Conditions prevailing and those that shall change, the transmutation of attitudes and People Policy.

** Matthew and Blue Star **
"Conditions prevailing and those that shall change,
the transmutation of attitudes and People Policy."


Conditions long, long ago perpetrated and ever since perpetuated by dark influences are coming to light. The dark hold on the media is cracking as news reports and commentaries are giving forth some of the truth that heretofore has been suppressed or denied. Governments are being pressured to accept accountability for actions, just as pressure is being brought to bear on voter eligibility rights and verifiable vote count in national elections. Indictments of corrupt corporate personnel are happening, and there is movement to end injustices within legal systems.

The numbers of people working individually and within the multitude of large groups with protective and restorative aims are growing daily. Organizations of both local and global nature are working toward human rights and humane treatment in many areas: for women in cultures that consider them property; prisoners taken in wars, those who are falsely imprisoned, those with death sentences; and toward ending slavery in its many forms. Others are working toward respecting animal life, protecting the environment from further destruction, fair allocation of resources, improved means of health care. Technologies that will enhance, not endanger life, already are available and more are being developed. All of this is generating light to bring to full fruition the changes you want.

Worldwide the momentum for peace is circulating with greater intensity than ever before in any civilization on Earth, some of them so long before your recorded history that your current consciousness cannot imagine it. The spirit of wanting to live in harmony with mutual respect and to assist all who are in need, to seek new avenues of cooperation—this is the spirit that is emerging with heartfelt intent. It is coming forth within families, communities, states and provinces, countries, and the unified sentiments are based in LOVE. Love and light are the same, the essence of Creator and of God, by whatever name given, and it is the most powerful force in the universe.

All of those critical developments are abundantly evident, but there are others just as critical that are not. As the light has been intensifying, receptive people have been transformed at cellular and spiritual level, and they are the only ones who will survive physically in the higher vibrations of Earth’s pathway—people choosing to retain their dark proclivity will not. Your original DNA strains, which in antiquity were reduced and corrupted, are being restored. Souls highly evolved spiritually and intellectually have been embodying on the planet, and they will be wise and just leaders. Extraterrestrial civilizations that responded to Earth’s plea for helping her return to a state of well being will make their presence known as your "space family," and you will recognize your Oneness with All.

We tell you this to confirm your intuitive knowledge within the universal consciousness. We tell you this as a reminder that you chose to participate in this magnificent process and we encourage you to feel your success. It is your steadfastness in the light that has enabled the benevolent changes to this point. The energy of FEELING this success pours forth to create even more abundant light and move this Grand Reformation fully into the promised Golden Age.

"Blue Star Speaks"

Now, when the official "fall from grace" occurred, all those who aligned with the entities offering material gain and non-abidance to Universal Law, beckoned to these ones to continue to flaunt their utter disregard and their newly found emotion of "contempt," of God, of The Creator and of the Creation. It was in this manner that the barbaric grasp on the soon-to-be human race was initiated. It was a mere matter of "con-ditioning" the early ones who were the "first children" Created at that time. As generation after generation after generation of earthlings continued to procreate, they passed on to their progeny all that the indoctrination processes had thrust upon them. It indeed afflicted all of humanity in every manner, especially their degrading beliefs in False Prophets and the worship of idols and icons.

For many a century this theme persisted, although each century has brought forth alchemical masters and awesome teachers of the Jesus The Christ Consciousness, long before Jesu’ walked into the physical form of a man later to be known as Jesus The Christ. It was this Consciousness that was intentionally "seeded" into the encoding of the individuals that comprised the human race. This could be considered the first onslaught of mass consciousness that assured humanity as a whole that indeed there would be eventual freedom for this life form species. You see, it was never intended that the early races here would experience instantaneous stability; immediately correct their perspectives on life and death, or in the blink of an eye evolve into finer forms of themselves.

