Astrology 2024 Spring Eclipse Series

VOICES of Cyclical Changes

Astrology 2024 Spring Eclipse Series

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The Moon orbits the Earth at about 5 degrees north and south along the ecliptic, the apparent path of the sun around the Earth. The ecliptic is the plane of Earth orbit around the sun. When the Moon crosses the ecliptic from north to south twice a year the Sun and Moon are approximately on the same plane with the Earth.  Eclipses occur on new and full moons. When the Moon is between the Earth and Sun on the crossover we get a New Moon Solar Eclipse.  When the Earth is between the Sun and Moon on the crossover we get a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Eclipses come in a series of 2 or 3. This year we will have 2 in the Spring and 2 in the Fall.

Eclipses are giant reset buttons. The light of the Sun, the giver of life in our Galaxy, is either blocked or reflected light is obstructed. Many native cultures around the world use this time for meditation and reflection. They also bring radical change. Eclipse influences last for about 6 month until the next eclipse series.

The end of March opens the Spring Eclipse Portal. March 24th-25th we will see a Full Moon lunar Eclipse in Libra/Aries. The Moon is in Libra, the Sun is in Aires.  Continuing the Aries/ Libra axis we have been in since Spring 2023. Six eclipses total until Spring of 2025 all continue this pattern. Emphasizing our collective lesson. Aires is the first sign of the zodiac, the conscious awareness of the I. the energy of the seed sprouting in Spring. Libra is its opposite stepping out into the world, the other. Self/other axis. Self-love VS other-love.  Libra experience is a mirror. Relationships in our lives are a reflection of how we feel about ourselves. How are our relationships out of balance? Look within see how we are out of balance. Same holds true for the outer world. Until we understand the truth of who we are, eternal beings of Love-light and reflect that into the world, what we see will not change.

Full Moons are about letting go of the past according to the Moon sign. Libra. The Eclipse chart is a pan handle pattern. All the planets are opposite the Moon as everything funnels back into it.  How are we carrying limiting conditioned responses of separation and judgement of others? Remember the mirror, we are reflecting our fears and safety conditions out into humanity. There is a difference between a peacekeeper and someone who buries their uncomfortableness with confrontation and truth telling. One changes reality, the other perpetuates the shadow. One lives in Spirit, the other lives in fear.

“The only difference between the words scared and sacred is where we put the letter C. In other words how we see ourselves, others, and the world, determines whether what we see frightens us or invokes the sacred in us. One way of seeing comes from Love, the other from fear. Love and fear are different vibrations, different frequencies. Fear is low frequency. When we look with eyes of fear, we see a world that scares us. Love is high frequency. When we look with eyes of love, we see a benevolent world. The only difference is what we look for and how we see……” Tom Garcia Shaman

Saturn and Venus are conjunct in Pisces. Venus, the feminine principle, is how we give and receive love, Saturn is the great teacher, the lesson giver, the reward for hard work. What patterns keep us from interacting with others and keep us from giving and receiving love? The reward is there if we take it, pain is there if we don’t.  Mars is in a shifting pattern with the Moon, demanding a change in action. Using the energy of all that is available to us to balance the joys and the pains, the hopes and the fears. Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, has absorbed every lesson learned by all of the other signs.  Piscean energy is like the energy of the ocean, flowing according to its nature. All is as it should be. Trust all is provided for. Act accordingly. Pluto just moved into Aquarius in an easy aspect with the Moon nudges us to surrender to the revolutionary evolution moving humanity forward into the future.

Hey Children Watch That Sign, Everybody look What’s Going On

On top of this Region 3614 and 3615 just released a simultaneous double X class long duration Earth directed flare in the middle of the Solar Maximum. We should feel the effect Monday March 25. X class flares are the most powerful explosion the sun generates.  Many lower latitude States including Utah and Colorado may even see auroras. The explosions, clouds of plasma and radiation, interferes with the Earth’s magnetosphere, collapsing the upper atmosphere, impacting satellites, utility infrastructure, creates severe weather, tornadoes and earthquakes. Exposing radio and communication to interference. We are possibly at the peak of the current solar cycle and the intensity has been so much more than expected. Much more to come. We may even see a CME during the eclipse in April.  Susie Ward’s Matthew states Solar flares are energy surges that raise vibrations and opportunities to awaken to oneness of being.  Buckle up.

