The Future of Planet Earth

M and B the future of planet earth

"The Future of Planet Earth "

May 5 04 excerpt of Matthew’s with Blue Star’s dissertation discussing-profound planetary changes, light receivers, diverse energy realms, renewal times and the importance of duality.

S: Now please tell me what’s ahead for Earth.

MATTHEW: Well, this too will be a recap, Mother, because on many occasions I have told you that the profound changes on the planet that were set in motion by the in-beaming of light are assisting Earth to rise above the third density negativity that almost caused her planetary body to die. As many of you as receive the light will accompany her physically and those who refuse the light, will not. The souls who choose to remain dark will be led automatically to energy realms aligned with their lifetime energetic registration, and those will be areas of primitive intelligence with opportunities to learn anew the need for balanced experiencing. For Earth and her people who are journeying into higher vibrations there will be the joy of spiritual, moral, intellectual, environmental and technological renewal. These two situations are not in the nature of punishment and reward, respectively—it is simply the impartial laws of the universe in motion.

Mother, I know you would like me to give you at least a general timeframe for the darkness to exit completely, and I cannot. It is a misconception that "destiny" is carved in granite. Free will embodies the choice to behave throughout the gray spectrum between "good" and "bad," simplistically speaking, and even though Eden WILL return to Earth, until the existing duality is reconciled and balance attained, violence and greed and betrayal will continue, albeit in ever-lessening measure. The boulders of the darkness will continue to be reduced to rocks and then pebbles and then dust as the light evolves from its recent collective dimness to its former brilliance, where darkness cannot hide or survive.

"From Blue Star"

"The "FUTURE" of Planet Earth "

This Earth star planet has become a veritable vessel of varying shadings of light. This truly began to change from the earth’s previously smoldering coloration of black on black that we still saw as the earth’s "dark ages," in the ’80s. The timing of the emergence of many of the true light weavers was critical to the causation of the disruption of the all-encompassing hues of the un-illuminated. This is no different than starting a fire out in the wilderness. And a hodgepodge of wild-erness is what this planet had been. Initial sparks are necessary before a strong, contained campfire can be built. Those Souls who had achieved a certain state of mind that did conjunct with the state of the serenity of their Souls responded in splendiferous fashion to their own individual timelines; those "lines without time" that exist for us all.

It was then as Soul Clusters consciously and super consciously "connected" both verbally and telepathically with their "other selves," that each was " inspired to walk forth on this planet with firm tread; to not believe in willy nilly fashion their previous beliefs, without questioning the SOURCES of the information. It was the true beginning of the separation of the wheat from the chaff. This was not an easy feat for them to accomplish in those days. In most cases they had to risk everything they had, including family and friends in order to undergo the transitional phase of living in a different reality, while inhabiting the third-dimensional realities which do not foster beliefs in anything their eyes cannot see. SYNCHRONOUSTICALLY, those who had been so diligently working to en-lighten not only people on this earth, but also sent cascading waves of light up through the ethers, were rewarded for their efforts under The Law of Cause and Effect.

Now, it was as they were engaged in this endeavor that light beams of illumination were returned in like fashion. So as light weavers gathered more light waves unto themselves, the beacons shone more brightly, casting more light into the dark, so to speak. The die had been cast. The more those Souls of Light achieved progress, even if it was but miniscule at first, the more threatened the dark ones felt. Light cannot exist in the dark. The dark cannot exist in the light. This is why the necessity of Souls sharing and rendering light was and still is, of primary importance. Individuals and groups of people, who had steadfastly refused to acquiesce to the light of all lights, had willingly and with super conscious knowledge chosen their fates. I speak not of "destiny" but fate. Those ill-timed decisions of theirs did indeed foretell what the ultimate destination after physical life would be. Without the changing of their true hearts, their minds cannot change. Ironically as time has moved along since then, with VERY few exceptions, those same dark minded individuals and groups have continued to struggle against the wave of light minded Souls, they struggle with a fierce desperation to survive.

Just as the Earth star planet has been a planet of duality, so it is that the misconceptions of her peoples have been of dual nature. Those who believe in "right" and those who believe in "might." Some groups willingly believe in both causes but function strictly on a "me first" agenda. When there is a lack of "service to others" and a preponderance of "service to self," then a duality of another nature is created. "The true hypocrite," one who will agree to anything when it is in his own best interest. This is not acceptable behavior. This is also a part of the duality that is now steadily changing on this planet. Each of you would like to have all changes be immediate. Now, although I do indeed understand your wishes, those wishes would be ultimately disastrous to you if they were permitted to be granted. I have stated this to you ones before, you each must garner life experiences in order to understand them. You each must then sift through them and choose to keep those that resonate with you while discarding those that do not. If you want to MAKE a difference then BE the difference! I most heartily agree with Matthew that the dark light is slowly yet surely dissipating. If you expected that the dark legions would suddenly just disappear, then you are on the wrong planet. This is the earth you know. Nothing here moves more quickly than it should. Too fast and your world would suffer grievously from a disproportionate mis-alignment that would have catastrophic repercussions. Too slowly and many of you ones could easily "forget" your lessons.

Is it not enough for you ones to know that you are each a tiny pebble cast into the still waters of static energy? Is it not enough for you ones to know that the ripples that you have been making will soon become a grand tsunami? Can you not be patient and watch as the results acquire a more defining hue each day and in every way? Stop being so impatient with the progression that is so necessary! Learn PATIENCE. If you do not know how to learn patience then….watch a rock grow.

Salude…..Blue Star the Pleiadian

"There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there."
Spoken by Blue Star the Pleiadian