Day: January 5, 2011

  • Edition #13 – Things that Go Bump in the Night

    "The Celestial Chronicles" Edition #13 "Things that Go Bump in the Night Since forever people have had problems believing that energetic forces set on mayhem and murder not only still exist on the planet, but propagate through the disbelief. These forces have 2 methods of seeking, finding and attempting to destroy people. One is to […]

  • Edition #12 – Meditation Changes and Magnetic Alignment

    "The Celestial Chronicles" Edition #12 "Meditation Changes and Magnetic Alignment" The ability to meditate is a natural gift; it is simply a matter of quieting the mind and if necessary, blocking any obtrusive sounds or…people. Over the last several years, I have observed that although more people seem to be meditating, fewer have success in […]

  • Edition #11 – Things to Think About

    “The Celestial Chronicles” Edition #11 “Things to Think About” **Special Note–Although I wrote this in May of last year, I feel it is quite timely here and now, as I observe and listen to people who should know better, STILL running around in self-created circles… “Greetings Wisdom, I am Celest” I am writing to you […]

  • Edition #10 – When Dreams Become Realities

    "The Celestial Chronicles #10" Edition #10 "When Dreams Become Realities" Have you ever wondered about what actually takes place, if anything, while you are in the dream state? Are you one of the millions of people who believe that the dreams you have are "fantasies," overworked imagination, or worse, the subconscious dealing with events that […]

  • Edition #9 – Go Gently into the Wind

    "The Celestial Chronicles" Edition #9 "Go Gently into the Wind" One of the things I relish observing is the antics people perform in their attempts to live up to another’s idea and ideals of what that individual(s) should really be like. I mean seriously now, the people in general on this planet, have given over […]

  • Edition #8 – When You Can Walk On Water

    "The Celestial Chronicles" Edition #8 "When You Can Walk On Water" Of all the experiences that I cherish and relish, some stand out in my mind more so than others. A couple of years ago when I was living in Washington State, I was sitting outside and suddenly a very large bald eagle flew slowly […]

  • Edition #7 – Private Wars, No Mercenaries Required

    "The Celestial Chronicles" Edition #7 "Private Wars, No Mercenaries Required" Funny thing happened on the road to personal relationships. War overcame the illusions of bliss; men and women, regardless of their sexual preferences began the ugly process of becoming combatants. Many cultures that long ago were the most heavily male dominated societies, managed to remain […]

  • Edition #6 – The Casualties of Living

    "The Celestial Chronicles" Edition #6 "The Casualties of Living" I have given much thought to what topics of relevance would be the most appropriate this day. The decision I have arrived at is a direct result of the extraordinary numbers of people I know personally, who are being forced to confront unhealthy life situations created […]

  • Edition #5 – The Thin White Line

    "The Celestial Chronicles" Edition #5 "The Thin White Line" Spending time simply walking this planet is a most interesting experience. Perhaps not one that I choose to recommend for all, but I do feel that those who are oblivious to true events that transpire every day, would benefit the most since the preponderance of these […]

  • Edition #4 – The Symmetry of The Pleiadian Flag Ship Star Crystal

    "The Celestial Chronicles" Edition #4 The Symmetry of " The Pleiadian Flag Ship Star Crystal" Throughout the centuries mankind has diligently studied and experimented with many Divine Forms of energy. They have also experimented with all types of "intellectually" accepted, "theoretically correct" devices to better the environment and personal energy fields. During these same time […]