Governmental Polices – FEMA – God and Creator

** Matthew and Blue Star **
"Governmental Polices – FEMA – God and Creator"


From the beginning, presidential directives for handling national emergencies have had the same aim: federal control that extinguishes constitutional and God-given rights. Never has assistance to those who need help been the reason for establishing FEMA, although that agency’s personnel pop up in natural disaster areas to keep this pretense somewhat credible. The Patriot Act and Homeland Security are obvious attempts to bring a dictator and police state upon the nation, much like the US government has long supported in many other countries.

Your world is moving into higher frequencies where those global, not only national, domination aims of the elite group of controllers never will come to pass; however, it cannot be realistically expected that they will make no further major efforts to retain and extend their powers. They will. The same folks who decry global terrorism and claim to be making the world a safer place by pointing fingers at the "guilty" are the very ones behind the major terrorist activities. The more that this is being exposed or even speculated, the more they fear losing their dark control and thus the more desperate and blatant their acts to hold onto it.

We have told you that violence and bloodshed will continue until Earth has reached the level of vibrations where the darkness is vanquished, and she is steadily moving toward that plane along with all whose minds and hearts are in the light. We have said, too, that no nuclear detonations in space will be permitted and that extraterrestrial technology that already has thwarted such efforts also is ameliorating the effects of other vileness such as chemtrails; depleting uranium, which is not at all depleted; and manmade quakes, storms and volcanic eruptions. The same would hold true for any attempts toward mass annihilation by means of biological or chemical warfare.

But please do not have concerns about any need for that becoming likely. Regardless of what your government reports, the means for extensive use of such weaponry is available only to the controlling cabal, and they are not about to use it. Consider: How could they protect themselves and their minions evermore against its effects? How could they protect the many millions they need to produce everything from their food to their computers and provide their health care, transportation, even their custom-made tailoring? Teach what they want taught, defend what they need defended, or even tend their landscaping?

However, widespread talk of the lethal consequences of such warfare, by its favored name of weapons of mass destruction, cannot help but create fear. As intended! The energy of fear is incompatible with the energy of light, and as long as enough fear can be generated to keep souls from absorbing light, the elitist controllers think they win. They don’t and they won’t, but in their stubbornness and fear, they cannot comprehend that accepting the light, which is beaming more intensely in each moment, would not be their downfall—it would be their saving grace. any splendid idea, each step afterwards is important.

On a different level, the changes are just as vital. Few among you know about the invaluable assistance of the universal brother/sisterhood. They will introduce themselves, and their long presence on the planet and in your skies will become common knowledge. Telepathic communication lines with beloved souls in Nirvana and with lighted beings throughout the universe will be restored within the higher vibrations into which Earth is moving. The triteness of possessions and fame will give way to the treasure of knowing the godself.

The response to Matthew’s messge:

"Blue Star Speaks"

Now, you ones would have a better grasp on the present governmental policies enacted all over this world if you would take a quick look into the past. All over this planet in the beginnings of the beginnings of civilization here, "laws" and pseudo laws were enacted for the alleged protection of the peoples of the lands. The confluxes of the ruling men with those who aligned with their beliefs, did not at any time then include those were the poor peoples. Rules were enacted that would ultimately benefit only those who were of the elite; yes even then there was class distinction, there has always been. No laws were fair or just for the poor, none reflected the silent majority’s wishes. There was not a single country in those past times, which spared the impoverished ones; none spared the sickly and physically deformed. Class distinction was deemed "a necessity," by those who had much and lacked little.

As generations married into families of the same class, the belief system regarding the poor did not change. It was one reason why so many men and women married into their own families such as forced marriages with cousins, distant cousins and so forth. As the powerful men of the times became even more so, any sense of morality was obliterated. As linear time changed and more and more of the poorer classes raised their voices in unisons of protest, many platitudes and false gestures of inviting some of the less fortunate to share in the voices of the polices began. It was a sham. Rather than attempt to wage physical war against the majority of those inhabiting the lands, it was decided to pretend to allow them a part in decision-making programs and policies. It was only through the process of the poor people beginning to understand that they were not free, understanding that the dictums "agreed" to by the hierarchies, were not more than window dressing, did the poorer classes decide to unite in a type of self-defense. Men gathered in small groups that quickly became larger, much to the unease of the "establishment." These ones, these gathering peoples became more and more vocal; many scrimmages took place between the classes. It was the origination of all grassroots movements. Fear of the amassed voices and threatening gestures of the poorer classes, became a REALITY to those in control. The FEMA of today’s present time, was a concept that was born in that past time.

It is imperative that you ones understand this. You see, this is merely a diabolical play repeating itself, again and again and again. Today’s FEMA is nothing more than "window dressing," geared to allay peoples concerns about any lack of federal and governmental assistance during the dire times of need. FEMA actually was the birthing place of what now is called "homeland security and the patriot act." Both of those acts were long planned projects by the present and former president of the USA. Even before the timed emergence of these men, the plan was set into action. Before either of these 2 men absconded with the office of President, the plans that had been made simply awaited specific alleged "terrorist attacks," that had also long before been formatted. FEMA is deepcover covertly sponsored by this administration as a means to implement military control over the country. And THAT’S the way it is.

