Edition #5 – The Thin White Line

"The Celestial Chronicles"

Edition #5

"The Thin White Line"

Spending time simply walking this planet is a most interesting experience. Perhaps not one that I choose to recommend for all, but I do feel that those who are oblivious to true events that transpire every day, would benefit the most since the preponderance of these people are the ones who only believe what they can see anyway. I see wonders and magnificence everywhere I go; not in the usual sense to be sure, but in the simple acts of night becoming day and day becoming night routines. I see showers and dreams and fishes and pearls; I see children growing into better human beings in spite of their elders. I see the end of certain animal and marine species that have achieved their states of evolution and now must teleform in order to make way for newer versions.

I see the wonders of God within all I encounter, whether human or non-human, pacifist or dissident. The lazy wanna-be artist and composer and the movers and shakers who do not allow complacency to enter their minds, their hearts or their Souls. I see dreams coming to life and dreamers bent on Creating more. I see the non-dreamers scoff at all they do not understand. I see people regarding what they cannot comprehend with great fear. I know they do so because they fear what they choose to not understand. I see the toxicity of this earth star planet and yet I grieve not. I have an innate understanding of the necessity of this deleterious event. I have seen this planet hundreds and hundreds of years ago when she was but a fledgling of the Star Race. I was present when her understanding of all that would happen to her was encoded into her internal records with the middle Earth peoples appointed as caretakers of her future.

I have for as long as I have been, watched the embattled human races succumb to dysentery of Spirit; each millennium has brought the human race into great confrontation with itself. They look for the enemy without, not realizing the enemy lies within. Those who are aware of the ancient battles with the Illuminati and their cohorts KNOW that this has always been. They KNOW that the battles will continue for the human Soul. This is why we cannot fail. We who are the designated warriors aligned against the legions of the dammed, KNOW that it is the height of impudence for humans to ass-u-me that those dark forces are a fallacy. We KNOW that we are also in this sense fighting the ignorance of the human being. So it is that perhaps our senses are more heightened, our awareness of all things great and small are more clear, our refusals to become that which we detest are the epitome of determination.

We see the expression of God Force in all; we have in our pasts borne witness to the destruction of a Soul. We know that this will continue until such time that man, woman and child all see themselves in one another as one another. We do not see black and white, brown, yellow or red. We do not see heterosexual, bi-sexual or homosexual. We see each individual living a life that is an expression of an experience. We have borne witness to the death throes of other cultures, other worlds. We have observed with quiet but heartfelt dismay, armies of men and women pitted against one another for the good of no one. We have watched the blood shedding, the blood sport, the tortures and rapes. It is this planet’s history repeating RE-CREATING itself again and again and again. We see what you do not. We see the blatant celebrations of the dark hordes as they count coup. We watch as our ancestors and our descendents struggle with great futility at times, to instill peace into a world gone mad.

In one sense we are few in numbers yet in another yet greater sense, we are more than we are. Although many of us "arrived" here with recall, still more have not. That is fine too. Sometimes it is better not to remember. Sometimes it is better to remember. It is all a matter of perspective. There are instances here, linearly speaking, when the necessity of the aloneness times can be quite overwhelming. We are neither fish nor fowl; nor animal nor vegetable. Our presence here is welcomed by but few of the human race. We watch the night sky with the greatest pleasure, a type of oneness and joy that humans can not experience. We commune then with true family and friends. We see the stars from a different vantage point than do you. We continually receive great energetic infusions of harmonious "frequencies" that assist us in our earth star walk. We speak to the grass and the grass speaks back. We watch naïve humans speak of the beauty of the mountains and wonder aloud "if only they could speak." We watch the mountains and we hear them as they sigh and say "if only they would listen." The White Eagle hovers above us at all times, guiding us and cheering us in our onward and upward journey from the maelstrom of lunacy into the brightness of THE SON.

We deplore in a passionately detached manner, the human Spirit that is not willing to Create the changes that need to take place. We who have walked this earth star walk so many times before, at times wish we were permitted to wave our magic wands and fix things for people. At times we who have walked this Earth star walk so many times before, would like to just smack people over the head and yell, "wake up while you still can." I find it ludicrous that so many seek higher education as a foundation for establishing knowledge and wisdom. Humans do not understand that all true knowledge is predicated upon Creating experiences to learn from; also knowing when to stop the experiences is as important as undergoing the experiences them selves. So many run around in such helter skelter fashion looking for wisdom sans learning the tools that knowledge brings. Wisdom is knowledge in a training bra.

You either get it or you don’t.

Remember the next time you encounter strangers who later become friends, or read of others whose life experiences parallel your own, you are merely encountering yourself. See the snow, the oceans, the streams and the trees and everything this planet has to offer as magnificent. For in truth it is. Stop hating that which you do not understand; lose the ego genes. You as individuals are no better, you are no worse than your other selves. Each human here is but another you. Understand in totality "love your neighbor as you love yourself."

I see shadows and stars, all that you are, music and magic, the old and the new. I watch The Song and the Singer, the crime and the passion, the fertile and the impotent, the diversity of Spirit that walks among all of you if you could but see. WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD!

Salude and love of life! Celestial

"In the beginning of the beginning I watched as my Earth star cousins raced madly in ever continuing larger circles of displaced realities. Each was consumed by the need for survival, but only of physical survival. I watched as the many cavorted while the few were shunned who knew of true life. I say to all of you now here in this "now" moment of true reality..live life with a passion, a zest for the KNOWN, creating perfection in all that you do and say. Realize that YOU are each a unique Being, that YOU are GOD in physical expression."


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