Innocence Lost as a new storm is abrewing amid id-Castration

“The road most traveled”


The Blue Star Transmissions

~ Blue Star the Pleiadian ~

“Innocence Lost as a new storm is abrewing amid id-Castration”

2-20 to 4-25-2021

(Transmitted to Celestial Blue Star) Now, this important year 2021 is dedicated to Anastasis and is all about the major mission she is performing. Remember that! You will ALL need to remember this.

Greetings to all Earth Star Walkers and to all others who are the new “breed;” they are the new class of “Watchers.” I will of course speak more of them later. There is much to discuss here before this storm breaks completely loose upon the Earth Star Planet.

Now, this storm I am speaking of is the long-ago prophesized collisions between those who have chosen “the road less traveled” and those who have chosen “the road of least resistance.” Sometimes peoples’ reactions to strange situations can actually become great experiences when peoples here act and react to abominable situations which have been caused by very evil people who aligned with the darkest of the dark energies. A case in point here: as terrible and as devastating the earliest stages of the Covid virus is and regardless of how much havoc it has caused to date, not even mentioning all the worst of that still to occur, it has certainly not intentionally caused millions and millions of Advocates for Justice and other goodhearted Souls to develop a “backbone.” It is terribly sad that it has taken a deadly perverted human-made but evilly concocted and recreated virus to smack millions of peoples awake! So, does this statement say more about the evildoers or more about complacent Advocates? So much for “keep yourselves prepared for anything and everything at all times.” I did state that repeatedly to you … see how well that went!

This has forced and TESTED the strength of the Advocates for Justice determination to put into activated motion all they have been training for this lifetime! Part of this is their individual and Collective decisions about which courses of action to take and then actually deciding on a Cosmically high level of Spiritual strategy to start utilizing and then to play it forward. You see, their characters and their Super Conscious states of KNOWING caused them to gather or cluster together physically or more importantly, MENTALLY and SPIRITUALLY. It is always when these types of peoples here on the Earth Star planet form GATHERING groups in a combined Spiritual effort to FINALLY become what they always SHOULD have been, that miracles are Created!

However, that having been said, the downside to those Gatherings is when those people lose sight of what their focus SHOULD have continued to be and so they let down their guard. When all is said but NOT done, 3/4ths of the Gathering Groups then become nothing more than poorly maintained unimportant versions of the really staunch-hearted Souls. To want NOT is to be NOT!  See how long it takes you to understand my last brief sentence. Odds are … most of you never will! As always happens here on this planet, the further separation of the wheat from the chaff MUST continue for the sake of the Greater Group. You see Planetizens, chaff itself can either be useless, worthless, and unhealthy OR it can become decayed seeds carefully nurtured and beckoning usually goodhearted peoples. This is done for the purpose of stopping them from ascending in Soul maturity.

But of course you each have the ability to turn these situations around …once you figure out how to do so. I could tell you how. But I will not. You should all know these things by now. If you do not then shame on you! Good people plant seeds; indolent people plant weeds. Evil people steal and devour the seeds. If you do not understand all that I am telling you this day, then you better become a FAST learner. He or she who hesitates NOW is lost!

The loss of innocence is the great harbinger of even greater moral and Spiritual decay that is now threatening all peoples here. Lost innocence can and does occur in all human races here in ALL age categories! Once lost, only occasionally in RARE individuals can it return to the person or groups of likeminded peoples. To truly understand innocence is to understand that life experiences of and by themselves do not eradicate innocence. Some of those experiences may result in gullibility or too much naiveté in a person’s heart or mind, but these can be modified through the person’s true intent. Yes, those who are unique and rare individuals can and do reacquire what they think they no longer have.

Those who do so become sheer Beacons of Light attracting all other good Souls. BUT, it does indeed require chutzpah and supreme self-confidence along with a limitless mass of pure intent to overcome what they thought they lost. No, although this was never easy to achieve, NOW in this world it has become ever so much more difficult! However, with the wondrous help from Anastasis the truly determined people here are resurrecting much of what had been lost. All now truly depends on how much each person can cope with and how much SUPPORT they each receive from The Greater Group! Now, so there is no misunderstanding here … the Greater Group and the Collective Consciousnesses are one and the same. The Greater Group is the Collective Consciousness NOT “mass consciousness.”

The Collective Consciousnesses are the combined mass of all levels and all stages of high levels of consciousnesses which each person should always seek to attain. You see, because in sheer numbers the mass consciousnesses’ peoples have for so long outnumbered those who are the Greater Group peoples that NOW certain addendums needed to be set into place for the Greater Group Souls and placed there BY the Creator HimSelf. So it is that I am now permitted to reveal to you what this means in simple terms … sort of. Certain mini-coalitions have been Created and are now completely activated.

