War and Peace, Transitional Changes on the Planet,the Future

MATTHEW: In a message of universal light authorship, I have been requested to tell you that even as we share your grief and agony at the continuance of death and suffering on Earth, we also see that this is the time of greatest HOPE. We understand how difficult it is for you to feel optimistic in the midst of tragedies for families and countries, yet these moments are the turning point from death and destruction into the peace and reconstruction soon to bless your world.

YES! The "long dark night of the soul" is ending for the peoples of Earth! Although these violent moments at hand are with bloodshed and sorrow for many and with outrage for most, they are leading your civilization out of the darkness that has so long prevailed on the planet. Allow your natural reactions at the events to be felt—mourn those whose lives have been cut short, help those who are desperately in need, feel anger about decisions based in arrogant power-mongering. And ACT to move your world into the healing energy of love-light.

Enlighten those who do not understand that the momentum of the light is revealing the longstanding deception that has created the current state of your world. Unaware people need to know that the dark perpetrators’ desperate but ultimately futile attempts to retain their control are "coming to light." Minds need to be open to the truth coming forth about the purpose of the war in Iraq, the unconscionable "9/11," the dark forces’ efforts to derail NESARA [National Economic Security and Reformation Act], and the crimes of corporations in league with governments.

There still is resistance in the United States to believing that the very people whose responsibility is to wisely lead, truthfully inform and adequately protect you are the ones who have been betraying you—betraying your entire world! We understand this resistance. The heartbreak of your young people being wounded and dying for "freedom from terrorism" is cruel enough without the knowing that this war is based on lies and greed for power. There is NO intent for anyone’s "freedom," and the "terrorism" that has taken so many lives has been initiated by the self-serving few at the top of this government in union with other dark souls on the planet whose purpose is the same—world domination.

To them, human life is expendable and creating negativity through fear is one of their objectives. The massive loss of life, injuries and destruction sustained by the Iraqi people has been creating negativity without end in that country, and that energy is permeating the planet. It is the same with the Zionists in Israel oppressing the Palestinians, another hotbed of violence instigated and kept alive by the darkness of a few souls. The truths coming forth are bringing the light necessary to lift and transmute this negativity into "grassroots" actions to change from war to peace, from hatred to love, from ruination to restoration, from violence to compassion and forgiveness, to harmony and cooperation. Be involved!

We also understand the difficulty in believing that dark members of a civilization different from human—the reptilian civilization, some of whom are residing on the planet—are manipulating their human puppets known as the Illuminati. But be of LIGHT heart—reptilians of the light forces are there too, working hand in hand with human lightworkers to usher in the promised era of love-light and harmony. Feel reassured by this invaluable assistance!

We understand as well the reluctance to believe in something as "miraculous" as NESARA, especially since the reality of this U.S. legislation has been denied and ridiculed by that government and their agents. So we tell you, it is necessary only to believe in the blessings that NESARA holds for your world: the end of the current US presidential administration and its policies; cessation of war in Iraq; economic prosperity for all nations through fair allocation of economic resources; preservation and restoration of your environment. Holding these visions in your thoughts and feelings will generate the energy to manifest them!

No, Mother, this isn’t new information. It isn’t a pronouncement that the horror and heartache will end on a certain date, as you and billions of others would so welcome. But this message is essential. It is vital reinforcement of what we long have been giving to our valued messengers on Earth, and it is needed in this time when it seems to so many that the darkness will be endless. It cannot, it SHALL not be endless! The end of darkness comes with your minds and hearts embracing the light of hope, the healing power of love, and the vision of the peaceful world you want.

MATTHEW: It is the inhumane way that animal lives are treated and ended that causes the negativity, and this applies across the board, not only to "food animals." While the land animals and sea life knowingly embodied in those forms that would be eaten, their soul agreements have been unconscionably violated by the conditions in which they are grown as livestock and the torturous methods used to end their physical lives.

Suzy: Did even whales agree to being eaten?

