ET Intervention and how ET’s are aiding the planet

(This excerpt from Matthew’s response as to why our benevolent space family isn’t doing more.)

Some people who don’t understand why our benevolent space family isn’t doing more—"removing the dark cabal," as one writer put it—so that Earth’s ascension can be faster want to know if this is because not enough of us have invited ETs to help—like, the mass consciousness isn’t sufficient for them to respond?

MATTHEW: No, Mother, that’s not it. By Earth’s request, ET assistance has been underway for more than six decades since the planet started ascending out of her death throes. By Creator’s decree, ETs have used their technology to prevent nuclear detonations in space and, in aid of God’s honoring Earth’s free will that there be no more terrorist acts on the scale of "9/11," they have prevented numerous similar attempts. However, other than these instances, the free will of the "dark cabal" must be respected in accordance with the cosmic law, and that is why they still are causing all sorts of mayhem, oppression, death and destruction. Those conditions will not continue much longer. The higher frequencies will end the physical lives of the people who are causing those conditions, the people who knowingly and deliberately refuse the light that would heal their fearful spirits and permit their survival in the higher densities where your planet is heading. And it is because of the massive light-beaming by numerous other civilizations that Earth is sufficiently rejuvenated to make this journey.

So you see, there has been almost incalculable ET response! Your personal invitations to them for assistance are for your own survival and that of other humans. Earth’s animal and plant life automatically will go along with the planet and as she ascends, the animal kingdom once again will become peaceable. Mother, I wanted to be more succinct in this reply, but to answer fully, I had to repeat some things I’ve stated in previous messages that readers of this one may not have seen.

"Blue Star’s and Company’s response"

Greetings to all my Earth cousins. I am Blue Star The Pleiadian, I AM that I AM. Due to the nature of this transmission, I have brought members of the High Tribunal to also reply to Suzy’s queries and we shall give credence to Matthew’s responses. Please to understand that it is not often Tomas’, Constant and The Ancient One request to be in attendance as active participants in the delivery of messages of this nature. Also, there is now a representative of the Droga, the Arcturians and Andromeda eagerly awaiting their turns to "speak." The reasons for this highly respected gathering of the Eagles should become more clear as we endeavor to tackle the issues which Matthew has answered. Now let us begin; When Gaia first issued her call for assistance, she was indeed suffering great duress and was succumbing at an escalating pace to the altered vibrations which humans had so carelessly thrust upon her. Her sumptuous vitality was gone; her ability to transcend the jaundiced afflictions of increased barrages of discharged radiation from the greys’ and the human demonic motivation to explore areas of the inner earth while destroying topographical areas was far too much for her to endure. It was at that time, that many of my Star Keeper brethren and I began to wonder if we would need to compose a dirge, a requiem for the dying planet. Our record keepers were quite diligent about displaying certain timelines that had been foreseen long, long ago, when this planet you have borrowed would need our help as you would say, "just in the nick of time." It was then that The Divine Force of Creation and The Creator Impulse, called forth all Star Keepers and instructed us to dispatch all aid to the earth star planet yet to NOT interfere in human destiny.

We were forewarned that this would be a formidable task. We who would man the airships already had our crews selected. Many initiates volunteered for ship duty, however we deemed it more advisable that only the more experienced warriors would go. In the interim while we hastily boarded our vessels, the High Council joined in an emergency session designed to solicit other Star Keepers in far off places to immediately set forth and convene at specified coordinates where the above earth battles would be the most fierce.

Tomas’– We who had for over a century been aware of the necessity of one day sending men and women into the throes of madness that would overtake the humans on this planet, were still astonished at the utter brutality and the lack of human-ness that had overtaken this world. We ourselves had long ago participated in the overseeing of the merging of the Sons and Daughters of GodForce with the original races of early humans. What was occuring was contrary to the commitment our own races made, which was to combine the genetic seeding of this species, with the Divine Issue to produce Free Expression Humans who were God in physical manifestation. This was our manifesto as given to us by the Creator and The Creation.

Constant-It was as though all the great events which had of necessity to precede the Birthing of Jesus The Christ Consciousness had been for naught. This Consciousness was and still is, to be the intrepid force behind the evolution of the human race. As we who have ourselves evolved to the State of Grace that is the final result of the long gestation period required to truly emulate The God Factor, so was the intent of The Creation when the Creative Process was initiated in designing the human species. It was a momentous occasion when we of Council were calling the Star Troops to take action against the hostile forces of the greys and the other Illuminati Star Keepers. We had to look at the linear time perimeters in accordance with the Divine Plan. By deploying the warrior fleets into the "militia zone," and by the immediate erection of a great grid around this planet, we could maintain the battle areas and yet keep them separate from the free zones. Our armadas arrived to this planet en masse. Each ship had it’s designated duty. We maintained a balance that our ships and their crews needed and one that the attackers could not usurp.

