Matthew and Blue Star Speaks about NESARA

S: Can you tell me what we can expect after NESARA’s (National Economic Security and Reformation Act) announcement?

MATTHEW: It depends a great deal on how soon it is made. The US political scene is, well, a mess, and the insurrection in Haiti is the most current CIA-backed hot spot. Inequitable trade agreements, disastrous environmental legislation, global bankruptcy, widespread unemployment, the manmade diseases—actually, everything that is happening, whether or not publicized, won’t end the day NESARA is announced. Some of these current events may have played themselves out or worsened by the time of the announcement, so we can’t give an accurate picture of your world on that day. However, upon the announcement, the reforms of NESARA will be set in motion immediately insofar as the legal aspects and the first steps to restoring a secure and equitable foundation for international economy. The various activities of the reforms will require time to show any effect, but given their global scope, this is understandable.

Yes, there will be dark resistance, with the major disruptive events happening immediately because your president and his cohorts are not going to give any public validity to their being abruptly unseated. Their statements to this effect are ready as are their plans to retain control. Tyrannical rulers in other nations—power mongers everywhere—are not going to give up easily either. We know this because of their persistent refusal of light, but these holdouts will not last long. The grassroots opposition that has been building will be joined by the disaffected members of the military in countries of civil wars as well as your own country’s troops, and the battling will ebb and not be resumed.

Although the initial financial reforms will affect primarily the United States, very quickly those will spread globally. Economically speaking, Earth is a community because of international corporations in league with individual governments, all led or controlled by the Illuminati. So the changes in banking procedures, currency exchange, loans, debt load and debt forgiveness will affect all nations. You won’t immediately see any major uplifting of the impoverished nations or more equitable distribution of all resources on the planet, but those are the major aims of NESARA.

Implementing all its provisions except the replacement of the US government and the economic reforms will be a transitional process requiring cooperation, patience, compassion and fairness. Hatreds built by many centuries will not evaporate in moments. Benign cultural differences not understood must become understood and respected, and those that are based in dark principles must willingly move past those tendencies into the light. Oppressive religions denying rights to women and countries’ brutal punishment for minor offenses must be purged of those inequities designed by darkly influenced fanatics. The illiterate must be educated, the homeless provided with shelter, the unfairly imprisoned released.

Sources of energy long suppressed must be developed for widespread replacement of oil, gas and coal, as no more of those elements of Earth’s body may be removed. Substitute materials for building must replace wood, and your forests must be restored. Medical treatment and healing methods now called "alternative" must be incorporated into the established methods, and the powers now controlling health care from the pharmaceutical manufacturers to the insurance companies must be eliminated. The foodstuffs that have been corrupted must be refined, your water cleansed of chemicals and other pollution. While we can see these results, we can’t put everything with any accuracy into your linear timeframe.

Mother, I could get more into the nitty gritty, but all of these necessary changes are common sense, really. The transition from where your world is today into the world of peace, love, harmony and kindness could be done in the twinkling of Creator’s eye, but that isn’t the purpose of the life journey. It is your world and you all chose to be there now to help in its restorative process. Once set in motion, progress will be evident by the day, but like the birth of a child or any splendid idea, each step afterwards is important.

On a different level, the changes are just as vital. Few among you know about the invaluable assistance of the universal brother/sisterhood. They will introduce themselves, and their long presence on the planet and in your skies will become common knowledge. Telepathic communication lines with beloved souls in Nirvana and with lighted beings throughout the universe will be restored within the higher vibrations into which Earth is moving. The triteness of possessions and fame will give way to the treasure of knowing the godself.

"Blue Star Speaks on NESARA"

Far too many people are looking at NESARA the same way they are looking at a Second Coming. NESARA is a predestined event; as such it means that it will happen on its own timeline. Not sooner, not later. It is by no means the "end all" the "cure all" for the current disastrous conditions taking place on the earth star planet. It is merely a beginning of a new and improved way of life here, it was never intended to replace anyone’s motivation to accept personal responsibility for the chaos assailing this planet and all of its peoples. Moreover it will NOT alter everyone’s personal way of life. In a real sense, it is about political, religious and societal reforms. Each nation will be forced to comply with new, different regulations that in time will balance and boost the economics of each country. Now, this is not to say that one morning you shall awaken from your slumber and yell "its NESARA DAY!" Progress is a caterpillar. It meanders here and there exploring all areas until such time it locates the place to call Home

The progression of NESARA will rely on ordinary men and women, those who can and will make a difference, without expectations. I am not stating, nor will I, that this shall be an easy turnaround on this planet. Change here is made with great difficulty, albeit with great expectations. One day, your historians will take note, accurately this time, that certain circumstances which analysts had studied regarding the wars dating back to the Viet Nam era, were in fact instrumental in birthing a time known as NESARA. Sadly, most humans in every country share an inconsistent pattern that is consistent. It is only when humans are confronted with "in-your-face" PERSONAL devastation and certain destruction, do they risk all for their personal freedoms. Until then they are much like the proverbial drone; simply following the egregious political and religious rhetoric, as they are led to their slaughter.