MATTHEW: They did as individuals, but not as a species as did beef cattle and chickens, for instance. The inhumanity toward animals of many on Earth has terribly violated the soul agreements of wild and domesticated animals alike. Thankfully, the efforts of many souls who have been inspired by spirit to "save the animals" are being increasingly effective.

S: Is there more light in people who are vegetarians and vegans?

MATTHEW: Light is not automatically more abundant in those people—the amount of light in any soul comes from the collective thoughts, feelings, motives and deeds lifelong. Most who refrain from eating meat and seafood do so because they respect the animals’ essence, which indeed creates more light in their souls. But the souls of those whose diets include animal flesh may have as much light as those whose diets don’t, and this goes back to the way the entire life is lived.

If you wish to ask, Do we honor those who refrain from eating animals?—YES, indeed we do. Those who respect the essence of "food" animals usually also serve on behalf of humane treatment for all animals. As Earth continues ascending into higher vibrations, the sacredness and interconnectedness of ALL life will be understood, and sensitivity to animals will result in most humans becoming vegetarians.

S: That sounds natural in a "better world." That will put cattle and poultry ranchers and fishing fleets out of business, though, and many other businesses like mining, oil and gas drilling and forestry will end, too, right? Will there be a great deal of confusion as all the employment changes happen?

MATTHEW: There will be transitional periods of change with differing duration, depending upon the needs of Earth to be restored to full health, but yes, all industries now in operation that are destructive to the planet will cease. We don’t see that confusion will reign, however, due to the wise and knowledgeable leadership even now emerging in influence and the advanced technology already developed.

Technology exists that will make even the "long" transitions quite rapid, such as energy sources for transportation changing from oil-dependency to alternate fuels that are pollution-free and with greater mileage efficiency. Health care, for instance, will change considerably faster than transportation modes, as regulations prohibiting the widespread use of known cures, both products and therapies, are struck down. Ridding the planet of pollutants, including the toxins of weaponry, will happen quite quickly as well, as cleansing technology also exists.


MATTHEW: Of course I saw that coming, Mother! Progress is occurring NOW in many areas, but little of this is publicized. Behind the "news" scientists and others are quietly proceeding with their developments; and quite vocally, advocates for world peace and for environmental preservation and restoration, return of eroded civil rights, and freedom to choose everything from pure foodstuffs to preventing conception are making firm inroads. This is what WE see, although it is not what YOU see in your major media reports. And even there we see improvement, in truthful information being made available to you, with established sources becoming known and new sources being established.

I realize that your "When?" also implies "completion," by what calendar year will Earth be her Eden self again. Some time ago when you asked about the year 2012, I said that year has been largely misunderstood or misinterpreted as the initiation of the "Golden Era." Within only two-to-three of your years massive changes will be evident, some of almost "science fiction" nature as regards new energy usage, revitalized bodies and greater brain power, and telepathic connections on a universal scale. And certainly, peaceful negotiations among and within nations will have replaced hostility on the planet.

Yes, your resident and off-planet ET brothers and sisters will be assisting as long as it is mutually agreeable. But the basis of these profound changes is that by then your population will be kindred-spirited lightworkers—only light souls will be inhabiting Earth as only bodies that were transformed by the light into crystalline-based cellular structure can survive in those higher vibrations.

"Blue Star Speaks"

Now, I greet you ones with our, the entire federation of the Galactic Forces of God, with our deepest level of compassion for the grievous losses you ones have suffered. As Matthew has correctly stated, this is also the times of the greatest Renewed Hope for peace in your nations, for "War No More". I do indeed know that this will be difficult for many of you to correctly understand, but all those who have died, have not died in vain. They, as so many others have before, have died so that others may live. Do NOT confuse this statement with any political or military poppycock! The statement "means what it means." Nothing more, nothing less. It is most unfortunate that wars, the longer and the more undesired they are, function as a "wake-up call," to the human race; they function as the means for the end to all wars. Inconceivable you think? If you think that way, it is only because you do not know what I know.

