Freak Accidents, Fillers and Self-Reflection, Rules of Conduct and Life on Schedule

The Blue Star Transmissions

~ Blue Star the Pleiadian ~

Freak Accidents, Fillers and Self-Reflection, Rules of Conduct


Life on Schedule

12-25 to 2-25-2020

(Transmitted to Celestial Blue Star) Greetings to all Planetizens everywhere; from my vantage point it is easy to see all the “whys” so many of you ones are whirling around in a frenzy about and creating a mass of disorganized chaos in your wake while you are doing so. It is no wonder that so many “freaky” things are happening to you! Now, although it is true that much of what happens to many of you ones is part of your individual Soul Agreements, that is NOT to imply that ALL these things are in the Agreements. There are of course those insidious occurrences when those peoples here who walk the walk of the perfidious entities are quite gleeful when an Advocate manages to entangle himself or herself in situations that can cause minor to serious physical injuries and/or mental distress.  Unfortunately, unless you are amongst the growing numbers of Advocates who have trained or are retraining their personalities to NOT react in fear or paranoia, then you are the perfect examples of how and why freak accidents are carefully planned for you. Just because WE KNOW all of your strengths and weakness, all of your vulnerabilities, you really should be aware that so do the evildoers! You MUST remember that reacting to others’ actions does not define you; how you act in facilitating your OWN actions defines you!

Now, we are not dismissing accidents or other such occurrences that are merely byproducts of your own lack of perception or common sense also called “stupidity.” Those incidents are self-created either through inattention by you or your own personal failure to “play it forward” in your MIND in order to discern if something you are going to do or say is the right decision or not. Now, reiterating to all of you Advocates whether you are Walk-Ins, Star Seeds or Earth Seeds that under the Law of non-interference none of us, none of the Avatars or anyone else are permitted to simply jump in and save you from yourselves, there is an alternate manner in which any of us may assist you. I will speak of this shortly.

Those Advocates who have risked all to be here and BE THE ASSISTANCE the Christ Consciousness can revolve around, are in the matrix of the Co-Crearchy and work with Mary Magdalene in establishing this event so pay close attention NOW! Being THE ASSISTANCE is a tough mission which causes greater emancipation of good Earth peoples and assists them in further entering into Just Cause. THE ASSISTANCE relies on the principle which founded The Greater Group. It is to rise above the mundane and devolving lives not well-chosen here, and are the reasons why so much is happening particularly worldwide in THIS yearend period. Those who are the most integral part of THE ASSISTANCE must not now or ever rely on a safety net. THE ASSSTANCE peoples here must always have faith and an innate understanding that all help and support of all kinds to and FOR them will simply be there when they need it. This is all part of “promises made and promises kept” by Souls who entered into a total commitment with one another LONG, LONG ago.

Yet THE ASSISTANCE peoples are called “risk takers” and are looked down upon by the unilluminated peoples. But it is those unilluminated very narcissistic or conditioned people who know so very little about so very much, that are the ones who can not live without their safety nets and their false sense of well-being. Yet as Terra and the Procession of Elders continue to “rock and roll this world,” these peoples are the ones who have the most to lose. Now, Terra is cutting a huge swath through ALL land masses and waterways and altering magnetic storm current areas. Did any of you ones really believe that what is happening here is “accidental or manmade?” It is not! This is in fact a great physical part of the reformation of Terra process which is in perfect sync with the NEWly formed evolutionary nature of the major shifting of this planet. Yes, all the degrees have changed; all the NSEW directions of latitude and longitude are different now, whether you want to believe it or not.  So, hold on tight everyone, you ones have a long way to go before this spacial interim of firmly establishing change is finished. Once that Great Change presence is firmly and permanently placed in the matrix of this Universe, all will be well for the GOOD Souls here! Now, as I mentioned we do have a viable alternate manner in which we CAN and DO leap to your rescue. Obviously we do NOT and will not do this for everyone. This is one of those “you have to earn it in order to receive it rules.” For some of you ones it may be contingent on your Soul Agreement, your preordained destiny or because SOME of you were specifically selected, chosen by Divine Forces and sanctioned by The Creator to be HERE and live your lives to the fullest through teaching others and at times playing a “black hat role” when doing so. Playing the black hat role is very difficult but someone has to do it.

