Edition #18 – When People Doubt

"The Celestial Chronicles"

Edition #18

"When People Doubt"

One of the most critical problems facing us all now is the bugaboo of doubt. Almost everyone we know personally is experiencing this to one degree or another. My question is, "why?" What people fail to realize is that it is only when people have had their beliefs turned upside down and can no longer intentionally segregate themselves from their fellow human beings, do they actually feel they have lost their security blanket. That is the place of warm financial fuzzies and quirky interrelationships. This is the time, whether they know it or not, when…..after fear abates…they have the greatest of opportunities to become introspective about their own lives and are no longer heard to say, "There but for the grace of God, go I." Eventually, some of these people realize that God has nothing to do with the situation. The situations revolve and evolve or devolve, as a result of what the people themselves do, or do not do. Many people will tell you that they are not afraid, they are simply in doubt. These are the people who either do not realize, or do not want to know, that doubt itself is but another aspect of fear. There is nothing wrong with scrutinizing your present life situation; in fact I strongly encourage everyone to do that. When doing so however, please look to see what your other options are; which are the ones you may be able to implement in order to improve your life on whatever level you believe it needs to be improved.

In the practical everyday world, it is best to look over while maintaining a balanced state of mind, the "what," the "how," and the "why," these situations came to be. Everything that you can change, you SHOULD change. Everything you can not change, you should just leave alone. I dearly wish the people of this world truly understood what change is and why change is so vitally important in the maintaining of the continuity of the human race. We, as individuals and caretakers of one another and of the planet as well, have a grave responsibility here that is inherent to progressive movement of the people and for the continued ascension of Terra herself. Then of course everyone also needs to understand what "doubt" really is. Doubt can build mountains of resistance in the mind, or cause cities to crumble and fall as a direct result of the thoughts and actions of the people. Doubt lives within the intellect, so it views situations with a core of itself that is always scanning situations and thoughts for any danger zones a person may walk into. Some people think of it as a cautioning, a slowing down of the senses of right and wrong. Others despise doubt because they believe it is a form of weakness; a lack of something in their character that heaven forbid, another person may see and then characterize the person with doubt, as weak or unreliable.

Doubt can be a byproduct caused by the lack of discernment a person uses. Doubt can be a measuring stick that alerts a person to any vulnerabilities residing in the mind. Doubt CAN and MAY be replaced by abolishing that particular energy and replacing it with the certainty that as long as you are doing your best, to whatever degree that may be, you can do no wrong. It is so odd to me, that as long as a person feels that all is right in their own personal world, they pretty much keep doubt from entering into their minds. They simply make whatever decisions they believe they should and let the chips fall where they may. BUT, when the winds of change shake all the trees and cause the leaves to fall and scatter in different directions, THEN the personal world of each individual is affected to a very high degree. Well, the winds are a-blowing and the leaves are a-scattering and yes, the world is in a mess. It is now that doubt enters as a full-blown thought pattern, causing more and more massive insecurities to enter the mind of the doubting person. I am all too well aware that many people will consider this to be a good thing. Especially people who just have to rationalize everything. I say it is not a good thing! The mess I am speaking of that has been careening across the planet, is manmade. God and NESARA are the ones who are now effectively implementing "remedial" changes that will be followed by major improvements, which are the opposite of the ones made by humanity. Yet it is HUMANITY itself who has made this cleanup, realignment and reformation to this world and everyone on it, necessary. There is NO doubt about that.

