First Contact

" First Contact "

"One of the Star Keepers who is a walk-in as well,
wrote the following to Blue Star The Pleiadian in August, 1994..
They gave permission for this to be printed on condition that Their name not be revealed.

I worked with him for most of the year while his destiny was unfolding.
As he progressed with his own enlightened rememberings,
he was reminded of the geographic location where his personal and Spiritual destiny resided,
before he left for the North Pole this is what he wrote."

"Ode To Blue Star"

Tell me your story, you child of the Son,
of children of innocence lost in the "Fall," of "time" forgotten by most of us all.

You Star Walker among us Teach me of your God chariots in the sky,
of ancient monuments and civilizations gone by;

For this conscious knowledge is closer to you than I.

Walk among me please, show me the light; teach me to be one with Body, Soul and Sight;

Teach me to reach the highest plateau in dimensions and portals that only you know.

Come touch me, take my hand and lead the way;
show me how to make myself whole again and I will listen and obey.

Tell me your story, Blue Star Sky Walker Man."