessed the right shell. Ok, here is where I teach you HOW to win the bet. Far too many Advocates for Justice have continued to play this silly game since forever ago. They do so mentally which does not help the matter at all. They simply do not realize what is truly at stake here. What is at stake is your destiny. If you can imagine what the most priceless, precious diamond is and how you may have it, would you be willing to play the shell game but to play it right? Would you do so if you knew that the diamonds would appear on the tops of each nut but only for your eyes to see by you using one of your clairvoyance or clairsentience abilities? Would you understand that what you are uncovering is your destiny and all you have to do is play by the TRUE rules in order to achieve your destiny? I certainly hope so.

Now, to play this shell game, use Power of Mind and visualize the 3 upside down shells. NOW visualize placing the words “My Destiny” underneath EACH SHELL! Go ahead and place your bet. What you decide to bet is solely up to you. Now go ahead again and remove the shell from each of the 3 places they occupied. As you do so one or more of your “Clairs” will show you a single diamond on the top of each of the nuts. You were taught this Shell Game Rule ever so many lifetimes ago. BUT you were told that you could only use this in THIS PRESENT LIFETIME and that Anastasis would aid you if you ever stumbled. BUT she would only do so ONE TIME. Either you are worth it or you are not. Either you have earned your destiny or you did not. Calm yourself please; this is not a rascally action you are undertaking.

It is understandable why so many Advocates would feel uneasy about the Shell Game. Especially if they do not approve of gambling. However, you can not play a game based simply on “chance” in order to have your successful destiny. Are you familiar with the adage, “have all your ducks in a row?” I am telling you to have all your nuts in a row! “Chance” is a human non-attribute. If you are acting out because you think you are cheating then perhaps you have been “hanging out with humans too much.” Success of your destiny relies on your 100% ability and cooperation to play the game but play it better!

It is not only permitted to play THIS game it is a MUST! The diamond is in your heart and in your Soul, for you can do no wrong. The ends do justify the means: and the ends are – your destiny and the means is – defragmenting your mind. Do not be surprised if you hear the words “sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t” You may hear that clairaudiently, or suddenly see it written somewhere. Some people have seen those words in the sky. Gee Advocates, I wonder what that could mean!!

The major mistake peoples here have made when it is their turn to play the game is that people only see what they THINK they see. If they see failure then failure is what they get. You may mull that over for a while. Remember please, if the Shell Game dealer wins and you lose then not only do you lose out on what is truly destined to you and for you, the relationship between the cause and the resulting effects of losing have far-reaching consequences. We have told you repeatedly “this lifetime is for all the Marbles, which means it is for all the nuts.” I will spare you from learning of the consequences! Suffice it to say they will affect you and ALL those you love.

The gridline intersection has NOW arrived when a massive undulating motion curving in alternating directions is undergoing a massive surge of activated motion as massive numbers of newly deployed Queuers are minute by minute arriving here on Anastasis. They are of course right on Queue time. The Universes are always on Queue time! It is what helps in keeping human life ALIVE on the Earth Star planet. This has always been a MUST situation; but now in these most perilous periods of humanity turning on humanity, these Queuers can not miss a single beat on arriving on Q time! Humanity has long been a society of indifference, but Queuers are endemic to all human races; a massive number of them wore human guises themselves in the past. Those who have never experienced living as a human being are representatives of ALL Universes, all worlds, all planets. When The Creator issued the Universal-wide call for volunteers none of these Beings from other Universes hesitated. They answered the call.

Their individual and collective missions is to scatter to all parts of Anastasis and pick up the Torch of Freedom which so many goodhearted peoples dropped in their fears and haste to get as far away from evil and evil people as they could. These Queuers have been immediately seizing the opportunity to work at “God-speed” and teach other goodhearted people how to live their truths without the burden of carrying debilitating fears accompanying their movements. YOU ones are all here to assist them by making their critical missions less stressful for them by bringing them into your groups of likeminded Souls and teaching exponentially all those scared Earth Star citizens who truly WANT and need your help. Remember, remember, ALL OF YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING IN THE QUEUE AT ONE TIME OR ANOTHER!! 

Keep your minds off all the crazy, unstable, unbalanced peoples of all ages and all cultures who are not only still waiting for life to become normal again, they are now acting out against themselves and one another in murderous rage filled with insane fury. So, they continue to live abnormal lives just as they did when they thought they were living “NORMAL LIVES.” Their lives have always been abnormal. They have diabolical agendas towards those who stand in their way. You cannot help them in any way.  Stay away from them as much as you can. However, there are many amongst you who with the aid of the Queuers may have to take a STAND against all those bent on your destruction. Those who have spent so much time in the Queue for so very long awaiting their turns to descend here, will not fail in their missions of assisting AND defending you. The Creator has been forced to send incredibly fierce Guards to protect and ensure that some of the Teachers we sent to you cannot be harmed. You need all these goodhearted Souls far more than any of you realize. Do you see?

Now, it is also imperative that you reach into your own Power of Mind and experience great clarity about another empirical way that is not derived from using ANY logic at all, thereby enabling you to be able to Create a major difference. This is a critical time-sensitive endeavor. This is one maneuver that will spare the lives of many goodhearted peoples and unfetter their Souls. Advocates, I repeat: for one precious moment you can make a major difference in the life of another person. SEND Soul to Soul contact to peoples ALL OVER Anastasis! It is unnecessary for any of you to know those peoples’ personalities. Souls KNOW one another in ways you still can not comprehend. All they ask for is your HELP!  Send SOULS the love, the stamina, your belief structures and your truths. Send them STRENGTH to carry on and a zest for life with renewed passion to continue being ALL they need to be and let them KNOW you will always be there for them.

I promise each of you ones that then he or she will transmit all these wondrous Soul gifts you send them to another person and to their own Soul Clusters through synthesis by forming a new unified whole. The UNITY of PURPOSE will prevail. It can not be denied! This is also in part how Soul working in tandem with personality follows the process of deductive reasoning until such time that a conclusion which they both believe in is achieved.

Do you yet see how much you can achieve here? Do you yet understand ALL that is at stake? The ending to this current Earth year of 2021 will be tumultuous. PLEASE attempt to be ALL that you can be by allowing other SOULS to do the same. Many have tried in the past. Many have failed. YOU shall not fail! I give you my word. Let us all change what we CAN change and KNOW we have given our ALL!

Now before I end my transmission this day I want you to know that I am SOUL looking forward to seeing all of you at “The Christmas Soul Dance” on December 3rd, 2021. It has been Created at the specific request of the Collective of Luminescents and The Creator. My Celestial daughter and our David are the Founders and Creators of VOICES of Cyclical Changes. As such they are the perfect Beings to produce this worldwide Event with the other VOICES chiming in and bringing great aid to all good Souls and spreading the word about this Grand Event. Cherish ALL the VOICES of Cyclical Changes. They too are here to “be the difference.” Follow this link below and be ready to party hearty-God style! I am signing off for now, and readying myself for Soul much fun.

Salude …Blue Star the Pleiadian

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