Edition #6 – The Casualties of Living

"The Celestial Chronicles"

Edition #6

"The Casualties of Living"

I have given much thought to what topics of relevance would be the most appropriate this day. The decision I have arrived at is a direct result of the extraordinary numbers of people I know personally, who are being forced to confront unhealthy life situations created by sterile minded people. These people continue to broadcast misinformation with no thought of the harm they are causing to others. I knew it was time for me to add my perspectives and my reasons for steeping into this fray. I do understand the tiresome and mundane situations that exist in others’ lives, that cause them to reach in sheer desperation for any answers that can give them hope. Hope for a better life, hope for NESARA, hope for their children’s’ futures as well as their own.

I understand this however I do not condone their outrageous behaviors. One of the unlimited blessings I receive is the gift of traveling across many areas and meeting people of different cultures different philosophies, different lifestyles and different life perspectives. What is the most apparent is a commonality that exists, much as a thread that has unraveled and is looking for someone to pick it up and "fix it." The human race is a good life species, one that can show and feel compassion for others, a species that is so endearing in so many ways. It is really only when people feel that their belief systems are being threatened that they "go bonkers." Somewhere on the path to puberty, they became entangled in others’ beliefs with little choice of their own.

People allow themselves to become con-ditioned to ideology that has remained an integral part of the human walk of life. They acquiesce in programmed passive fashion, simply because it is easier than exploring other realities, other perspectives and God forbid, other unaccepted tenet principles, those not found in their previous teachings by parents, teachers, ministers, priests and so on. Certainly not accepted by the Vatican, that in itself disallows 80% of the world’s population from true understandings. How often I have heard people say, "no pain, no gain." Then there is the oft-used "first the pleasure, then the pain." It is NOT that people do not want to know real truths, it is that people want the real truths to be what they already believe.

So many wail and moan at the life predicaments that have "befallen them." Yet they choose not to see their own roles in the situations. Then there are those that simply do not want to explore possibilities and probabilities that could in any manner cause them as individuals to APPEAR to be less than they are. I call this the "Success Failure Complex." Although very, very few people want to hear this, the truth of the matter is that people in general have as great a fear of success as they do of failure. And that’s the way it is. Another rampant theory that prevails on this planet is that "simplicity" in ALL matters cannot be correct. If it is not difficult, then there must be something wrong with it. So it is that regardless of where I travel or who I speak with, the conditioning of the mind has now become the exponential "ballistic missile," intent on destroying all those who disagree with the preconditioned mind yuck.

If that were not bad enough, I have watched so many struggle futilely when they are even considering the possibilities that could open for them, when they even consider a different and better way of living. It is at that juncture that they experience more duress if they make the mistake of speaking about "exploring options." Textbooks in schools, teachers, parents, 90% of those living on this planet are "mental clones." The masses have lost their individuality, their personal identities and they did this on purpose, why? Because it is easy, not simple but easy. Quite often I have heard people state that there is no hell, that life is hell. This group I do not waste my time on. I have zero tolerance for those who do nothing to change the conditions of their lives; do nothing but find excuses for their situations. If you do nothing, then you are nothing! They have become what they do. It cannot get much easier than that.

At times it is with a heavy heart that I watch so many seeking information and desiring to find others they can "mind-link" with. It is not necessary to be a telepath to mind-link, but it certainly does help. Everyone wants changes for the better on this Earth star planet…and they want it now. Well, excuse me but "now" is misunderstood. It will happen when it happens. Planetary changes are explicable; they are dependent on the individual person’s intent and follow-through to Create changes. Each change begets change. Some people rush too quickly and too desperately to anchor themselves to men and women only too willing to tell them what they want to hear. It is not that their "revelations" are true, it is just that they offer people a placebo, one that placates and fosters illusions upon those whose personal foundations in life have never been constructed correctly; those whose foundations are in ramshackle condition at best.

For generations after generations after generations, humans have sought others to nourish them, to support them, to vindicate them, to CONTROL them. What you seek will find you. What all those others who are truly trying to make a difference, both in this world as well as in the Higher Dimensions are now confronting, is the awesome task of disseminating information that are projected illusions. Not an easy feat for many; one not to be attempted unless your foundation is strong and your intent is pure. This is also not to be tested unless you believe in your heart, mind and Soul, that you are enslaved to no one. I have watched the numbers click, click and click, as the "official stat counter keeper" records the progressions of those in this world who have been haphazardly jumping from one side to the other, waiting for the "resonance" of the Speakers to sway them in their beliefs. I know it is most provident that many, many more in this year and for many years to follow, have arrived at a greater understanding of the "Veils of Illusion," and the "Speakers of Deception."

An email I saw from………………stated that she would just be devastated if the woman she had her beliefs in, the "entity" allegedly speaking through her, were truly what we had said they were… "False Prophets." "Her world would come crashing down." It does not say much about anyone’s personal world if they are not using discernment, not seeking guidance and not asking their Soul Voice for the truth about another. What so many here fail to realize also is the true meaning of the term "r-e-s-o-n-a-t-e." What I am about to explain certainly will not cause me to be "popular" with certain groups. Like I care. < p>

That term "resonates" is thrown around on this planet like a used dishrag. It is the most misunderstood of all the SIMPLE truths. To resonate is to respond vibrationally to another SAME energy, another aspect of yourself in this sense. This is part of Universal Law, like attracts like. Equal + Equal = more of the same equal. No one and no-thing can "resonate" vibrationally to another one or "thing" that it is not aligned with on the scale of evolvement. So it is that so many "resonate" with the False Prophets because their own understanding is as clouded and in many cases as jaundiced, as the Prophets. Then there is the ultimate fear factor; the need to think of oneself as finally understanding the current, past and future conditions of this world, because….he or she "resonates" with the Prophet! What would happen to the man or woman in question, if the Prophet(s) no longer aligned with them? Where could they go? Who or what could they believe in to give credence to their lives; to give meaning to their existences?

These people believe they need this crutch just to survive, not to mention their dependence, their addiction to believing without just cause, that they cannot live a happy, enhanced life of their own choosing. Each person is fully capable of arriving at the real truths about life rather than the reel truths. Life is a sequential progression of lessons and challenges, rewards and gifts, situations requiring discernment and the ability to say "no." Life is an awesome beauty, a great adventure, life should never be taken at face value. It is too precious and too short. SIMPLY avoid the snares of the hunters seeking prey, say no to the drama overtures that so many are just too darn happy to involve you in. Treat each day as if it is your first. Each day was Created just for you, what you do with it then Creates the following days. Take one day at a time and enjoy living IN THE MOMENT, NOT FOR THE MOMENT.

Salude and love of life! Celestial

"In the beginning of the beginning I watched as my Earth star cousins raced madly in ever continuing larger circles of displaced realities. Each was consumed by the need for survival, but only of physical survival. I watched as the many cavorted while the few were shunned who knew of true life. I say to all of you now here in this "now" moment of true reality..live life with a passion, a zest for the KNOWN, creating perfection in all that you do and say. Realize that YOU are each a unique Being, that YOU are GOD in physical expression."


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