FEMA is also a sick games of charades, even though there are some good hearted people who have affiliated themselves with FEMA because of their need to believe it will help the populace. Now, this is a highly placed intelligence operation that has plans for public appearances as needed, yet it is not and never was to be of service to the people. It is a PARASITE! Look in every country, do some research please, you will be surprised to know that many others are enacting FEMA-like operations and operatives. Again and again, the old ploy of "give the people what they want," just be sure it is NOT really as they think it is.

Now, the major differences here today, linearly speaking is that mankind has become wary, has been asking far more questions than ever before. And it has only taken a few millennia! You see "constraint and limitation" have always been the keywords of these dark forces. What was once so easily accepted before by people as truth, no longer is. How many of you ever wondered why when the "new world" was discovered, it took so long for this event to occur? How many of you have wondered WHO and WHAT convinced the early peoples that the Earth was flat? Constraint and limitation! You all have been enslaved. Now you have Created the opportunities and the situations to change that. Now, with your unified voice you are yourselves, bringing the dark out of the closet into "discovery." The more you now learn, the more you resist the lies and deceit of all the governments involved, the greater the WIN you shall experience. Please to remember that when a rat is trapped it will fight ferociously to escape…or it will chew off its legs to do so. Either way, you ones in this world and particularly in America, have come too far to turn back now. Nor should you want to.

Time and time again, many of you ones cry out, wanting specific timelines when all this debauchery in the guise of justice and freedom will end. It will end when it ends. The Earth and the companions of Earth are reaching upwards, extending themselves like a rose in bloom, always searching for more light. A rose by any other name is a "Light Weaver," so as you ones weave the light of all Lights into a more tangible form of luminescence, I implore you do not become involved in the madness of this planet. Stand back and take into consideration that you are each being tested, for your known strengths and your perceptions of weakness. Turn those perceptions of your individual weaknesses into a greater determination to simply BE. That only calls upon your discernment and your ability to know truth from lies.

Much propaganda has been intentionally given to those media people who are part of this secret government, to instill fears in you ones of the various results of a possibility of nuclear war, of the nuclear explosions "off world" and the importance of maintaining, especially in America, all nuclear power plants with the plans for erecting even more….for your own good of course. This is pure balderdash! . There is no "inevitability" of nuclear war; there will NOT be any nuclear activities taking place outside of this galaxy either! Surely you ones do not believe that we who have given up so much to assist humanity would in any manner allow that to happen!!

We are all working diligently, my brethren, all of the benevolent Star Keepers and with the complete cooperation of ALL of the various Spirit Forms of God of the Jesus the Christ Consciousness, to further impact and defuse all heinous projects that have been threatening your physical lives. Everything that this Earth star planet has been experiencing that is deleterious to the human race, is indeed being taken care of and destroyed. But yes, there are nefarious plots to AGAIN use chemical warfare against all countries and their earthizens. This was foreseen much in advance and we have ALL participated in the destruction of those plans. Nothing and no-thing that the dark humans and their counterparts can devise, will succeed! You have God’s assurances and our own on that.

Now, I deem it most appropriate to point out an anomaly existing within this bleak melodrama birthed by the dark ones. You have been told before that these dark legions see you ones as "supper," as drones and as slaves. So, if indeed the rulers, who are behind the rulers of this planet, were actually able to follow through with the veiled threats of nuclear havoc, WHERE would the human counterparts of those entities go? WHERE do they think they shall go? There would be no place safe on this sphere for them either. They would not merely lose their lives, their families, their treasured possessions, they would lose "supper" as well. Essentially, no humans to capture and use for the drone and slave works, no human entities to be the overseers of the people, no monies to be hoarded, no healthy earth to support life. Do you see?

I can tell you that these ones have been promised an "escape route" off this world; they have been "promised" sanctuary in a galaxy that these ones do not know does not even exist. Reassurances by the secret government(s) and the alien and human entities, that those who shall assist them in conquering this world shall be "safe," are but false promises by false prophets. Yet, it is the norm for so many humans to live in fear rather than live in truth. "Fear" is easy. It simply remains in many minds as static energy, looking for the catalysts in order for it to explode itself within the minds and hearts of the human race. Have you ones not noticed that the fearful people here cannot abide the company of the fearless? Have you ones not noticed that the fearless ones here choose to remain away from those fear filled ones, be they family or friend? It is oil and water. They are incompatible with one another and THATS the way it is.

Now, an issue that has daily becoming more and more of an irritant to my daughter Celestial, also is an irritant to us and does indeed need to be addressed. So many of you ones scurry around searching in vain for "a safe haven, an escape route." A place that you can pick up and run to in order to escape terrorists and the shades of the dark that walk this planet and escape the men and women acting out in ferocious manners and "death and destruction." WHY? Do you think so little of God and The Creator that you would believe that They would allow you to face that which is not really a part of you? That They would permit the good, strong hearted among you to perish for no good cause? Do you think so little of yourselves that you believe you deserve that fate?

If you believe that the more you believe in truth, the greater your understanding shall be, than you shall garner more truth. If you believe the fear filled epistles rampant on this planet then you shall garner more fears. It is your choice. I tell you ones once again, as I have many times, long, long ago, if you are pure of heart and intent, there is no safe place. For there is NO danger.

Salude…Blue Star the Pleiadian

"There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there."
Spoken by Blue Star the Pleiadian