It is not uncommon to these certain and very special teachers to become so preoccupied with taking care of others that they momentarily do not pay enough heed in taking care of themselves. This then is when the preponderance of freaky accidents can occur. For instance: a person may step outside to take out the trash and very accidently trip and fall over a heavy or steel trash can. One of us can immediately rush in and although that person will suffer some pain and require healing time, We PREVENTED that person from breaking their back. Highway accidents are always on the frontline of freaky accidents. Those keep so many of us extremely busy with preventing death UNLESS it is part of the individuals’ Soul Agreement. With potential suicides of usually really good people we always arrange that SOMEONE will be there in time to explain what is going on and WHY to the distraught person’s caretakers. At that point however, that is all we are permitted to do. The rest is up to the individuals in distress.

Now we shall deal briefly with freaky accidents that are NOT self-caused. Many Advocates are having instances of turning their ankle or slipping and falling, running into walls and tripping over nothing at all. They also are suddenly slammed by non-existent wind and can fall and injure themselves and so forth. These are not “klutzy” incidents.  Millions of peoples here start feeling suddenly wobbly and off-balance, feeling 15 or 20 feet tall and looking at their arms or legs and suddenly those appendages seem extremely long. Many peoples are having difficulty rising out of chairs, bodies that seem to suddenly have a mind of their own and so forth. Those amongst you who suddenly find that they awaken during the night feeling like a giant ice cube should not be alarmed though. It is no big deal! It merely means that you have been truly out of body for a specified period selected by your Guides and Avatars while they tend to your physical and/or Spiritual needs. This may also occur while you are awake and fully conscious. Remember, SPACE is a very, VERY, COLD place! No, you ones are not being paranoid and double NO you are not being attacked; however it does not mean that these freaky accidents do not frighten you.

Do you truly understand that the gravitational pulls and shifts that Terra is experiencing as well as the ones that the Procession of Elders are Creating for all of you AND this planet and the FACT that so many, many of you ones are gliding when you think you are merely walking are the catalyst for so many of those events? Ladies, throw out the high heels!! Try to stop yourselves from gliding; yes gliding is what you can do when you are AT HOME, but NOT here and NOT now. Relearn your “heel down first then toe then push off“ in walking style. Many Advocates also experience sudden bouts of extreme cold, weightlessness, sudden feelings of huge washes of air passing through them. Relax Planetizens it is all quite normal; you just do not realize this yet.

Are you ever going to understand that contrary to popular hype you are not living in the third-dimension anymore? So, deal with it! Yes of course we are all rushing in to aid you when these types of freaky accidents occur in order to keep you alive and we are asking that you all learn to watch out for those “spacey” periods when you are … not at your best. When anything untoward seems to be happening to you please STOP what you are doing, sit down if possible and exhale and wait for it to pass. Extreme periods of exhaustion and feelings of just not bouncing back too quickly may cause you ones to feel that you must be getting old. You are not! But your bodies are inwardly arching and absorbing as much and as many white Light cells as they can at any given moment. You ones are using up a tremendous amount of electrolytes when you find yourselves in these positions. Electrolytes are very important to your physical well-being. However, those can be purchased and will aid you by replacing the ones you have had. Physical, mental and Spiritual work all make great use of the electrolyte situations. No, you are not the same anymore, you are better than you know; you just do not know that yet either!

“Fillers” enter each person’s lives and are there for only a short duration. Fillers may be people, places or things. They are important aspects of everyday human lives and are to bring you what you need in order for you to better discern what you do NOT need, or to point you in directions of Self-Reflection. When the filler is a person that person will either briefly teach you more about yourself or force you through some unsettling exchanges between you and he or she, to take off the rose-colored glasses and see things as they really are … whether you want to or not.

Then they are either fired or they quit and move on. Because of your Free Expression those of you who do not want to have your personal or business world rocked will usually but not always subtly, be pushed into the level of Self-Reflection you need to have. If you can not understand why you do the things you do or why you say the things you do, then it is damn well time for you to learn ABOUT yourself and LEARN to be your own best friend. Then and only then can you love another TRULY. Self-Reflection may be interpreted as being your own therapist; yet remember please you can not hide from yourself. If you try to do that it would be a HUGE mistake! You would leave us no choice but to give you ones the shaking-up of your lives you DESERVE to have. We promise not to enjoy it too much! Celestial, David and many others of our most evolved teachers are always having fillers sending them new people to work with. So, the people who truly benefit the most as well as, I should say “especially” the men and women here who too have great destinies to fulfill, soon find that these teachers are the ones they have been waiting for.