Blue Star-Indeed it was most fortuitous that our well-laid plans were calmly implemented. You see, we were permitted to seek and destroy those ones who had far reaching plans, plans that would have had far reaching consequences, well into the 23rd. century. It would indeed have ushered in "The Age of the Unholy," this we could not allow. I must tell you ones, here I speak for ALL of us…it boggles the mind how easy it is for humans to slip back into the questions of the ages….ones that have been answered so many, many times! Matthew was quite clear and I must add extremely patient in his answers which he HAS answered before, as have we. We are permitted and encouraged to always answer the calls from a planet fending off it’s demise by the attacks of the dark cabal. A planet does NOT share the responsibility for the actions and or lack of actions of it’s inhabitants. A planet is NOT accountable to The Divine Form for the stunting of it’s growth, for the topographical malaise which assails it. ALL planets were and still are Created for specific purposes. Let no man put asunder that which God has Created.

The Ancient One-When the beloved ones responded so graciously, so passionately and so lovingly-without-condition, to our decree to assist the earth star planet, it caused our hearts to sing in joyous unison. Our mission was then and now to participate in the glorious ascension of the human race…by doing nothing. It is by doing nothing that we do everything. It is not expected that many of you shall understand this, it is enough for us that we understand. So many cultures have suffered the throes of extinction solely because they chose to allow the dark energies to govern their lives. We did not allow any of our races to intervene. That would be a direct and unforgettable violation of The Law of One. We have speculated amongst ourselves over the years of the nature of allowing humans to "fall on their faces." I have in accordance with Law, borne witness to the hazardous paths that so many humans choose. I felt great compassion for the antics of humans, for in their sometimes self-caused personal destruction, a Godly number have learned from the experience and at some point in their own personal evolution, will choose not to repeat that event. As "Matthew The Beloved" has so succinctly stated, it is the cosmic Law, The Law of One, that shall not be compromised. His words differ from mine, yet they are the same. Tell me children of our loins, do you yet understand that evil serves a purpose? Do you yet understand that evil in it’s own unconscious fashion, is serving a Greater Good? How many of you can stand up and answer "yea," I do understand? Until such understanding is replete with compassion and gratitude for all that you endure, you shall not make a civilization. Civilizations cannot exist without a populace, yet the populace itself is only as strong as it’s weakest link.

Nojia-I am Droga. I have formed a mind-link with the Arcturian and Andromedan representatives. I now speak for them in accordance with our combined wishes. Primitive societies never have a complete understanding of the Law of Non-Interference. Yet, we feel it is highly irrational and illogical for humans to believe that on one hand we do not exist, yet expect us to format rescue missions to save them from the dark forces. So, if we are understanding this correctly, humans in general want a non-existent species to save them from themselves. Is this not correct? It is little wonder that humans have not evolved YET on the other hand, it is a wonder you made it this far! Humans, who are aware of the correct protocol for "issuing the call," never have to wonder if we do respond. The effects of our responses are wondrous, if we, as a non-existent species of life, have to say so ourselves. All of us are here to serve and protect, this is the Edict of Creation. So it is, so we are. Under the Law of First Cause, we and those on this planet who are the true torch bearers, do steadfastly also beam massive forms of kinetic light energy to this planet to function as a fulcrum of energy to enhance the light already being emitted on this planet and to further decimate the black cabal.

We ALL are present, whether your human eyes can see us or not, in times of great physical jeopardy. We do not send great messages to you to alert you to the events which we have prevented from taking place on this planet. We do not speak to you of our own dead and dying loved ones who have given their most precious gift to preserve your humanity. Their lives. We have nothing to prove to you, nor to ourselves. We cherish our life force far more than you as humans cherish yours. We all send high pitched frequencies to countermand the destructive frequencies which are rampant on this planet. We have interfaced with some of our chosen children here and successfully prevented massive attacks by "terrorists." That term is not indigenous to "foreign races." It means to us, "those preparing to inflict terror for their own selfish and evil gains." We are prepared and willing to do whatever we are called upon to do for the preservation of this planet; for the further preservation of the human race as a whole. Do not mistake our statement here. We shall not save you from yourself. That is your personal responsibility. You may serve yourselves with a life sentence of Soul drudgery or seek a Soul pardon. THIS is Free Expression. We shall take our leave of you now, we have stated our case, May The Force be With You. Oh well, maybe in another lifetime. Maybe not.

Blue Star-We are each sharing with you ones quintessence facts; it is the essence of the motivated Soul that shall succeed without trying. Humans are a contrary race for the most part. They want what they want when they want it. Yet, when they get it…it loses it’s value and is no longer wanted! People are diametrically opposed to deceit yet they would prefer to hear accepted lies rather than "theoretical" truths. People have lost sight of the FACT that all FACTS first are accepted as theories. Tis indeed a harsh road of reality that so many of you ones have accepted. Now, before we take our leave of you, I would like to give you something else to mull over. Consider this scenario please; if we violated Universal Law, which we will not by the way, and descended into the third-dimension, right before your very eyes, if we scooped you ones up and carried you to Nirvana or beyond, without you taking part in the current clash of the titans, those that are the light and those that are the dark, what would any of you have learned? To learn or not to learn that is the question. What is your answer….careful now, your future selves may be dependent on this one!

Salude….Blue Star and Honored Company through Celestial

"There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there."
Spoken by Blue Star the Pleiadian