Throughout the earth star planet history, wars have become the fulcrum for independence; yet the byproduct of independence has been complacency in most all nations. This current "war" has brought home to the minds and hearts of the earthizens, the ultimate degeneration, politicians bent on mass destruction for the ultimate power…Remember now what I shall tell you…"He who controls the middle-east shall control the world." You ones have been jarred rudely away from your soap opera fantasies and your "wide world of sports." You opened your eyes and witnessed needless death. Suddenly, it was not ok anymore for the world powers to continue with the chess game they are playing, using you as pawns.

You must be a progressively adept, wise and honorable race of beings in order to bring forth the child being born from the womb of this present Dark Age, into the arms of a loving civilization. The child and the civilization are as one entity you see; the babe is your "future selves," remember the future unfolds in every nano second chelas. Violence for the sake of violence, violence for the sake of dominion cannot exist within the light of truth. Decide which side you are on now, for indeed the time of "the middle-roaders" is over for good. It matters naught a darn if you believe this or not, you shall soon have ample proof of this "third-dimensionally speaking."

Others still jest of the reality of the darkness of the night of the void of the moon, they ridicule the assertive stand of all truthseekers and prefer to live life in a passive, mute manner, demeaning those of true heart.. These ones shall not survive on the earth star planet, as warring people abdicate warring wars and destructive policies and the politicians who begot them. Many politicians now seeing which way the winds of change are blowing are recanting from their previous stances. This does not mean they are trustworthy! How many times and under what conditions have they changed their ways before? Think on that.

For those among you who still believe in the "grieving process," why not remember those now gone as they truly were, not with any illusions on your parts. Quietly give thanks to them for all they did teach you. For teach you they did, in one manner or another. When you have finished, become determined to make a true difference in your personal world and the planetary one. You accomplish this by BEING the difference; use here your Creative imagination, draw a plan for what you want in this world and acknowledge what you abhor. Now, when you have done all this, then look to see what you as an individual can and should do to have your voice heard. I caution you, do nothing in hatred or violence. To do so would ultimately cause you to become the very thing you so detest.

Now, you will find that others will seek your counsel, those whose true motivation is in alignment with yours, yes…you can and should assist. If they ask you questions that you do not have the answers for, then send them to a trustworthy Soul who does. Explain true "truth" not myths, repeat to these ones of your own experiences, your own once foolhardy attempt to hide from TRUTH. They shall understand that you have walked in their footsteps. Do not seek to speak your TRUTH with those whose ears and eyes are closed. Do not throw pearls before swine. Perform your own research on institutions, corporations, religions, pharmaceuticals and so forth. You will be surprised at the big money icons pulling the strings in your life. They are hidden in plain sight. See what strange bedfellows your world leaders are consorting with. Do not stand on a soapbox to preach your truth. To do so defiles and negates your truth. Those others shall find you and you too shall find others who have "a need to know."

Now, a major aspect of importance and mental impotence in America lies in the foolishness of the country’s people to rely on its leaders to "do the right thing." Don’t you yet understand that if you cannot actually vote a president and cabinet into office, and you have not, then how in Nirvana’s Way, can you expect their messages and plans to be for your betterment? Answer me that please. I ask you each in America to leave your egos and your intellect out of the equation. I ask you to consider carefully the implications of your long forgotten and misplaced Constitution. Are you in truth "We the People," or is it merely the lawgivers? I have stated before..Terrorism cannot exist without Terror; Terror cannot exist without Fear!!! Fear cannot exist without a dominant perpetrating Force WHO is it that causes you to be fearful? WHAT are you fearful of? WHY are you fearful? WHERE does the fear originate? That is your homework..the Big 4, Who, What, Where and Why.

Now, it is because of the need to feel protected, augmented by the "ideal American way of life" propaganda, that you have not noticed when your names were changed to "mere numbers." It is also no help that America boasts of being the greatest power, this does indeed stroke your egos. Many have said with such great pretentiousness, "I am an American, I live in the greatest country on earth." Perhaps you need a reminder from me, you are a human being just like all other human beings. This fact and where you live does not make you an exceptional person(s).