The mini-coalitions of the Collective Consciousnesses of humanity are the fusions of alliances between likeminded peoples and other likeminded Souls. These peoples are intent on bringing together a permanent alliance of unparalleled numbers of Planetizens and other Advocates for Justice to aid the Greater Group and to leave the unruly and dangerous factions of destructive mass consciousnesses behind and away from Collective Consciousnesses. This is indeed happening NOW as the “mini” transforms into the “maxi.” These combined Souls and minds have NO equal; they are beyond comparison!

Please remember that a healthy psyche is contingent upon human desire. Desire can breed either intent or contempt. This is indeed why it is so critically important that you each remember a primary rule governing Rules of Engagement to live by. Keep your minds focused and clear and your relationships true and honest. Do not clutter your minds or hearts with dangerous fantasies and discussions on sex, politics, religions and other drugs. Life is NOW moving at warp speed as are damaged minds. The new storm is brewing right over your heads; here is where the battle lines have been drawn between the road YOU are walking and the road the others are drawn to. Only ONE road will survive. Only ONE road will unanimously win the benevolence and support of the Hand of God!

But, the battle will be hard and fierce and many lives will be lost as each group fights back with all it has. You have all it takes to win. The battle is for the MIND and the POWER OF MIND. Those of mass consciousnesses may not be able to use your POWER OF MIND against you, but YOU need to protect the mind – for the worst of this battle has only just begun. It is vitally important to you and all those you love that you arrive at a clear understanding NOW of the castration process which devastates the psyche. Ladies, I give you fair warning that this process DEFINITELY can destroy YOU as well! A psyche can be destroyed by the individual’s foolishness. If the individual indulges in thoughts, actions and deeds that are NOT of God or by LUST, criminality, deceit, researching “things” no one “in their right minds” should study, and by addictions which include the addiction to CREATE physical, mental or emotional pain in another person. What happens as a result of these terrible misdeeds is that Soul Creates a split or a hairline fracture in the psyche, thereby refusing any entryway for the damaged individual to receive or understand clearly any Spiritual information they hope to receive. The damaged psyche sends illusions instead. At that point much is determined by how serious the psyche has been damaged. For millions of fortunate peoples the fractured psyche has only slender fractures, not very deep or long in depth or length and still has the ability to heal itself or BE healed by another although the healing process can not be rushed. The person though experiences strange feelings of loss. Although that person can not accurately describe what the loss is, oftentimes headaches and nausea begins when he or she attempts to use Spirituality to Create something or to try to study anything relating to their “moral compass.”

Now, this is when Soul steps in. Soul sees exactly how much damage that person has wrought upon themselves. Soul does so even though Soul was the entity that closed the id doorway. If Soul determines that the actions taken which are responsible for the necessity of keeping the id immobile has arrived at a gridline intersection where the person realizes that they are in deep id trouble and is truly sorry for whatever they did that may have caused this strange id problem, then Soul will likely accelerate the healing IF allowed to!

Now, here is where the Soul’s Spiritual Compass CAN be overridden by God and the other Luminescents. THEY are the Ones who can and DO deny Soul’s attempts and desire to allow the psyche to heal. All Their reasons are valid; so in these types of cases Soul simply surrenders and lets go and lets God. In these types of castrations it needs to be understood that the Luminescents are not causing the castrations. The evil genies “let out of the bottle” by the individuals themselves are responsible. Those with these types of affected id/psyches are responsible for allowing this to happen. Advocates, everyone on this planet has had MORE than enough opportunities to either BE who they really are and aid all other good peoples or … leave the planet. It is as simple as that! Those Souls who have been benevolently granted their desire to aid in the healing process of many other affected peoples DO understand that there will NOT BE a second chance. NEVER! Unfortunately the peoples who continue to do all the heinous things they should not be doing do suffer complete psychotic breaks. You can guess what their “futures” are.

So it is that although damaged psyches MAY be healed those peoples will for the rest of their lives have some states of confusion caused by the onslaught they brought upon their psyches. The ones however that suffer the most, are the innocent peoples whose id’s are deliberately being taken over and controlled by the dark riders. Those entities are not very intelligent BUT they are VERY, VERY cunning. They finally, after many millenniums, realized that the secret to a person’s Spiritual success here lies within the id! The dark ones have learned how to totally weaken the life force of an individual and render a person incapable of fighting back. This happens when the dark ones begin castrating the person(s). They have cut them off at their …”knees.” Be aware; be very, VERY aware that the Hand of God which is also above you is battling and destroying inhuman elements which have been attempting to capture and steal your Souls! As a result of this part of the battle many harsh Winds of Change are NOW affecting the ionosphere. Because of this tremendous swaying of the ionosphere many forms of electronic communications can be affected.