Fillers may be someone as common as a hired hand, a waitress, a baker or a temporary acquaintance. Oftentimes they may be a former spouse or lover, or former best friend. They do serve an important purpose here though; this is likened to a domino stack where one domino leads to another to another and to another until the dominos have served their purpose and you HAVE what you really need and want as part of your life. You may be one of the most fortunate of people here when your teachers stay with you throughout their mortality AND BEYOND!  Yes, these teachers are the ones who will really force you to confront yourselves and quietly test you on your Self-Reflection process. Remember please, not only do they know you far, far better than you know yourselves, they also know ever so many things about life, eternal life and the future here as well.

Rest assured the teachers do not simply walk away from the ones they have aligned with unless there is a very special reason. For a few of them it is because circumstances came into play that requires them to move on and work with others that need their aid. Although the teachers must always walk away and never look back if and when many peoples’ personalities suddenly overtake the people they are working with and the people begin to regress. Then too a few of these teachers do always manage to remain with those they should and yet “answer the call when Jesus issues it and tells them what He needs of them.” Never forget how truly blessed each of you are. To those who do acknowledge this I say, “Kudos chelas.”

“Rules of Conduct” (ROC), can be a sticky wicket for many of you. Advocates who have worked so diligently to try to be all that they can be in spite of all the obstacles they must confront have performed an astonishing task when they assisted all of Divinity in the never-ending Creation of the Dimensional and Inter-Dimensional Doorways here, off-world and extending into and beyond ALL Dimensions, ALL Universes and Galaxies. Many of the Advocates were unduly nervous and a few were downright afraid when they did so. But of course that was to be expected. It was not the same as sitting at a table and saying, “pass the butter and by the way I want you to assist in Creating Fabulous Dimensional and Inter-Dimensional Doorways.” Yes, Planetizens, even with many mouths agape they all gulped and said, “ok.”  ROC oversees all of you and misses nothing you say, do or think. At one time long ago ROC gave individuals several chances, several opportunities to live life following the established ROC for all good Souls here. That was then this is NOW. Hmm, this reminds me of when my Celestial daughter and our David USED to do that as well. Now however, ROC along with my own beloved ones only allows any of you one chance. No more “3 strikes and you’re gone.” Now it is a one-time only proposition.

It had been decided and sanctioned by The Creator long ago when it was well-known by us that this period of establishing those critical Doorways would be a must-situation, that so many of you Advocates, especially the Advocates here on the planet in training, would put themselves in angst when pondering this enormous Doorway project.

So, we decided on a way to reassure all of your personalities and intellects that this would be achieved by giving you ones a serious shot-boost of a different kind of Creativity. Now, it was only a tad tricky for us and ALL of Divinity to accomplish our goal. Our schematics were set into place; all of your Souls of course knew exactly what we were going to do and why and were just thrilled that they could not only participate in our endeavor but that they would be able to sidestep the personality issues as well. I ask you all to stop for a moment and remember where you were when it was TIME for EACH of you ones to begin the Creation of the Dimensional and Inter-Dimensional Doorways. Yes, of course we know full well of all of your practice sessions and practicing using PUSH and The Golden Force projects with your OWN Doorway Creations and maintenance practices as well. So, it is with great pride and greater pleasure that I send you this up to now secret information of what we did and how you all responded as Our special Christmas, New Years and future gift.

Now, we of course were well-aware that you each are more comfortable and feel safer and more relaxed in your homes or offices or similar places that you love. We also watched all of you on this Earth Star planet as the moment to moment countdown to Eternity began in earnest. And sure enough even with racing heartbeats, a bit of inner tension and qualms, you ALL surpassed yourselves much to our delight because we KNEW you would and we KNEW you could!

However, unbeknownst to you ones, you only thought you were safely in your home, offices etc. when you were Creating the Doorways! We cast an illusion to each of you which imaged to you ones the homes, offices etc. To all of you everything seemed very normal there because you believed it was. Well, normal is as normal does. You had ALL been picked up and transported in the final 5 minutes of your countdown. You had been taken to and INTO The Realm of God.  The Realm of God is without limitations imposed upon it. The Realm of God is where The EYE of God and the EYE of the storm reside. The Avatars placed each Advocate from all over this planet into a 4 second unconscious stupor. 30 minutes Earth time was required to pass before you were all transported back to your personal locations. It took that long for nearly all of you to stop feeling SPACY and begin to compose yourselves … rather slowly again.