The people who are currently looking at their lives and examining them to see what good and fruitful alterations should be made, are the ones who will survive the tempest. As these people become more and more accustomed to making new avenues in their lives by their actions of breaking patterns, they will discover that they have taken back their lives. They will be reclaiming their own power, the power they gave away to others, or simply shunted aside. Of course from time to time they may experience a waffling in their intent because a minute bit of doubt has entered. BUT they will deal with it in a forthright manner. The more they do so, the more they will epitomize, "the doubt busters." No one can live a fulfilling life here unless all pre-birth agreements are met with and followed. Those who truly can no longer do so are leaving the planet in massive numbers. If the public only knew how many are leaving, it could be an eye-opening experience for them all. I sincerely feel sorry for all the people who can no longer tolerate what has happened to them. I do understand what a tumultuous time they have had and how much they want to leave. I feel even sorrier however, for those who absolutely refuse to change. Change should be embraced as the wonderful catalyst it is. Change not experienced, as well as change not relished, causes a massive shutting down orchestrated by the physical body, the mind and Soul of the person.

If doubt already is present, or you are concerned that it will become a pervasive part of your life, then please, do what you can to understand its position and then release it. While you still can. A wise and wonderful group of Star Keepers recently said, "How can you awaken the people, if they do not know they are asleep and do not know they need to be awakened?" I also add to that, "what if we awaken people and the people take no action?" Well, I can say the same thing about the doubters. If they do not know that doubt is detrimental, how will they know they should not have any? If they do not take action either, then what are they accomplishing? Too many people equate doubt with, "something not feeling right; some person is just not what they say they are." In some of those scenarios it is just their own insecurities when meeting a person that is much more evolved than they themselves are. This is also true when encountering a person who is much less evolved than they themselves are. In other cases it is the Soul Voice speaking, giving a fair warning of what may be wrong. In still other cases it is merely a part of the conditioning a person has had; causing the person to not see that apples and oranges are still fruit, regardless of who, or what, the other people look like, or what their present station in life is. No, I am not calling you, "fruit," although from my experience, it is not a bad thing to be. Just because a person is different than you may be, does not make either of you wrong, it is a matter of beliefs, prejudices, evolvement and discernment.

Often peer pressure raises its ugly head with people in all age groups, convincing others that their own perspectives are correct and everyone else’s are wrong. This of course leads people into making rash and unfair judgments about the people "in question,"because DOUBT has entered their minds. It is perfectly normal for people to feel nervous in these times we are ALL living in, it is normal to wonder, "what next?" is coming your way. But if you surround yourself with love and the understanding of what God told me long, long, ago, about the times of today that we are all now living in, God said to me, "Celest, in the end, it will be fine." He and I were having a very frank discussion about these times of today; we were having this particular conversation on January 31, 1991. Although I have been teaching people for 21 years now, I still can not seem to get through to the doubters. Combating illusions with truth has not been an easy ride for me, but I always cheer up each time I hear God say, "CHILD, it has been difficult for Me too…and I am the GOD of this Universe!" I should clarify this…NO, I do not cheer up when God repeats that to me, I am cheered up because that is when I am reminded that He and I are walking in each other’s footsteps. Fortunately, neither of us weighs a lot!

When you have abolished doubts in your hearts and minds, then replace it with the energetic matter of the new you, being birthed into a new and better world. Remember, the Soul does not "doubt," yet It is well aware of what doubt is. You will find as you lose that ignominious matter that you will feel much clearer than you did before. There is no shame that needs to be shared; the doubting experiences you once had CAN cause you to now realize that you never did need that crutch. Uncertainly in any of its many forms is easy to understand and deal with, once you know that you do have it. As you continue after that to move forward and attain a peace of mind and body, others may ask you, "what is your secret? How do you do this while the world is in such chaos?" You could always say what I say, "I am busy continually living in an exalted state of myself." They will either understand or they will not. In any case, it should not leave any doubt in your mind that you are on the right path and looking forward, not backward.


"In the beginning of the beginning I watched as my Earth Star cousins raced madly in ever continuing larger circles of displaced realities. Each was consumed by the need for survival, but only for physical survival. I watched as the many cavorted, while the few were shunned who knew of true life. I say to all of you now, here in this "Now" moment of true reality…live life with a passion, a zest for the KNOWN, Creating perfection in all that you do and say. Realize that YOU are each a unique Being; that YOU are GOD in physical expression."


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