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  • The Little People

    "The Little People" A long time ago in ancient time, while the Choctaw Indians were living in Mississippi, the Choctaw legends say that certain supernatural beings or spirits lived near them. These spirits, or "Little People," were known as Kowi Anukasha or "Forest Dwellers." They were about two or three feet tall. These pygmy beings […]

  • The Bird Tribes Return for the Time of the Sacred Hoop

    "The Bird Tribes Return for the Time of the Sacred Hoop" "The Bird Tribes," is a term which was given to all Star Keepers, those who humans call "extraterrestrials." Millions and millions of years ago when Star Keepers of all nations descended to the earth star planet it was with the intent of bringing forth […]

  • First Contact

    " First Contact " "One of the Star Keepers who is a walk-in as well, wrote the following to Blue Star The Pleiadian in August, 1994.. They gave permission for this to be printed on condition that Their name not be revealed. Note: I worked with him for most of the year while his destiny […]

  • Star Keeper Anomalies

    " Star Keeper Anomalies " It is well known by the awakened walk-ins and those others who are also Star Keepers but are not walk-ins, that specific differences exist between them and those who are humans. Although Star Keepers are present on all planets, we shall speak here of the earth star planet only. The […]