Day: January 5, 2011

  • The Little People

    "The Little People" A long time ago in ancient time, while the Choctaw Indians were living in Mississippi, the Choctaw legends say that certain supernatural beings or spirits lived near them. These spirits, or "Little People," were known as Kowi Anukasha or "Forest Dwellers." They were about two or three feet tall. These pygmy beings […]

  • The Bird Tribes Return for the Time of the Sacred Hoop

    "The Bird Tribes Return for the Time of the Sacred Hoop" "The Bird Tribes," is a term which was given to all Star Keepers, those who humans call "extraterrestrials." Millions and millions of years ago when Star Keepers of all nations descended to the earth star planet it was with the intent of bringing forth […]

  • Star Keeper Anomalies

    " Star Keeper Anomalies " It is well known by the awakened walk-ins and those others who are also Star Keepers but are not walk-ins, that specific differences exist between them and those who are humans. Although Star Keepers are present on all planets, we shall speak here of the earth star planet only. The […]

  • First Contact

    " First Contact " "One of the Star Keepers who is a walk-in as well, wrote the following to Blue Star The Pleiadian in August, 1994.. They gave permission for this to be printed on condition that Their name not be revealed. Note: I worked with him for most of the year while his destiny […]

  • Edition #19 – Cheating Life

    "The Celestial Chronicles" Edition #19 "Cheating Life" People have been wondering of late why so many of us, David and I and other evolved teachers, are being more serious or stern than we usually are. The answer is, "we all have good reason to be." Throughout all the previous years we have been speaking, teaching […]

  • Edition #18 – When People Doubt

    "The Celestial Chronicles" Edition #18 "When People Doubt" One of the most critical problems facing us all now is the bugaboo of doubt. Almost everyone we know personally is experiencing this to one degree or another. My question is, "why?" What people fail to realize is that it is only when people have had their […]

  • Edition #17 – Animal Spirits

    "The Celestial Chronicles" Edition #17 "Animal Spirits" Animals are terribly misunderstood on the planet. Although each species arrived here from many different places off-world, in the beginning times it was only the indigenous people around the world who knew how to honor the animal Spirits. Unfortunately today in many of these cultures, although the elders […]

  • Edition #16 – Cycles-The Dance of Life

    "The Celestial Chronicles" Edition #16 "Cycles-The Dance of Life" One of the most interesting aspects of life here on the planet, is that people fail to understand that each life experience must contain specific segments relative to the individual’s state of evolution, mind-thought patterns and the person’s intent. This is not to be taken lightly! […]

  • Edition #15 – Me, Myself and I

    "The Celestial Chronicles" Edition #15 "Me, Myself and I" In all the time, 20 years it will be on July 26th. 2009, that I have walked the Earth Star walk, I must say the experiences I have had here and continue to have, have been without equal. Never in any of my previous life experiences […]

  • Edition #14 – How do I know if I am evolving?

    "The Celestial Chronicles" Edition #14 "How do I know if I am evolving?" "How do I know if I am "staying in the flow" during the present changes?" Ok, you all have been made aware of the necessary changes that the Earth Star planet is undergoing and will continue to undergo. Well, you should all […]