The descent of the human race into madness and disorganized chaos was a result of the perfidious conniving of the fallen ones, overseen by the early Illuminati here, gave credence to the Creator’s Eternal Wisdom. This Wisdom stipulated that each Soul here must not be able to continuously bargain with the devil without experiencing the consequences of such actions. Further, that each one must learn through hindsight, pain and turmoil when necessary. This would enable each to become independent Creations, attuned to only the Highest Authority of all worlds. The safety precautions that were enacted at that time period, ensured that many known as "The Speakers," would time and time again, for as many centuries as it took, rebirth here. They would always be the profound Souls who would shake, rattle and roll the human race from their seas of despair, to the heights of awareness of the truths and the duplicity, tantamount to the lies of all times.

These industrious male and female beings spoke loudly in the defense of personal freedom and were against all attrition founded in dominion of the people and the loss of personal beliefs. In time, the Illuminati came to the realization that these special voices would not, could not be silenced. So it came to pass, that certain ones began what today is called, "a grassroots movement." The lines were drawn and written in stone. The Speakers continued then as they do now, to find clever ways to reveal truth and debunk deceit. As more and more men and women too, have for the past 23 years entered into the political arenas and the "entertainment" fields, hypocrisy and truth have battled head to head, with truth now winning…at long last. As a result of what we call "The New Peoples’ Movement," even those political agendas regarded for far too long as deep, dark, covert secrets are coming "to LIGHT."

The corporate world and their minions which have insidiously and subliminally dictated how a person lives a life, is now running for shelter…and well they should!! Also for far, far too long, individuals on this planet have been imprisoned not for true crime, but rather because of what they know. This too is arriving at its final climax. People have had enough hypocrisy and deleterious social, banking and governmental policies. The once small factions of people, who had tried to join together to Create changes, has now taken on a whole new perspective and determined stance. The fear that was there has eroded and been altered to the form it deserves, the it should always have been. Dust to t dust. The once small voices crying into the darkness while the majority voices cringed has transmuted.

Humanity is in the throes of forging a People Chain, one that does indeed incorporate ALL people of ALL cultures. The chain is composed of not only love, but wholesomeness, fairness, the TRUE desire to cease segregation from others countries, other races, OTHER WORLDS. Just as Matthew has spoken of ending slavery, I must tell you…you are also ending YOUR OWN. Many ancient "specialists" are amongst you ones, they are the ones changing the face of medicine, science, technology, Spirituality and so forth. This world is no longer tolerant of the wars that have been so successfully engineered by the politicians of the land. This is a historical moment in the Earth star planet history. One we have awaited for long, but not while holding our breaths. Now as "you" who combined to form "We The People," have changed, so is this planet. No longer is earth seen as a dying sphere, no longer is her torment remaining unacknowledged by you ones.

She reflects the inner determination, not the former apathy; she resounds with the voices of all Speakers and those who are also speaking in tandem. You ones have found your heart center, once again. You ones have "found" the love" you misplaced." You shall not fail. You see, as each of you heals, or conversely do not heal yourselves in this manner, you as specific individual Souls, are determining the longevity of your physical life here; for many among you this will be a moot point. As we have heard many say here, "don’t lock the barn door after the horse has been stolen," or words to that effect.

In essence, those that are now healing and those who will heal themselves and have no rancor, no hatred, no need to seek vengeance on the perpetrators that have caused so much mayhem and murder, will be among those who experience consciously the needed healing process. Those among you ones who are waiting to see which way the winds of change will blow BEFORE they decide IF and WHEN they themselves will change and heal, will soon discover that the door to freedom and sanity and life itself, shall be locked to them. It will be then during those most "interesting of all earth times, that my brethren shall choose to uncloak themselves and share with you in your joy of Oneness. Now, if you wonder "when" this shall all arrive at a final culmination, I can tell you …"in God’s Time." That is all you need to know of that.

Now, just as Matthew has stated, we are each here bringing this information to you ones because it is the right time to do so. Also because we acknowledge your most gallant efforts at maintaining the Spirit of Conscious Awareness, not just of the Divine Creative Forces, but of you, yourselves, of your own superior magnificence. Stop wishing for a "better tomorrow," and see the magnificence, the awesome beauty of a "better today." "Tomorrow" is but a heartbeat away.

Salude…..Blue Star the Pleiadian.

"There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there."
Spoken by Blue Star the Pleiadian