Edition #7 – Private Wars, No Mercenaries Required

"The Celestial Chronicles"

Edition #7

"Private Wars, No Mercenaries Required"

Funny thing happened on the road to personal relationships. War overcame the illusions of bliss; men and women, regardless of their sexual preferences began the ugly process of becoming combatants. Many cultures that long ago were the most heavily male dominated societies, managed to remain so as generation after generation after generation did nothing more than pay lip service to personal freedom. The freedom to be themselves. The freedom to express themselves with their "partner" as part of a loving relationship. The tem "taken for granted" is bandied about very frequently in marriages and pseudo relationships. Yet what exactly does that mean to each of you? Do you care enough about yourselves to confront yourself, rather than the "prominent other" in your life? Why is it so difficult for people to have and SHARE mutual respect?

Women, who were once submissive to the male dominion, suddenly became aware of the reality of their own independence. That’s the good news. The bad news is far too many women then decided to best men at their own game. They tried, unfortunately too successfully, to imitate men. It has become the norm to observe women competing with men in all areas of life. Some of you may think this was an ok deal. But it was not. The more the females rallied in defense of their gender through protest, coffee cliques, secret plots between friends as to how best rein in their partners so that the woman was the head of the household, the worse the home-front situation became. This has nothing to do with professions and the lower pay scales that women receive as opposed to men. This situation concerns the real life ongoing behind the scenes of "domestic life." There is fault to be placed at the feet of each gender. None are innocent in this "house of cards" scenario.

Too many people need to experience superiority in relationships. Yet what they fail to understand, is that it is those who feel the most inferior to others that have this complex; it is those who subconsciously…for the most part, choose as a partner another who possesses all the qualities that the one choosing is lacking. Then it begins…..(drum roll please)…..the battle between the lovers that soon climaxes into deep hate and absolute disgust. Women who need to feel they are better than other women tend to focus their sights on another that can boost their own self-esteem. Meanwhile the one who is receiving the "come hither" gaze, just may have his or her own hidden personal agenda. Men tend to like to "count coup," it’s a "man-thing." So many games, so many players. So much discontent and unhappiness at home. You see, it is only a very brief time before the self-created mirage is revealed, by then in many cases it is too late. The damage has been done.

Throughout the years of my passionately detached observation of the games people play, I have sometimes wondered how the human race has managed to survive for so long. When I have seen couples literally destroying one another, as well as themselves and their children, my initial impromptu response is to yell, "oh for heavens, sake, why can’t you just stop this devastating performance, leave one another PERMANTLY and go get a life." Yet, I say nothing. When I have encountered battered women as well as battered men, I want to ask them if they have had enough yet. Yet I say nothing. When I view the problematic numbers of days when after a brief lull in the firestorm at home, the next eruption will occur, it saddens me, I sense all their futility and disappointments. Yet I say nothing.

Even in light of all that I know concerning "unfinished business" that causes so many couples to once again "find one another" in this present life experience, I cannot help but to wonder at the dubious mind thoughts that so many of these couples have. Anger, jealousy, unreasonable demands, the need to subjugate the other and so forth. The real choice is to finish their relationships once and for all in a good healthy way, or to accept the Greater Understanding that nothing has changed and nothing will. There is no other choice. No one can change another person. Changing yourself can in itself be a lifetime experience! So much good can come out of a bad, sorry ass relationship, especially when the acknowledgment of its over is mutually accepted by each individual involved. The relationships that flounder are not really because of drugs, alcohol or infidelity. They are about what is going on inside the individual’s heart and mind.

What couples also fail to realize, is that when a person is attracted to another person, it is also because these two people share a common bond in some way; they are on the same level. Addicts are attracted to other addicts in relationships, alcoholics to other alcoholics and so on. That is in the practical sense. There is also the deep inner bond that magnetically prompts one person to be with another. There is a resonance that emanates from one to the other. A deep knowing on a Spiritual level, be it an evolved level or not, that the two people can co-join as one. Sometimes only for a brief time. As long as their Spiritual foundation is sound they can for certain build an awesome life together; if they can manage to remain apart from the madness and the mayhem of their friends and colleagues, they can have what others do not. A true relationship.

If a person has to prove himself or herself to another, then the one who has the insatiable need to do so, or believes erroneously that they should, is the one with a major problem. People here on this planet have the greatest difficulties in accepting others whose thoughts are different than their own. God forbid, their skins and spoken dialects should be different! What a concept!! Just because so many people, corporations, health care advisors, entertainers and religious figures attempt to place pressure upon you to CHANGE you, does not make it right. It should never make it acceptable. The irony here is that most earth citizens are so tired of wars, both the declared wars and those "eternal skirmishes" that continually plague this planet. Who is noticing a major contradiction here? Do you not realize YET that if you cannot have peace in your own homes you cannot have it globally either? All that transpires within the home is a reflection of what your world is experiencing.

Many have such grandiose ideas of how to format peace; yet at home at night with their "beloved ones," all hell breaks loose. The aggressor, whether physically or mentally aggressive, is dependent upon the responses of the "victim." The victim at home is co-dependent upon the abuse. In a perverted manner, the victim and predator do NOT want to live without the abuse. They have conditioned themselves to a specific way of life. It has become "familiar" to them; it is "normal." These very same individuals and those others just like them, march off to WAR to "save their country." How can you save any country if you cannot or will not save your own sanity, your own mind and heart? And normally intelligent men and women can offer dozens and dozens of reasons why they are "unable" to leave their partners for better lives. The reasons they offer are all illusions. Until such time that these people arrive at a true understanding of their self-imposed exile from life and true reality, the battering will continue, the abuse will remain unabated.

All wars, all battles must first begin on the home-front. They CANNOT begin in other countries without the malefic illusions of hate and disrespect so prevalent among humans as couples. Do you yet understand the complicity and complicity involved here, when a dark energetic force deliberately encourages you to set up situations in personal relationships that can harm you or another? That gives "personal" a whole new meaning doesn’t it. Why is it that all your psychologists, all your psychiatrists are not aware of any of this? Perhaps if you could see what goes on in many of their own homes you would comprehend that they too live lives of illusions. The blind cannot lead the blind without everyone falling down. Until peace is declared within your own homes, within all your relationships, within your minds and hearts with no expectations, wars shall continue to be waged. Private wars and private people are more public than you think.

NOW I have said something.


Salude and love of life! Celestial

"In the beginning of the beginning I watched as my Earth star cousins raced madly in ever continuing larger circles of displaced realities. Each was consumed by the need for survival, but only of physical survival. I watched as the many cavorted while the few were shunned who knew of true life. I say to all of you now here in this "now" moment of true reality..live life with a passion, a zest for the KNOWN, creating perfection in all that you do and say. Realize that YOU are each a unique Being, that YOU are GOD in physical expression."


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