Now, I find it interesting that one word that puts fear and at times paranoia into the minds of men is the term, “castration.” I have actually seen men … checking themselves to make sure they “have not LOST anything” when I have used that term with them in the past about other situations. Very strange. However, what all peoples yes women, especially YOU, should be extremely concerned about is the “id” castration. Although mass consciousnesses people do not even know of the true reality or the nature or the FACT that the id is very real and that they too could even have one, millions of them are the ones most capable of successfully castrating YOUR own id! The id is the home of your psyche; none of you Advocates or other individuals here who are Advocates in training could even BE here if you did not have a functioning psyche. How well it functions and how well it works within a beautiful alignment with your Power Of Mind relies on YOU. Deep within your id is where the psyche and the matrix of what is still erroneously referred to as “psychic ability” live and indeed thrive. It is psyche ability NOT psychic ability.

The ids that thrive the most are the ones which are fed the most. An id relies on the electrical current which flows through your physical vehicle thereby having the capability to garner unlimited numbers of pure White Light cells and allowing these cells to slowly permeate your entire body. This is a mutable process which supplements the smaller amounts of other cells within the inner cellular structure. In this manner the White Light cells are carefully nourishing the other cells YET establishing their own domain within the physical vehicle. How many of these constantly but slowly incoming cells arrive within the physical vehicle is contingent upon a person’s actions, thoughts, deeds and DESTINY.

Now, once this White Light process is initiated the like-attracts-like rule applies. This process needs the au naturel electrical current indeed; however a part of feeding id is aligned with the state of the Soul which Super Consciously feeds the id simply by the intents, desires and overall levels of the wholesome and truthful beliefs and thought-forms of an individual. The id IS what it eats for it becomes what it is fed. A person does not need to be overly intelligent to have a healthy and productive id. Therefore, in a healthy id the psyche ability in conjunction with the id have the ability to work in beautiful tandem and function as one entity. They do so while being very instrumental as a major aid to Soul. The result is that this “dynamic duo” consciously AND Super Consciously elevate a person/Soul into the highest realms of Divinity any person walking in human form can achieve while still mortal.

Obviously these peoples are NOT among those who consider Spirituality to be an “impulse item.” You know; “one size fits all.”… NOT!  In unhealthy people the id can be perceived as a mass of unruly primitive instincts and energies flopping around in the unconscious mind. Here then is where the id can unfortunately be modified by the ego especially in an egocentric personality and become a superego which undermines all known psyche abilities. Those people can be “real know it alls” who really know nothing. Something that the worst of them do not consider though is that when a person becomes so mentally or emotionally enraged that he or she seeks out the person whom they think or were told is the one they seek to punish as the culprit, then the seeker should expect that there will be two victims of the rage which he or she unleashes.

The victims are the individual being harmed AND the person who is the cause and effect of the harming. One is inseparable from the other. They listen but do not hear; they look but can not see. This is their modus operandi. Many of these unbalanced peoples try to bring down Advocates and other good people because they receive a type of “high” when they succeed. Do not let them succeed! Have enough respect for yourselves to not let them and simply leave them to their caterwauling while they seek other peoples to intimidate. Now, please tell me you are better understanding why and how you need to protect yourselves and remain in close contact with those you love! Remember, the id controls the psyche BUT one without the other is pretty useless on its own. The psyche and id work to also calm down personalities that have run amuck. There is only so much they can do however if the personality has taken control of an individual’s mind and is being fed by ego.

Now, the psyche rules the Power Of Mind in a benevolent fashion. Power Of Mind is an exponent which stands side by side with each Advocate for Justice and actually enlarges and literally grows exponentially to and with whatever rhythm the psyche has established. So it is that id and psyche are the foundations set in place upon which Power Of Mind establishes its dormancy until the individual causes it to open completely; guarded by and with the Chakra system. At that juncture Power Of Mind gains full bloom stature. This is but part of Cyclical Changes which this year of 2021 is establishing with the destined VOICES of Cyclical Changes at the helm. Each of you Advocates whether you are alone or have allies and friends to speak with whom you trust, can and will strengthen your own Power Of Mind each time you focus on good events that can take place. Or on good peoples you can communicate with that are the ones to whom you may bare your Soul, so to speak,

Power Of Mind requires little maintenance BUT you will need to follow through with any wonderful inspirations you may receive. Also those among you who have blessed themselves with learning both project PUSH and project Golden Force will Super Consciously be contributing to Cyclical Changes as well as to the matrix of The Jesus THE Christ Consciousness. PUSH and Golden Force are focal points of Cyclical Changes! It is here in those two projects that Cycles will be altered. Cycles will also be moved from one or two stages and levels of spontaneous awareness. When this occurs the catalysts of the energetic matter are immediately elevated to higher stages and levels of Cyclical Changes’ states of Being. This will result in vast changes taking place all over this world.