I am showing you ones the other side of the coin; the side that none of you look at. War shares a commonality with George Bush that you are not thinking of. Both have proven to be necessary evils; one begot the other. So it has been when each allegedly "elected" President has in reality been an Illuminati member. What the nefarious dark ones overlooked in their gleeful scramble to continue to subjugate the human race, is that evil itself, unlike luminescence, can only exist as long as mankind allows it. It has been the further exacerbation of war and needless deaths that have finally sickened the people. Even the Americans. Each war has brought new insane methods of brutality with it. Soldiers and all combat military have been poisoned by their own countries. For aeons they knew it not. Today however, thousands and thousands are brought to awareness of this fact, whether they want to hear it or not.

Now, if the people of each invaded country and those who were the invaders, had not arrived at that apex where they simply could not tolerate anymore brutality, more insane wars would happen. As things stand today, right at this moment, Iran is the next target. It has been a coveted country for many, many years.

It has been the sequential steps of war without the consent of the people, which will win the acceptance of NESARA. You forget there are millions of people who have not heard of NESARA, perhaps this is a good thing. At least these ones are not busy projecting their dreams of a unified world "of the future," in their daily lives and are busy living "in the now." As for the dark lords part to yet be played out in the emergence of NESARA, yes they have been aware of this event to-be for some time now. The dedication of so many men and women to furthering the light of all Lights here has caused the Illuminati great consternation. Even now they are busily preparing more emotional onslaughts and "psychic" attacks on Light Weavers, in an attempt to eradicate the continuation of thoughts of a more peaceable world. I said "thoughts," not obsession.

They are beginning to act out in desperation. This is a good thing. Those who are pulling the strings of the American Presidency and many of its unholy Allies, are seeking alternative measures to control the people, including martial law. Little do they know, it is an exercise in futility. It is good that the Illuminati and their drones are an arrogant lot. These ones cannot see beyond their arrogance, this is a boon for humanity. Indeed these dark ones will fall and they will fall hard. Some will die. They have not heeded our warnings from long ago, these ones will answer to the civilian authorities and the military insurgents and to the people. A great, wondrous event in itself, will be the common people uniting with certain military, political and economic figures for the Greater Good of all peoples.

The disruptive forces of the banking institutions under the thumb of the Illuminati, will have no choice but to acquiesce to the demands of the peoples. The NESARA goals shall be realized over an extended period of time. Much re-aligning of governments on ALL levels in all countries must take place. Although it will take third world countries much longer to regroup and become accustomed to a balanced society, that too shall occur. New generations in those poverty stricken cultures shall begin life with great promise. People will actually strive to learn more about their counterparts in their own country as well as in others. Without the innate understanding brought into a CONSCIOUS understanding, all would be lost. People of all races must lay down their old hatreds and misunderstandings of one another. Those who do not shall not remain here long! Justice must be for all, or it will be for none. Ancient secrets of the progenitors of religions will come to light. People will learn that religion was but a poisoned placebo.

Those ones who refuse to enter into the Lighted World, shall be sent elsewhere. Many though shall recant and seek to better themselves by living a life of good. Acceptance of holistic medicine, the old ways of working with herbs and so forth must also take place. Now, do you better yet understand that so much must occur before NESARA is self-evident here on the earth star planet? So much needed change by so many. It will not be easily accomplished but indeed it is worth it. Those among you ones who truly want NESARA to happen should do what you can to correctly implement each change that you can, if you WANT NESARA then BE NESARA. It will not happen "tomorrow" but it will happen.

"There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there."
Spoken by Blue Star the Pleiadian

Special Notation from Celest, David,

and Blue Star the Pleiadian

We recently discovered that some people are misconstruing what Blue Star is saying about NESARA. He is speaking of the True NESARA, not the misunderstood monetary version of it that so many people still believe in. NESARA is the Divinely inspired plan of Creation to aid in the evolvement of humanity. After you read Blue Star’s writing you may wish to go and read our own perspective which adds even more clarity to this widely discussed topic. To read Celest and David’s views and knowledge of NESARA please go to and read the NESARA main page.

Blue Star – We who reside in that which you term the higher dimensions know full well of your desires to bring about the much needed changes to your world. Although we know full well that what you desire is well within your grasp, there is much that needs to be done before this can all come into fruition. As such, your pursuits of plans or ill-begotten ideas which are not in your best interests are indeed a waste of valuable time, of which there is none left. Might I suggest that you each devote your time to Creating the world you wish to live in by being that change and radiating the light of your Soul Voice throughout the galaxy and work within the laws of the Universe which will bring to you that which you seek. If you are continuing to be obstinate and still trying to bring into manifestation an ill-devised program which is only a facsimile of the true NESARA, then in the end you will be hugely disappointed. I am your friend, your teacher, your brother. I will not mince words.

Blue Star the Pleiadian