Millions of Americans had temporarily forgotten that other mothers cry for their dead children, that other children weep for their slain parents. This is as true in Iraq as it is in America, as it is in South Africa. Death from murder is acrimonious in the intent to slay a populace and rule the world. War by deception is the game of the beast. Every war that has ever been on this sphere has been caused by the same dark Souls who have Spiritually, mentally, emotionally and financially castrated you. Lies are weeds;truth is the tender shoots of freshly planted grass, the grass where the roots are healthy and durable. This is indeed why the inevitability of the BIRTH of the grassroots movement came to be. Do not look in disdain at these movements, please to notice I have used the PLURAL term here for good reason.

Those who believe that there is but one are fools. "In time," the entire planet will be one unified movement; those who refuse to participate in the healthy shall suffer the same fate as unhealthy weeds. Those of you who are adamant in your non-belief of the Illuminati, have everything to lose and nothing to gain. Perhaps it is that your life is not precious enough to you ones. As the balance of the Scales of Justice functions under the auspices of universal law, so it is that all those who are the antithesis of the Illuminati are teaching, working, dying each day here, to assist this planet and humans. This is accomplished in spite of the human race, as a whole. Please to believe me…you ones need all the help you can get.

Now, regarding NESARA, once again I tell you, live in the present now moment, be aware and rest assured that when the timeline for NESARA arrives, you will know it was well worth waiting for. Content yourselves with implementing the changes this world needs until then. The changing of the guard in the American presidency will take place; the "man who would be king," has an obscure and unenviable future awaiting him. However, you ones should be reaping valuable lessons from the lunacy of his actions. AND it is not only in America, bear that in mind. Other misbegotten leaders in other countries shall also topple. Do not rejoice just yet. There is much to do to mend the tattered fabric of "freedom." BUT FOR ALL PEOPLES IN THIS WORLD. It is not necessary for you to believe in miracles, for none are required now. The once deemed "impossible" is now "possible," for indeed it always has been. I do agree most wholeheartedly with Matthew’s assessment on the amount of light each Soul bears. To attempt to join all Souls’ lights into a collective matter would not be fair nor true. Each Soul possesses the reflective light that is the culmination of the individual Soul at any given time; therefore as the Soul progresses to even greater heights, so indeed does the evolved mass of that individual light. Even the frequency, the tonal matter alters accordingly. As each member of a Soul Cluster proceeds with these types of alterations, the changes are reflected back into the Cluster itself. It matters naught if you eat meat, fried potatoes, dandelions, fish or exist on pecans, light is responsive to and about the individual mass.

Now, as the times be "achanging," so does the technology, nuclear induced illnesses, power plants, factories and so forth. None will be permitted to remain here on this planet that are in any way, manner or shapeshifting form, connected to the lower, dark, fear based energies. Quiet but assertive men AND women will assume new leadership roles here that will quicken the pace of the changes in the environment, therefore in your lives. Life as you know it, in all its myriad aspects, will never be the same again. This is a good thing. SPECIFIC scientists and medical strategists have carefully and most diligently been working behind closed doors to assist in the production of this new way of life. They are old Souls, many from the Atlantean times whose sole mission is to do all that they can to engineer the new pioneers of a new world, a new healthy you! And by Theda, they are doing an extraordinary job!

As part of this major transformational process, all industries will be altered in a good way. If you ones cannot see the differences upcoming in this world as a result of so many good people doing all they can to MAKE the changes, then perhaps you will decide to leave before the beginning of the beginning. Although in truth, it has already begun. It is because of this that the last great futile battle with the hordes of the dark legions has accelerated to such an "umpth" degree.

Now, as I take my leave I remind you ones, "be careful what you wish for because you have almost GOT IT."

"There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there."
Spoken by Blue Star the Pleiadian