The last Eclipse of the Spring Eclipse Portal brings us to the April 8th New Moon Total Solar Eclipse everyone is talking about. A Total Eclipse Triggers the reset button, Solar light withdraws disconnects from physical reality, clarity returns demanding a radical change of direction. The Moon is in perigee, closest to the sun in in its orbit. It will appear very large and the effects will be more intense. The pull is greater. The chart for this event is spectacular. All the planets but 1 are packed within a 73 degree section of the horoscope setting off a cascade of events. One after another. The Sun, Moon and Chiron (an asteroid) are all at exactly 19 degrees 24 minutes of longitude. A conjunction. Chiron has not been in this place for 20 years. To be exact at the Full Moon Solar Eclipse underlines its importance.  Myths are more than entertaining stories, they are vestiges of unconscious archetypal templates we live within. The story of Adam and Eve is not a story of succumbing to sin but a story of accepting individualization (serpent, Aires). Which frightened them, they hid. This archetype of failure embedded itself in our genetic unconscious. We live this today. Chiron, The leader of the Centaurs, a race of half man half horse is said to have brought Medicine, wisdom, and astrology. Chiron is known as the wounded warrior. The archetype is about the healing the deepest wounds within. We are being given the opportunity, given an invitation to heal on a collective level. The gift we are given when the wound is embraced. Healing the relationship with yourself. To recover from old cultural racial, and family wounds. What has been hidden in the shadows comes to light. The Aires energy nudges us to live according to our true self in courage. Each creature has a “way” given only to it in Creation-it must live by this way or perish. (Hopi teachings).  Remember that 1 planet that would be Pluto. Surrender. Let it go.

The last eclipse had Saturn conjunct Venus-giving and receiving love. This eclipse has Saturn conjunct Mars in Pisces-aligned, focused action. Responsible just action. The Courage to lose self judgement. Pisces carries a perfection ideal within. We look at the world around us and see massive problems that we think we cannot do anything about which leads to inaction.  Everything is not always perfect. Our actions from the core of our heart allows for one foot in front of the other. Pretty soon there is a whole new horizon.

 Jupiter Uranus joins this year exact April 20th, its effects are already being felt. Jupiter is higher truth, beliefs, universal order, expansion, hugeness. Uranus is sudden changes, disruptions, revolutionary ideas, unseen circumstance. Taurus brings value systems, resources, money love of the Earth to focus. Social reforms, ecological focus. Sudden unexpected changes in our belief systems that challenge our concepts of security. Truths will come out and many will be shocked. Huge changes in the unchangeable. Could be economic collapse that will revolutionize our approach to finance. Keep an eye on this one.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. Fourscore men and fourscore more, could not put Humpty Dumpty how he was before.  Nothing will ever be the same.

The Total Solar Eclipse in October 2023 fell across the United States from Oregon through Texas. This Eclipse come up from Mexico through Texas up into Canada. They intersect near Dallas. X marks the spot. Can boil out like water from a pot. The incorporation chart for the State of Texas highlights a defensive attitude to Federal Government. Succession has been rearing its head.

To throw a monkey wrench into the works, we have a wildcard in play and the possibility of a Novae. Comet Pons-Brook will be visible in the sky during the eclipse. Look for it to the left of the sun between the eclipse and the planet Jupiter.  This comet comes into the inner solar system every 71 years. Comets have unknown, unexpected influences. In the constellation of the Northern Crown (T Coronae Borealis) a white dwarf will erupt in a thermonuclear reaction. A once in a lifetime event. When a white dwarf bereft of any hydrogen rotates around another star, in this case a red Giant, it pulls hydrogen until it heats up creating an Earth directed explosive chain reaction. Novas are drivers of cosmic chaos.  Initiation catalysts. They release the elements of life, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen.  The star exploding will create a star in our sky brighter than the North Star for about 4 days. Scientists expect the novae to occur April through Sept of this year.

Visible comets in perfect timing with Total eclipses. Stars exploding the light from tens of thousands of years ago. Much more we have no visible awareness of in our physical existence is the Plan. It is how creative evolutionary directives and changes are put into action. They become the events in our perceptions. The changes happening are not just to our galaxy. All are involved.  How we react is determined by our frequency. Is it angular or discordant to the intersection? This is God’s Plan.

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