Silly Children, how could any of you ones possibly think that The Creator or any of us would risk any harm coming to you based on the vital work you were all performing! That would never have happened; we all made sure of it! That was a classic example of ROC in action. After your initial foray with the Doorways there was never any need for any of us to move you from your abodes. However, had we not done what we did do only a handful of you would have been able to go through with your Sacred project regardless of how much you yearned to. You just were not certain enough about yourselves; not nearly enough SELF-CONFIDENCE. Now, you are each experienced Doorway Creators and maintainers… when you remember about maintenance. There was indeed humor as we observed and listened to your mind-thoughts when many of you felt cold and exhausted after you had finished that initial journey off-world. But it still always amazes us how when you leave your personalities and your intellects out of the equation you ones ALWAYS surpass yourselves. Always remember when teaching others, as well as teaching yourselves that is, that you are each better than you believe you are; you each know more than you believe you do and for heaven’s sake, start seriously believing in yourselves knowing you have nothing to prove to anyone else especially NOT to yourselves. ROC are very simple you see; do all that you can and are permitted to do and stay within the Spiritual parameters of your Codes of beliefs. Your beliefs are the Light weapons that destroys evil and destroys evil’s lairs as well. The Greater Group is the benefactor and yet the beneficiary as well of every good deed you perform. Use the Power of MIND and you will always be part of ROC. You see?

Life on Schedule – Now, it is true that how you live your life here and NOW is the primary determining factor of where and how you will live your life at a future period. However, no matter what you may think of some of the more painful experiences you have had in the past or that you may be going through now, even the most jaundiced ones among you can not truthfully say they learned nothing from those experiences that did not help them for the better. One does not become a cynic unless one wants to. Cynicism does not become you! But YOU can become IT. Much in this lifetime that happens is known as “unfinished business issues.” Although that term is relative to previous lifetimes when friends may have been foes or vice-versa, NOW is the time to clean up your plate. What happened in the past is over; leave it alone already. In other words “Let go and let God.” If in this current lifetime you are still rattling your emotional saber and are not at peace with things that have happened here in your present life, kindly remember “he who lives by the saber, dies by the saber.” You ones for the most part still expect too much from the practical world. Life will be easier for you ones if you cease doing that.

Life is never late, it is never early. None of you reincarnated at the wrong time. Arriving here with hopes and dreams is fine as long as you bear in mind that this IS planet Earth. Dream all you want but bring only the dreams that are realistic and NOT fatalistic to fruition. No, you did not take a wrong turn at Venus and wind up here. Here is where you are because HERE is where you are supposed to be. Much of the timing of your longevity here depends on how healthy your minds are. The Power of MIND should never be corrupted for any self-serving reason. The majority of terrible diseases running rampant on this Earth Star planet are inherited since the early days of intentionally exposing people to the diseases. Do what you can and when you can to find viable healthy alternatives for healing wherever possible. It is true that much can be overcome by the Power of MIND, however taking a stand and refraining from illegal drugs and from as many prescription drugs as possible will help.

When you want to realize one of your more realistic dreams, think about how that can be achieved. Scale down when you must and UPGRADE every chance that you can. THEN repeat to yourself, “Damn the torpedoes full speed ahead, I am playing the hand that I have been dealt.” No one’s life here is perfect yet everyone’s life is perfect in so many ways. “Life” means you are the architect of forming a meaningful human existence. How have you designed it? What have you done to bring it into fruition? Do you know how to live an ordinary life in an non-ordinary way? Do you even know what that means? When you can look at your life experiences and chuckle at the humorous parts while letting go of the painful parts, then you are truly upgrading yourself. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain BECAUSE every single day you can Create a new life for yourself. It’s all a matter of Power of MIND.

Then when thought merges with an ally or allies who like you understand that every new day is a new beginning then you see, you have Created a new life right on schedule. We may be responsible for your entrances here but YOU are responsible for accepting personal responsibility for your life infrastructure and all that that complexity of thoughts and actions incurs, reveres, admires or conveys to you as a model to emulate. Remember being your own architect is a great responsibility; living life on schedule requires being fearless, loving, compassionate and following ROC. Life itself is a reward whether you know it or not. I am signing off for now but I do want to leave you ones with some final news. I am saying to you, “A life well-lived is its own reward; you either have it or you don’t.

Salude … Blue Star the Pleiadian … I am going to journey on and further festoon MY life!

“There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there.” … Blue Star the Pleiadian

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