The Bird Tribes Return for the Time of the Sacred Hoop

"The Bird Tribes Return for the
Time of the Sacred Hoop"

"The Bird Tribes," is a term which was given to all Star Keepers, those who humans call "extraterrestrials." Millions and millions of years ago when Star Keepers of all nations descended to the earth star planet it was with the intent of bringing forth all of the multidimensional aspects of Prime Creator; it was to seed the life forms which are now called "human" with genetic coding which would act as triggers or catalysts over many, many generations of future births of the human life form.

Now, this seeding was imperative for all of humanity which was still yet to be; this seeding not only was foreseen as a means to assist Creator’s earth star life forms on a personal, individual evolution, but as part of the bigger picture… the continuity of the Creative energy of God.

Thus, the "masculine" form of God was projected, not masculine as in "male," but rather "right action, the physical energies;" the feminine nature of God is the "creative, spiritual infinite wisdom which is without time, without delineation."

Now, as part of this Divine Plan all Bird Tribes were asked to assist by volunteering to send only their most evolved life forms who were the greatest of the teachers, the greatest of the healers, the greatest man-i-fest-ation Of the Creator and the Creation. These ones CHOSE to "answer the call," they chose to be active participants on the planet earth star…. for the good of all.

When the first ones descended, mankind was primitive, was developing very slowly and sometimes because of in-breeding, they were not developing at all within their clans. Many were war-like and would take another’s life, "just because they could,"…much as today.

During our council meetings it was agreed that the best approach would be to appear as Beings of superiority rather than to appear as we really are…which still does frighten many among you. So, because they always watched the sky for signs of weather change and because they had a child-like fascination with birds in flight….the assembled tribunal agreed that we should arrive with some resemblance to birds…..ergo, "The Bird Tribes."

By simply assuming the ILLUSION of gilded headdresses and feathery wings, we were able to kill two birds with one stone…no pun intended. We always utilized flamboyant colors for indeed colors always fascinate the child….and children they were, albeit some were dangerous chelas. Although it was not our intent to be treated as gods, it was simply impossible to eradicate from their minds their belief that we had journeyed there form the sun and the moon to be their rulers.

Be that as it may, the result was that the fairest of the Star Keepers mated with the fairest of the human life forms producing not only the genetic coding which was so important to your races but also contributed to the birth of the intellect. Now, "the fairest" does not in any way have to do with PHYSICAL beauty. As time wove it’s threads within the Tapestry Of Eternal Life, many wonders occurred; every county, every continent which existed during these "birthings of the nations," had Star Keepers as citizens; when a specific number of seeded ones had achieved a SPECIFIC level of evolution these individuals were transported to their home planet where they again mated, willingly I might add, with EVOLVED members of our nations.

And so it was then AS IT IS NOW, like was attracted to like, light was attracted to light….like and light conceived the CHILDREN OF THE LIGHT.

ALL the native american nations have been visited by us throughout that which you refer to as "time." They knew us to be their ancestors yet their descendants as well; on this recently past solstice, (fall, 2001), 144,000 walk-ins entered your dimension…yet again. A great number are AGAIN native american; these walk-ins just as all those already here are of ALL cultures, ALL races; they are here to do what they can to help others, to teach those who they can, to encourage others to teach.

The Bird Tribes have returned…each bears a distinguishing mark on their physical vehicles which denotes their evolutionary status; each projects a SPECIFIC amount of magnetic light which attracts many others of their "own kind." You shall know them by their fruits; but of course there are also many walk-ins here who have entered other dimensional doorways who are of "the unilluminated," you shall know them by their fruits; those among you ones whose desire is to assist these "gilded" ones can do so by not having fear in your heart, by not having hatred in your heart, by not having prejudice in your heart, for the heart is the living center of God, it is the place where the wondrous marriage of the masculine and the feminine takes center stage. It is NOT to be trifled with.

Now, I leave with you a message from all Star Keepers and from the Creator and the Creation.

"The time of the Sacred Hoop is at hand; it is when the last particles of the circle are complete that mankind shall SEE the light in such fashion as to feel the blinding Love of God; the Black Beast shall shortly raise His head in the middle east, he shall be of germany, thus fulfilling a prophecy made 6.1 million years ago; the warriors of the White Rose SHALL prevail, His children shall then be returning home, be not afraid for "in the end" it shall be fine."

Salude……Celest and Blue Star

We wrote this article 2001.