Star Keeper Anomalies

" Star Keeper Anomalies "

It is well known by the awakened walk-ins and those others who are also Star Keepers but are not walk-ins, that specific differences exist between them and those who are humans. Although Star Keepers are present on all planets, we shall speak here of the earth star planet only.

The genetic coding which each of these individuals possess is of a very advanced nature, completely unlike that of the human race.

Within the physiological make-up of all Star Keepers regardless of their planet of origin, resides a particular type of DNA which is indigenous to their photobiotic process. This is essentially the "matter" which composes their internal cellular structure.

"Foreign matter," such as the heavily coated dust particles on the earth star tend to interfere with their abilities to assimilate the necessary amounts of "light" molecules which causes their bodies to experience a physical sensation of "heaviness" or feeling "bloated" when in fact they are not.

Many walk-ins and other Star Keepers also endure various forms of sinus problems. Because of the planetary differences part of which is the heating and cooling produced by the various suns and moons on their planets of origin, it causes a certain sensitivity they experience here due to the vast diffusion of the sun/moon heat/light rays which affects these individuals while they are walking on the earth star.

This can and does result in not only sensitized skin conditions but also a sensitivity to "light" itself. Fluorescent lighting is anathema to nearly all.

Of course there are other considerations…none are less important than any other. For walk-ins….feelings of displacement; alienation from those family and friends who he or she replaced; dramatic changes in diet; changes in philosophy; extraordinary alterations in physical appearances, etc.

Star Keepers who are not walk-ins are not immune to the third-dimensional density which affects them not only physically but empathically as well. These Souls are usually somewhat aware of who they really are well before their teenage years.

Again they too are encoded to awaken FULLY in a "time frame" pre-destined to coincide with changes on the earth star, thereby allowing them to fully exercise all their innate Spiritual abilities to assist the children of the earth star planet. This is an aspect Of God’s Divine Plan for the evolvement of all life forms.

What you have been reading is but a brief thumbnail sketch of the differences inherent within all Star Keepers; this is but a segment of what we teach…..

those whose time is to now awaken shall benefit from all which they can re-learn from us, they in turn will encounter many, many others of their own races and they shall teach of all they know.

Step by step, one by one…..God’s work shall be done.