This major variance affects the matrix of all wondrous Cyclical Changes! Do you see? Yes, you will feel the effects of performing these techniques physically, mentally and Spiritually. Also, Power Of Mind will spontaneously work with psyche/id and with your SOULS with every element of change you assist in Creating, Long, LONG ago the God of this Universe stated, “ One by one and step by step, MY work here shall be done.” VOICES of Cyclical Changes are not merely instrumental in working with the Changes; they are vastly different from all other groupings. They are completely dedicated men and women who have ALWAYS rolled with the punches and do not give up. They are each extraordinary and will wear their future Mantles of Greatness beautifully.

Now, the new Watchers are distinct groups of Souls sent on a mission here. Many of them have recently beamed down to Terra to aid her in her newly developed restorative endeavors of working with human and animal species that may yet have the second opportunity for life here IF their desires are true and just. These Watchers share the commonality of their forged unbreakable mind-links and shared Soul status of Soul Clusters with one group mind; BUT still retain their individual Soul Selves. Do you see? Probably not. Their Soul Clusters have no divisions per se; for the part of them that share the one group mind all have the same thought formations that shape their determination to succeed where mere mortals have failed. Their intrinsically essential value is a combined force of their prolifically strong and Spiritual nature. Their long periods of Creative achievements are truly unequaled.

These Watchers have been known by many, many names since the very beginnings of all human races here on the Earth Star planet. Although their sheer numbers are immense they had to train and live on every planet in each of all the Universes in order to be in accord with the special criteria established by The Creator and the Creator Processing entity. Although they have vast numbers of Avatars surrounding them and keeping peering eyes from coming too close to them, they are answerable to The Creator in regard to all of their duties here. Although quite a number of them have chosen to wear a female guise they all choose to wear dark colors here for it does indeed help them to blend in among their more flamboyant human Beings of all races.

It would be difficult to truly define all of the Watchers’ duties here; they have so many and so much is riding on their success here. Watchers are assigned to specific groups of peoples here, but not only to the Advocates. They, the Watchers, do not turn away from any good Souls who try to do their best to live their lives as normally as possible. I said, “Good Souls!” None of the Watchers’ missions include dealing with the tainted Souls. Sorry everyone, I know you know many people who are tainted and YES that includes loved ones you have; but they had their last chance. They have no more.

Now, they are each equipped with special high technology monitoring devices which instantly shows them the state of normalcy within a person’s mind and the state of their Spiritual nature. Although but of course those states can change from moment to moment depending on the person’s mind and the impact of their personality, the devices register all that data and the Watchers use their own psyche abilities to put it all together and establish the individual’s grading system overall. Those devices are very intricate and you would have no clue about what I am speaking of if I attempted to explain more about them, so I will not. Watchers are also each assigned specific Souls all over this world who are known to be the greatest Spiritual Teachers but especially those Teachers who are the truest “movers and shakers” of all time!

They know how and when to shake, shake, shake peoples awake and they will gladly move mountains of dross material from a person’s heart and mind if permission is granted for them to do so. And IF the Teachers know these people are worth it. Watchers and these Teachers must all excel at being passionately detached when working with people. Regardless of how hard they may seem to be when they sever their ties with many people; it is a matter of SOUL survival!  Their own. Watchers and Teachers alike, along with the best of the best of ALL Advocates and other goodhearted peoples here HAVE TO do all they can to bring others out of the dark and into the Light of ALL Lights if they can. They must also always live in a state of total preparedness. Certain Watchers who are here to care for only these men and women who are those Teachers must also gauge all the clairsentience of those students who are attempting to learn all they can WHILE they can.

Watchers travel through all the open Doorways NOW and will bring certain large groups of people with them and safely escort them to the Crystal City for several hours at a time. When this occurs although a person’s physical vehicle may APPEAR to be present on Earth, it is only the body that is here.

Now, before I take my leave this day, I do not want to overtax anyone’s ability to think clearly because of so much information, I want to tell you that without Watchers and their tremendous gifts and the love they have for their OWN descendants here, very few of you ones would “live to love another day.” Millions of you are permitted to catch very brief glimpses of a Watcher. They appear and disappear very quickly. Remember that if you meet or encounter a person who is pleasant but exhibits an extremely strong presence; one who smiles at you then disappears. Watchers save millions of people here from being murdered every day. They can do no wrong. Toodle Loo, I am signing off for NOW …

Salude … No pressure now … Just remember WE are ALL Watching you … Blue Star the Pleiadian

“There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there.” … Blue Star the Pleiadian

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